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Rose’s Lesson Ch. 02

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I woke up in the middle of the night feeling hot. My pussy was throbbing—not the outside, but really deep inside. It felt as if I needed something inside it again. My cheeks stung at the memory of Josh between my legs. It had felt so good to have his cock inside me, but now I felt sick that I’d let that happen, much less enjoyed… Mom had sounded so reasonable at the time, it had seemed like a good idea. But now, in the darkness of my room, I deeply regretted getting carried away. It wasn’t right to have sex with my brother. If anyone ever found out…

I kicked my covers off. This was bad. My belly hurt and my pussy was wet. I was naked—I always slept naked—and my thighs were slick. I gingerly cupped my pussy. The touch sent tingles through my body, but it wasn’t enough. I knew I could never make myself feel as good as Mom and Josh had. But there was no way I’d let them touch me like that again. It was shameful.

The door opened and someone slipped into the room. I assumed it was Mom checking up on me. I pulled the sheet back over me. It was too late to pretend I was asleep, as I usually did when she came into my room late at night.


The voice was Josh’s and I shrieked. “What are you doing here?”

He sounded wretched. “Can I turn on a light?”

I pulled the sheet higher, making sure it covered my boobs. “Sure.”

He stood next to the bed, looking unsure of what to do. “You can’t sleep either?”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m horny.”

I now noticed the bulge in his boxers. He wasn’t wearing a T-shirt and he looked sexy as fuck. If he wasn’t my brother, that was.

I made my tone as aggressive as possible. “And how is that my problem?”

He scowled. “You said we could have sex any time I want. I want sex now.”

Something tugged in my belly, but I ignored it. It was wrong. I shook my head. “I said that because Mom had just made me have sex with you and I was feeling good. But it’s wrong for a brother and sister to have sex.”

Something dark flashed in his eyes. “Mom told me you’d let me.”

I couldn’t believe he’d talked to Mom about me. “She had no right to say that.”

His expression was pained and I felt a sliver of pity for him. It wasn’t his fault that Mom played games with us. All the same, I wasn’t going to let him fuck me. No matter how hot he looked.

“Can I at least see your cunny?”

I was getting really hot. The sheet felt stifling on top of me. “You saw it yesterday!”

He shook his head. “I didn’t get a good look. I was too worked up and confused to really look. Please? I’ve never seen a real cunny up close.”

I glared at him. “I’m your sister, you pervert.”

He exhaled loudly. “I know that. But you’re also really hot and Mom said it was all right…”

I had to admit it felt good to hear him call me hot. I still held out, though. “No, stop being gross.”

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Please? I can’t stop thinking about it and I won’t be able to sleep until I’ve seen it again. Please?”

Josh had never asked anything of me. He was my older brother, always in charge. I’d never had anything he needed. It made my head spin to know that I had this power over him. I could make him beg.

His erection was massive now. I remembered how it had filled me up and my pussy twitched. Josh looked lost and sad and against my better judgement, I started to feel bad for him.

“All right then.”

I giggled at the way his face lit up.


“Get on with it before I change my mind.”

He pulled the sheet off me. As soon as my boobs were uncovered he groaned. “Can I touch them?”

I wanted to say no, just to see his face fall, but I loved my titties being played with. “Okay.”

He grabbed one tit in each hand and started kneading them. His fingers brushed over my nipples, which were super sensitive. They became really hard under his fingers and he grinned.

“You love this, don’t you?” He bent his head and sucked one of my nipples in his mouth. I hadn’t said anything about sucking, but it felt so good, I didn’t want to stop him.

My body started to feel really hot and tense like it had been when Mom had played with my pussy. I didn’t like it—that’s how I had got into trouble the day before.

“Stop it.” My voice was a croak. “You’re making me feel weird.”

He looked up. “Weird or horny?”

“Maybe it’s better if we don’t do this.” I made a grab for the sheet, but he stopped me.

“Please, I promise I’ll be good. I just got carried away.”

“Fine.” I allowed him to pull the sheet off me, but kept my legs clamped shut. It was more fun to make him beg for it.

“Rose, don’t be an ass.” Josh knew me so well. He tried to pry my legs open, but I kept them rigid. “Come on, you said I could look.”

“I want you to beg.” This was becoming a fun game.

“What?” Josh’s expression was dark.


He looked as if he was going to be angry, but then sighed. I had underestimated how horny he was. “Fine. Please, Rose, may I bursa escort see your twat?”

I grinned and bent my knees. Josh made a strangled noise at the back of his throat when I let my knees fall on either side of me like I do when I get a pap smear.

“You’re wet.” He sounded surprised.

I rolled my eyes. “That has nothing to do with you. I was wet from a dream I had.”

“Sure,” he said.

I could sense some of his cockiness coming back and I didn’t like it. It was much more fun when I had him wrapped around my little finger.

He knelt on the bed between my legs. It was weird having him there, just staring. I willed myself not to become wetter, but I couldn’t help myself. It was really hot to be inspected like this.

“I can’t see everything.” Josh’s voice was hoarse. “Can’t you…you know…spread your pussy lips a little?”

This was getting weirder by the minute, but I found it really hot. That deep ache in my belly was getting worse and my body started to feel really heavy.

I was tempted to tell him to use his fingers, but then I remembered what had happened last time someone had touched my pussy. I reached between my legs and spread my lips with my fingers. The touch sent a shiver down my spine and I gasped softly.

“I need to touch you.” Josh’s voice had lost all signs of pleading. “I need to feel your wetness.”

I mewled a protest, but Josh ignored me. He rubbed his fingers over my slit, up towards my clit. I moaned when his thick fingers slid over my little button.

Josh stopped and looked at me. “What did I do?”

My breath was laboured. “You touched my clit.”

Peering at my pussy, he pulled the hood from my clit. “Wow, that’s so awesome.” He flicked it again. “It’s getting bigger!”

I grabbed the sheets on either side of me. I struggled to keep my voice calm. “Yeah, it does that.”

Josh’s fingers weren’t as good as Mom’s, but as he explored my pussy, I started to feel heavy. Everything felt good—too good.

“Josh, stop. You’ve seen enough.”

I tried to close my legs, but he leaned his elbows on my knees. I couldn’t fight him.

“I just want to feel.” He slipped a finger inside my wet hole. Instantly, I clamped around it. I couldn’t help it, it felt so good and my pussy needed something inside.

Josh growled. The sad, pleading man had gone. He was in charge now. I was a little afraid of him, but part of me wanted him to go on. I was scared that if he stopped now, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. There was no way I could make myself feel this good.

“You have a really hot cunny. I think it needs to be filled with something bigger than just my finger.”

“Josh,” I hissed. “We shouldn’t!”

He slipped his boxers off. I couldn’t help myself staring at his cock. It was massive. It seemed even bigger than yesterday.

“I think I still know how to do this.” He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock at my wet entrance.

I struggled to get away. “You’re too big!”

He pinned me down. “I was able to fit earlier.”

I glared at him. “You weren’t as big then.”

He pushed harder, making me feel I was going to split in half. It felt wicked, but I didn’t want him to stop. I loved his weight on me, I even liked that he was a little angry with me. There was probably something wrong with me for liking it like that.

He kept straining against my hole and finally, the big tip pushed inside. Once I was opened up, it was easier and he slowly pushed deeper. I remembered how good Mom had made me feel when she rubbed my clit, so I slipped my fingers between our bodies and found the button. I flicked it and my cunt twitched. Josh swore when he felt me get tighter and he started his thrusts.

Yesterday he hadn’t really known what to do, but tonight he seemed totally in control. He pumped his cock in and out of me as if he had a score to settle.

“I’m gonna fucking make you come,” he panted. “Fuck you and your hot, tight twat.”

I loved the way he talked to me. My fingers danced over my clit and I could feel that really deep tug starting in my cunt. I didn’t care anymore that it was my brother fucking me. I just wanted to be made to come.

He pounded into me. I felt like I was being speared by him, but it was a good feeling. My body felt tense, like something was going to break. I recognised the feeling from when Mom had played with my cunt and I gasped for that feeling of bliss that would soon follow.

Before I could get there, Josh grunted and I felt his cum deep inside me. He immediately pushed himself off me. “Thanks, sis, that was amazing.”

I punched him hard on the arm. “What the fuck, dude. I was so close and you didn’t even make me come.”

His face fell. “Shit, I could’ve sworn…”

“Well, you were wrong.” I pulled the sheet over me. I felt shaky and dizzy and my tummy felt really weird.

Josh looked really upset, so I didn’t want to be mean to him. It wasn’t really his fault. Neither of us really knew what we were doing.

“Maybe you can ask bursa escort bayan Mom to make you feel better,” Josh suggested.

I hated the idea of waking Mom, dripping with my brother’s cum. She’d said I had to let my pussy rest for the day. I wasn’t sure she wouldn’t be mad I hadn’t listened to her.

“I’m just going to sleep. I don’t want to wake up Mom.”

Josh pulled the sheet off me. “Don’t be ridiculous. You won’t be able to sleep with a hot twat like that. Mom will fix you up.”

“Fine.” I swung my legs over the side of the bed. “But you’re coming with me. I don’t want to be the only one who’s going to be in trouble.”

“Why would you be in trouble? Mom wanted us to have sex.”

“Yes, but she told me to rest tonight.”


Neither of us bothered getting dressed. As we crossed the hall to Mom’s bedroom, Josh’s cum dripped out of me, making my thighs slick. I was really embarrassed. I hadn’t wanted to have sex with Josh, but had ended up really liking it. And what was with me liking him forcing himself on me? That was messed up.

I didn’t want to think about that, though. It was probably just because I’d been so horny.

We didn’t knock. There was a soft light on in Mom’s room and she sat up in bed. She was naked, her big breasts hanging low. Her face was all red and she didn’t look at all surprised to see us. Had she been listening to us?

I didn’t care. I wanted to tell on Josh before he could say anything. “Mommy, Josh forced me to have sex with him and then he didn’t even make me come.”

“She practically begged me to fuck her.” Josh pushed me. “You were hot for me, admit it.”

Mom raised her eyebrows. “Stop fighting. Sit down.”

We both sat on the edge of Mom’s bed.

Mom turned to me. “Rose, is it true? Was your cunny hot for Josh?”

I couldn’t deny it. “Yes, but only after he begged me to let him look at my pussy.”

Mom stroked my thigh. “That’s because your cunny is so pretty, baby. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about that.”

“I don’t feel embarrassed! It’s just…”

“She liked it when I held her down.” Josh sounded confused.

“Did you ask her if she liked it or are you just assuming?”

He blushed. “I assumed.”

Mom’s hand slipped higher on my thigh. “Your sister is hot for you, Josh. You can take her anytime you want. But with any other woman you have to make sure she wants sex.”

I felt all weird hearing Mom say that. It was as if she owned me and I needed to do whatever she said. I wasn’t a child anymore. I could make my own decisions. But it was really hot hearing Mom tell Josh he could take me whenever he wanted. I liked that idea. I wasn’t planning on making it easy for him though.

“I know that.” Josh looked sullen. “Can I go to bed now?”

“No.” Mom’s voice was suddenly stern. “Is Rose right? Did you not give her an orgasm?”

Josh looked at the ground and I grinned. Now who was in trouble?

“I don’t know, it happened too fast.”

Mom sighed. “Did you at least bother to suck her cunny before you had sex?”

“Ew!” I protested. “Mom, he doesn’t need to do that.”

“He does if he wants to learn how to give a woman an orgasm.” She pushed me onto the bed. “Legs spread. Josh, come here.”

“I’m not sucking her! My cum is all inside her.”

Mom’s eyes flashed. “Is it?” She pushed my legs wider and slid her fingers through my slit. I moaned when she dipped one finger inside my hole. I really needed my pussy played with.

She licked her fingers. “You are going to watch how I eat out your sister and you can practise on me after.”

She settled between my legs and ran her tongue over my hot cunt. Her tongue dipped inside my hole and licked up Josh’s cum.

I wanted to squirm away. Mom licking my brother’s cum out of my cunt was a step too far. But then she slipped a finger inside and I couldn’t think anymore. My body was heavy and weightless at once. I felt paralysed. I wanted to protest, but the heat in my cunt was too much. It felt as if a wave of bliss crashed over me, more intense than yesterday. I thrashed on the bed, holding Mom’s face in place as I started spasming.

“Mom, I’m coming!” I yelled. “It feels so good!”

“Good girl, come for Mommy.” She waited until my cunt had stopped spasming, then looked up. Wiping her wet mouth, she grinned. “That was delicious.”

I felt out of breath. I was hot and confused. My limbs were heavy with pleasure, but my cunt felt as if it wanted more.

Mom lay down next to me and spread her legs. “Show me you’ve paid attention, Josh.”

Josh’s face was red. His cock was really hard again. I secretly wished he’d fuck me again before the night was over, but I didn’t want to ask for it. Especially not with Mom there.

Josh knelt between Mom’s legs and started tongue fucking her. I sat up so I could see better. Mom’s cunt was pink, her lips thick and wet even before Josh licked her. She was completely smooth, so I could see everything clearly. I really wanted to run my tongue escort bursa over her lips, but Josh was already busy. I’d have to wait my turn.

Looking at Josh eat Mom out, I felt annoyed. Why couldn’t he have done that to me? That’s how Mom had made me come before Josh fucked me and I would’ve totally come on his cock if he’d warmed me up first. But I probably wouldn’t have let him then.

My belly was getting that ache again and I couldn’t help myself. I had to touch my cunt and play while watching Mom and Josh. It was so hot to see them together. I was a little jealous about how much Josh enjoyed Mom, but he’d already done me. I didn’t want to be selfish.

Mom grabbed the back of Josh’s head and ground her hips against his face. He groaned and his cock was getting really big. Some liquid was leaking out and without thinking, I touched it and wiped it off.

Josh stopped what he was doing and looked at me, his eyes wide. “What did you do?”

“Sorry. You’re hard and were leaking and…”

Mom pushed herself on her elbows. “You’re hard again?”?Josh glared at me, but then looked at Mom. “Yes, I am.”

“Perfect.” Mom practically purred the word. “Then you can fuck me.”

I expected Josh to protest, but he grinned and moved to cover Mom’s body with his. I could tell by the way Mom’s eyes rolled back in her head that he’d pushed himself inside her.

“Come sit on my face, baby,” Mom told me.

I froze. What?

Mom pinched my thigh. “You heard what I said. I want to eat you out while your brother fucks me.”

My shock made me clumsy and I crawled over the sheets to Mom’s head.

“Face Josh.”

It felt weird lowering myself on Mom’s face, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me down. I didn’t really want to look at Josh while he fucked Mom. It was wrong. All of this was wrong, and delicious and so, so good. Mom’s tongue and fingers pulled and licked and probed my cunt. I wasn’t even sure what she was doing, only that it felt amazing. I forgot about Josh, forgot that he was my brother and that the woman licking me was my Mom. I grabbed Josh’s shoulders and pulled him towards me. He knew what I wanted right away. He grabbed my tits and started sucking them, first one, then the other. He sucked on my nipples, making them hot and tingly—a tingle that went all the way to my cunt.

As he pounded Mom harder, he started biting my nipples. I wanted to protest that it hurt—and it did—but strangely, it felt really good despite the pain. I started riding Mom’s face, pushing my hips against her so she could really fuck me. I didn’t care anymore whether this was right or wrong, I just wanted to come again. That delicious, heavy feeling that turned all my bones to liquid. I could feel it coming, the convulsions starting inside me.

“Mom, I’m gonna come again!”

Mom didn’t answer—how could she with her face buried in my cunt? But as I came, Mom arched her back and dug her fingers in my hips. The next moment, she pushed me off. I fell onto my hands and knees on the bed.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Mom told Josh. “You made Mommy come already. Why don’t you finish off with Rose?”

I whimpered a protest. I was done. I’d had two amazing orgasms, and I didn’t really want any more.

“Stop whining, Rose,” Mom said. “You’ll love coming on Josh’s cock.”

I didn’t move. Josh would just have to get me himself. But he didn’t push me onto my back, as I’d expected. He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock inside me from behind.

“Fuck! Josh!” I tried to squirm away. He was much deeper than he’d been before and I felt like he was going to break something.

Josh wouldn’t let me go though. He grabbed my hips, his fingers digging deep in my flesh. I yelped with pain.

Mom wasn’t any help. She lay next to me, panting as if she’d been for a run. Josh pushed my head down, so my ass was in the air, my head buried in the pillow. He pile-drove into me—hard, deep thrusts that seemed to tear me apart. The pillow muffled my cries. Each of his thrusts pushed me deeper against the pillow. My throat was hoarse from screaming, but I’d gone from hating it to loving it. Yes, it hurt. He was so deep that his balls slapped my ass with each thrust. My cunt was on fire, clenching against Josh’s cock. But the pain felt delicious. It made me feel dirty and wanton and that made me hotter.

I hadn’t thought I’d be able to have another orgasm, and especially not without fingering my clit, but then Josh started pounding me shallower. His cock dragged along one particular spot in my cunt and it sent me soaring. Everything clenched around him as if my cunt wanted to keep Josh’s cock inside.

My body was on fire. Pleasure mixed with pain. I never thought pain could feel so good, but my sore nipples brushing against Mom’s sheets made me feel tight and hot. It felt as if something was pushing against an invisible barrier inside me, shoring up like water pushing against a dam. It felt good and terrible at the same time. I wanted it to end, and at the same time, I wanted it to last forever. I didn’t know how Josh could last so long, especially at how hard he fucked me.

And then the dam broke. Almost literally, as I could feel a gush of liquid flowing out of me. Josh groaned and dug his fingers deeper into my flesh while he came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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