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Runner’s High: First Meet

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I had always thought girls were attractive, and I considered experimentation, but I then would chicken out.

See, I grew up in a very conservative town in a very conservative state. If I hadn’t found my clit myself, nobody would have told me I had one. Sex was strictly something you did on a honeymoon with a husband. Sex was said to be painful the first time. And what came of it was painful: childbirth. And then the children grow to hate you. And that’s how sex was portrayed. Something painful both physically and emotionally. It was best to be avoided unless it was time to continue our species.

Thinking about sex with boys was both exciting and foreboding. I liked the idea of human touch, but was also frightened about the consequences.

Thinking about sex with girls — my own gender — was both exciting and forbidden.

Had it not been for the loneliness of long distance runners, I fear I would have never touched another girl.

It happened a few years ago. I had received a partial scholarship at a Midwest university to participate on its basketball (fall) and track (spring) teams. My freshman year, I feared getting to know anybody too well, so I concentrated on my athletics and academics. I played very little basketball, but when you’re one of 10 girls vying for a spot as small forward, that happens. However, my specialty was running.

I love running. I am on my own.

And while I’d experimented with a few alcohols and a fewer drugs in my 19 years, nothing made me more exhilarated as The Runner’s High. The Runner’s High also had the advantage of being completely legal. Of course, I’m sure Mr. Ashcroft will eventually try to outlaw it as well.

Our track team went to Colorado for our first meet against a bunch of mountain schools. We had stayed there for two days prior, trying to acclimate our bodies to the altitude and limits of oxygen. Supposedly, it was to help us in our own running back in our Great Lakes region. But the lack of oxygen had made me very tired the first night, and I fell asleep shortly after getting back to the hotel room.

I was sharing the hotel room with my track mates Tiffany and Jennifer. All three of us were distance runners, although they needed strong sports bras. Both of them were much bustier than I.

The first night was without incident, at least as far as I knew. We had two beds and a hammock. We were supposed to rotate who slept where to make it equal. Bed, bed, hammock — and the next night you switch.

In the morning, I woke to see Jennifer and Tiffany sleeping next to each other in the bed next to mine. It made sense on one level. A lot of girls were known to be comfortable enough to share a bed. But they seemed to be cuddling. It was very cute.

Oh, okay, everyone always wants descriptions of those involved. Here you go: both were juniors in college. Both were 21 but neither drank. Jennifer was the shortest of us, at 5 feet 5 inches. She has beautiful long, straight hair that slides down her back. Her skin is like a soft cloud, brightly white. Her breasts are ample, very ample. She wears a 34D which means she’d sometimes where two sports bras for assistance. Guys (and girls, too) love her breasts, but they don’t help her running a 3200 race. Not unless she one day wins a race by a nipple’s length ahead of another.

Tiffany is the tallest at 5 feet 11 inches, she is also the most athletic. Along with track, she is a cheerleader for our school during football and basketball season. Her hair is golden brown and cut just to her shoulders. Her skin is a warmer shade of white, she could get a great tan when she wanted. She loved running in just a sports bra to show off her lean abdomen which — if she wanted — she could flex and ripple. Tiffany always, always smiles. She smiles when she runs, it’s crazy. Oh, and she wore a 36C sportsbra.

I’m Erica. I am almost 5 feet 8 inches tall. My ancestry of American Indian and English-American gave me a mix of dark skin and small breasts. My hair is dark, long and curly down my back. Jennifer and I were both asked to have it cropped shorter like Tiff’s, but there’s a reason God made Scrunchies and hair-ties. So I can run one minute and go dancing the next.

We were returning to our hotel after a day of time Ankara escort trials and practice runs. The three of us wandered into the front lobby eating apples and bananas. (No, you pervs). We had been giggling about news we had just heard on the radio — that a porn movie had been made in some dorms on our campus (we’d been voted one of the best party schools in the nation). The film company snuck into a dorm and even had some students help out. It was too funny to comprehend a much of adult movie people doing anything in the Midwest, except trying to get out of it.

But they had been there, and now our school was freaking out about its student population having orgasms before their wedding nights.

“I wonder if Rachel’s going to be in it. She is such an exhibitionist,” Tiffany had laughed.

“Hell, I might have,” Jennifer responded.

“Oh my God,” I giggled.

Jennifer walked up to the front desk. There was a boy in his 20s sitting there. I hate to demean anyone, but he was looking like a pure geek and her attention to him made him quickly blush.

I didn’t hear what she said. I just saw his response. His eyes had gone from her face to her breasts to her face and back to her breasts.

“Yaa…yaa…” he stuttered as he glared at her chest. “Yesss…of course.”

“What did you say to him?” I asked.

“Erica, have you ever seen a porno?” she quizzed me.

“Well, just those 10-second things on the net. Why?”

“Because I just got us free porn all night long,” she laughed. “All I had to do was let him stare for a few seconds and tell him he was a cutie, and I asked him to give us free access to the adult movies tonight.”

“Oh my God,” I laughed. Jennifer was crazy like that. She was never inhibited about sexuality. She’d talk about having lovers or masturbating and it was no big deal to her.

“Free porn,” Tiffany smiled. “For education or inspiration?” she asked.

“Huh?” I responded.

“Nothing,” Jennifer retorted, smiling.

We all called home and did some cool down stretches in the room. We had stripped from our sweats to our shorts and sports bras as we did. There was a new tension in the room. Jennifer and Tiffany kept looking at each other, like there was an inside joke I just didn’t know about. It had something to do with sex, but I had no idea what it was and was too apprehensive to say anything about it.

I was partially embarrassed, and a little hurt that they weren’t letting me in on the secret, like I was a middle-schooler out of the rumor-mill loop. And I was excessively horny. I wasn’t sure how to take care of my first trouble, but I knew a solution to the second.

“I’m going to get a shower,” I mentioned.

I left the door partially opened just to eliminate steam from the shower. I’d considered taking a bath, but the splashing of water would have made my masturbation obvious, and obvious masturbation was frowned upon in our culture. As the shower started, I heard the two laughing and roughhousing. I really wished I was in on their secret.

I tied up my hair and enjoyed the hot water against my body. The shower head was one of those that has a massage setting, so I turned it to that and inhaled as the thump-thump-thump of the spray slapped my skin. I cupped my hand and drank some of the water. I needed hydration and even heated water helped. I stepped back and let the thump-thump-thump slap against my breasts. I stretched my body to it, stepped back another foot and the thump-thump-thump pelted my aching abs. I listened to make sure I was still alone in the room, then looked out of the shower curtain to reconfirm.

Knowing I was alone, I crept my hand between my thighs. My fingers swept across my pussy and I felt the heat just below my surface break out like a backdraft. I leaned forward and was able to have one of the three jets of water hitting my breasts and chest, while another collided with my clit. My knees tried to give way to instinct and I had to remind myself not to fall on my ass.

I twirled my finger against my body and my clitoris came out to play. I bit my body lip and rubbed two fingers along it. The water added the sensation of an invisible lover.


I slipped my finger into my body and writhed against Ankara escort bayan myself.


I knew I was horny, and realized it wouldn’t take long to crest into a climax. For about three minutes, I repeated my actions with my fingers. Letting the massage stream migrate from my clit to my belly to my breasts to my shoulders. An invisible lover thump-thump-thump.

I was quietly gasping for breath when the sensation covered me like sweat on a long-distance run. I had to rework my footing several times as I came against my fingers and the pent-up hormones released. Inside, I thought, Oh-my-God, Oh-my-God. I moaned as quietly as possible.

“You okay in there?” Jennifer asked from the doorway.

Not quiet enough.

“Um, yeah. Yeah. Just fine,” I said to the shower curtain sheepishly, slipping my fingers from inside me and instinctively covering my breasts with my arms. She couldn’t see me, but hearing her words made me feel like my actions had just been noticed by the entire Western Hemisphere.


I reached up and changed the setting to light spray, and turned the water to a cooler temperature. From the side of the tub, I grabbed my body wash and lathered it against me. I tried to actually cleanse myself with the fresh-scented lather, but my evil fingers kept wanting to visit their friend, clitty.

Eventually, I somehow prevailed. I draped my school emblem towel around my body and stepped back into the hotel room. I looked for my bag where I had put it that afternoon. I looked for it where I thought I had put it that morning. And then I looked where I thought I put it when we arrived. It was gone.

“Did you enjoy your shower?” Tiffany smirked. She and Jennifer were laying on their tummies, still in their bras and shorts, watching a sitcom with the remote between them.

“Um, yeah,” I said, this time shyly to the ground. Was the orgasm worth the shame? Here I was, wet and wet, and I couldn’t find my luggage.

“Were you masturbating, Erica?” Jennifer pressed the questioning.

I didn’t answer. I gave her one of those knowing smiles, hoping she would back off and accept my non-answer answer.

“Tell us and we might give your luggage back.”

How frustrating. Now they were hazing me for being a freshman and a human with needs. I decided to not answer, and got underneath the other bed covers with the towel as my only coverage. They would eventually have to give me my clothes, wouldn’t they?

Jennifer turned the channel and it wasn’t a sitcom or news or a cartoon. It was two women, one wearing a red dress, the other a blue dress. They were slow-dancing together.

“Porn!” my busty friend giggled.

I had never seen any real significant pornography. I wasn’t going to look away, but I was also aware that my hormones had already seemed to get me in trouble one time this afternoon. The two women on the television circles and tenderly touched one another’s shoulders and cheeks.

“Red or blue?” Tiffany asked Jennifer.

“I’ll act out red,” Jennifer responded.

The two women in my room got off the bed and embraced in a dance, starting to circle. Jennifer and Tiffany glanced at the television to see what was going on. They were taking their directions from it. Red’s hand touched Blues’ ass — Jennifer complied, running her hand to Tiffany’s backside. The two women kissed on television, and Jennifer kissed Tiffany.

I felt high. Like I just had run twelve miles. My breathe escaped me. I was wet and confused. I closed my eyes for a second, then opened up. Jennifer’s thumb was massaging Tiffany’s breast as she brushed along her athletic bra.

“You guys?” I stammered.

“Is it okay that we dance, Erica?” Tiffany asked.

“Yaa … yaa … yes. Of course.” I felt like the geeky boy at the front desk as I pondered how far they would go. I started to reconsider their relationship. A lot of flirtation. Sleeping together. They were letting me in on their secret.

The girls on TV kissed. The women in my room did the same. Their pink tongues darting from their red lips, splashing like waves on the ocean. I stopped watching the porn, and concentrated Jenn and Tiff. Jennifer pulled Tiffany’s sport’s bra off, cupped her breasts Escort Ankara and kissed her nipples. She pulled Tiffany’s body to her mouth and bathed her with saliva and love. Jennifer’s fingernails reached and slowly ripped down Tiffany’s shorts and panties. Tiffany got on the bed where I was covered, she crawled to my face and gave me a peck of a kiss on the nose and lips.

“Are you okay?” she asked to my wide-open eyes.

“Uh-huh.” I was hidden from view, but my legs had spread slightly as my wetness leaked like sweet sap in the cool fall.

“This bed big enough for three?” Jennifer asked.

“Of course, love,” Tiffany said. It was true. They were lovers. Jennifer kissed Tiffany’s ankles. She used her fingers and palms to massage Tiff’s legs.

“This is where the action gets good,” Tiffany whispered to me. Jennifer continued forward as Tiffany rose her hips until Jennifer’s lips kissed Tiffany’s pussy. She licked back and forth, up her inner thighs and back down. Tiffany was completely shaved and I couldn’t believe that I was watching this happening so close to me. Within a few feet.

Jennifer looked at me. She lifted her mouth from Tiffany for a moment. “Want to help?” she asked. I was shocked, and hesitated.

“Um. Um,” I licked my lips. “Uh. How?”

Jennifer returned to her oral pleasuring of Tiffany.

“Kiss me, Erica,” she said.

So I did. Still under the blanket, I leaned over to Tiffany and kissed her slowly. So much different from most men. Sensual. Our pink tongues darted from our lips, splashing together like waves on an ocean. Jennifer and Tiffany both used one hand each to pull my blanket from me. It bunched up between us.

“Get over here,” Tiffany commanded. I laid on top of the sheets and comforter, my towel loosening and wanting to be free. I returned to kissing her lips. Her breath quickened as Jennifer attacked her. I looked in her eyes as our lips smacked, and I slowly moved to her neck, sucking along her skin like I had a boyfriend at my high school prom.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. One of my hands apprehensively touched her ribcage while my other hand returned to my clit. Yes, Fingers, have some more fun with your friend Clitty. Tiffany pulled my towel from my body with her one hand. With her other, she ran her fingers through Jennifer’s long hair. My lips paced like a long distance runner and slowed as they climbed her snow-white breasts. They were already wet with Jennifer’s saliva. Tiffany touched my body with her fingertips. From my back to my breasts, hanging down to gravity as I was on my side.

I had a unique perspective to their love affair from the peak of her nipple. If I turned my head to my left, I would see Tiffany, her lips quivering and her eyes looking at her friends kissing her body. If I would shift my head to the right, it was Jennifer, her hands spreading Tiffany’s legs as she lapped against her friend.

“Mmmm. I love you, Tiffany,” Jennifer said.

“MMMmmm. Don’t stop, hon,” Tiffany whimpered. I saw Jennifer grin an evil grin as her mouth licked again at Jennifer’s pussy. I watched her bring two fingers to Tiffany’s entrance. As she did, she looked at me.

“Want to help?” she asked again. What more could I do, I wondered. Without speaking, Jennifer pulled my hand on Tiffany’s rippled belly to wander between her legs. Jennifer sucked on two of my fingers. I spread Tiff’s lips open with my finger width and Jennifer lapped against her exposed clit. Jennifer was finger-fucking Tiffany with two fingers. I started twirling my finger against Tiffany’s clit as Jennifer progressed from licking her to licking my fingers. Tiffany’s body rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell in pleasure.


Jennifer sucked and then lightly bit Tiffany’s inner thigh, leaving a small hickey. Then she went full-force tasting, sucking and pressing into Tiffany. Tiffany’s body rose and fell, rose and fell, rose and fell in pleasure. I felt her wetness slick on my fingertips. I turned my face to Tiffany’s and watched as the climax began to wash over her like running sweat.

“OH GOD!” she exhaled. “Oh, sweet Jennifer!” I could feel her heart beating quickly under my lips that wandered between her nipples and breasts. “I’m cumming,” she announced to the room. It was fascinating. I’d never watched, much less felt, another girl climax. Jennifer cooed sweet nothings as she continued to lick into Tiffany.

I was so wet from the experience.

~end of Part I “First Meet”~

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