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Sally’s Morning Wakeup

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It had been over a week since Sally had been fucked with a real cock. Not that she didn’t have one in the form of her husband but he was in one of his moods again which meant he wasn’t in the mood for sex. Thanks goodness for her toy and her late night rendezvous with the lover she had just taken online. She had fallen in love with this man whom she had yet to have sex with and had only met once. It was like he was the long lost other half of her soul and all she did were fantasize about fucking him and all the things he was waiting to do to her. He helped stoke her sexual desires by leading her to a wonderful website full of the most delicious sexual adventures.

Her hand and her toy were getting a mighty workout and she walked around in a constant state of arousal. Some days her pussy actually hurt from the pressure of her jeans because she was so swollen with desire. She had made repeated attempts to fuck her husband, but after days of spurned sexual advances she finally gave up. Yeah, a real hard cock sliding into her pussy would relieve some of the lust she had for her lover but her toy and the playful emails from him would suffice until she could get herself fucked.

Lately, the all night adventures with her lover online had robbed her of sleep but it was a small price to pay for the escapades they were planning together and the satisfaction of letting her body experience the fulfillment of knowing him. Her husband always said she was a hard one to keep up with in bed and the older she got the truer that seemed to be. Put her in bed 24/7 and fuck the hell out of her and she’d come up wanting for more! She often wondered if there were others like her and after reading the erotic stories online gölbaşı escort she felt she was a very normal wanton slut!

This morning, after only a few hours of sleep, she decided to crawl back into bed for an hour before her husband got home for work. Sally was exhausted and fell into a deep blissful sleep. Little did she know what was in store for her? She was rudely awakened to the covers being thrown off of her and the cold of the room making her nipples go erect immediately. Looming over her with a massive hard-on was her husband. Seeing her tits stiffen up he immediately put one in his mouth and began sucking on it hard just the way she liked.

He finally released her tit and said to her “So you want to be fucked, do you?”

Sally arched her back upwards towards him yearning for more as she coyly replied to him “You finally decided you want me?”

As he rammed his cock into her mouth, he said, “I’ll show you what it’s like to be fucked by a real cock and not that toy you are always playing with!”

Oh, there is nothing quite like a hot throbbing cock being pushed to the back of your throat first thing in the morning! He started moaning instantly with pleasure as she sucked his cock with pure pleasure and desire.

He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and as he reached down to enter her pussy he felt how hot and wet she was and couldn’t resist teasing her about her wanton side. Little did he know that only a few hours before she had finger fucked herself thinking of her lover which had left her enormously wet. She had sent him a really erotic email and her desire had gotten the best of her!

She spread her legs wide to take her husband’s cock keçiören escort into the depths of her pussy. Since he had not cum in over a week he was big and hard and the feeling as he entered her was pure joy.

He said, “There you go. Isn’t that better than your toy?”

As he started moving his cock inside her, she teased him with thoughts of her fucking someone else and making him watch. She told him she bet he’d love to stick his cock inside of her after some else had cum in her. He loved the erotic things she said as he fucked her. It always made him fuck her harder as she filled his head with erotic visions.

The next thing Sally knew and to her surprise he pulled his cock out of her and said “Get your toy. I want to watch you fuck yourself. I love to put my cock in your pussy after you cum!”

She quickly obliged and teased him more as she inserted the vibe into her soaking wet pussy. It slid in easily as she watched him begin to stroke his shaft. She could see his desire building. She loved the feeling of him cock entering her while her pussy was pulsating from her orgasm with the vibe! It drove her quite literally over the edge and she was oh so ready for it this morning!

Sally moved the vibe in and out of her pussy as husband teased her by rubbing the head of his cock next to the vibe along the opening of her pussy knowing it would not be long until he was inside her hot throbbing hole. As she pushed the vibe further in, he took his cock and slid it in along side the vibe spreading her legs even further apart. Sally let out a moan as he entered her. The complete shock of fullness completely overwhelmed her! Her pleasure mounted as he began fucking ankara escort her while she continued working the vibe in and out of her pussy. She was begging to be fucked!

He had never attempted to be inside with the vibe before and until recently the thoughts of two cocks actually fitting inside her pussy had seemed a complete impossibility. But during one of her late night sessions with her lover he had mentioned doing this to her and the idea had quickly sent her on a search for stories online. One story was all it took for Sally to want double cocks inside of her!

Her husband was always a doggie style lover and as her passion mounted her mind swirled around the endless possibilities of the situation until she said “Roll me over and fuck me from behind with the toy in me.”

There was no hesitation. She was like a rag doll in his hands as he rolled her over without ever removing the vibe and entered from behind. Wide open and receptive to the two cocks in her pussy she met him thrust for thrust.

As Sally let out a moan she shouted out “Oh fuck me! Fuck me!”

She could feel him getting ready to explode as the head of his cock expanded inside her. Just when she knew her orgasm was about to explode with the cocks inside her, she turned the vibe on and pushed them both over the edge. Her dripping wet pussy was exhilarated beyond her wildest dreams as her pussy was filled with his cum.

Spent, they fell onto the bed side by side as she pulled out the dripping wet vibe and she licked it clean then she shoved her tongue into his mouth so he could taste the results of their passion.

He let out a sigh of pleasure and said “You are soooo good in bed.” as he drifted off to sleep.

Sally lay there with a smile on face, her mind reeling from the spent energy and the thoughts of where the hell did that just come from??? She knew she had a story to tell her lover that he would truly enjoy and maybe that third partner they both wanted was lying next to her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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