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Road Head

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Big Dick

Dinner was excellent. We had gone out to the Mona Lisa, a fancy little fondue place downtown, for a romantic evening. I wore my slinky black dress that revealed more than a mouthful of cleavage, and several inches of thigh, along with black strappy heels. Your button up shirt and slacks were classy but cool, and I couldn’t resist how sexy you were when you pulled off that look. When you picked me up, you didn’t speak a word before you started kissing me, pressing me into the door. You bit my lower lip as you pressed your fingers into my lower back. After several minutes, you broke our mad embrace, smiling and taking my arm to go to dinner.

Sexual tension is an understatement. I wanted you, and you so clearly wanted me. I could barely keep your eyes on my face, seeing as I tried so hard to flaunt my cleavage. And I did a mighty fine job. You eyed my body as I stood to use the restroom. You watched me sit, watched me move, watched me watch you watching me. You watched the soft mounds of flesh move with every breath I took. I know you wanted to touch, to taste my salty skin. I knew you would. And my skin tingled at the thought of your hands and delicious tongue working your way around my body.

We barely talked over dinner, taking in the scene—the sexuality that filled our little corner of the restaurant. I rested my hand on your thigh, and you pushed further, resting your hand on the crease of my leg and hip, mere inches from the bare mound of my pussy. I giggle, wishing you would plunge your fingers into me. But you don’t. You wink, you flirt, I flaunt and flirt back, but nobody makes a move. Not in the Restaurant.

We finish the meal and walk outside. The air is chilly—a slight breeze blowing past us. I wrap my arms around myself and you follow suit, hugging my body close to yours as we near the car. You turn to open my door and notice my hard nipples. You had a growing suspicion all night that I had not been wearing a bra, but couldn’t tell because of the dim lighting. You felt the stiff nipple brush past your palm as you held my body. It was too much to take. You turn me aside and plunge your face into my cleavage, nibbling and sucking on the sensitive flesh. I moan inaudibly—mere breaths and sighs of mounting pleasure. You move the dress down, revealing my swollen breast and firm nipple, escort sincan immediately taking it into your mouth and teasing it with your skilled tongue. You work it like you always work my clit—in slow circles, then running over the tip, then pressing your tongue flat against it and sucking firmly, before moving away to tease the sensitive spot once more.

I trail my hand down your body, one locking into your hair, the other rubbing the bulge in your pants. You groan as I press your face firmly to my breast. You stop suddenly, pulling away from me. My breast hangs from my dress. You smile and run to the other side of the car. I look around and tuck my chest back into the revealing dress, climbing back into your car. I wonder what startled you away from the moment, wishing I could feel your tongue probing my wet heaven, your length plunging into me until we climax together.

I’m lost in thought, and when I come to, I notice my hand is dipping into my pink flesh. I turn to look at you and see you trying hard to concentrate on the road, wanting to touch me so badly. I place my foot on the dash of the car, revealing my pussy to you completely, playing with my clit.

I bring my wet fingers to your lips and you suck and nibble eagerly, tasting my sweet arousal. I move down, unbuttoning your slacks. You sit up so I can slide them down enough to reveal your erection. I pull your warm cock from your pants and boxers and lick the tip like a lollypop, sending shivers through your body as u drive. I lean back and blow on the wet head, causing you to groan as you attempt to focus on the road. I look up at you, seeing you smile a concentrated smile, hoping to get more, and hoping not to wreck in the process. I lick all sides with my tongue flat against your hard flesh. I take you into my mouth fully as you drive, making sure not to bump the steering wheel with my head bobbing on your cock.

I reach down to play with myself as I suck on you. I swallow the head, massaging it thoroughly with my throat, before I take you out fully to focus on the sensitive base and the spot right under the helmet on the head. Your hand rests on my head, pushing further, wanting to remain in my tight constricting throat. I bring my hand—wet from my pussy—to your cock and stroke you. You smell the juice, and your mouth ankara escort waters. You’re about to break. I see you looking around as you drive, continuing to drive you mad with pleasure as I suck your cock vigorously. I twist my head to apply pressure to every point on your cock, massaging you to the point of breaking.

I feel the car stop but don’t stop sucking on your throbbing member. I focus on the tip, massaging the base with my wet hand. You pull me off of you after a few more moments. Before I have the chance to look around to see where we are, your tongue is assaulting my mouth—forcing past my lips to taste my tongue. I moan as your hand starts stroking my body. My hand remains stroking your cock as you touch me. You pull away.

“Get out.”

I’m startled at your sudden aggressiveness.

“Baby, get out of the car,” you tell me again, opening your own door, slightly reassured.

I open the door and get out. You come around to my side of the car and shut my door, opening the back. You push me into the seat, but before you climb in on top of me, you push me backwards and drape my legs over your shoulders.

I feel your hot breath on my warm pussy, the sensation soon replaced by that of your warm wet tongue. I moan as you thrust your tongue into me, licking my G-spot, sending harsh shivers through my body. I clamp my thighs around your head as you eat me out eagerly. Your tongue focuses on my clit, knowing I’ll cum on your tongue in no time at this pace. You frantically urge me on, and I finally convulse and spasm on the car seat, almost screaming in intense pleasure. You climb into the car after my climax, slamming the door behind you.

You press into my body firmly, moving to kiss me immediately. You rub your hips into me. I pull my dress over my head and throw it in the front seat. Your mouth latches to my breast once again as you toy with my clit with your fingers. The sensitivity drives me crazy, and I beg you to stop. Instead, I feel you pull your pants from your body. I unbutton your shirt, but before you are fully undressed you thrust your huge cock into me firmly.

I gasp and scream at how full I feel with you inside me, fucking me slowly (at first). I scrape your chest with my nails as you drill into me. One of my hands moves to the door above my head, pushing etimesgut escort bayan against it to be sure I don’t smack my head. I know this will be quick, and our pace will quicken to a dangerous speed for such a small space. You continue your thrusting into me as you remove your shirt and throw it into the front seat along with my dress.

Before I can start fucking you back as roughly as you are doing me, you pull out. I sit on your lap, straddling you and sliding you back into me. I spread my legs across the seat and bounce on your lap. You see my breasts bouncing in front of you, and bury your face in them as I ride you rapidly. I place my mouth next to your ear and begin moaning and breathing into your ear. Your hands find a place on my hips, controlling the pace with which you drive your cock into me. I feel you start to let loose, about to lose control.

I contract the walls of my pussy around your cock, urging you to cum. Finally, you do. You dig your nails into my skin, and I do the same to you. We cum together, spasming together. It feels like an eternity, but in actuality our orgasms blend together for all of 30 seconds or so, and leave us panting for air in the steamy car.

After a few more moments, I start laughing hysterically. I climb off your lap, kissing you playfully at first. We both note the foggy windows, laughing to ourselves about how abrupt this encounter was. I lean down to suck your cock clean of our mixed cum, making you groan. I smile as I get out of the car, making sure no traffic is around. I’m unaware of where we’re parked, but it’s secluded enough that we didn’t get caught in the middle of our fuck.

I climb into the front seat as you climb into the drivers seat, buttoning your slacks as you start the car and pull into the road. I’m still naked, and instead of putting my dress back on, I put on your button up shirt. You laugh, looking at me in my black heels and your shirt, thinking of how sexy it would be for me to perform a strip tease for you. Just put on a black top hat and a long tie and we have a taboo evening ahead.

We arrive home, and you laugh as you have to get out of the car shirtless and escort me into my house in your shirt. Anyone looking knew we’d fucked. We didn’t care.

The truth is, anyone looking in my bedroom window about ten minutes after we walked in the door would have seen me riding your cock with reckless abandon two more times before we crash into a pile of orgasmic bliss on my bed and pass out for the night, drained of both our cum and energy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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