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Rope and Tie and Brand Them

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I was just going out the door, and I called out to Jan, “I’m off now, want anything in town?”

“Hang on a mo, I do need some things!”

Jan came into the kitchen and started scribbling a list rather long of things on a sheet of note paper.

“Gwen has some new cord in, be sure to call in and get some.” she said.

“What ever do we need cord for?” I replied.

“Your dressing gown needs a new one.”

Now I had not worn my dressing gown for years, and had no idea if it even had a cord, much less if it needed a new one.

“You sure honey, seems like a waste of money to me!”

She gave me one of those female looks that said, ‘don’t argue with me.’

So I took her list and headed off to town to get my supplies for the cattle branding and her grocery list.

I got my gas bottle refilled, and picked up the new ear tags for the cattle, wandered down to the grocery shop and finally after what seemed like an eternity had purchased Jan’s entire shopping list.

I headed down to Gwen’s drapery store for the cord.

Gwen looked at me some what quizzically as I said “Jan said I was to pick up some cord.”

She smiled back but did not say anything and reached down under the counter and handed me a shopping bag. Obviously the women were up to something.

I smiled back at Gwen and asked, “How much is that?”

“Jan has already paid.”

Now ‘THAT’ is something very strange, I could not remember anytime Jan had paid for something in advance, and certainly she had never asked me to pick up something she had paid for, her usual view was if I earned the money I should pay for everything!

“Wow, Gwen miracles do happen!”

I smiled at Gwen and took the bag and walked out of the shop.

I arrived home and much to my surprise, Jan came out to the car to meet me.

This was another most unusual development; she usually left me to carry the groceries in to the house.

Don’t get the idea that Jan was lazy, she does most of the cooking, all of the washing and most of the house work and helps me with the difficult farm jobs which required two people.

She even gathered up the bags with the cattle tags and carried them down to the shed while I followed with the heavy gas bottle.

I smiled at her, as she placed the tags on the bench; “Thanks honey.”

We walked back to the Range Rover and loaded up with the grocery bags.

When you live quite a ways out of town like Jan and I do you have to be well stocked up with supplies as you can get suddenly get cut off by impassable roads and thus the need to keep very well stocked up with supplies.

We had carried in all the grocery bags, and put the contents in the freezer, refrigerator and pantry.

“Did you remember to call in at Gwen’s and pick up the cord?”

“Yes honey, it is on the floor in front of the front passenger seat!”

Jan grinned at me, and nearly ran out to the car, that is also unusual, why would she be so excited about a length of cord?

(Mind you I am just assuming there is only cord in the shopping bag Gwen had porno izle given me, I did not look in the bag or even feel what was in it.)

I had work to do, I had to make sure the cattle yards where ready for the muster tomorrow.

So I went off to check the yards and get the bikes ready for an early start in the morning.

No point in assuming everything will be ok and then finding that you have a flat tyre or something even more time consuming to fix.

Lucky I did check the bikes; one of the chains was very loose and needed tightening.

It is not fun to have a chain come off when a bull is just about to knock you off the bike as he tries to avoid the muster!

Anyhow every thing seemed ready for the early start the next morning,

I went back to the house to find that Jan had prepared a lovely cold meal of ham and cold chicken and salad and had opened a bottle of chilled wine.

The meal was delicious and Jan was in a very good mood, that in itself is not that unusual but she was obviously enjoying herself immensely this evening.

We took the remaining wine with us and went into the T.V. room and sat down to watch our favourite programme.

I sat down and Jan sat besides me tucking her legs under herself on the lounge, putting her arm around my neck and just held me as we watched the programme. I placed my arm around her shoulder and just gently held her.

Her head was resting on my shoulder and I could hear her rhythmic breathing and realised that she was fast asleep.

I gently moved her head and carried her to the bed and lay her gently down making sure I did not wake her.

I turned off the television and lay down next to Jan and soon fell fast asleep.

I was sort of dozing, that feeling you get when you are neither fully asleep nor fully awake, when I felt Jan moving about on the bed.

“Rollover honey” she said. I was lying on my back, I figured that I must have been snoring or something and complied with her request and rolled over onto my stomach.

I guess I must have gone back to sleep, as the next thing I felt was Jan tapping me on the shoulder.

I woke up and tried to move, I tried moving my arms, they would not move.

I tried to move my legs, again with out any success.

The room was dark and I could feel something tied around my ankles and wrists.

“Fuck Jan, what are you doing?”

“Hush darling.” She replied, “It’s my turn!”

“What do you mean it’s your turn?”

Now I thought we shared everything and had a very balanced relationship. Not that I had any choice in what ever she had planned, she had done a very good job with her knots and try as I might I could not move at all, I was totally in her power.

I have never been in a situation like that before, and I cannot say I exactly liked it.

“Now darling, do you remember when I asked to put the rubbish out last night?”

(Well I didn’t but I chose not to answer anyway.)

“Because you left it there I am going to give you a spanking.”

(Now Jan is not a very big woman, I amatör porno figured this wouldn’t be too painful an experience.)


Fuck, the bitch was using a ping pong bat to smack me with!

I hadn’t been smacked like that since dad caught me smoking his special cigars when I was 12.

“Say you are sorry you left the rubbish for me to put out!”

My ass was smarting from the vicious paddling it was getting.


She continued to hit me as hard as she could on my now tender ass; it was starting to feel numb.

“Fuck you!” I replied.


She continued to smack me.

“It is going to be fuck you!” she said in a particularly harsh voice.


My ass was numb and hot and strangely, starting to feel good.

She stopped pummelling my ass with her ping pong bat.

I was not sure if that was a good development or not!

She sat across my back grabbed me by the hair pulled my head up and shoved something into my mouth.

“Suck on that.”

Well what choice did I have?

What ever she had shoved into my mouth was quite large and had a plastic feel to it.

She took it out of my mouth and got off of me.

“You had you fun now?” I asked.


The bitch pummelled me on my ass with the bat again.

I felt her wriggling around and now could feel her kneeling between my legs.

I tried to move but it was futile.

Fuck what ever possessed me to teach her how to tie knots!

Something was pressing against my ass hole, what ever it was it felt BIG!

“Come on Jan, what the fuck are you doing?”

“That is exactly what I am doing; I am going to show you what it really feels like to get fucked up the ass!”

“Common Jan you said you liked it!”


I guess I must have missed the point somewhere.

She was pushing the mysterious object into my ass; it felt so big, too bloody big!

She had her arms against either side of my waist and I could feel her hips against my legs, but most of all I could feel the object pushing into my anus. It was making progress into my body too.

She must have got hold of one of those strap on dildos that I had heard Sam talking about, no wonder Gwen had given me that quizzical look!.

It was hurting, pressing my sphincter muscles apart as it slowly thrust into me; I could feel sweat forming on my back as the pain intensified.

Then suddenly it was in me, right in me.

I squealed out “Ahhh!!!! Fuck! That hurt Jan.”

“Mmmmmm…………” she said.

I felt the object pull back, and then she thrust it back in with some force, my back felt like it was sopping wet from the sweat that had formed.

My tender ass hole felt like it was on fire! Fuck it was hurting.

I was still hurting, my ass-hole was hurting, my ass was numb from the spanking she had given me, and my dignity was hurting because my fucking woman was fucking me up my virgin ass!

She continued thrusting anal porno in and out slowly at first and gradually picking up pace until she had a rhythm going with her thrusting.

It was strange but my ass was starting to feel all tingly and good!

My cock was getting hard!

This was starting to feel much better, the pain had gone and my whole body was trembling with excitement.

My cock was very hard pressing into the mattress, there was nothing I could do though, I could not move at all.

Jan continued to fuck me, I could hear her breathing quicken as she was shoving much harder into me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She was mumbling to herself, but the intensity of her thrusting did not diminish, if anything she was thrusting even harder and more savagely.

Damn, I could feel my bowls wanting to void themselves.

Jan was thrusting in so hard now, I had no control at all, I could feel her dildo getting slippery and then even more slippery in my ass.

I could smell the odour of shit, fuck how humiliating, but this did not put Jan off at all.

Her breathing was very hard now!

She shoved in very hard, I could feel her body quiver, shuddering against me, against my shitty ass, and then she collapsed on top of me.

She was breathing very hard; she just lay there on top of me for what seemed like an eternity.

“Fuck Jan, have you had you fun now?”

She pushed her self up and slowly withdrew her dildo from my ass hole.

She got up and switched on the light, I have no idea what I must have looked like lying there on the bed tied by both wrists and ankles with a shitty ass.

“No honey!” she said with some feeling.

“I need to clean you up you were very naughty shitting your self when I was fucking you!”


She whacked me with the ping pong bat again.

“Naughty boy, naughty boy!”

She stood up on the bed behind me; I could feel something, liquid and warm spurting on to my ass.

“This will clean you up; naughty boy!”

I could feel the liquid spraying all over me, I could smell the odour of piss and it dawned on me what she was doing!

“Common Jan, that’s enough!”

“Not nearly enough, darling.”

She knelt down behind me and I could feel her spray against my ass hole, what a mess the sheets must be!

(Gee I am glad I don’t have to wash them, I thought.)

I could feel the torrent of piss start to subside and she got off the bed.

She started to laugh, just a little at first and then totally uncontrollably.

After a while the laughter subsided and there was silence in the room.

“Gee you look a mess honey”, and she dashed out of the bedroom.

She returned very quickly and I saw a flash of light!

(The bitch had taken a photo.)

My cock was still hard, very hard and I had had no proper sexual relief at all, I have no doubt Jan had had a wonderful orgasm as she had thrust her strap-on dildo up my what was now a very tender ass-hole.

I could feel Jan untying the ropes around my ankles; she untied my left wrist and ran from the room!

I yelled out “Fuck! You are going to pay for this!”

I tried to undo my right wrist quickly, but she had done a splendid job with this one and it took quite some time to undo.


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