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Rosalie and Me Pt. 02

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As you might remember Rosalie and I worked at the local theater and were both eighteen. She had spent the night at my house after she had called her mother to let he know. My parents were on vacation so we had the house to ourselves.

I had fucked her twice after we got to my house. Once early on and the other after we had talked for a very long time and I found out Rosalie was not a virgin. In fact her father had taken her virginity just after her eighteenth birthday. I also learned her father and mother welcomed her into their love making practices and she sucked her mothers clit and pee hole while her mother sucked her husbands cock.

We both pissed and Rosalie sucked my wet cock, then we got dressed and headed for her home a couple of miles north of town. Rosalie sat with her skirt up around her waist the entire time. When we got to her house, she got out of the car, unlocked the gate, and I drove through. Then she locked the gate again and got back in the car with me.

“Why do you keep the gate locked?” I asked.

“So we don’t have people just driving up here and driving in. My parents don’t have a lot of friends and we keep them at a minimum. The ones we do have enjoy fucking and eating pussy or sucking cocks too. My mother will show you when we get inside.” she replied.

I stopped car at the back door and Rosalie flashed me as she got out. I followed her inside and her mother was in the kitchen fixing breakfast.

“Oh hi darling.” she said.”Hi to you too John. Did you have a good time fucking each other last night?

“Oh we had a wonderful time. His cock has such a long foreskin on it and I got to wank him a couple times. He played with my hairy pussy until I finally had to get his cock in my cunt.” Rosalie replied. “When he had to piss he even let me hold on to his cock and watch his piss flow out the foreskin.”

“Well go see what your father wants while I finish up breakfast.” her mother said.

When Rosalie left I said to her mother. “Mrs. Jackson you have some pretty stockings on this morning. I like the deep copper color of them. are you wearing a garter belt to keep them up?”

“I’m glad you like them and yes, I am wearing a six strap black garter belt. Would you like to see it?” she replied.

“Only if you’d like to show it to me.” I told her.

With that she undid the belt holding her dressing gown together and spread it wide open. She was not wearing a bra so her teats were showing and gently sagging downward a little but. She had nice firm nipples on them. Just right for nursing them. Her belly was covered with dark pubic hair that featured a treasure trail ending at her navel. Her cunt hair was all shaggy and very thick..

“Do you like what you see John?” she asked.

“Yes. You have very nice teats and a lovely fur covered cunt” I replied.

“Then I’m going to spread my legs apart and want you to put your hand on my cunt.” she said.

She spread her legs wide apart and I put my hand on her hairy cunt. Ten seconds later I felt my hand get very warm and wet.

“Oh my. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help but dribble on your hand.” she said. “I hope I didn’t catch you off guard. Now run your hand through my cunt and get my hair all wet. Then I want to see your cock.” she said.

So I ran my hand through her hairy forest then dropped my pants and boxers for her..

“Oh my God. You have such a long cock and even longer foreskin. Did Rosalie enjoy getting fucked with it last night?” she said.

“I guess she did. She wanted it again this morning.” I told her.

“Do you think you can get it hard for me? I think I’d like to have it fucking me a little later.” she told me. “Right now I just want to hold it and push your foreskin back a little bit. Then I must finish our breakfast.”

So she took a hold of it, pushed my foreskin back a couple of times and let go of it.I pulled my boxers and pants back up and a minute later Rosalie and her father walked into the kitchen.

Rosalie was still wearing her garter belt and stockings from yesterday and had slipped a dressing gown on, but her teats were still showing. Her father was nude and his six or seven inch cock was swinging and swaying as he walked.

“Oh hi John.” he said as he walked into the kitchen. “Haven’t seen you for awhile. Hope I haven’t offended you but my daughter just gave me a rather nice blowjob so I decided to not put any clothes on before breakfasts which I see my wife has done. How are you doing?”

“I’m just fine and ‘No’ you didn’t offend me. My cock looks much like yours and I enjoy a good blowjob too.” I replied..”I was just admiring your wife’s beautiful stockings. They look copper colored and the black heels and seams really set them off.”

“She does look pretty sexy when she wears stockings like that. I love when she does. Did she show you her hairy cunt too?” he asked.

“I fudged a little bit and told him ‘No’.” I was sure she would back me up if need be.

“Have you seen Rosalie’s pussy?” he asked.

“Yep. I saw hers malatya seks hikayeleri last night. It’s very hairy. I also watched her pee a few times too.” I replied. “I even wiped her pussy for her a couple of times.”

“I enjoy watching her pee too. Just like I watch her mother, don’t I dear?” he said.

“Yes, you would watch me pee every time I have to go.” Mrs. Jackson replied. “But to be honest, I kind of like it when you watch me.”

“Did Rosalie watch you piss John? Did she hold your cock?” Mr. Jackson asked.

“Yes, she watched me piss and she held my cock. Even pulled my foreskin back while I pissed.” I replied. “She thought it was fun to move my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock.”

“She likes to do that to her father’s cock too. I don’t do it as well as she does according to him, so I just hold it while he pisses.” she replied.

“Perhaps you’d’ enjoy holding mine while I piss then.” I told her.

We sat down to breakfast and I noticed Rosalie and her mother had large glasses of cranberry juice while Mr. Jackson and I had orange juice. when I asked Rosalie why they had cranberry juice she told me it made them pee more often and her daddy liked that. Breakfast was very good. Sausage links, scrambled eggs, toast, and tea. Rosalie told me the tea would make them pee more often than coffee..

To my utter dismay, after we finished eating everyone wanted a cigarette and more tea. So we fired up some cigs and chatted for awhile. Then Rosalie and her daddy got up and went someplace and Mrs. Jackson and I were left to clean up.

“I’m going to need to piss in a couple of minutes. Would you like to go out on the patio with me and watch me piss?” she asked me.

“I’d love to watch the piss flow out your urethra onto the grass.” I said. “I get all excited watching a woman taking a piss. I may even get a hard on,” I told her.

“It will be a few minutes before I need to pee, but I’ll let you know when.” she replied.

So we chatted for a few more minutes and had some more tea when suddenly she took my hand and said “I need to piss right now. So come with me to the patio and watch me.”

We went outside and she stood on the patio and said “I’m going to try and piss at least four feet in front of me. I love seeing it fly through the air.”

“I’d love to see it flying that far too. I simply enjoy watching woven piss. When my alcoholic mother was alive, he’d be so drunk by eleven in the morning that she couldn’t walk straight. So I’d have to help get her the chamber pot she pissed in. She’d pull up her skirt and I would pull her panties down. I always got to see her hairy belly and pussy. Most times the gusset of her panties was already wet from her dribbling in it. She’d finish but never wipe her hairy cunt. So I would pull her panties back up for her and walk her back to her chair so she could drink more beer.” I told her.

“Did you ever fuck your mother?” she asked.

“No. But I think there a few times I could have. One day my father was working in Chicago and was planning on coming home that night. I went into her bedroom about nine o’clock to see if she was alright. She was wearing a sheer gown and I could see her teats through the material. She was also wearing a black garter belt and dark sheer nylons. Of course she had a bottle of beer on the little table beside the bed. She was obviously drunk as well as a bit pissed off about something.” I said. “When I asked her what the problem was she told me daddy wouldn’t be home that night as he had to work late.”

“He’s just hiding the fact that he is going to fuck that hairy black haired whore he works with in the city. I know he bangs her every time he goes in there to work. She doesn’t shave anything and has coal black hair. I was going to fuck his nuts off of him tonight, but now I don’t get any cock tonight.” she said.

“I don’t want to fuck you but you could suck my cock if you like.” I replied.


“Have you washed your cock today” she asked. “I don’t want to be sucking your foreskin nd cock if it isn’t clean.” she said.

“I washed early today and haven’t pissed through my foreskin at all today.” I told her.

She sat up in bed, flashing her hairy cunt at me as she did.

“Get your shorts and briefs off so I can get your cock in my mouth.” she said. I pushed both of them down to my ankles and stepped out of them.

She saw my semi erect cock with the long foreskin and said. “Oh my God. I didn’t know your cock had grown so much in the last couple of years and your long foreskin covers the head completely. I must suck on that too.”

With that she took ahold of my cock and popped it in her mouth sucking gently on it as she did. “I love sucking cocks.” she said as she stopped for a minute to catch her breath.. Cocks are wonderful to suck and play with. Even if the guy blows his nuts off in my mouth. Semen doesn’t taste bad. In fact it has a rather pleasant taste to it.”

She resumed sucking my cock and fondling my nuts until I couldn’t take it any longer and filled her mouth with some of my pollen.

“She kept sucking my cock until she had drained me completely and told me she wanted me to sleep with her that night.I told her I wasn’t going to fuck her, but she could suck my cock again.”

She stopped cleaning my cock off for a moment and told me that would be fine.

“Now go get me another bottle of beer so I can wash all this semen I have in my mouth.” she said. “Since you don’t want to fuck me, would you eat my pussy and suck my clit?”

“Did you wash your cunt this evening?” I asked.

“I did right before I got ready for bed. Your father likes to suck my clit before he sticks his cock in it.” she replied.

“So I got her a fresh bottle of beer then proceeded to lick her hairy pussy and suck her long clit. She had a couple of orgasms then dribbled pee on my face. Then I moved up and sucked one of her nice teats for a couple minutes. I told her it was time to get some sleep.” I said.

“That’s quite a story.” Rosalie’s mother said. I can believe it because most of the rumors I hear about your mother seem to indicate she’s a drunken whore, fucking a couple of other guys too.

“Now piss.” I said. “I want to see how far you can make it go.”.

So she spread her cunt open and began pissing. It must have gone at least four feet in front of her, then suddenly stopped.

“Wow. You really did have to piss. I didn’t think a woman could spray her piss as far as you just did.” I told her.

“I do that frequently, Mr. Jackson likes to watch me piss like that. Would you now eat my wet pussy?” she asked.

“Did you wash your pussy this morning when you got up?” I asked.

“Yes I did.” she replied.

“Then get up on the table, spread your legs so I can see your hairy cunt and I’ll eat your pussy and suck your clit.” i told her.

So went back into the eating area and she got up on the table and laid down on her back. She spread her legs open then pulled her meaty cunt lips apart so I was gazing at the pink tissue around her vagina and pee hole. I licked her vagina first and she had a couple of orgasms then I moved up and sucked her long clit. I sucked gently and she began humping the table, making so much noise I thought she would the dead.

“Oh that feels so good.” she.said. “I just love having my clit sucked. Now get that big cock of yours in my cunt and make a good deposit of warm creamy semen in it.”

I was licking her cunt good when I felt a presence in the eating area. I raised my eyes just a bit and saw Rosalie and her father watching eating Mrs. Jackson’s pussy.

I stopped momentarily but Mr. Jackson told me to just keep licking and sucking her cunt.

“No need to stop.” he said. “She likes having her cunt eaten. That’s what I was doing to Rosalie five minutes ago and she came all over the place. Having her pussy eaten and her clit sucked is just like you’re doing to her mother right now.”

So I kept licking her hairy cunt and began nibbling on her clit.

“Oh you motherfucker. You can’t imagine how good that feels when you suck my clit. I’m getting so wet my cunt’s going to start leaking my juices out of it.” Rosalie’s mother exclaimed.

“Your cunt looks pretty wet mother. He must have had his tongue way up in your cunt.”. Rosalie replied. “Why don’t we make a visit to Joanne’s store this afternoon? I’d like to invite my friend Shirley to go with us,”

“That would be fine dear. Why don’t you call Shirley and ask her if she would like to go with us?” her mother replied.

So Rosalie went off to call Shirley. I heard a bit of the conversation that went like. “We’ll pick you up in thirty minutes.”

Rosalie came back into the eating area and said. “Shirley will be ready in thirty minutes, so let’s head for her home to pick her up. We’ll come back and pick you up Mom.”

Rosalie and I got in my car and headed for Shirley’s home. She only lived five minutes away from Rosalie. When we got there we both went to the door. Shirley greeted and asked us in for a minute. As she turned back around I could see she was wearing full fashioned stockings with dark seams.

We got to the living room and Rosalie said. “Now lift your skirt so we can see what you are wearing under it.”

“I can’ do that with John watching. I’ll be embarrassed if he sees me in my Directoire knickers.” Shirley replied.

“Pull your fucking dress up. He’s seen my hairy pussy and I want him to see yours.” Rosalie told her.

Shirley lifted her skirt and raised it to her waist. I feasted my eyes and a form fitting pair of silky white knickers that came down her legs to just above her knees. They covered the tops of her stockings, which were brown in color.

Rosalie then put her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down to her ankles. Her stockings were held up with a white six strap garter belt. I feasted my eyes on a massive growth of black pubic hair that not only covered her belly and cunt but also went down her thighs..

“Oh. I’m so embarrassed.” Shirley said. “He’s looking right at my pussy and cunt.”

“No need to be embarrassed Shirley. He saw my cunt last night and even fucked me three times. Now get your garter belt off and get some roll garters to hold your stockings up. Joanne likes to see women’s cunts and watch them piss”

Shirley went to her bedroom. When she returned Rosalie told her to raise her skirt up so she could see her stockings. Shirley had done as she was told and her stockings were just above her knees. I could then see she had a mass of hair on her thighs.

“Do you shave your legs?” I asked.

“Only my lower legs up to my knees. I don’t shave my pits either I don’t shave my thighs because no one ever sees my thighs. Working at the theater lets me wear slacks or a skirt on weekends, so no one notices when they see my clean shaved lower legs.” Shirley replied.. “Do you like my hairy belly and pussy John?”

“Of course I do. It is beautiful and I’d love watching you take a piss too.” I told her.

Rosalie told us it was time to go so we headed back to her place to pick up her mom and head for Princeton.

I sat in the back seat with Mrs., Jackson while Shirley rode in front as Rosalie drove. Once we started Mrs. Jackson pulled her skirt up to her waist so I was gazing at the hair covered belly and cunt.

“I want you to play with my cunt while we ride.” she told me. “I’m still horny and need another good fuck, but now isn’t the time. So just play with me.”

So I put my right hand on her slit and proceeded to masturbate her cunt. She wiggled squirmed as I told her to quiet down.

Soon we arrived at Joanne’s. Rosalie hoked the horn to let Joanne know we had arrived. and a gate swung open to let us in.

As we got out of the car Joanne appeared and greeted us. She wanted to know if we were wearing the right attire. I told her the women were all dressed as they were supposed to be.

“Well then. Let’s see what we have. By the way, who is this lovely lady I haven’t seen before?”

“Oh. This is Shirley and Rosalie invited her to come along. She has the hairiest belly and cunt I have ever seen.” I replied. “She likes to wear Directore Knickers and six or eight strap garter belts.”

“Oh that’s nice. I hope she needs to piss because it’s time for the women to raise their skirts and piss in the courtyard.” Joanne replied.

“Shirley raise your skirt and let Joanne see what you have.” Joanne told her.

Shirley looked at Rosalie who just nodded in the affirmative. Shirley then pulled her skirt up to her belly and I heard Joanne take aa deep breath.

“Oh my God. You have more hair on your belly and cunt than I have ever seen on any other woman. Do you ever trim it at all?” she asked. “And look at what else we have. Hair going clear down your thighs to just above your knees. Also your stockings look to be in just the right place above your knees. Now let me feel your cunt and all its hair. Then you can piss for us then Rosalie and her mother can piss too.”

Shirley said. “I don’t trim it at all. I’m eighteen, a senior in school, and don’t have to take PE, so no other girls see my thighs. I wear long legged split crotch panty girdles or six strap garter belts to hold my stocking up. I like a darker stocking with black seams, I wear a ten and a half and a thirty six length. I’ve got panties but hardly ever wear them. I like Suspants because they are like a panty but have garters on them so I can keep my stockings up. You’ve sewn extra garter on them for me. I like Directoire knickers as Rosalie will tell you. I like my hairy cunt and keep it.”

“Well, I think we would all enjoy seeing you piss now, so arch your back, pull your piss flaps apart, and make as big an arch as yo can.” Joanne told her. “Why do you wear a split crotch panty girdle rather than an open bottom girdle?”

“i enjoy the feel of the girdle compressing my thighs and I don’t have to wear panties with a panty girdle.” Shirley replied. “Now I’m going to piss.”

With that she arched her back, opened her labia, and let the piss fly. It went in an arc and flew about five feet. She must have really had to go as she pissed for nearly a minute and a half. Then it began to dribble down her hairy thighs.

“Don’t concern yourself with that.” Joanne said. ” Marie will be here in a few seconds and she will lick your thighs clean. She’s a little piss whore.”

Joanne told Rosalie to piss next than followed by her mother. Rosalie’s pee flew out of her pee hole in a long arc too, but not as far as Shirley’s did. As she finished her pee also began running down her thighs and her stocking tops.

Rosalie’s mother arched her back and pulled her hairy cunt lips open. She pissed a long time but had nowhere near the distance that Shirley and Rosalie had. As she finished pissing, Marie, the little piss whore that Joanne kept around, appeared and seemed to be happy we were all there.

“Oh mistress, I see three very hairy cunts I get to lick.” Marie said.

Suddenly Miss Joanne’s gigolo appeared on the scene with his long cock hanging down between his legs. His cock was pretty fat but not overly long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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