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Right Next Door

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Sandy was not happy. She was new to the area, had started a new business, but hadn’t made any friends or met anyone interesting so far. Hanging out in bars wasn’t her idea of a good time. “How can I meet someone if I don’t go where there are men to meet?” she ask herself often. Sitting home alone was awful, especially on a weekend. “I should have stayed where I had friends and knew people.” she told herself. She loved to read but even that didn’t help any more.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Sandy took a sheet of paper and tried to write a list of possible places to meet men.

1. The grocery store? Don’t single men have to buy food too?

2. Laundry room. Everyone has to wash their clothes and wives wash husbands, so wouldn’t single guys have to wash their own?

3. Bars. Bars are usually for drunks or men scamming for sex. Or losers. Or barflies (if your a woman)

4. Library. Maybe. College guys have to study somewhere.

5. Beach. Maybe. How often do single guys go to the beach alone? Usually gay or body builder types hang there.

6. Friends who have a friend. I don’t have any friends here to set me up with anyone!

7. Sporting Events. Doubtful. Guys watching sports, watch sports.

8. Race Track. Nope. They throw their money away. Or attend with a female.

After reading what she had written, she wrote two last words….This sucks.

She tossed her pen down and pushed her chair back from the table. “There has to be someplace to meet someone nice… or at least someone.” she grumbled. Here she was, a decent looking woman, owned her own business, owned her home, drove a new car, had a great job but she couldn’t find a man. She didn’t date men she worked with, it wasn’t a good idea when you were the boss, it caused problems. What was a woman supposed to do? Advertise? She stopped dead in her tracks.. advertise. Maybe she should try a dating service on the Internet. Something like ‘Match.com’ or ‘Harmany.com.’ she thought. “Hell, a lot of people are doing that these days..” she said aloud in the otherwise empty room. Sandy hadn’t had sex for so long it was scary. She hadn’t even gone out on a date in months.. well at least a year. She had just been to busy trying to make a life for herself, starting her business and buying the house. She didn’t have time to date much.

Sandy was a beauiful woman. She was tall, slender and had natural curly black hair that hung halfway down her back. She took good care of herself, eating right and exercising was a regular routine. She was smart, college smart and business came naturally for her. She had started her own business and was doing very well with it. She had gotten so involved in getting it off the ground that she didn’t realize how lonesome she was until she had time to herself after the business was doing good and she had hired people she could trust to run things without her there every minute. She found herself with time on her hands and no one to share it with.

It was Friday and the weekend loomed ahead of Sandy looking anything but fun. Maybe she would just do some work over the weekend, the house she had bought did need to be painted. She had planned on hiring painters for the job, but since she had nothing else of interest to do, she would paint it herself. Saturday morning, Sandy made a trip to a local store to buy the paint supplies she would need. She also purchased a ladder and a few garden tools, intending to start a flower garden in her backyard one day soon. She unloaded her purchases and went inside to change clothes. Sandy wondered what her neighbors would think when they saw her painting the house by herself. She hadn’t met any of the people living around her yet and if fact, hadn’t even seen any of them in the few weeks she’d been living there. After putting on a pair of old levi’s and a white t-shirt and covering her hair with a bandana to protect it from paint, she went back outside to start scraping off the old paint around the windows. An hour later she decided it was time to have some lunch and cool off a bit. It had gotten fairly warm and she was sweating. She didn’t notice the curtain move in the window next door as someone watched her progress.

Sandy finished the windows at the front of the house and was starting to wonder if she was nuts for thinking she could do a job this big alone. She was tired as she put everything away and her attention was on the job at hand when a voice cut into the silence. “Hello neighbor.”

Sandy jumped, startled to find someone standing on the other side of the hedge between her house and the one next door. It was a good-looking man with a big smile on his face. “Hello yourself.” she replied, wiping her hands on the back of her pants and looking at the guy with etimesgut escort interest.

He held out his hand and said, “I’m Jake Stockton, your neighbor and possible help.” It appeared his smile grew even larger when he said this and Sandy laughed before taking his hand to shake.

“Sandy Smythe” she said, introducing herself to Jake. “Help?” she inquired, then added, “Help with what?”

“Help with the obvious,” Jake answered. “It looks like you could use a hand in painting this big ole place,” he said, glancing towards her house. Sandy didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t sure he was serious about offering to help her paint or if he was making some kind of joke. She stared at him while thinking over his remark.

“Hello? Do you need some help with painting?” he asked again when she just stood there.

“Oh… sorry, I didn’t think you were serious with your offer.” Sandy said slowly, still looking at him. She was surprised at how good-looking he was and amazed that he would even think to offer help with so much work since she was a stranger.

“Well I don’t usually volunteer myself to strange women, but when the stranger looks as good as you, it seemed the right thing to do.” he said, now looking like he felt silly for having ask in the first place.

“I couldn’t ask you to actually help me.” Sandy said, deciding he had asked to be nice or polite. She could use the help, but no way would she expect it. She went back to picking up her equipment and putting it away. Jake continued to stand on his side of the hedge and watch her for a few more minutes. When she had finished she looked over and saw that Jake had gone. “So much for being the kindly neighbor.” she told herself, feeling let down that he hadn’t insisted on helping her out. She wondered if he was married and if he was, where was the wife? A wife wouldn’t be very pleased when her hubby offered to work with a new woman on the street. Sandy shook her head and went inside.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, Sandy found herself looking out windows every now and then, checking to see if a woman appeared next door. She didn’t see anyone at all over there. She finally gave up and went to bed earlier then usual, tired from the work she’d done.

Sandy woke up early, made a pot of coffee and read the paper before heading outdoors to start on the house again. She worked steadily for a couple of hours, forgetting about Jake and concentrating on the job at hand. She had worked her way around to the side of the house and was just finishing the last window there when she heard a door slam and saw Jake coming towards her. “Morning neighbor!” he said cheerfully. She saw he was wearing what looked like old clothes and had a paintbrush in his hand. She didn’t know what to say other then, “Good morning to you.”

Jake started scraping where she had left off as they moved around to the back of her property. Sandy didn’t know what to say so she said nothing for awhile. They worked silently, her wondering how to ask if he was married and if his wife knew what he was doing…

After they had finished preping the outside of the house, Jake finally broke the silence… “Well, that’s done. Do you want to start painting today or did you have other plans?” he asked Sandy.

“Well, I suppose the house wouldn’t look so awful if the front was painted, but the rest I planned to do next weekend.” she told him, still feeling funny that he was helping with the work. “I can do that myself,” she added, not wanting him to think she expected him to give up any more time for her. She had to admit, it had gone a lot faster with him helping and she liked looking at him when he wasn’t paying attention. Jake had broad shoulders and she could see he took good care of his body. He was tall and well built and with his good looks, he probably had plenty of women after him she decided. Well, she wouldn’t be chasing after no man.

Jake smiled at her and said cheerfully, “I don’t mind helping a pretty lady and of course it doesn’t hurt to be neighborly.”

Sandy didn’t know what to think of this.. he seemed sincere and sounded like he meant it, but did he? She gave him the chance to get out of helping her by saying, “You know Jake, we don’t even know each other and you really don’t have to help me with this. I’m sure your wife would rather have you at home helping out around the house.”

She regretted her words immediately. Jake wasn’t smiling now and his eyes had grown darker. His voice was soft as he told her, “My wife passed away two years ago, so I doubt she will be bothered by anything I do.” He turned and walked quickly around the corner of the house. Sandy was stunned and mad at herself for being so damn stupid. She ran after him but he was already sincan escort closing the door to his house when she got around the corner. “Jake.” she said sadly. She went back to put things away and wondered what she should do now. She hadn’t meant to pry like that and now she had upset him.

Sandy didn’t see Jake all week and was worried she had blown it with her stupid question. “Blown what?” she asked herself, puzzled by her choice of words. She shrugged it off and went to get the stuff to paint some on the beautiful Saturday morning she found upon waking. She had everything ready and wondered if Jake would show up or not. She sat the ladder against the house and climbed up with a paint tray in one hand and started painting under the eves of the house. She worked at a steady pace, trying not to look next door at Jake’s house. She finished most of the hard part of the work by noon, but only on one side of the house. It would have been faster had someone been helping her. She wasn’t thinking about what she was doing when she pulled the ladder away from the building, forgetting the tray of paint at the top of it until it landed on her head. “FUCK! Dammit all to fucking hell!” she cried out. Paint covered her head, dripping slowly down the top and running down the front and back of her. She couldn’t believe the mess she was and turned to go into the backyard to try to wash some of it off with the watering hose.

She hadn’t taken two steps when she heard, “Hey… nice paint job on yourself.” followed by laughter. Jake was standing on his side of the hedge laughing at her. Sandy frowned at him, feeling stupid and angry at the same time. He spoke again, this time saying, “Nice language too. I didn’t think you had a dirty word in your vocabulary.” He cracked up again, then stopped when he saw she was about to cry. “Oh hey, Sandy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” he said as he came around to where she stood.

“Don’t touch me!” Sandy cried as he approached her. “I mean it!” she added, pissed off at his having laughed. Then she seemed to have a change of heart and told him, “We’re even now. I upset you, you upset me.”

They stood looking at each other for a moment then both burst out laughing. Sandy went back to wash the paint off and Jake followed her, offering his assistance. She had the water going and was trying to get the paint out of her hair and when he kept talking, she turned the hose on him. That turned into a water fight between the two, with both ending up in Sandy’s pool. Sandy was thinking how handsome Jake was and realized she was attracted to her neighbor. She got out of the pool and was twisting her hair to get the excess water out and noticed Jake staring at her strangly. She wasn’t aware of her wet t-shirt clinging to her breasts, and him being able to see right through the material. Her nipples were erect from the cool water and the t-shirt showed them clearly, as if she wasn’t wearing anything.

Jake felt guilty about staring at her tits, but it had been a long time since he’d seen a naked woman, alive and in the flesh. He couldn’t look away until he felt his cock stiffen and decided he’d better calm down quick. He climbed out of the pool and stood away from Sandy, now looking everywhere but at her. Sandy stopped messing with her hair when she saw the outline of Jake’s manhood standing out against his shorts. He was obviously excited and she realized she was really horny. Without thinking about what she was doing, Sandy walked over to Jake and touched the outline of his cock. He looked surprised and uncertain as her fingers traced the outline of his dick under the wet material. She kneeled in front of him, intent on what she was doing as she unzipped his fly and slipped her hand inside. As her hand encircled his cock, he felt it swell even more, feeling like it would burst out of his pants at any moment.

Sandy drew Jake’s cock out of his pants and leaned forward to take it in her mouth. Jake looked down at her and felt like his legs might give out when she started to blow him. In and out of her beautiful, hot mouth his cock slid. He felt her tongue running up and down it’s length, without thinking, his hand went to the back of her head and held her there. His cock touched the back of her throat and he almost lost it, but recovered quickly.

Suddenly they both lost their balance and fell back into the pool. Jake came up sputtering and looking around for Sandy, she came up without the t-shirt or her shorts. She was completely naked now, which gave Jake cause to pull his clothing off too. They moved to the more shallow end of the pool and Jake lifted Sandy in the water and put her long legs around his waist. His cock found the entrance to her pussy quickly and they both moaned as he escort etimesgut pushed himself deeply inside of her. Sandy’s arms were around Jake’s neck, her breasts pressed against his chest and their lips locked in a deep kiss. They stood there for a long time, Jake moving his hips, fucking her slowly. After a long while, he held her there while he moved to the steps of the pool, then he sat on the top one with Sandy still impaled on his cock. She put her feet on the bottom step and lifted up a little, then dropped back down on him again and again. Neither had spoken a work, the only sound was the water slapping against the side of the pool from their motion and the moans of pleasure they made.

Jake took both of Sandy’s breasts in his hands and lifted them one at a time to his mouth. His tongue flicked over her nipples and then sucked one into his mouth. Sandy leaned back in the water, enjoying his mouth and his cock inside of her.

Sandy looked Jake in the eyes and said, “I think we’re getting water-logged, maybe we should get out of the pool?” Her voice sounded breathless and she was almost panting now. Jake nodded his head and lifted her off of his cock, almost regretful to do so. They both stepped out of the water and before either could change their mind about what they were doing, Sandy took his hand and lead him inside her house. When they reached the door to her bedroom, she turned to him and placed her lips against his in a long kiss. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to the bed and lay them both down on it.

Jake broke from the kiss and started kissing her throat, working his way down the front of her body. When he reached her pussy, he used his fingers to part her lips so he could get to her clit. He sucked on it while listening to her cries of pleasure, pleased that he could give her so much enjoyment. His cock throbbed with his lust building again, his balls felt heavy, almost aching, but he continued to lick and suck her pussy until she begged him to fuck her… He refused to do it until he heard her beg for it, and it wasn’t long before he heard…. “Please Jake, fuck me now! Put your big cock in my pussy! I need it sooooo bad… PLEASE FUCK ME!” she cried out, finger nails raking down his back, leaving long scratches on his flesh.

At last Jake felt it was time, he knew she was on the verge of a major orgasim and he also knew he couldn’t hold back much longer! He stood and pulled her around so the lower half of her body was off of the bed. Sandy lifted her legs and wrapped them around Jakes hips, lifting herself so he could ease his beautiful cock inside of her gushing snatch. She could feel her juices flowing out, her inner thighs were sticky with her cum.

They fit together as perfect as a man and a woman could. She felt his cock rubbing against the walls of her insides, filling her totally with his manhood. He stood still, looking down at her, his desire obvious in his eyes. Then he began to move in and out of her cunt, pulling almost all of the way out, then pushing back into her wetness, deeper each time. Sandy’s eyes rolled back in her head, she was panting and moving her body in time with him. Nothing in the world mattered right then, except that this man fuck her hard. The heat between them built and she heard Jake grunt as his cock hammered at her willing pussy. “Ugh, ugh, ugh…yessssssssss.. OH GOD! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Sandy screamed, rocked by her orgasim.

Jake could hold back no more, with his fists resting on the edge of the bed, he fucked her hard and fast, until he felt the release he needed. His hot sperm seemed to pour from the head of his cock in an endless creamy stream. It ran out of Sandy’s hole around the cock that filled it so good, down the crack of her ass and onto the bed in a little puddle. His whole body shook, sweat ran down it, some dripping from his face to fall on Sandy’s tits like burning drops of rain. When it was done, he let himself fall onto the bed next to her. The sound of their harsh breathing was the only sound for several long minutes.

“Well, do you think you could help me finish painting the back part of the house today?” Sandy said after finally catching her breath. Jake was stunned. He raised up on his elbow and looked at her like she was crazy.

Sandy couldn’t hold back her laughter when she saw his face. Jake realized she was joking and joined her laughter with his own. He reached over and started to tickle her, “Crazy damn bitch aren’t you?” he told her as they rolled around on the bed, laughing.

A little bit later, Jake grew serious as he looked at Sandy lying next to him. “Does this mean we’re more then just neighbors?” he ask, sounding uncertain of himself. Sandy opened her eyes and looked at him, she reached out to trace the outline of his face with a finger.

“I think we just might be.” she answered.

Jake smiled and pulled her closer to him. They lay quietly, both thinking of the possibilities of a relationship each dearly needed.

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