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Sandra’s Summer Job Ch. 02

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Note: I hope the beta reader is right. My mistress was very angry about the commas.


Sandra adopted the proper pose for a slut slave and spoke softly. “Mistress, I do ask for one small reward. If it pleases my Mistress.”

Sharon walked a short ways away from Sandra. She looked down at Sandra’s kneeling form. Mary knelt close beside her.

“You want something else, besides Connie?”

Sandra replied without looking up. “Mistress, in the excitement of the moment. I was somewhat negligent in my duties to you. I was disrespectful to your maid. It will not happen again. I’ll serve your maid as I serve you. I know my place. Connie is two. I’m three. My request is something that would be of service to my Mistress.”

“If not Connie, perhaps it is Mary you want rid of.”

Sandra responded immediately. “Oh no Mistress. You were exactly right. Mary and I are becoming good friends. It does have to do with Mary, I do not want to be separated from her. I would just like a longer chain, if it pleases my Mistress. A longer chain would be of benefit to my Mistress.”

“I can see how a longer chain would be of value to you. I wonder how it would benefit me. This had better amuse me.”

Sandra continued with her explanation. “Mistress, Mary is somewhat lax in her education. I know that the Mistress will call on Mary’s service for her pleasure. If Mary is as unskilled with her mouth, as she is with her hands, she will bring no pleasure to my Mistress.”

“If the chain were long enough, I could further her education. If it were long enough that I could kneel between her legs, I could show her how to please my Mistress. I would also raise her passion. You did say you had no use for a cold whore. Mary is not cold, but she is far from being hot.”

Amused, Sharon replied, “If the chain were long enough, that you could kneel between Mary’s legs. It would also be long enough to put Mary between your legs.”

Sandra nodded. “I had thought of that myself Mistress. I’m sure that my Mistress would not like my temperature to drop either.”

Sharon laughed. “Not a chance in hell. Your thermostat is stuck on full. You have amused me. I’ll grant you your wish.” Sharon narrowed her eyes. She slashed Sandra with her whip, on the sides of Sandra’s thighs. “Do not mistake me for Glenda the good witch, just because I grant you a wish.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I’m still interested in your sudden change of heart as to Connie. You will speak to me about that. Now!” Sharon emphasized her command, with her whip on Sandra’s flat stomach.

“Mistress, it is not my place to determine if, or when, you give me Connie. I only made a suggestion to my Mistress. I am patient as well as obedient. Some day you will be bored and you will throw a slut slave to Connie to play with. One day it will be me that the Mistress chooses to throw to Connie. We will see on that day, who is the cat and who is the mouse.”

Connie walked up to Sandra and slapped her. “You insolent bitch!”

“Yes Mistress, I am an insolent bitch. I’m sure that you will educate me, as I’ll educate Mary. We’ll both do it in our Mistress’ service.”

Sharon began laughing. “It seems like we will have a cat fight before this is over. I’ll film it, it will amuse me and the paying customers.”

Sharon called Sandra and Mary to her with her eyes and gestures. She had them kneel before her and then removed the chain that bound them together.

“Mary, lay down,” Sharon commanded.

“Yes Mistress.”

Sharon pointed toward Mary and instructed Sandra. “Sandra kneel between Mary’s legs like a good teacher.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Sandra began Marys education, as Sharon measured the distance between the two of them. Sandra went to the back wall by the large bed. She opened and rummaged through one of the drawers built into the wall. Sharon went to the women on the floor and chose the right length of chain from the selection she had brought from the drawer. She threw the rest of the chains aside, the clash ringing in the quiet room. Sharon re-chained Sandra to her student, as Mary found her small orgasm.

“Listen up everybody. We will have a one hour break. Then we film again.”

Sharon then turned her attention onto Sandra and Mary, “You two will be in the film. There is a hot tub on deck. There is catering. You will relax and rest. Remember I will not tolerate fat slaves. You will drink no alcohol during the first half hour. You will each drink two of the catered drinks, in the second half hour. You are still slut slaves. Do not forget it. You are still at anyones call, at any time.”

The women answered in unison,”Yes mistress.”

Sharon turned and walked away. She called her maid to her, as she left the room.

Sandra stood up. It was nice to be able to move freer. Sandra helped Mary up and walked out onto the deck of the boat. It might be called a ship, the boat was very large. It was not a cruise ship, but it was large. Sandra looked out onto the deck. mobil porno She was standing on a raised deck that included the filming location and the general play room.

Two decks below her was an open deck that was like a playground for adults. Sandra could see the hot tub and the catering area. There was also a modest swimming pool.

Mary started to go down the steps to the deck. Sandra pulled her back. Sandra’s curiosity led her to the back of the boat. She just had to see the whole thing. The back of the boat was somewhat dull.

There was a raised deck that had glass all around it. That deck was higher than all the rest. Sandra could see people in the glass enclosed room. She thought that they were probably steering the boat. She hoped someone was steering the boat. She wondered where they were steering the boat to. Sandra led Mary back to the stairs. She thought to herself, Where ever they are going, I’m going too. There’s no going home from here.

Sandra and Mary each got a small plate of catered food. They took it to the hot tub, sat the food down and removed their slut slave uniforms. They sat their shoes, stockings, and slut slave garters aside.

Sandra felt deep rushes of pleasure as the hot water enfolded her. The hot water brought all of her bruises back up to her mind. They tingled. The light pain and the sultry hot water brought Sandra’s passion back up.

It was the pleasure of passion, rather than that of roaring lust. Sandra ate some food. The savory flavors also elicited her pleasure. Sandra thought to herself, My job may have started all wrong, but it’s turning out all right.

Sandra moved up to Mary. She was smiling as she kissed Mary, then whispered. “I saw you take that big monster cock.”

Mary flushed. Sandra kissed her again. She fondled Mary as she spoke, “You liked it. It got you off. I could see it in your eyes.”

Mary flushed brighter red. Her eyes were sparkling. She returned the kiss. Giggling nervously, she replied, “Sandra, I was so frightened when I saw it. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it could possibly fit in me.”

Mary’s passion was raising as she continued, “It was just like I imagined it to be. Not like the first night of the cruise at all.”

Sandra laughed. “You imagined a monster cock taking you? I would never have guessed it.”

Mary giggled. “No Sandra, I never imagined a monster cock. The man behind it, was just like the man I have always pictured in my mind. He is beautiful. After the cock got into me, it was beautiful also.”

Mary kissed Sandra with passion. She fondled Sandra’s breasts. “Sandra. I could fuck him all day.”

Sandra smiled. “I am sure you will be fucking all day and all night. With him and everyone else on this boat. Except, maybe, whoever is steering the boat.” Sandra backed off a little and ate some more.

She lay back in the hot water. “Our mistress told us to relax. I think the only way you’ll relax is if you jack off. I’ll be watching. I want to see it and hear it.

“Yes mistress.”

Mary preformed the dance of lust before Sandra. As her passion rose she spoke. “It was so good. I want him. No matter who I fuck, I’ll be dreaming of him. No one on this ship can fuck like he can.”

Mary rose to orgasm. She shared her pleasure with Sandra into her mouth. Sandra cuddled with Mary and finished her food. Sandra remembered her Mistresses orders. She pulled Mary out of the tub and walked to the bar.

She spoke to the bartender. “Two each of something that tastes good.”

Sandra and Mary returned to the hot tub. As they drank in silence, Sandra thought of the coming film session. It brought waves of pleasure just thinking about it.

Mary dreamed of the shining man of her dreams. As they finished their drinks a male slave walked into the area. “Film call, five minutes.”

Sandra watched two other slut slaves approach the hot tub. Sandra had seen them last night in the service of their masters. Sandra had no idea how many slut slaves were on board with her. She smiled as she thought of the new slut slave, Beth Roberts.

She could hardly wait to see her teacher again. She wanted to see his eyes when he saw his wife in costume kneeling next to Mary and herself. The only thing that would be better was to see Connie kneeling next to Beth in a slut slave costume.

Both of the slaves removed their shoes. They stepped into the tub with their stockings still on. The slut slave holding the whip spoke. “Your mistress has ordered you warmed for the filming. Both of you out of the water.”

On one side of the hot tub was a padded ledge wide enough to lay down on. The slave with the whip spoke to Sandra. “You. On your stomach.”

The other slave spoke to Mary “You. On your back.” Sandra and Mary climbed out of the water. Sandra lay on her stomach. She positioned herself so that her head was over Marys. Sandra kissed Mary deeply. “You’re so beautiful You’re going to get fucked for the camera. The camera is like alman porno a thousand eyes. It’ll excite you so much.”

Sandra jumped a little as the whip kissed her bare ass. Sandra kissed Mary as the whip kissed her. Sandra’s lust rose with each lash. She sucked the passion out of Marys mouth.

Mary received the slut slave’s mouth. Her vagina accepted the slaves kisses and turned them into lust. In Mary’s mind she was being fucked by the shining man. She longed to know his name.

Sandra was rolled onto her back away from Mary’s passion. Sandra had her own passion. Sandra had never thought about lesbian love before. She had never thought of her own dominance.

She thought of them both right now. As the slut slave raised Sandra’s lust, she dreamed of pushing Mary’s face into her crotch. The thought of her using a whip on Mary as she serviced her brought shivers of excitement to Sandra.

Sandra’s mind was as active, as the slaves mouth was between her legs. Sandra’s orgasm was not raging, it was gentle and full. Sandra was satisfied for the moment, but only for the moment.

The slut slaves ordered Sandra and Mary on their knees as they put their shoes on. The slave with the whip spoke sharply as she drew the women to their feet. “Leave your costumes. Follow me.”

Sandra and Mary obediently followed the slave. They were naked except for their collars and the chain that bound them together.

Sandra held Marys hand as they were led back to the filming studio. Sharon met them as they entered. “How sweet, walking hand in hand. You two look as if you have found true love. Next, you will be fawning over each other. I hope it brings your passion up. If it does not, I will raise it for you.”

Sharon pushed the women onto their knees. She began to use the whip on them as they knelt. Sharon concentrated her whip on Sandra, but she did not leave Mary out of the action. Sharon pulled Sandra’s mouth up to her crotch. Sandra serviced her Mistress with passion. Sharon pushed Sandra away from her. She captured Mary’s hair as she pulled her up to her crotch. Mary went about her work with enthusiasm.

Sharon spoke as Mary continued. “Thats much better Mary. However, it still lacks both style and passion. Sandra is right, you do need more instruction.”

Sharon pushed Mary from her. Mary landed on her back on the floor. Sharon glared down at her. Sharon’s voice was as cold as steel as she used the whip on Mary’s tits. “You little bitch! You had better be a good student, I expect better than that. You do not have much time to learn. You will graduate on the island. When I sell your ass on the island, you had better act like the professional whore the customers are paying for. Your mouth will be like velvet whither you are sucking pussy or cock. Your little pussy will drip on cue or I will beat you until you can’t walk.”

Mary’s tears flowed. There was no passion in her mind, except for one small corner. From that corner of her mind, Mary saw the shining man standing over her. There was only obedience in her reply. “Yes Mistress, I’ll learn to please you and your customers well.”

“See that you do. The camera can’t feel your passion. It can, however, see your bruises. If you do not raise my passion soon you’ll be purple from your neck to your knees.”

“Yes mistress.”

Sharon walked up to Connie. She embraced her and kissed her deeply. Holding her she spoke so that Mary could hear her. “This is your big chance to shine. You’re the star of our movie today. Get your costume on, remember I’ll be watching.”

Connie knelt her head. She flirted with Sharon with her eyes, “Yes mistress.”

Sharon returned to Sandra and Mary. Marys eyes were dry. Sandra’s eyes were shining. Sharon spoke calmly. “It is time for you to get into your costumes. You will dress yourselves before the camera. A little make-up is in order.”

As Sharon spoke attendants rolled both women onto their stomachs. They applied make up to the womans body’s, completely covering their bruises. They stood the women up and covered the bruises on the front of their bodies.

As the attendants completed the concealment, Sharon continued. “You are two girls getting ready for a hot double date. You will raise each others passion. You will not fuck.”

Sharon led the women still chained together at the neck onto the stage. Stopping, she turned and grimaced slightly at the chain on both their necks. “Your chain is out of place for this scene. It will just have to do. I have no intention of removing your chain, even for a movie scene.”

Sharon used her whip to obtain both Sandra and Marys attention. She glared at them. “Get this right bitches! I only film once! Do it right! The pilot will hear your screams, if you do not. Get smiles on your faces and get into your clothes They are on the dressing table.”

Sandra was relieved to know there was a pilot. Someone was steering the boat. Sandra found some comfort in that. She was only so alexis texas porno comfortable with this whole ocean thing.

The curtain was closed. The harsh filming lights came on. Sharon exited the stage. “Roll the film.”

Sandra needed no prompting to find her smile. Mary’s smile convinced no one of her pleasure. Sandra quickly drew her into her arms. She shielded Marys face from the camera. She spoke softly to Mary. “Your man is getting ready to fuck you. His cock is rising watching you.”

Sandra kissed Mary, fondling her as she did. Sandra broke away from and led her to the vanity table. The table faced a large mirror. Two piles of clothes and a table full of beauty supplies waited for them.

Sandra unfolded the pile of clothes. She could see that the clothes were not sexy. They were prim and proper. Sandra took her cue from the style. “It’s so exciting! We’ll be on a double date tonight. I thought our mother would never let us date. I’m so excited!”

Sandra continued to raise Marys passion as she spoke. One hand was busy between Mary’s legs. Her other hand was busy between her own. Mary brightened up. She was finding her passion. Her passion rose at the possibility that she would be fucked by the shining man. She giggled as she thought to herself. The man with the monster cock.

Sandra was sure that this scene should not be long. She saw no dominance, or submission in the scene. She urged Mary to quickly dress. Their underwear was soft white cotton. Plain white panties and plain white bras. Both skirts buttoned to just below the knees. The blouses were modestly cut and their long sleeves left little skin bare.

Sandra brushed Marys hair. She fastened the sides back with a small set of barrettes. Lip gloss was all Sandra used on her.

Sandra brushed her short hair herself. Sandra lined her eyes and added color to her face. She applied a deep red color to her lips.

Sandra kissed Mary. She played to the camera. “It looks like we are ready for our date.”

“Cut!”, Sharon yelled as she walked up to the stage and glared at Mary.

She slapped Mary soundly. “What ever it takes, bitch. Find some passion. You are on the edge of discovering my wrath. Sandra can only cover so much.”

As Sharon spoke a crew of stage hands efficiently changed the scene. The set transformed from a dressing room to a bedroom. The decor was plush. It showed opulence and wealth.

“You dressed yourselves so well that I’ll dress you for your next scene.”

She bound Sandra’s hands behind her. Sharon efficiently bound Mary’s hands in front of her. Sharron ripped both womens blouses open. She pushed the torn blouses off their shoulders. She peeled the bra straps and the bra cups away from their breasts.

Sharon was smiling. She was enjoying herself. She used a pair of scissors on the skirts. She tore the skirts around their hips. The women stood in ragged mini skirts. Sharon tore open the cotton panel in the front of Mary’s panties. When she was done Marys panties fit like crotchless panties.

Attendants washed the foundation makeup from their body’s. Their purple bruises appeared from under their camouflage. The attendants smudged both of their faces and their clothes with dirt They messed up both womens’ hair.

Sharon applied fresh thin red stripes on both of the women. Sharon walked around the women. She stopped behind Sandra. She cut Sandra’s cotton panties from her. She then cut the ragged skirt up the back on either side of Sandra’s ass. Sharon tucked the flap into Sandra’s belt. Sandra’s ass was bare to the world. Sharon slashed bright new red stripes across Sandra’s broad ass.

“You had better find some tears bitch. If you are still grinning when the cameras roll, I’ll cripple you.” Sharon growled as she slashed at Mary’s legs.

“Your tears are perfect for this scene. They had better be gone before the cameras stop rolling. If you are not happily fucking before this is over, I will film your screams as your ass is being fucked.”

Sharon led them off stage. Connie was waiting for them. Connie’s blue heels were radical in their height. She was as tall as Sandra in her modest flat shoes. Her waist was cinched tightly by the bright blue corset. She held a thin whip in her hand.

“Quiet on the set. Lights,” Sharon looked at the captured women. She renewed both of their tears with her whip.

“Connie has only one line. You have none. Connie’s opening line has been given to her. She is on her own from there. Follow her cue. Become your characters.” Sharon instructed as she stepped out of the light.

From the dark Sharon’s voice called out, “Camera. Action.”

Connie took the chain that connected Sandra and Mary. She drug the women into the light on the stage. Connie jerked them with the chain. Mary stumbled. Sandra fell.

Connie spoke to someone off stage. “I’ve brought the two slaves you purchased last night. I’ll prepare them for you. I’ll teach them their place, in my Masters’ house.”

Sandra thought the lines were presented quite stiff. The lines sounded artificial. Sandra knew no matter who blew the movie she would suffer with the rest of the cast. Sandra looked up at Connie from the floor. She narrowed her eyes. They were filled with defiance.

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