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Rose Gold

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Small, secluded beaches are the best place to search for metal. They’re quiet and isolated, without a bunch of people to have to interfere with, and the lack of people who show up means that there’s always a chance that there’s something hidden that anyone else could have just picked up. And they’re abundant, too; you just need to know the lay of the land. There’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong with searching there.

At least, that’s what I thought. I had found a perfect beach and got there in the earliest parts of the morning with my metal detector and went to work before the sunlight even refracted against the waves. I had searched every square inch, being as articulate as I could be in a desperate attempt for any piece of metal that I could find. I didn’t care if it was solid gold chunks or just a piece of scrap iron someone left behind; I just wanted something to show I was there.

There had been nothing there.

Not a single beep from my metal detector as it caressed the sand. While at first, I thought it was normal–usually, it takes a few minutes to find anything that could pique interest–the silence was starting to concern me when I was a third of the way done, and with two-thirds of the area completely covered, I was starting to get annoyed. How could a beach not have any metal anywhere? There had to be something, anything, just to remind me that I wasn’t scanning hard enough.

At this point, the sun had already rose, the scent of the beach having grown all too familiar. It was pleasant, and the sea breeze was cool, contrasting the warming day; I had already taken my shirt off from the heat, with no plans on putting it back on until I left. It was already starting to reach near-noon, and outside of the natural reminders, like the birds growing quieter from their morning caws, the underlying roar of a car engine suddenly stopped and doors started slamming.

“Is this the place?”

“Yep. Looks pretty quiet, ‘cept for that one guy over there.”

“Let ‘im do his thing. I’m sure he’ll leave soon.”

People were already showing up. I turned around and saw a group of people, a mix of men and women, all tanned and in swimsuits running as fast as the sand could allow them to run. I paid them little attention and returned my focus to my metal detector, which was still silent as if the batteries were drained. They seemed apt on having a compromise, where neither party interrupted each other, and given everything, I didn’t mind. I was planning on leaving soon, anyway.

As I came to learn, the beach was absolutely barren. Considering it was secluded, it made sense there wouldn’t be many rings or any pieces of jewelry left behind, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t feel bitter knowing that today was a lost cause.

“Hey, y’all wanna play some volleyball?”

“Hell yeah!”

A chorus of cheers came from the group of people. Maybe they had the right idea of at least having things to do. At least when they brought a volleyball net, volleyball was guaranteed.

Disgruntled at the lack of anything, I put down my towel and laid down on it, giving myself just a bit of time to relax and enjoy the sun’s rays. Even if the beach hadn’t given me any treasure, the sight of the waves was still enough to put my mind at ease, and the group had started playing volleyball, providing a perfect distraction from what seemed like a failure of a time searching for treasure. I kept my metal detector under my arm, the scanner facing away from me, just as easy to ignore as it was easy to remember to guard. Maybe, today I just wasn’t going to find anything, and just being outside was worth it.

scdvx sxcsvxcx

I sat up and looked at my metal detector. Was it making noise now? I had already checked everything, and the static couldn’t have come from anything else. After a few seconds of looking at it, I laid back down, wondering if it was just a fluke. Maybe I should have charged my batteries before coming in here. I laid back down, content with just spending the rest of my day here sunbathing. It wouldn’t hurt to get a bit more tanned.

scjscx scnsdcnxzcncbx

And now this fucking thing wants to pretend that it’s been working all along. I sat up once again and looked at it, now that it once again stopped making noise. It felt like mockery, and after a bit of staring, I put it back down, with the scanner facing away from me. I laid down once more, hoping my problems would–

sxcvknxcxxs sxvxvsxvcbxsvcbxvcsxvbs

It wasn’t going to stop. I laid there and slowly turned my head towards the metal detector, but only then was I stopped by what I saw in the background.

All this time, there was a young woman lying down near me, sitting on one of those long beach chairs. Her body was a rich tanned color, her eyes hidden by a pair of designer sunglasses. Her long, black hair was tied up in a high ponytail and slipped behind her left shoulder. Her black bikini left little to the imagination, her curves filling it up just a bit past full; perhaps bursa eskort bayan it was a swimsuit from last year. In one of her hands was a clear cup from Starbucks, and the other was her phone, which she scanned between sips of her drink. A small brooch hung from her neckline, resting right at her breasts; that was probably what my metal detector picked up.

I tried not to stare, but it was difficult, especially as her plump lips wrapped perfectly around that straw. I ended up shaking my head to try to get the thoughts that were polluting my mind out. She was hot, yes, but there was no doubt she wasn’t interested in talking.

But why not do it anyway? Worst that happens is she says nothing, and there wasn’t much distance between us, anyway. I closed the distance with a few scoots, giving just enough space for it not to seem awkward.

“You here alone?”

She paused for a moment before returning her focus to her phone. She shifted slightly in her seat, and even through her sunglasses I could see the moment her eyes darted towards me. Yet, for now, that was it for the conversation.

That was, if it weren’t for her putting her stuff down to stretch herself out. Arms above her head, it was as if she was showing her body off to me, from her ample chest to the slight hint of abs. I drank it all in, and once she rested again, her lips were curled in a small, but noticeable smile.

“Nah. I’m with that group over there,” she said, pointing to the people playing volleyball. “I wasn’t really feeling it so I decided to tan instead.”

“Perfect day to do that,” I replied before gesturing out to the sky. “Not a single cloud in the sky. Let’s just hope we don’t get burnt.”

She shrugged. “I doubt it.” She grabbed her phone again and brought her lips to her straw, taking a decently long sip of it before putting her phone down again. “You’re that guy with the metal detector, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, but there’s not really anything cool here. Just a bunch of sand. It’s not like I was expecting to find a treasure chest or anything, but still.”

She laughed at that, even if it had slight undertones of nervousness. “Yeah, it’d be cool if you found something like that, though.”

“No kidding,” I replied.

What felt like a few minutes passed as she grabbed her phone and started typing away. As she typed, she kicked her legs out a bit, as if trying to stretch them out and show off just how toned she was. It was almost impossible not to be caught staring, but given how attentive she was to her phone, I stared. She already knew I was staring, and I didn’t know how much she loved it.

Fuck, she was hot, but it seemed as if the first conversation died as quickly as it had started. Thus, it was time for a bit more probing.

“You come to this beach often?”

“Nah,” she began almost as if she had been anticipating a question. “I’m not actually from ’round here. Derek wanted to show me and all of us where his favorite beaches were. That’s how I ended up here.” She turned a bit more, lifting herself off her back so she could rest on her side. “What about you? You from ’round here?”

I took a look at that group once again, the ones playing volleyball. They were into it, jumping and running around in pursuit of bumps, sets, and spikes. If anything were to put a wrench into this, it’d be them, but given their attention to their game, I felt no rush, and turned back to face her.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m a local. It’s about a 10 minute drive from my place to here, actually.”

“That’s cool,” she said, her lips curling up thinly.

It had felt like in that moment an opportunity was set up, spurred on that by smile of hers. Lips curling up just a bit more, I seized that opportunity.

“I can show ya around if ya want.”

Her smile stayed coy, and she gave a look towards the rest of her group, as if weighing that opportunity in her mind. After a few seconds of staring, though, she turned back and faced me. She hummed as she reached for her drink, prolonging her answer as the straw grew closer to her lips. She stopped humming to take a long sip, making sure her lips were tight around the straw as she sucked, before she pulled back from it and placed it back on the beach chair.

She still hadn’t come up with an answer, but the slight shifting in her seat gave me hope. Perhaps it was time to ask something else.

“What’d ya get from Starbucks?”

“Oh, this?” She said as she grabbed her cup. “It’s just an iced latte with soy milk. Nothing too special.”

“I see,” I said. I wondered what I was thinking as I asked that outside of diverting attention from my previous question. Like there was anything else I could say to follow up on that, but I could figure something out.

It didn’t take too long for something to stick, though, and from there, the conversation flowed much more smoothly. I learned much more about her and who she was–I’m surprised it took so long for me to learn that her name was Rena. bursa merkez escort She told me bits and pieces of her life story and I responded with interesting stories back, with moments of laughter punctuating how quickly the tide of our conversation had switched from strangers to something similar to friends.

It was easier at that point to get a few digs in, a compliment or two about her looks and a few jokes that were enough for her to have her smile quivering slightly. She seemed comfortable enough with the flirting, and not before long, she was responding in kind, giving a few crass jokes that initially left me stunned. It took a moment for me to respond in kind; it felt so weird for such words to flow so naturally from her, but I took it in.

The conversation came to a dead halt, and she slowly turned away from me, as if trying, for some reason, to hide from her question.

“So, you still wanna show me around?”

It was a bold move, and the slight nervousness in the smirk on her lips let me know the score.

“If you’re down for it,” I replied, but not before giving a glance back at the volleyball players. It looked like they were starting to slow down a bit, their game reaching a conclusion that left me wondering if they’d be wondering where she’d be.

Not that Rena minded, of course. “Why don’t you show me around, then?”

That was enough to fluster, and I gave her another look, although after she spoke, she returned to her phone, her thumbs typing up a storm. I could only see the speed she wrote with, but I wondered what she was saying. Before I could get another look, though, she stopped.

“What about your friends?” I couldn’t give two shits about her friends except to thank them for introducing me to her. I didn’t want Rena to get in trouble for leaving them high and dry. She nervously smiled; she was so hot, and there had to be someone in that group pining over her. Too bad she found me.

A pause, as if to collect her thoughts, then: “what about them?”

I scooted slightly closer and let her know what I was thinking as I slipped my hand underneath the armrest of her chair and let my palm graze her soft, smooth skin. Her breathing grew audible at the contact, and as I moved my hand down, she let out a soft, gentle sigh.

Daring myself, I brought my hand up, gauging her expression as my hand twitched with the rapid pace of my heart. She turned, and I looked into her eyes through those sunglasses, catching the flames of passion caught in her soul. Even if my hand was probably sweaty at that point, she enjoyed it, her ample chest rising and falling with every breath, each growing heavier the closer I got to her waist. Her smile grew less coordinated and more hungry the closer I got, with everything coming to halt because of the beach chair. Once my wrist grazed the cool metal of the arm rest, though, I couldn’t go further, except with words.

“Let’s go.”

Rena practically sprung up from off her chair, dropping her drink and letting the little bit that remained of it leak into the sand. As I stood up, she took the moment to turn away from me and give one final tease, bending herself over, her ample derriere right in my face, barely covered by her bikini bottoms just to grab a cup. I could sense the smirk on her lips before she picked herself back up, and once she stood and slung a black bag over her shoulder, I wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to me as we walked back to my car.

As we walked, she typed away at her phone. I looked over her shoulder, and she was texting Derek.

ill be back in a couple hours


The moment I sat down in my seat, and she sat down in hers, I rested my hand on Rena’s thigh.

As much as I had to keep my attention on her, I occasionally glanced at her, and the way she more or less splayed herself all over my passenger seat, giving a look around at my car before complimenting it. It was a middle of the road thing that got me from point A to point B, and never did I think that I’d have someone in the passenger seat whose thigh I wanted to grab so badly.

I was grateful that I drove automatic that day.

As soon as the car got started and we got out of the beach, I started heading home, and my hand sauntered to her thigh once I was in drive. I couldn’t get enough of her smooth skin, and the soft huffs that leaked from her. The expression on her face as I sneaked a peek of her in my rear view mirror, with her flushed cheeks and her wide smile made me want to floor it. I was speeding anyway, veering through traffic with the efficiency and deftness of a paramedic; I should have stared more outside and ensured a cop wasn’t trailing me, but instead I focused on her.

Only when we reached a red light did she return the favor, with one of her hands reaching over and gently grazing my belly. Feeling her warm fingers, I turned to face her, and saw her smile with her lower lip caught between bursa sınırsız escort bayan her teeth. Her sunglasses were at the far end of the bridge of her nose, and for a moment I caught sight of her large, dark eyes, uncovered and ready. Her fingers slowly swirled, and my abs tensed up, giving her more to feel. She let out a small giggle as her hand lowered to my waistband, but she didn’t go further; instead, she told me the light was green.

She rested her hand against the waistband of my swimsuit, her wrist gently grazing the bulge that threatened to rip the fabric outright, and yet, she did nothing, keeping her hand perfectly still as I ran through traffic, keeping a clip that would make most delivery people blush. I needed to take her to my apartment. I needed to get this goddamn swimsuit off. I needed her, not as the flirting young woman in my passenger seat, but as a woman imprinted on my mattress.

Fuck. I took a few quick breaths and put my attention towards the road, but not before digging my hand deeper between her legs. If she wanted to play this close to the sun, then I would too; in her case, I could already feel that wanton heat begging to be touched, and it took everything in me not to do so. We were playing chicken with each other, and once we reached my apartment, and only then, would we feast the way we knew we wanted to.

Rena let out a gasp as we hit a bump in the road, the side of my hand brushing up against her folds. She looked at me for a few seconds before gingerly moving her hand downward, her smile growing thinner as her fingers approached the bulge inside my swimsuit.

I would have asked for road head had it not been for my neighborhood being on my left. I turned in and more or less made a beeline for my apartment, thankfully on the first floor so it took very little time to get in. Nothing was going to stop me at this point, and it only took one more turn until I was at my driveway.

Only when we stopped did we pull our hands away from each other, and she quickly leaned in to steal a kiss from my lips. I could taste the coffee. I opened the door to my car, and quickly escorted her into my apartment.

Once that door closed and we were in the main area, it felt like my heart had left me, pounding incessantly. Nothing but desire coursed through me, and the next thing I knew, I had pinned Rena to the door, her bag on the floor next to her, her lips against mine, and her body sandwiched between mine and the door. I needed her more than ever, and I knew she was fine with me taking what I wanted, and thus I took everything.

I was going to take every little bit I could get from her.

The moment of anxiety I had about the pace I set was immediately relieved when I felt her lips meshing with mine and her hands on my shoulders, grabbing tightly and pulling me closer. She wanted this just as much as I did. I kept my lips against hers, kissing and kissing, making sure I knew every bit of her mouth.

When we pulled away, we huffed for two seconds before getting right back at it, and I hungrily sucked, wanting to taste more of her. She acquiesced, but not without digging her fingers deep into me, leaving a set of marks on my shoulders as she dragged down. The pain stung, but I returned the favor by bringing a hand down to her soft ass and giving it a rough smack.

She squeaked into the kiss before opening her mouth, and my tongue slipped in, taking that moment of entry for everything it could have been. She darted her tongue against mine for a few seconds, trying to hold off the onslaught of pins, but it didn’t take long for me to take further charge. She held me tightly and pulled me ever closer. Her breasts pressed warmly against my midsection, soft and pliant bar what hid beneath her top.

I pulled away and her sunglasses fell to the floor with a clatter, but neither of us cared. We looked straight into each other’s eyes, breathing in nearly-perfect sync. Finally, I could look her straight in the eye, her large, dark brown eyes which were nearly lost with lust, accompanied perfectly with that plump, slack-jawed smile on her lips. Every exhale was a soft sigh, and her fingers moved round to run along my front. I took a deep breath as she danced her fingers along my body, and I returned the favor, running my palm against her smooth skin as I pushed upward from her waist so I could capture one of her breasts, which immediately overflowed in my hand and between my fingers.


She felt so soft, and that noise she made was so fucking cute. My cock throbbed through my shorts, pressed up against her lower belly. And with the way that she pushed her shoulders back just to push her breast into my waiting palm, I was surprised I didn’t throb again.

I dug my fingers into her breast as I started kissing her again, and she became much more vocal. She moaned into the kiss, not needing a bit of breakaway to let her desires become known. Her fingers trailing against me dug deeper, fingernails scratching my belly and up to my chest. With a hearty squeeze of her tit, though, enough to feel her nipple hardening against my palm, she curled her fingers and squealed. She rolled her hips into me and I pushed back, pinning her to the wall and letting her feel just how far up I was going to go into her once everything was shed.

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