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Rustic Nights in Khokhapur Ch. 02

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A continuation from the earlier chapter, please read that to know and understand the rural background and the characters, all of them are mature and consensual.

“Please leave me alone for some time.” Sangeeta had requested her aged mother-in-law and she looked at her sadly and went to her room besides hers.

I tried to remember all that my mother-in-law had spoken to me and it was astonishing that she had allowed it to continue. Coming from an even older generation, such relations are taboo in her eyes.

Did she actually feel they love each other? I then tried to remember Sharmila’s face when they were making out and it was pretty clear that she enjoyed it with him, and as far as I know, she’s not the type to just throw it around for anyone.

What about my son Arjun though? Did he love her? It is clear that he’s fond of her but to remain marriage-less for an older lady. Is he willing to go that far?

One thing was for sure. That night’s scene had burnt deep into my consciousness what could kill a healthy teen. I asked him if he has fever or pain somewhere and he nodded shyly. He pointed at his groin and said, ‘I have a dull pain most of the time and my dick keeps getting bigger and I feel ashamed to go to high school like that.”

I instantly worried and rebuked Sharmila why she or Arjun never talked to me on his health problems. After all I was his mother and it’s my right to be the first to know.

She replied, “I really didn’t know what to do Bhabhi. How could I talk to you about something like that? Later when I got to know, Arjun told me that you saw him and yet you didn’t come out with the truth, when I had asked you.”

She had a point. I let her continue.

“I had no idea what to do then and told him to show me what he meant by dull pain. Arjun was adamant not to and I kept insisting saying this is purely medical and I won’t judge him. I even switched off the lights and drew the curtains to make him comfortable. After a long time of indecision, he sighed, stood up and lowered his trunks. He wasn’t ready but I kept insisting that this is the only way I could find out the problem to help him and then he reluctantly agreed. I instantly realized his discomfort when I saw what it was.”

“He had a dick the size of a horse’!”

“Even soft, it was huge; his penis tip was hanging halfway through his well-shaped thighs and the head was almost as thick as my fist. You know Arjun was always a well-built boy but I wasn’t prepared to see this at all. His balls looked so devilishly dark and full of semen and there was hardly any hair in his groin. It was like seeing a young bull and I am ashamed to admit to you that my body started to stir that instant without any reason.”

Sharmila’s words were like a bolt to my heart.

I imagined, “My baby boy is built like a bull. Is he bigger than his father? His father was always big and wide and I loved it so much whenever he pushed it roughly and took me like an animal from behind. What am I thinking!”, I immediately brushed off such obscene thoughts from my head and nodded to her understandingly?

“I told him to pull up his trousers again and brought him back to the bed. Kıbrıs Escort He sat there and told me what was troubling him. Arjun told me that when his penis got big and hard, it kept paining until a white liquid came out eventually. One day he realized by accident that, moving his two fists up and down would make the white liquid come out sooner and then his penis would go down. But this only helped for an hour or so and again he would hear the same old throbbing in his ears and the dull pain had started to haunt him.”

“Poor guy never knew what to do. If he didn’t attend to it, the pain would start to spread to his belly area and he couldn’t even be able to walk properly. ‘How could I go to school in this condition. All the girls will laugh at me and if mommy finds out, she will throw me out of the house.’, Arjun looked afraid, ‘That’s why I stay at home and when I have the pain, I see the magazines as it helps me to have a quicker coming.'”

“Imagining the poor boy’s helpless condition, I cried then & there in front of him.”

“He was such a chivalrous gentle boy, that even in that young age, he forgot his own troubles and instead saw my pain & began to comfort me, ‘ I will get OK soon and will love you always.”

“That moment, I decided to take him to the best doctor in Delhi and then no one will ever make fun of my poor baby.”

“Do you remember I had told you I will take Arjun to my parents’ house in Gurgaon, for a change of scenery and we will be back in a few days. I wanted to sort matters.”

I faintly remembered and nodded yes.

“The day we reached Gurgaon, I called up a doctor relative of mine and inquired about the best urologist in Delhi. I booked a quick appointment for next day and the doctor was a mature lady and helped Arjun feel comfortable. She examined him in my presence as Arjun had insisted. After a lengthy procedure of feeling, weighing and rubbing his penis and testicles, she proceeded to sat Arjun and ask some questions about pain points while she kept pressing at different areas of his penis and testicles.”

“After being reasonably satisfied, she provided him a collection cup and asked Arjun to go into the bathroom and ejaculate his semen for further tests. Arjun looked at the size of cup strangely and both the doctor & I were piqued. After a few seconds of hesitation, he turned towards me shyly & asked for a larger cup as his semen might overflow the cup.”

“Both the doctor and I were shocked. The doctor later said to me, ‘Even the most energetic men produce only about a fifth of this cup and rarely around a third of it. I have never heard anyone say about the cup getting overflown.'”

“Arjun kept standing there and finally she got exasperated & told him to use the mug in the bathroom instead, as she didn’t have any larger ones. Once he left, we both looked at each other & waited with baited breath to see what Arjun meant by overflowing.”

“After what seemed like half an hour, he came out sweaty, but smiling & relaxed. We practically ran into the bathroom to check the mug and if you had seen our face that moment, you would have died Bhabhi.”

I was flabbergasted at the details Lefkoşa Escort and truth to be told shamefully, excited also.

I tried to hide my expressions to Sharmila and shyly looked away at the wall.

“The mug was almost full to the brim with warm milky white thick cum. It seemed like a bad porn prank or a bukkake collection from may be fifty people. I came back dazed and stuttering and took Arjun back to my house. The doctor had promised to call and explain once the results are out in a few days.”

“One morning as I was doing Yoga in the garden with Arjun, I heard the landline ring. It was the doctor & she was anxious to say the least. What she explained to me is it’s a very rare scenario and one that she has seen the first time in her career as a urologist.”

“In simple terms, Arjun has a rare case of penile hypertrophy caused by excessive testosterone hormone production. It had resulted in his balls to become unnaturally large and hanging lower than usual with the weight. They get full really quickly as they produce sperms at a highly accelerated rate. They make so much sperm that he needed ejaculation at-least 7-8 times a day, sometimes multiple times at one session.”

“The excess hormones had also resulted in an abnormal size spurt resulting in a much larger penis than she had seen in any of his patients. She re-assured me that there was no threat to his life but he needed regular discharge of semen otherwise he can suffer from painful bouts as well as absentmindedness.”

“She also mentioned that he needed a larger diet than regular males along with vitamins supplements, as his semen discharge was analysed to contain large quantities of sugars and minerals like magnesium and zinc which when not replenished in time, will result in gradual obesity and low metabolism.”

“In fact, were calories actually counted, a single discharge from his balls contained approx. hundred calories of nutrients, and she laughed mischievously into the phone.”

I thought to myself, “Sugar and vitamins in my son’s semen … who would have thought that my boy is a God of love with aphrodisiac sprayed from his cum!”

I looked distracted and Sharmila noticed it.

“Bhabhi if you are uncomfortable, I needn’t talk about it.”

I persuaded her to continue as I wanted to know all as a concerned mother.

She reluctantly resumed, “I convinced myself that I couldn’t allow Arjun to fall into the wrong hands in his teen years, but also feared disclosure in the family. How would others take it? No. It was only me who can help him.”

“I persuaded Arjun that from that day, he should only come to me, and no one else, when he needed relief and I would help him ejaculate from that day onward. He reluctantly agreed. That night I went with him to the bathroom and knelt in front of him as he lowered his straining trousers.”

I was getting turned on and it ashamed me but also awoke something in me. A fire within started to creep its ugly head.

I blurted, “How did you manage to do this with him? Wasn’t it embarrassing?”

She replied with a smile, “Not at all Bhabhi, at that time my only thought was to help Magosa Escort him as I could and it wasn’t a sexual thing at all. I convinced myself that I am only a nurse to him. So that night, I pulled my nightdress off and held the dress in my hand. His eyes immediately went to my chest. I looked to where his eyes were & saw that my breasts were wobbling in their supportive bra. Eyes up here, Arjun, I mildly rebuked him.

“I reached up and pulled down his underwear. My giggles stopped dead when his warm steel-rod like penis sprung out in front of me. The purple head swayed only inches above my face. A large drop of precum dripped down on my eyes. It wasn’t just a penis. It was a proper fucking pole. Good God! I said out loud & hoped this was the right thing to do. It is, Mommy, Arjun stepped out of his underwear and stood before me in only his shirt. It really hurts.

Arjun called me Mommy and it startled me, but I strangely found it endearing.

“Let’s get this done, I put my shirt by my knees, reached out with both hands, and placed them on his thing.”

“It was thick and the bulging veins pulsed slightly under my fingers. I carefully stroked him back and forth. It’s a very manly tool, Arjun, my hands moved faster on the shaft.”

Like Amrit Chacha (Father’s brother in Hindi)? I was stunned at his thought but couldn’t help smile at his naughty question.”

I interrupted Sharmila, “Did you get attracted when you saw an avenue to please yourself better? You were obviously not getting any from your husband then.”

She thought back hard, “I don’t know actually. Maybe it was starting to affect me, my hands on his giant warm throbbing tool, was awakening my lust and I was not clearly thinking, I agree.

“I replied to his question on the size, ‘Different’ I shook my head and looked up at his handsome face. Yeah.’ Arjun put his hands on his hips and looked down at my face and my jiggling boobs inside the bra. Definitely. His face showed me that the hand job was quickly becoming his new favourite moment.”

His precum had made his cock slick and the sound of wet hands sliding on skin was all that I heard for a while, and I started to tire. I now understand what you meant about not being able to finish soon. Are you close, Arjun? I looked up at him with glazed eyes.”

Arjun grunted and shook his head. Just like that, I leaned forward and took his head into my warm mouth. I can swear on my dear God, I had never done this even for Amrit, and his thing was so puny and different from Arjun’s monster. Mmmmmmmmmm.’ I groaned and murmured around his fat, purple head.”

A groan must have slipped from my mouth as Sharmila looked at me quizzically, but I hid my face from her gaze and she continued again.

“Arjun started to buckle after a few minutes. Mommy … you’re going to … uh … make me … Arjun shook all over. Realizing the moment had come, I pulled my mouth off his thing with a pop and picked up my shirt in front of his dick. As I held it up to his penis with my right hand, I continued to stroke with my left.

Finish, Arjun. Please, finish. Moooooooommmmmmm, Arjun erupted.”

“Spurt after spurt of the hot, thick liquid soaked into the shirt. I could feel the pulsing force as it pushed against my left hand. His orgasm continued, and soon the shirt could hold no more and cum dripped between my fingers and down onto the tiled floor. When he was finally done, the shirt, my hands, and the floor were a hot, sticky mess.”

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