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Rhair Entry Ch. 1

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I am a woman who craves for cock. Ever since I finished college I have been fucked in all my holes and betrayed by many men. I love sex and I use it to my advantage. My boyfriend Rick loves me but he is obsessed by my hirsute body. I have never shaved my body hair. I have heaps of soft silky unruly hair in my unshaven armpits and my pubic hair is hick, full and untrimmed. My eyebrows are thick and have never been tweezed and I am proud of being au natural maybe due to the Italian blood I have in me. My mother Serena was a whore in Rome and I grew up in the back alleys. I used to watch my mother entertain men in our one room tenement and often there were more than one man at a time. She too was very hairy and I have even seen men fucking her bushy underarms and depositing their semen amongst the dark bushy hair in her unshaven armpits.

Even well past her forties she would fuck men and it was she who introduced me to Mario who was one of her favorite customers. I used to watch through the window and was amazed at the size of Mario’s prick. He would spend hours smoking his cigar while Mom sucked his huge weapon whilst he caressed the long strands of coarse tufty hair in her unshaven underarms.

One day he saw me outside and he waved a few notes to my Mom. She called me in and I knew what was expected of me. He asks me to remove my clothes and Mom nods at me. I quickly undo my denim shirt and slide it off, letting it fall into a heap on the floor. My bra follows quickly. I am completely nude for him. He stares at my unshaven underarms and the thick rug growing at my groin. He looks at Mom and says in Italian that I am even more hairy than her.

I wait for him to make the first move. Mom is now tugging at his erotik film izle jeans as he pulls off his shirt. His chest is very manly and covered with a thick mat of black hair. I remember looking at his massive cock a few moments ago. As Mom stroked his cock it bulged to my delight as she traces the outline of its thick shaft and prominent head. She slowly starts to release his throbbing cock from his pants. Mom also plays with herself and sees his enormous dick become larger and larger. He stands behind me. His cock erect and he brings his head to my parted lips and presses it into me. His hands are on my hips, adjusting me until he has every inch inside me. His pace is slow but deliberate. I can feel him lifting my body slightly with each thrust upward. He bites into my shoulder as he thrusts harder, the pace becoming more rapid, more intense.

Mom is holding his balls and I feel his prick deep inside me. I push my ass against his groin, forcing my hairy cunt down on him. He pulls his cock out of me and wants to fuck me in my asshole. I have been fucked anally and I am scared his massive pole will hurt me. Mom tells him to fuck her asshole instead. He turned her over onto her stomach and grabs her full hips and lifts her up to his still hard dick. Mom likes being fucked in her anus and she has lots of dark hair in her asshole.

Mario rammed his stiff cock deep into Mom’s waiting ass. A cry escaped her lips as the enormous head burst through her asshole. She bucked hard against the violations that were happening against her body. Droplets of sweat drip from her tufty armpit hair. Mario asks me to raise my arms and shove it into his face. The look of intensity in his eyes leaves me with no option but to film izle comply with his demand and I feel his hot breath in my unshaven underarms. “Aaaaaaaaah Serena you daughter has so much jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. I love the thick hair in her unshaven armpits”.

My Mom starts to tremble. The orgasm she was growing through was now rocking her and she convulsed with emotion as she came with tremendous intensity. Her hairy asshole seemed to be begging for more and more of the thick meat. Since Mom had her orgasm I could see she no longer had the fire in her and Mario could sense that too. He was still rock hard as he pulled his prick out of her asshole. He looked at me and shouted “Take me in your mouth”.

I went down on my knees and taking the massive cock in both hands ran my tongue from the full heavy balls up the shaft to the head, the foreskin had pulled back and the head was shining with pre cum. I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock, licking every part of the bulbous end. Opening my mouth wide I slipped my lips around the head and down to the shaft. I worked my head up and down lapping at the tip with my tongue. He began to move his cock in and out of my throat, fucking my mouth. As his cock passed back and forth between my lips, my tongue licked and flicked at the underside of his cock. I could feel his cock getting bigger and hotter. I looked up at him as I feverishly sucked on his cock. He began fucking my mouth faster and faster. On each pump, he pushed more and more of his cock into my throat.

Within moments I had his entire shaft buried in my mouth. He held my head steady and pumped his entire shaft rapidly in and out of my mouth. Though I had sucked a few cocks, Mario’s cock seks filmi izle was the biggest cock I had ever had in my mouth (I have had a few much bigger since!!!)

I sensed that he was cuming and he knew it too. He screamed “Serena I want to fuck your daughter’s ass. I am going to put my member into her hairy asshole and cum in her asshole” I got scared there was no way that I could accommodate such a huge shaft in my asshole. I looked at the saliva coated prick and shuddered (was that the big “O”)

He stroked my ass. Suddenly he pushed me down and with one motion he moved his body over mine, resting his weight on both hands he thrust his hips back and forth his shaft sliding over the tip of my anal entry. His massive prick was going to enter from the rear with some force. I was determined not to cry in pain. Mom said a few encouraging words as I writhed underneath him in anticipation of the pain. Finally he reached down and placed the head of his cock slowly inside my asshole. I pushed back as I felt a tearing pain at the same time I was incredibly excited, gasping for breath as his huge cock, stretched open my asshole. The pain was unbearable as he pushed in a little more and I could myself blinded with pain as my asshole pushed wider to accommodate the big shining head of his prick, the sensations were incredible as bit by bit he slowly worked himself inside my hairy asshole.

Maria now had half his cock inside my ass jabbing me with short, sharp motions. My hairy armpits were drenched with sweat as Mario grabbed my hips, and he too speeded up, making me scream, as he forced his cock deeper and deeper into me. He suddenly stopped, and I felt the heat of his come, as he ejaculated inside my ass.

Incredibly Mario had finally cum after having spent time in Mom’s hairy asshole and have fucked my mouth. My asshole was throbbing with pain but the sensation gave me another round of orgasms. My first Rear entry was successful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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