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Rising to the Challenge Ch. 02

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Eli could feel his fingers begin to cramp, but only dimly. He was lying on the floor, pinned there by dumbbells, one over each hand. The dumbbells had a mishmash of plates, but Eli guessed they were each about 50kg. The fingers were cramping because he had been clutching the dumbbells for over an hour, told not to let them go until he could move them. Every few minutes, Eli took a deep breath, shut his eyes, and made a heroic effort to shift the weights. As he did, the new muscles that had just begun to sprout from his body, and give him a masculine shape, flexed and bulged, veins standing to attention, with the effort. Attempt after attempt, the dumbbells remained entirely still, and Eli slumped again to catch his breath, the weights still dutifully in his grip.

Just outside of his vision, his imprisoner walked, naked, around the apartment. Eli’s senses were so attuned to Adam’s body that he could feel the slight vibration as his basketball pecs lifted and fell as he strode. He could tell how erect his cock was by the tenor of the slapping sound it made against his densely muscled thighs.

Eli’s own penis stood tentpole straight, thickly veined and pulsing with lust. With every attempt he made to budge one of the weights, which Adam had picked up as if they were tissues, he felt the completeness of his weakness, and his erection got harder. Now, he could feel the first few drops of precum emerge from his cockhead, pool in the opening of his foreskin, overflow and dribble down his shaft to stickily moisten his tightly cropped pubes.

Ears straining for the sound of the muscle giant’s activities, Eli heard him approach before he saw him. When Adam did come into view, standing above Eli’s head, his flaccid penis, hanging heavily over mango sized balls, dominated his vision. It loomed closer in his vision as Adam brought his massive bulk to a kneel. One shovel-sized hand shifted his package so it lay atop Eli’s face, his balls settling on either side of his throat. Feeling the weight of Adam’s manhood sent a delicious thrill of emasculation through Eli, and he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from getting unstoppably excited.

“Why haven’t you moved the weights, Eli?”

“I’m trying sir,” Eli responded, “but they’re too heavy for me.”

“Why are they too heavy?”

“Because I’m weak, sir, and I need someone strong to look after me.”

Eli felt a slight thickening in Adam’s cock. Flaccid, it already completely covered his face. As it hardened, Eli could feel the heavy veins pulse and rise to the surface.

“Do you want me to lift the weights for you Eli?”

“No sir, not yet sir. I haven’t learned my lesson yet.”

“Correct. Every time you try and fail, you grow stronger. Keep trying, keep failing, and I will remove them… when I remember to.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

As Adam pushed himself back to standing, the swell of his ass brushed, just slightly, against Eli’s erection. A groan escaped Eli as he felt his cockhead, sticky with precum, leave a trail on Adam’s rising ass. Eli closed his eyes and tried to keep his breath measured but, a second later, cum burst from his cock, spraying upward in a thick stream. A few seconds passed before Eli felt it drip on his stomach as the cum that had plastered Adam’s ass dripped down its wide curve, succumbed to gravity, and fell.

For a long time, he didn’t hear anything. His eyes screwed shut, he didn’t see anything. He knew Adam was standing above him, at the very least by his bulk completely blocking out the light, and the occasional drip of cum landing on him. But aside from that, the giant did not betray his presence.

A minute passes until Adam says “Keep your eyes closed.”

Eli hears him begin to shift his massive body, then stop. “And don’t move,” Adam adds.

Eli pressed dumbly against one of dumbbells locking him to the floor, knowing that Adam was watching. As Adam walked away, he could tell, by the loud slapping of his cock against his thighs, that he had stiffened to half-mast.

Eyes still closed, Eli heard Adam rummaging around, and felt his own cock stiffen again at the mere sound of the giant’s heavy footsteps.

Eventually, Adam returned. Eli heard him position his gigantic body over him, felt the light dim beyond his shut lids as it was blocked out by Adam’s colossal frame. He then heard, and smelled, the strike of a match, and the lighting of a candle.

“Open your eyes,” Adam commanded.

Eli did as he was told, and opened his eyes, looking up at the spectacle of Adam above him. He never tired of looking at him, and would, if Adam allowed it, simply sit and stare at him for hours on end. Adam’s thighs dominated Eli’s vision, built wide with slab upon slab of straining, powerful muscle, emphasised by dark curls of hair that lead to Adam’s jungle-thick bush. From this hair emerged Adam’s cock, not yet fully hard, but hanging what seemed like a foot from his body, a weapon of man flesh, seated on his massive, Maltepe Escort low-hanging balls. Eli remembered the feeling of one of Adam’s balls completely filling his palm, and he could feel the building of an orgasm start again.

Eli flicked his gaze higher, saw Adam looking down at him, over and through the valley of his jutting pecs. Adam’s pecs, to Eli’s mind, were still his best feature. Adam looked almost as if his chest had been inflated with air, his pecs hanging heavily from his body, both soft and rigid with muscle, crowned by thick nipples that, Eli had learned, were inflated and incredibly sensitive from years of muscle worship and nipple play.

Eli was not the first worshipper to enter Adam’s sanctum, and his nipples were one of his favourite rituals of worship. When Eli was first brought to Adam’s apartment, his challenge had been to suck, lick, and tease the muscle giant’s nipples, without touching himself or cumming. Eli lasted three minutes before he was banished and made to walk home, his T-shirt visibly wet with his own cum. The second time, after weeks of training, he lasted 17 minutes, and had had the joy of feeling Adam’s nipple in his mouth, red raw from his ministrations, plumpen with the giant’s lust. Adam had rewarded his discipline by drenching Eli in hot cum. He even allowed Eli to spread his cum over his own penis, and bring himself to completion using it as lube.

Now, a small candle flickered in his hands, making the swell of his pecs seem even bigger. Not, not just a candle, but a stick of sealing wax. Guessing that they weren’t about to start writing letters to each other, Eli reckoned that he was in for a different type of challenge.

“What,” Adam asked, “is the point of pain?”

“To grow, sir.”

“Are you ready to feel some pain, Eli?”

“I’m ready if you think I’m ready, sir.”

With Eli’s confirmation, Adam tilted the wax stick. It was burning quickly, and the movement caused a small, white stream of wax to slide down its length. Adam tilted it more, and the stream got thicker, until a single drop loosed itself. Eli braced himself for its hot impact, but felt nothing. His eyes darted upwards, and noticed that Adam was dribbling the wax on himself, over his right pec. The first few drops had slid over his nipple before they lost their heat and hardened. Adam’s nipple was gloriously swollen, pink and erect, with its tangle of hair half coated in wax.

Adam continued his ritual, moving the candle to his other pec, and letting the wax drip slowly over its crest until that nipple too was swollen, and rigid with melted wax. For the first time, Adam turned his gaze to Eli, who, in response, traced his tongue around his lips, and tried, again, to move the dumbbell whose weight he was still pinned under.

Adam tilted the candle further, and the drips of wax bounced off the hardened whiteness on his pecs, and landed on Eli’s stomach in quick flashes of heat. Adam continued, letting the increasingly hot wax run in streams over the mound of his pecs, before it landed, and became rigid on Eli.

Without breaking his concentration, Adam lowered himself, with a grace not expected from a man his size, so that he was kneeling over Adam, a mountain of chorded, bulging muscle straddling a pale twig.

Eli’s erect cock, slick with precum, pressed lightly against the curve of Adam’s ass. Eli had to move his breathing through the cycles Adam had taught him, and focus on the short, sharp drops of pain, to avoid cumming. This close, Eli could still smell his last orgasm from Adam.

Eli stared at the ceiling, avoiding looking at the bodybuilder when possible, tracking the in and out of his breath, and sending his awareness through different parts of his own body. He was desperate to let Adam finish his ritual, and not blow it.

He could feel Adam’s package on his chest this time, his cock snaking out from thick, dark pubes, starting from just above Eli’s belly button, and stretching beyond his nipples. The weight of Adam’s balls were physically painful.

Avoiding the bodybuilder’s gaze, Eli felt more and more wax fall, now to his chest, in sharp splashes of heat, coating his own nipples. He could feel them growing hard under the wax’s heat, and he focused his awareness there, feeling the particular sensation of the wax trickling, cooling, hardening and, finally, bonding with the skin in rigidity.

Eventually, the dripping stopped, the wax stick was finished, and Adam and Eli were sealed.

“Cum,” Adam commanded, and Eli relaxed his muscles and allowed an explosion of heat to spray in thick strings from his cock, where it landed spurt after spurt, in the thick valleys of muscle that decorated Adam’s impossibly broad back.

When Eli had finished, Adam raised himself to standing, and easily plucked the two weights that had pinned Eli to the floor and threw them, with a clatter, to the side. Without a word he moved over to a custom made weight Tuzla Escort bench, cranked it into a seat with a 45° angle, and heaved his mass onto it, with his back facing out.

Eli scrambled up from the floor, ignoring the pins and needles from being prone for so long, and got straight to work, licking his cum from the muscle giant’s back. On the diet that Adam had prescribed him, Eli was producing semen in overdrive, his balls almost weighed down from holding so much, leaving Eli in near constant horniness. When Adam allowed him to, Eli came in firehose gushes. Dutifully, he ran his tongue over every inch of Adam’s back, from the thigh muscles of his lower back to the swollen wingspan of his lats, making sure to get every last drop. His cum tasted sweet and salty, flavoured by Adam’s sweat, enriched by the testosterone secreted by this oversized gym god.

When he was finished, Adam brushed him aside with a huge hand, stood, and pulled on a nearby pair of gym shorts. Shorts didn’t really come in Adam sizes, and the fabric of this old pair was worn and stretched by the meat of his thighs, and the front sagged from the weight of his package. With no underwear, the enormity of Adam’s cock and balls was clearly visible, its heaving bulge barely supported by the strained fabric. He padded to the bedroom, and the still kneeling Eli could hear him peel the wax from his chest. He returned, wax free, with a similarly threadbare T-shirt stretched over his immense body.

Eli’s cock had swelled again to hardness, and he instinctively fell into his breathing practice to stop himself from cumming without permission.

As Adam sat down to put on shoes he said “I’ll be back in a few hours. Take a rest in my bed, you’ll need it. And clean that wax off yourself, but don’t bin it.”

“Thank you sir.”

Adam left the apartment, and Eli moved with some excitement to the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He had only stayed in Adam’s bed once before. After their first encounter in the gym, only once had Eli been able to fully take Adam’s cock. That night, Adam, buried deep inside Eli, had cum inside him, biting down on Eli’s neck from the strength of the orgasm. Eli had slept as his little spoon that night, his head resting on the swell of Adam’s bicep. He had not, since, repeated his performance, and some nights Adam hadn’t even been able to stretch Eli out enough to get his cockhead in.

Eli revisited those memories as he gently peeled the melted wax puddles from his chest and stomach, placing them on Adam’s bedside locker, next to the wax Adam had peeled off his own body. He danced around the memories of Adam’s touch, the feel of sleeping with his massive bicep as a pillow. Eli was habituated, now, to controlling his libido so he could save it for Adam’s command, whose touch, or smell, would multiply the strength of an orgasm a hundredfold.

Eli’s nipples, where Adam had concentrated the candle’s melt, were still coated with large casts of wax. Concentration furrowing his forehead, Eli gently slipped a nail under the edge of one and ran it around its pasty white edge. Gently, he eased the wax up, felt it slightly pop as it came off his nipple, enjoying a brief tingle of painful pleasure as it did. He was left with a perfect wax cast of his nipple, which he placed on the bedside table. He repeated the process with his other nipple, enjoying the second shudder of pain that its dislodgement brought.

Free of the wax, Eli was about to turn off the light before he spotted two larger pieces of wax in Adam’s castoffs. He plucked them from the pile, and found that they were perfect moulds of Adam’s nipples. Eli’s waxworks were dwarfed next to Adam’s, whose nipples, plumped and toughened by years of muscle worship and play, bore the wax without pain. One wax nipple still bore a curled, black hair, lodged deep in the pearly white wax.

Without thinking about it, he placed each of his own moulds on top of Adam’s: right on right, left on left. Lust still stirring in him, he conjured the sensation of his mouth on Adam’s nipple, worshipping it with tongue, teeth, lips and spit. He summoned the feeling of his hands massaging Adam’s heaving pecs, the muscle quivering underneath their slightness. He imagined Adam’s thick, wet cockhead, teasing his anus, brushing its hungry ring. He dug into the sense memories he had saved of the exact feeling of Adam’s precum damply mingling with Eli’s sweaty hole.

As he did so, Eli closed his eyes, and allowed himself some muffled groans as his own cock thickened and inched down his leg. He allowed himself to entertain the fantasy for a few minutes, though didn’t allow himself to touch his cock. Without realising it, however, Eli’s fingers had been absently teasing the waxwork moulds. When he flicked his eyes open, Adam’s imaginary cock beginning to press his asshole open, his nipple fat and swollen in Eli’s mouth, Eli discovered that he had melted the wax in his hands, and Anadolu Yakası Escort combined his moulds with Adam’s. Suddenly flushed with intense heat, Eli replaced the waxy mess, and slid himself under the sheets and hurriedly turned off the light. Before he could process exactly what had happened, the exhaustion of his session with Adam overcame him, and he felt the tug of sleep drag him down into oblivion.

Eli woke to the sound of Adam moving around the apartment. Groggy and confused, it took him a few moments to remember where he was. When he did, he pulled himself up quickly. The sheets around him were wet with his sweat, and his skin was damp. He raised a hand to his forehead but didn’t sense a fever, and, once the grogginess had faded, he felt fine. He looked to the bedside table but the wax was gone. He must have been really knocked out if he hadn’t heard Adam come into the room. He wondered what he had done with the wax.

Eli’s ears pricked as he heard another voice. Adam had brought someone home with him. Eli heard a laugh, not Adam’s, and footsteps that were heavy, but nowhere near that of the giant’s pounding gait.

A quick knock at the bedroom door announced its opening. Slivers of light appeared, half blocked by a naked silhouette.

“Adam wants you man.”

The silhouette disappeared, and Eli was left wondering who it was. As he rose, he considered his clothes, still strewn somewhere in the gym area. He saw just enough of the visitor to determine that he was naked, at least from the top up. Eli briefly considered putting on a pair of Adam’s shorts or underwear, but he would have needed a rope to have secured them to his waist. The thought, however, of him drowning in Adam’s XXXXXL’s awoke a sudden, deep lust in Eli, and he made a mental note to build a fantasy around it later. Adam, he thought, would like seeing him try to fill out his tent-sized clothes.

Eli moved into the kitchen, naked, trailing the last of his nap’s grogginess. The light briefly hurt his eyes. When they adjusted, he got a full view of the visitor.

If he was not standing in Adam’s shadow, this man, who had yet to be introduced, would have dominated the room. The stranger must have pushed past 6 foot 6, skin ebony dark and shining with sweat or oil, or both, a finely styled beard shaped into a squared off, jawline-enhancing block. He was naked, and a thick cock, at least mostly soft, hung low and heavy from a dense tangle of pubes. In his legs and midsection, he was leaner than Adam, his legs beautifully long with clearly pronounced muscle, and his midriff a tight, narrow column of rippling abs. Over these abs, however, he had the same impossibly broad chest and shoulders as Adam, and his pics, shining globes of muscle, seemed to spill slightly over his abs, beautifully capped by dark, fat nipples. His shoulders erupted from his body, giving him the dramatic V shape worshipped on the bodybuilding stage. His arms were thick with biceps and triceps, and his forearms were marked by prominent, masculine veins.

The stranger stood nestled close to Adam. His lithe muscularity seemed to emphasise Adam’s otherworldly size. Adam’s muscles were not only fuller, but his pecs so swollen with strength that they practically hung from his body. Where his guest’s muscles were tightly built, the shining skin painted over their swells, Adam’s body itself was muscle, heavy, bouncing, enormous. As big as he was, the stranger was still dwarfed by Adam. If Adam put a hand on the stranger’s chest, it would span the full size of one of his globe-sized pecs. If the stranger did the same to Adam, his hand would barely cover a third.

The stranger, who had been studying Eli as Eli had been studying him, gifted him a sly wink, and gave his chest a quick flex, bouncing his pecs high and sending them slapping back down, dislodging a droplet of sweat as they did.

“Dane, this is Eli.”

“Your new trainee?” Dane asked.

“Not that, but something like that.”

Dane strode over and reached a hand out to Eli. As Eli went to take it, Dane suddenly came in closer, slipped the hand behind Eli, pulled him close, and reached down with a kiss startling in its urgency. Within a second, Dane’s tongue had invaded Eli’s mouth, and a finger had begun tracing an aching loop around his anus. Eli, trembled, took a deep breath, and felt his hole open to the advances of Dane’s finger, nearly pulling it inside him in lust. He felt Dane’s finger begin to tease at the swollen mound of his prostate. He then felt Dane’s cock, slowly hardening into an up-pointing arrow, pushing Eli’s own erection aside, and pressing hotly and wetly against his chest.

As quickly as the kiss had started, it ended, and Dane’s finger retreated and took a full step back. Even at a step back, his cock was still touching Eli’s chest. Eli, realising he had been on his tippy toes to reach him, dropped down to height again, and allowed the room to come back into focus.

“He’ll do,” Dane said, “for sure,” and turned his back to Eli so he could face Adam.

Adam moved to the other side of the room, where his weights were stacked. He sat in the same bench, where he had previously displayed his back to Eli. This time, he faced forward, and beckoned Eli and Dane to join him.

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