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Sandi and Tom in Paris

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Sandi had just finished her final year in high school, and she was enjoying the summer before she decided what she was going to do with the rest of her life. Sandi was a beautiful blond haired girl with a slim athletic body, of average height, but she had always refused the advances of the clumsy young men in her school.

As her graduation trip, Sandi was on a plane to Paris with her girlfriend, Michelle, and her older brother, Tom, who was just 20 himself. This was to be her big fun fling before starting university in the fall.

The three of them planned to share a hotel room to save on costs. On the plane on their flight to Paris, Tom flirted with Michelle about sharing a room, saying with a wink, “Hey Michelle, if you get cold at night…I am not far away!” Michelle was slim and beautiful, with nice tits, long brown hair and green eyes. She put him off with a quick response, “You wish.”

The first night, after a day of walking the streets of Paris, Tom was sleeping in one of the double beds while Michelle and Sandi slept in the other. Sandi woke up that night and looked over at Tom. She found he was very visible in the moonlight streaming in through the large hotel window. He had kicked off the sheets so his firm body and chest looked very sexy in the black and white shadows of the room. He was wearing only small black boxer shorts so his body was very visible. She then noticed something. She was shocked to see that his underwear was sticking up! He must have an erection she thought.

Looking at his bare chest, naked stomach, and imagining his erect cock so very close to her, just two feet away, was turning her on. She started to rub her pussy with her right hand while kneading her breasts with her left. She was so turned on imagining his erect cock right there, so close to her. She was visualizing it long and erect, barely restrained by his thin cotton shorts.

It was hot that evening in the room…so she slipped off her long t-shirt she wore to bed so was completely naked, even though Michelle was right beside her and her brother in the bed next to her. They were both sound asleep so she felt she could get naked unnoticed. God, she was so turned out thinking about his cock. She eased out of bed, careful not to wake Michele and moved slowly towards her brother. He was still sound asleep.

She really wanted to see his cock. So she bravely reach towards the black crotch of his boxers and undid the button for the slit to expose his penis. She then pushed open the side of the slit, to free his hard cock. It slid out easily.

It was amazing. She could see it quite clearly in the streetlight coming in the window. It was about 8″ long, sticking straight up from his shorts. The large helmet shape of the head of his penis sitting on top of a slightly curved shaft. She had never seen a cock this close before. In some ways, it was sort of strange, sort of grotesque but beautiful at the same time, and she could not keep from staring at it…and she just noticed her hand was buried in her pussy as she crouched on the floor with her faces inches from it, as she moved ever closer. Looking at her brother’s naked erect cock made her feel perverted, but waves of pleasure were growing stronger in her, and she continued to rub her pussy and flick her erect nipples. He mumbled a bit and she scooted back to her bed, frightened.

She lay still for a moment watching him, but he did not move much or awaken, and his erect cock was still sticking out. She continued to stare right at his cock while she flicked the sensitive pearl between her legs with her index finger with two other fingers inside her pussy. She shuddered as the orgasmic waves of pleasure washed over her, and she came while staring at her brother’s cock and body.

The next day as they toured around Paris, she became much more friendly with her brother, rubbing up against him whenever the chance presented. When they went to the Eiffel tower, on the crowded elevator ride up, she backed up into him until her tight ass, covered only by a miniskirt was pressed up against his crotch. Every time she spoke, she made sure she turned slightly, rubbing her ass slowly along his erection, which she could feel clearly through his cotton shorts. He was standing very still, so she knew he was enjoying it. She thinks he even may have leaned into it a couple of times. As they moved around the top of the Eiffel tower, she kept accidentally brushing up against him, with her arms and sometimes with her tits. It turned her on to do this and her erect nipples started poking out. She would put her hand on his back while they looked out at the sites…and moving it lower so that it was more on the top of his ass then on his back. She could see he was still hard from her attentions..

Late that afternoon, after visiting Le Louvre, and the obligatory photos of the Mona Lisa, no flashes of course, they decided to get a bite to eat and then relax in the park, across from the museum. In the Bayan Eskort bathroom, before leaving the museum and going to the park she had an idea and slipped off her bra and panties and put them in her purse. She knew she was going to give Tom a treat in the park, and hopefully get him interested in her.

While they were sitting in the park, Michelle went for a stroll on her own for a bit so Sandi took this as her chance. Tom was sitting on the grass in the park so Sandi laid on her stomach on the grass facing him just a foot away, resting on her elbows with back arched. She knew her loose top would hang down nicely and give him a nice view of her exposed breasts. While they talked about how nice it was in Paris and what to do next that week she caught him sneaking glances down her top. She pretended to watch some people in the park turning her head far to the side to give him a chance to really gawk at her. She could tell in the corner of her eye he was not missing the opportunity to openly stare. She was pretty sure at least one of her nipples would be clearly visible. She could feel the breeze swirling around her naked tits and her nipples were nice and hard. She really wanted him to enjoy looking at her body, as she had enjoyed seeing him and his beautiful cock.

Now was the time for something really bold. Sandi said to Tom, “I think I am going to lie back and get some rays.” She proceeded to lie on her back facing away from him with her shirt nicely clinging to her breasts and showing her nipples. She then bent one knee with her foot on the ground and spread her legs opening them towards Tom. She knew this would give Tom a good view of her naked pussy. She pretended to close her eyes but peaked at Tom who was avidly staring up her skirt. It was really turning her on knowing that his face was just a few feet away from her exposed pussy. It was making her pussy so wet, she was doubly glad she was not wearing underwear, as they would have been soaked. She had angled herself so that her pussy was not only exposed to Tom but also towards the sun so the sunlight would clearly light up her wet pussy underneath her skirt. She could feel the sun rays on her pussy. It felt so good and her wetness must be glistening in the sun for Tom to see.

“Tom,” she said, without looking at him, “Do you think I am cute.”

“Well,” Tom stutterd, “It is hard to say…I mean, I am your brother and I think you’re nice and all but…”

“C’mon,” she said, “You can be honest. Do you think I am hot? Do you think I have nice tits?”

Tom hesitated for a moment, then quickly said, “Yes Sandi, I think you have very beautiful tits.”

“Thanks,” she said, with a big smile.

Just then, Michele returned and could see Sandi with her legs spread and Tom staring. She could also not help but notice the huge tent in Tom’s cotton shorts! He was laying back on his elbows so it was very pronounced. Tom noticed her staring at his crotch, so she looked him straight in the eye with a little smile on her lips and winked. He hesitated then smiled back. Michelle had seen a few guys cocks already and she could tell that Tom had a nice one. She started forming an idea for the next day out.

That night, after Tom had fallen asleep, Sandi waited a bit, until he was good and truly sound asleep. She then crept over to his bed again. She was already wet with anticipation, as she was horny all day after showing Tom her pussy. She carefully pulled the sheet back and started to unbutton his boxers again. This time he had on a white pair. His cock was not as hard this time so when she pushed the slit open it came out but flopped to one side. She looked at his face to be sure he was asleep, and he seemed to be. She peeled off her night T-shirt, as it felt so erotic to be naked looking at his cock.

She wanted to see it hard again. So she reached out and touched it with her index finger, slowing running her finger down the head of his cock and and along the shaft. It felt so silky. She was surprised at how soft the skin of his cock was. It started getting hard, and it gave her a wave of pleasure to know that she had caused that. She kept touching it all over, with two fingers, checking that Tom’s eyes were still closed. Up one side, over the head of the cock then down the other side of the shaft, until it was sticking straight up. She then ran her two fingers gently over the balls below his penis.

Sanid suddenly heard a gentle whisper, “do you like it?” It took her half a second to realise it was Tom’s and she looked to see his eyes were open and he was staring directly at her. She was paralysed, like a deer caught in headlights.

Sandi could not move away but kept looking at his cock, then back to his eyes as he continued to look at here. She was crouched there naked in front of her brother, and he would be able to see quite a bit of her in the bright moonlight and street lamps. She could see his gaze pass over her breasts down her body Anadolu Yakası Escort and pause at her ass, then back to her face. She was shocked, but it also really turned her on.

“You look beautiful,” he said, then “I like your touch, please touch my cock some more.” Tom then reached out and took her hand with his and moved it towards his cock.

She let him do it and he guided her hand and fingers so that all her fingers completely wrapped around his throbbing erection.

“Now squeeze it,” he said.

She obeyed him and started squeezing his cock gently with her hand.

“Ah, that’s nice,” he quietly murmured.

She then started stroking his cock, like she saw women do in porno movies. It was really turning her on doing this and hearing Tom moan so she carefully reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She looked over to see if he was watching her and he was. He then reached for her and started fondling her right breast. It felt so good, his hand on her breast and nipple, while touching his cock and rubbing her own pussy. She could not believe she was doing it with him watching. He had never seen her naked before, and now she was masturbating in front of him.

“I have always dreamed of you touching my cock,” he said, He paused a bit and then said, “and then sucking on it.”

“God Tom, I can’t do that,” she quietly said, so as not to wake Michelle, but then she murmured, “ahhh”, as a wave of pleasure passed through her, starting from her pussy where she was rubbing, and up her spine to her tits where Tom was squeezing.

He reached down and held his own cock. It was so erect, sticking out straight, as he squeezed the base and pointed it towards her face. He moved on his side so the head of his cock was right next to her mouth. “Please Sandi, I would really like you to put your mouth on my cock.”

She couldn’t believe he was offering his cock to her like this, arching his body toward her, boldly presenting his fully erect cock. She actually felt her mouth salivate looking at his cock and imagined wrapping her lips around it. She was still shocked by what she did next.

She opened her mouth and quickly engulfed her brother’s cock…taking as much as she could. She started sucking on it right away, just like she saw women do in the movies.

“Oh god Sandi, that feels soooo good, having your mouth on me. mhmmmm.”

She kept sucking and could feel it throb in her mouth. She rubbed herself while sucking him and it was so erotic. He now had his right hand on top of her head, guiding her head towards his cock, and his other hand was still fondling her breasts. He was sort of pulling her gently against his cock, and pushing his cock towards her. She felt so slutty for a moment, with a feeling of her brother almost using her for his pleasure, but it made her pussy throb, even though she felt so dirty sucking his cock with open abandon, naked next to him. She suddenly orgasmed strongly, stronger than she ever had before, but she still kept sucking him, even harder, while the shudders passed through her.

He said, “Oh god, I’m cumming.”

She could feel his cock try to jerk in her mouth…and she knew instinctively to hold it tight with her lips and suck harder. A spurt of hot, salty liquid shot into her mouth, and it kept spurting, it seemed, for like a minute. She tried to swallow it all down but quite a bit spilled out her lips and dribbled down her chin in two streams, and then some dripped on her breasts. She held his cock, swallowing the rest of his load as it finished spurting in her mouth. She removed his cock from her mouth and while looking him in the eyes, she wiped the cum off her chin with her index finger then sucked her finger clean.

He watched her do this, fascinated, and then Michelle groaned and moved in the next bed. Before he could say anything, his sister Sandi moved back quickly and go into the bed with Michelle. He felt so relaxed and at the same time excited. He lay in bed with his arms behind his head and just left his cock out, drying in the air. He thought for a second he should cover up, then thought, so what if Michelle wakes up and sees it. What is she going to do. He smiled to himself.

The next day, the three of them toured different parts of Paris. Sandi did not say anything to Tom to even acknowledge what happened the previous night, so Tom played it cool and enjoyed the day. Maybe this was a one time thing. He would wait and see.

That night, Tom had a lot of trouble getting to sleep as his mind was fantasizing about his sister in the bed next to him. He pushed down his sheets and saw his cock tent poling his boxers in the Paris city lights. He saw Sandi looking over at him and he motioned for her to come over but she she just shook her head and turned to face away from him..

He then had a bold idea, and said to himself, what the hell. He proceeded to arch his body so that he could slide off his boxers and Pendik Escort lay there naked on the bed, with his cock sticking out, and thinking about the two beautiful girls in the bed next to his. The bathroom light had been left on, so he was much better lit than the previous night. He immediately started stroking it while remembering what Sandi did to his cock last night. He stroked very gently, with his eyes closed, head back, trying to remember every little detail of what she did and how sexy and hot she looked doing it.

At some point, he heard a sound and looked over to see that Sandi was watching him again, clearly excited and playing with herself. He stared back at her while rubbing his erect cock, and after a few moments, had any idea. He laid back, putting his hands behind his head and prominently displayed his erect cock, pointing straight up. He saw that she was staring vividly at his cock so he used his kegel muscles to make it twitch and jump.

It worked. She climbed out of bed and started coming over to him. As she sat on the side of his bed, he could smell her sex, her pussy juices flowing. He just blurted out “How about I lick your pussy tonight.” He could not believe he just said that to his little sister.

She said, “Really?…okay. But how about I suck your cock at the same time? That would be fun don’t you think, just like they do in the porno movies.”

She then laid down next to him but with her head the other way, near his cock. He then turned on his side facing her. There was a pause, then he immediately brought his head close to her pussy, lifting her leg to get easy access. He loved the look of his sister’s blonde pubic hair…it looked so light and airy about her clitoris which made him want to lick it, so he did just that. He leaned in and ran his tongue from the top of her pussy all the way down to the other end.

“Aye,” she almost screeched, but held it back, under her breath, saying “that is fantastic!”

It made him so hard to lick his sister’s pussy, he could not believe it. It then got even better as, once again, he felt Sandi’s warm wet mouth engulf his erect cock.

“The head is even bigger now,” she said, while stopping her sucking for a moment. She then said, “I can barely get it in my mouth. I guess that means you like licking my pussy?” She then slid that big headed cock back into her mouth and sucked in earnest.

He did not answer, but continued to lick and suck on her pussy, probing its depths with his tongue. They were both moaning, and it was not long before his cock started spurting cum in Sandi’s mouth and she swallowed it all this time

The feeling of his hot sperm fill her mouth and throat felt great and quickly brought her to her own incredible orgasm…even better than last night’s. The feel of Tom’s tongue probing her pussy and licking her clitories was incredible. She grinded against his mouth as she came pushing her pussy hard and tight against his head.

The next day was so exciting. Every time Tom looked at Sandi he saw her naked body in front of him and imagined himself having sex with her. As they travelled around, he really enjoyed staring at her hot body, and seeing her blond hair hang down over the black t-shirt she was wearing that day. They travelled around the different parts of Paris, just enjoying the great architecture and taking lots of photos.

In the afternoon, they visited an old fort just outside of Paris, Fort de Châtillon.

In the early evening, after their tour of the fort with the sun low in the sky, Sandi was just relaxing on a grassy hill on the edge of the fort, and Tom was leaning his elbows on a wall behind her, watching her, and checking out her fine body. It was one of those old stone walls, about 3 or 4 feet high, and 2 feet thick. Michelle came up beside him and started chatting, leaning close to him. He kept looking at his sister while they chatted about Paris and what they would do next. Suddenly, he felt Michelle’s hand on his ass. He turned and looked her in the face which was just inches from his.

She gave a small smile and said, “You don’t mind do you?” She squeezed his butt cheek before he could answer. “You know, I saw your hard-on in the park the other day, and I would like to see more of it.”

He sort of smiled back and stuttered out, “You would?” He did not know what else to say.

“Yes,” she said, with another warm smile, “Would you like me to see your cock Tom?”

“I would,” he said, and just stood still while she squeezed his ass. He looked over to see his sister still lying on the grass, not noticing anything. She kept rubbing his ass while he looked at his sister for for the next few moments.

Michelle then turned around and leaned against the wall and reached around to grab his crotch with her other hand, snuggling up tight against him. He always thought Michelle was so hot, and could not believe she was now rubbing his cock through his shorts. He was getting an erection, so she could feel it through his shorts.

“Mhmmm,” she said, “you are starting to get hard, let me help that along.” She squeezed his cock through his shorts and he got harder. “I wonder what Sandi would think if she saw me rubbing her brother’s cock,” she said.

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