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Samantha Knocks at the Door Ch. 02

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Part 2 – The Door is Opened for Her

I woke slowly the next morning, rolled over and sat bolt upright in a panic. Several deep breathes and I told myself it was alright; he just let me sleep. I laid back down and snuggled under the covers. Last night seemed a dream, but here I was waking up in his bed.

Getting out of bed and standing I winced and then smiled. I’m twenty years younger but my god did my loins hurt from the night before.

I needed a shower. The insides of my thighs and pussy felt sticky. One of the last things I remembered was his cum oozing out of me after his cock shrank and slipped from my pussy. I looking back at the bed I saw the spot where it soaked into the sheet. Good thing I change and wash the sheets on Saturday anyway; I had a feeling I would be changing sheets a little more often.

Rounding the bed, I found my clothes, not piled on the floor where I left them, but picked up and neatly folded on the hassock. My bra and panties were sitting on top. I grimaced. Something would have to be done about my choice of underwear; he deserved more of a treat than basic white cotton. I continued on to his bathroom.

The tub, beautifully custom-made from cedar, looked inviting and soaking would certainly do my groin well. But, my head needed clearing, I desperately wanted coffee and a bath would take to long. This morning a shower would have to do.

I never quite understood the shower setup in his bathroom. First, the was no ‘shower’, like an enclosure that you step into, no, in the middle of the far wall was the shower head and hand wand. The bathroom was done in large tiles with a floor drain. You just walked over and turned the shower on. The other objects that puzzled me were these two small stools that sat under the shower. Whenever I came in to clean his bathroom, they were always neatly sitting side by side. He was a very neat man, making my work much easier. I missed the diverter knob, turning on the water I was hit in the stomach with a blast of hot water from the hand wand. After the shock and figuring out what was going on, I turned the knob and had water coming from the shower head.

I began to think about last night and what would happen this morning as the water cleared my head. The experience of last night was still unbelievable to me. I didn’t think that love making with him was always going to be like that, but hey, even once and a while would be more than enough! What bothered me more was this morning, I mean, yesterday I was just his housekeeper, an employee. He paid me; I did what I was told. Now, I’ve slept with him and become his lover also. Would the two be kept separate? I worried about how things worked now. Do I greet him this morning with a hug and a kiss, saying good morning sweetheart? I decided the best thing to do was let him decide our future. I would dress and get my coffee and go to the study, drinking my coffee with him as I usually did Saturday mornings.

After my shower, I picked up my clothes and went to my room. Sliding open the panel that served as a door, the thought occurred to me; would he ask me to move into his room? I smile to myself, so many questions I had now. On the way to my closet, I caught my naked reflection in the mirror. Curious, I took a moment to look at myself. I felt very different this morning. Did I look any different? Posing in front of the mirror, I thought, no, I didn’t look any different, but I was very happy with what I saw.

Instead of getting dressed, I went to my vanity table and sat naked brushing out my hair. I like being naked I thought. All my life, I’d been brought up to hide my body under clothes. It felt wonderful to sit here in the beauty of my nakedness. I smiled at my reflection and said, “I’m going to him naked. What do you think?” Giggles poured from me, feeling silly about talking to my reflection like that.

I calmed down and regained my composure. Standing with a new found sense of myself I walked purposefully to the kitchen for my coffee.

He was sitting at his desk, in deep thought, pondering whatever Porno 64

was on the computer screen. “Good morning sir,” I said cheerfully, but softly, not wanting to startle him. “Do you need more coffee?” I’d brought the coffee pot with me as a precaution.

Moving his hand away from his mouth, “Good morning dear,” Then his attention slowly began to swing from the computer screen to my direction. I couldn’t help smiling at the change in his expression as his eyes took in my nakedness standing there for him. “And what a very delightful good morning it has become,” he said with a growing smile.”

I smiled back, but immediately dipped my eyes. I was happy he was pleased, but the boldness in my bedroom had given way to a small amount of embarrassment. “Thank you sir,” it was all I could think of saying.

He got up from the desk and I started in from the door and somewhere around one of the chairs we met. I refilled his offered cup and he sat down. I put the coffee pot on a couple of magazines on the table – all the furniture in the house was gorgeous, water rings would be a big no-no – and some how found myself kneeling on the floor at his knee, looking up at him. It was kind of surprising to find myself naked, kneeling on the floor at his feet, like some kind of slave-girl. As that phase came to me, it was as if all the questions I woke up with disappeared with it – some kind of slave-girl.

“You don’t look happy dear, something wrong?”

I heard his voice and startled a bit, turning to look up at him. “No – no, sir, I was just thinking.”

He nodded with a curious look and smile. “Do you intend to stay like that for the duration?”

“Kneeling, sir?” I didn’t quite understand his question.

“No, dear, naked.”

“Oh,” I smiled and then dropped my eyes to my coffee cup. “If you wish,” I heard myself saying. I looked up to see him smiling broadly. I didn’t need words. “Yes, I plan to be naked for as much time as I can.”

“Thank you, dear, it will be a delight to have you wander about so.” He adjusted his position and stretched his legs out, setting his feet on the table. “I always had the impression you’d be very instinctual about my desires.”

“Excuse me?”

“Almost from the beginning dear, I thought this would be very natural for you. I believe I am correct.”

“Then, sir, this is how you want me – a slave-girl?” I was hesitant with my question, afraid of how it might sound to him.

His lips began to twitch and his eyes took on that look of thought. “No – slave-girl sounds too harsh. You have proven more important around this house than a mere slave. Without you, this house would fall apart.”

“Thank you sir.” I felt real embarrassed to hear him say that. I felt important to him, of course. I knew he relied on me a great deal, but I was embarrassed to hear him say it.

He took his feet from the table and leaned forward to reach the coffee pot and topped his cup off. He was thinking and I knew to be quiet and let him. He stood and walked to the glass door that opened out on the garden behind the house. My eyes followed him. He stood there looking out, one hand against the small of his back. I knew he had back problems. I blushed and smiled embarrassingly to my coffee cup, thinking last probably aggravated it. I watched as he took a couple of sips. Then to the trees and shrubs outside said, “You realize I will now assume the liberty to use you as I see fit, when I see fit.” He turned toward me as he finished.

I tensed and stiffened with his words. My body tensed, not with fear, but anticipation. He was looking at me over his glasses, carefully watching my reaction. I breathed deeply and answered, “Yes sir, I understand.”

Knowing my understanding, he continued, “You also realize that I have desires that are not considered mainstream.”

Sometimes I could only smile at the way he spoke – desires not considered mainstream – I bet! “May I ask what those desires are sir?”

He smiled wryly back. “You may,” he said and just stood there. Konulu Porno I wanted to smack him. I’ve seen him do this with Ana. I asked and was given permission to ask. If I was to get an answer I would now have to ask my question specifically. I completely understood why it drove Ana nuts when he did it to her. It could turn into a real verbal dance with them. He walked back to his chair while I glared at him.

“Sir, how do you desire me?” I made a conscious effort to keep my voice steady and sweet.

His expression became smug. “First, dear, I would be most happy, if, when not otherwise busy, you would attend me as you are now.”

“Kneeling like this sir?”

“Yes dear.”

Okay – that didn’t sound like a big deal. Actually, other than getting use to it, my knees and toes were starting feel a little uncomfortable, but it felt right to be kneeling beside him. I can handle this I thought.

“Last night, Samantha, how did you feel about the way I played with your ass?”

My immediate reaction happened between my legs; just the smallest thought of last night aroused me. “It was very new and strange. It did hurt – a little,” I was more thinking out loud than answering him directly, “but it was wonderfully arousing – even the little bit of pain I felt. It was like it intensified everything. I was very surprised you got me to orgasm just from playing with my asshole.” Pausing, I averted my eyes, partly ashamed to admit that I really liked it. “I would like you to do that again to me, please.”

I glanced to see his smile become very pleased and satisfied. “Good, I will be using you that way quite often. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it.” His eyes became a little sinister, “but then again, I would be using you that way whether you enjoyed it or not.” His eyebrows arched as he finished.

I had to close my eyes for a moment. The idea that he would use me in ways against my will was just to arousing to comprehend. My thighs tightened and squeezed together causing gentle pulses of pleasure between them. I breathed deeply to calm myself.

“Also,” he paused thoughtfully, “we will be changing some of our routines to give them more sensual undertones” He turned his head to look at me. My look of bewilderment was plain to him. “Take bathing, for instance, we shall now bath together, and it will be anything but a quick shower together.”

Bewilderment became excited understanding. I think I’d gotten the idea.

“Tell me, Samantha, my love, how did you feel about being told to grab your ankles last night and trying not to react to what I did to you?”

I frowned. “Honestly?”


“I was a little miffed at first. I wanted to touch you and kiss you and make you feel how much I wanted you, but you wouldn’t let me.”

“Is that why it was so important that I fuck you last night?”

Sighing with thought, “Partly – yes, I wanted you to know I want you as much as you wanted me. But, more than that, after everything you did to me, I had to know that I would wake up this morning completely yours – belonging to you, and you alone. I wouldn’t have if you didn’t fuck me.”

“Do you feel like you belong to me?”

“Yes sir,” I answered meekly.

“Do you like the idea of belonging to me?”

“Yes sir – it’s the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had.”

“Belonging – can be a rather vague idea, would you tell me more?”

That struck me as strange. In my mind, I was his, no one else, just he and me, which seemed simple enough. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. I looked at him hoping for something.

He leaned a little closer. “What do the words possessed, owned mean to you dear?” He leaned back and my eyes grew large with the realization he wasn’t playing a game with me. That’s exactly what he understood from the idea belonging.

“Oh – my – I hadn’t thought of it that way. Is that what you want – to own me?”

“Yes, dear,” he said gently. “I want to own you – all of you – your heart, your mind and your body.”

I couldn’t Porno İndir respond. I didn’t know how to. I was completely floored the idea. I never considered that when I thought of belonging to him. I just stared.

He held up his hand, and spoke softly, “it’s okay, think about it. I don’t want or need your answer right now. I know the idea is most likely very foreign to you and you need time to think about it. I do wish you would consider it though.” He paused and I nodded, still in shock at the thought of being owned. “But,” he continued, “I was really headed in a different direction. How would you have reacted, if last night, instead of telling you hold your ankles, I’d bound your wrists to your ankles?”

It took me a moment to shift gears with him. Blinking, I asked, “You mean like with rope?”

“Yes,” he answered with a shrug.

Again I reacted with a twinge between my legs, now that sounded like something I could get into! “I think I would enjoy that sir.” I answered deliberately, intrigued by the idea of being tied up, but cautious.

He smiled, pleased and nodded. “Well – you have things to do and I have plans for you later, so, be a good girl and go get your work done.” He leaned forward and took my chin in his hand raising it to kiss my lips. His kiss was sweet and tender and oh too short.

Our lips parted and I shied from him, “Yes sir.” I didn’t want him to see in my eyes how my mind was racing with everything that was said.

I was beginning to feel a little over whelmed – so much, it felt like, had taken place in such a short amount of time. It was with relief that I started my duties after being dismissed. However, the anticipation of what he might have in mind for the afternoon gave me a sense of urgency in getting everything accomplished. Try as I may to concentrate on my work, my mind kept wandering, particularly when I walked by a mirror. Every time I did I caught my naked reflection and had to stop and look. It would only remind me of all the still unanswered questions I had. Just take it hour by hour, day by day – let him lead you, I kept telling myself.

Of course, my head was also filled with all kinds of thoughts about sex. There were three things that really stuck with me. He would – how did he say it – oh, use me as he saw fit, when he saw fit, going about the house naked made me feel like a moving target. I kept looking over my shoulder waiting (hoping?) for him to jump me at any moment. I don’t think I need to explain the state of arousal that kept me in. The thought that at any time he might walk up behind me, push me onto a bed, fuck me and then walk away had me wet all morning.

Sort of in combination with that was what he said about using me whether or not I enjoyed it. I didn’t feel he would rape me or abuse me in any sense, but I did get the feeling I better learn to let things go if he did something with me that I’d never done before. With just last night, I realized he’s had sexual experiences I had not, and experience is not necessarily base on the number of men I’d slept with. Get right down to it; it had all been pretty much the same – talk, kiss, foreplay (sometimes), fuck. It was the foreplay part I knew would take on a whole new meaning. Basically, however, I realized if he wanted it, I better provide it.

The second thing was this whole idea of being tied up for sex. Okay, I wasn’t born yesterday; I’ve heard about people who get off on that kind of thing. I just never imagined I would be one of them, much less, met someone who was. Not only had I now met some one who was into bondage, but I was his lover. I have to admit though the idea of actually being tied up and helpless to stop him sounded really intriguing. I’m not sure how I would have reacted last night if he’d brought out some rope and tied me up. I happy he didn’t. Today, this afternoon, I fully expected to see some rope and to be tied up. That expectation did a lot to increase my arousal all morning.

The biggie that I kept trying to push from my mind was his desire to own me. The whole thing was beyond anything I knew. I didn’t want to think about it right now. I hoped that I could show him he didn’t need to own me, that I would give him anything he wanted from me right now – no ownership required.

I was happy that he left me alone while I went about my work.

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