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Runt Ch. 02

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For those who provided it, thanks for the feedback.

The story thus far…

I was upstairs in a whorehouse with a young whore named Runt. She got her name because she was the smallest in a set of quadruplets. I had just received a fantastic blowjob from Runt and was just about to fuck her, but before we started Runt had agreed to let me talk to her mom on the phone while we continued.


“You taste great,” Runt said, licking the last few drops of cum off of the tip of my half-hard cock.

“Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed your drink, but now I’m thirsty. How about getting me a scotch?”

Runt laughed and got up, still completely naked and mixed me a drink. She brought it back to the bed and handed it to me. I could tell the call was still on her mind, but she didn’t bring it up.

“Do you have a picture of your mom? I’d like to see what she looks like.”

“You bastard! You’re not going to let me off the hook are you?” Runt said smiling. She walked into the bathroom and opened a drawer. She reached into the vanity and returned holding a picture. She handed it to me. I set down the drink and looked at the picture. The resemblance was obvious.

“Your mother is very beautiful,” I told Runt.


“How is her body?”

Runt smiled. “It’s great. She still gets lots of stares.”

“You haven’t mentioned your father,” I said.

“He died when I was a baby. I have almost no memories of him. My mom always took good care of us.”

“Does she date?”

“Why do you ask,” Runt said, “are you interested?”

“Who knows? I might be. Would you fix your Mom up with a guy you met here?”

“I might. You seem nice. You seem honest. Who knows, maybe you would be good for her. I’d like to see her have someone. God knows she deserves it. She dates some, but she just can’t seem to get a relationship to go up a level and I don’t know why. Every time she starts getting close to a guy, they just seem to stop coming around,” Runt said.

I almost decided not to make the call, but maybe Runt was right. Maybe Dawn was right. Maybe I am a bastard. I handed her the phone and she dialed. “Mom?” she said, “No, I’m fine. Were you asleep? I have a friend that wants to talk to you. He’s a nice guy and I thought you would like to get to know each other.”

Biting her lip, she handed me the phone. I was lying on my back. I took the phone and pressed the mute button, then told Runt to play with my cock until it was hard again. She smiled and started. I released the mute button. “Hello,” I said.

“Hello, who is this?” asked Runt’s mom.

“My name’s Dan,” I replied. “Runt didn’t tell me your name.”

“It’s Paula.”

“Pretty name. You sure must be proud of Runt. She’s a great kid.”

“I am. So what is this? Is she trying to fix me up here? Is she trying to get her mom a date?”

I laughed. “She showed me your picture and I just had to convince her to let me call you. I hope it’s ok.”

We spent time getting to know each other. It could have been the same conversation we would have had on any first date. There were only two differences, bursa escort Paula and I were on the phone, and Paula’s daughter was sucking my cock while we spoke.

I was maintaining my concentration with Paula, but it was getting more difficult, or should I say harder. Runt was back to sucking my cock. She had it hard again, then she stopped. She poised herself directly over the shaft. I was wondering what was coming, when suddenly she dropped and swallowed up the whole thing. I had never been deep throated before and let out a yelp.

“Are you ok?” Paula asked.

Slowly Runt lifted her head off my cock and smiled at me. I had to give every ounce of concentration I had not to blast my load again. I couldn’t speak. It’s hard to imagine what was going through Paula’s mind.

“ARE YOU OK?” she repeated.

I finally regained control. “Yes,” I managed to get out while I watched as Runt licked the entire length of the shaft and sucked the swollen tip.

“What’s going on over there? Can I speak to Runt?”

“Uh, she kind of has her mouth full right now,” I said. Runt must have guessed at what was going on because when she heard me reply she gave my cock an extra hard suck. Again, I groaned.


I handed the phone to Runt. She looked very cute as she talked to her mom, my still rock hard cock standing inches from her face and dripping with her saliva.

“Everything’s fine Mom. Do you like him?”

“I thought you might. He is a great guy,” she told her mom while her hand stoked me.

I smiled at Runt. I put two fingers in front of my mouth and darted my tongue between them. It was an invitation to eat her and she didn’t need to be asked twice.

“Hang on a minute mom.” Runt put the pone on mute and lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. I crawled up between her legs and patted her pussy.

Runt’s cunt was shaved except for a small tuft of hair directly above it. I ran a finger up the slit and was pleased to feel her wetness. I took this as a good sign that the whole evening was turning her on. She wasn’t a bit shy and kept her legs spread wide open. I gently pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers and ran my tongue over her wet pussy.

To tell the truth, I had never been a big fan of eating pussy. In twenty years of marriage I had only eaten Dawn four or five times and that was all in the first few years of our marriage. Dawn didn’t really approve of oral sex. She thought it was perverted and to tell the truth I didn’t mind. I figured there was nothing I could do to get her to suck me off and I really didn’t like eating her all that much. She had a very nasty smell.

When I was in college I was a beer drinker. I tried wine a few times, but never really cared for it. As a kid living on a student’s budget I could only afford cheap wine. I had wine friends but could never see what the big deal was. Then I had the opportunity to try wine of a high quality vintage. I was stunned. What I tasted was completely different than anything I had tried before. I couldn’t believe the complexity of the flavors.

Licking bursa escort bayan Runt’s pussy was like my wine experience. Her cunt tasted GOOD! Her juices were flowing and she was enjoying the job I was doing on her. A few times I could sense little spasms going through her body. She was able to control herself enough to keep her mom on the phone. From between her legs I looked up.

She smiled at me as she told her mom, “He’s a great guy. One of the best I’ve known.”

I took her words to be a clear signal that she thought I was doing good job eating her. I also was beginning to wonder if she really was trying to set me up with her mom. It also crossed my mind that perhaps she only wanted me to believe that she was trying to set me up with her Mom in hopes that I wouldn’t let mom know her little daughter was a whore.

I arose from between her spread legs and lay back on the bed. My cock was in the air and I motioned for her to hand me back the phone and climb on top of me.

“Here Mom, Dan wants to talk to you again.” She handed me the phone.

“Hi again,” I said as I watched Runt position herself over me.

“Hi yourself. Are you ok? Caught your breath?”

“I’m going great,” I said.

“Runt tells me you are a great guy.”

Runt held my cock and lowered herself onto it until it had completely disappeared inside of her. She felt wonderful. I hadn’t realized how loose and dry Dawn had been until my cock was completely buried inside Runts tight slippery cunt.

“God, that’s great,” I said mostly to Runt, but also to her mom, but old habits die hard – Dawn would have been screaming at me for taking the lord’s name in vain and I quickly apologized to Paula.

“God damn and Fuckin A! This feller’s got manners!” she replied with a fake hillbilly accent.

Her reply caught me off guard and I roared with laughter. It felt weird laughing while I was fucking, but it was really nice. Runt gave me one of her dazzling smiles and started lifting herself up and down on my cock.

“Sorry about that, I usually don’t talk like that, but you seem so nice. It just kind of slipped out,” Paula said.

“No problem. It feels good,” I said. “I mean it feels good to laugh.”

“So where are you two?” Paula asked me.

Runt had told me that the story she had given her family to cover up her whoring was that she was bartending at a private country club. I wondered if Paula was beginning to suspect that something weird was going on. I wondered if she was fishing for the truth. “At the country club,” I replied.

“What was the name of the club?” she asked.

Runt hadn’t told me the name of the club she had given to her family and I didn’t have a clue what it might be. We were busted. From the start I had intended to tell Runt’s mom what a hot little whore she was, but now I suddenly regretted my game. Paula sounded great and I really would have enjoyed meeting her, but it looked like I had blown it. I really regretted what I was doing.

“Well, I have a slight confession to make,” I said.

Runt’s eyes were as big as saucers as she heard me, but she didn’t escort bursa slow down the fucking.

“Where are you?” Paula asked again.

“At a club in the city. It’s called Sunny’s,” I replied.

As Runt heard me say the words she started going faster. She knew what was going to happen. Later she told me she felt as though she was watching a car wreck that she was unable to turn away from.

“Sunny’s? What kind of a club is it?”

“Oh nothing special,” I replied.

“Are you free tomorrow night? Will you take me to dinner?”

This question shocked me. Maybe I would get out of this after all.


“Great, but one condition. Answer my questions truthfully,” Paula said.

“Here we go,” I thought. “OK,” I promised.

“No music so you are not at a dance club, right?” Paula asked me.


“Is Runt working?”


I could feel Runt start to cum. She had just pushed down on me as hard as possible and I was watching as her body was clenching in orgasm. Her pussy was tightening around my cock. And I felt her wetness flow down my balls. I managed to hold off and was still hard and deep inside her cunt.

“Are you working?”


“Are you are a customer?”


“Is Runt, uh, is she wearing clothes?”

I considered lying but didn’t. “Uh, no”

“Do you want to tell me what is going on?”


“Are you fucking my daughter?”


“And she is working? So is my daughter a whore?”

I looked into Runt’s eyes. “Yes,” I said.

There was silence on the phone and Runt seemed to know what had happened because she was watching me intently. Finally, Paula quietly said, “From what I was hearing, I could have guessed. And you just finished fucking her?”

“Well No,” I said, “I mean I’m not finished.”

Again there was a long silence. Runt was frozen with my cock still buried inside of her. Finally Paula spoke. “I’m going to leave you two alone now. You kept your part of the bargain so I’ll expect you to pick me up tomorrow at eight o’clock. Now you better get busy and finish fucking that whore,” Paula said and hung up. She didn’t slam the phone and she didn’t sound anything like I would have expected, given the situation. She didn’t even sound mad.

I set the phone down. “Well Mom guessed.”

“Oh Fuck,” Runt said and started lifting herself off of me. I grabbed her hips and held her down.

“Not yet,” I said, “I’m not done. Besides your mom told me to finish fucking you. Not exactly in those words though.”

“What did she say?” Runt asked.

“She said I should get busy and finish fucking my whore,” I told her, then added, “She also told me to give you a big tip.”

Runt resigned herself to it and began fucking me again. It didn’t take long before she was ready to cum again. This time I let myself go too and delivered my second load of the night. I shot my cum deep inside this little whore’s cunt.

After we finished, I could see Runt was deep in her own thoughts so I decided to leave. I gave her a big tip and She gave me her address so I would be able to take her mom out to dinner. I gave my phone number to Runt and asked her to call me if she thought I should cancel the date. I left the whorehouse and on the drive home, I thought about the next night.

(to be continued)

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