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Room Service

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Big Tits

I am a married 45 year old businessman, and for the most part happily married. My wife is well built and likes to play. She is willing to give me head and take it up the ass or even let me play around with other fantasies on occasion. I am quite sure she would have had fun with this fantasy if she was there with me.

I was on a business trip to Chicago when it happened. After finishing a set of steamy e-mails back and forth with my wife I had forgotten about the room service I had ordered. I was just settling in to a good rhythm stroking my cock and watching a slide show of my favorite pics of the misses (and a few others) when there was a knock on the door. Realizing my mistake I shouted at the door to wait a minute and threw on a robe.

The robe barely hiding my hard on I answered the door and told the attendant to pt the food on the bar as I quickly stepped into the bedroom of the suite to throw on some skivvies. As I was pulling on my boxers canlı bahis when I heard a delightfully Russian accented voice, ” you’re a very lucky man for your wife to let you keep such pictures…” she stopped realizing she was staring at the slide show of my wife in several compromising positions As I stepped out she was staring at a picture of Mary rubbing my cum across her tits. I watched her in the rooms mirror and realized her hand was gently teasing her nipple as she watched.

Quickly doing a bit of backwards reading of her name tag I said to her, “Ekaterina, it seems hardly fair that you should be enjoying my slide show without me.” She blushed and started to turn away. Putting my arms on her shoulders I held her in place and whispered in her ear “it’s alright I don’t mind if you see my wife.”

As I held her there watching the slide show I felt her breathing grow shallow “she is you wife, you are a very lucky man indeed.” As I watched her in bahis siteleri the mirror she slipped her free hand beneath her skirt the other now massaging her breast through her blouse. Slowly I slipped my hands down to her hips and pressed my cock up against her ass.

Her breath came in gasps as she spoke “sir, no… I can’t you are married I can’t …” The desire in her voice was clear.

“You don’t have to fuck me my dear, but if you are going to enjoy the pictures of my wife I should enjoy something in return, why don’t we just open up this shirt.” Her breath caught at a picture of my cock in Mary’s mouth. As I whispered in her ear “you like that?”

She nodded as I groped her tits and continued to undress her. Without turning her gaze from the screen I sat down in the chair beside her my boxers around my ankles and pulled her down onto her knees. At a fearful look from her (mixed with a good deal of excitement) I assured her ” you don’t have bahis şirketleri to do much just give me a hand job as you frig yourself…”

Licking her lips she sank down to her knees, her fingers pushing aside her panties and diving into her delightfully shaved snatch. “do you have lotion..?”

I picked up a tube and she grabbed my dick. After I squirted a bit on the end of my dick she started to stroke it up and down. As she watched Marry I watched her rock her hips and plunge her fingers in and out of her pussy. Suddenly the slide show ended and Ekaterina looked me in the eye, her breathing was almost non-existent as she scooted closer to me on her knees, ” you cum on my tits, like you did for her?” the pleading look in her face was too much for me and I began to shoot one of the biggest loads of my life. As the ropes of my hot come splattered across her tits I heard her moan and opened my eyes to see her biting her lips. I watched her come and it was one of the most erotic sights of my life.

She scooped up my cum from her tits and licked it off her fingers as she got dressed, ” mmmm I hope you order a bigger entrée tomorrow.” And with that she left for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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