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Satisfying Randi’s Curiosity Ch. 02

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Lisbet and her husband had put on their clothes again after their evening with Randi, who was still naked. At the front door, about to shake hands, Randi’s nipples popped out again. He smiled and murmured: “I want to kiss you.”

His arm went around Randi’s naked body and drew her breasts against his jacket. She turned her face up and they kissed, kissed for a little longer and much better than just to say goodbye. When they separated, Lisbet smirked slightly and said:

“I do too.”

For just a moment, Randi looked a little surprised, but then embraced Lisbet, and they shared an equally good kiss. They all smiled and then said the usual Norwegian expression: “Thank you for the evening,” all chuckling with smirks at the understatement.

In the car, Lisbet snorted and remarked:

“I sure didn’t expect it would be like that!”

“You didn’t?! What did you think I expected?”

“But you liked it, … and liked her?”

“Hm-hm-hmm! I’m glad you anticipated that I would. Hm-hmm! And told me about her firm breasts and tight pussy.”

“Um-hmmm! But I really didn’t expect that you would get to find out about her pussy.”

“Just encouraged me, when it looked like I could.”

“Um-hmm!” she responded cheerfully.

She put her hand on his thigh, and they chuckled. When it moved up his thigh, he murmured:

“Not while I’m driving, … and not tonight.”

She took her hand away, and they soon arrived home. When they entered the living room, they found Britta and Maren clearing drinks from the coffee table, very surprised to see that they were both naked.

“There you are already,” one of them remarked, unconcerned about her appearance, but then gasping and adding:

“Oh gosh!” as she blushed.

Her sister also blushed, but they both had their hands full and couldn’t cover themselves. They turned and rushed to the kitchen. He and Lisbet exchanged smirks. She replied:

“Yes, here we are. Hmm! Must have been good.”

The girls just snickered in the kitchen. He snickered and said:

“Want us to stay here and wait for you to go to bed, or should we disappear?”

“Disappear!” the girls replied together.

“Good night, then.”

“Good night,” they replied, and their mother responded.

With audible chuckles, they went to their bedroom, hearing the girls accuse each other for not having gottrn dressed. When they had closed the bedroom door, Lisbet grinned and remarked softly:

“Like Randi.”

“Um-hmm. … Hm-hmm! Nice firm breasts.”

“Hmm! You would know.”

They smirked at each other and went to bed and to sleep. In the morning, however, they both wanted to do the only thing they hadn’t done the night before, and curled up with their heads on the other’s thigh.

The following weekend, while Lisbet visited her parents, he chided the girls about their having been naked and asked them how their evening had been. They snickered and asked if he really wanted to know. They were still in bed after Friday night together. He nodded with a grin.

They had already spent one evening together with Lars and Maren’s friend, Erik, but just in separate beds. When the boys arrived, they all knew what was going to happen, but started with drinks in the living room, soon not drinking, and went to the bedroom as they had before. This time they were less reserved about seeing each other naked and then made love with their partners. They went back and had another drink in the living room, chuckling about being naked there. Then Lars, who had spent a week at the cabin with both girls, suggested that they could all get together. Erik wasn’t sure what they meant, but since the girls were enthusiastic, he agreed, and they returned to the bedroom.

Erik had been surprised when Lars asked him to help put the girls mattresses together on the floor, but then understood and had no complaints when Britta chose to lie next to him. Maren and Lars had, of course, plenty of experience together, and led the way, soon curled up with his cock in her mouth, and then Erik and Britta were also curled up together. With a lot of snickers, they returned to the living room for another drink, the girls sitting on the boys’ laps.

Then someone asked what else they could do. The girls and Lars exchanged glances and smirks, and Erik asked why. The other three smirked again with snickers, and Lars said that he could only think of one thing, the girls doing it with each other. Erik was a little shocked, but the girls just nodded with wry grins. “And us?” Erik asked: “I’m not going to do that.” Lars shook his head and said there was something else they could do. Erik looked dubious, but nodded. They finished their drinks and returned to the bedroom. With chuckles, the girls curled up together. When the boys’ cocks were ready, first Lars lay down behind one of them, then Erik understood.

“Oh, it was good!” Maren exclaimed to her father:

“But I didn’t know whose cock it was. Didn’t matter.”

“Hmm! I guess not.”

“Oh, when it was over, of course, then I pendik escort knew, Erik’s again.”

“But then it was late,” Britta explained:

“And they had to help get the mattresses back on our beds and leave.”

“Why we were still cleaning up.”

“Hmm! As we saw, and so accustomed to being naked in the living room that you forgot.”

“Um-hmm, something like that.”

Her sister nodded with smirk and remarked:

“But you didn’t mind, did you?”

“Hm-hmm, and your mother thought it was funny, too.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

Saturday night, the girls went out, but with nowhere to sleep with their friends, returning home to sleep with their father, as they also did Sunday night, doing it that way and every other way they could.

Early in the week, Lisbet told the girls that they were going out again that Friday evening. The girls hardly concealed their delight. When they heard her story about playing cards, one of them suggested:

“Oh, that’s nice. Some people play cards together regularly. Will you?”

“This is just the first time; have to see how it goes.”

When she turned away from the girls, Lisbet smirked slightly, however, both at the girls’ delight and the inference that there would be no problem about explaining further evenings with Randi, something she hadn’t considered when she suggested the excuse of playing cards.

In bed that night, she told him about the conversation, and they both snickered. Then she said:

“I’m not going to ask what you do with them, but did they tell you what they did Friday night?”

He chuckled and told her. She was a little surprised, then snorted and remarked:

“Like Mother, like daughter.”

“Daughters – or the other way around; they did it first.”

“Hmm! Don’t brag!”

“Not with me, with Johan.”

“Hmm! Oh, right.”

The next day, Lisbet called Randi to confirm their plans. When Randi asked about the girls, she chuckled and told about their finding them naked. She was about to tell the whole story, but recognized in time that she and her husband shouldn’t know the details, and then told that one of them had suggested that people often played cards together regularly. Randi chuckled and replied:

“Good idea, … if you want to?”

“If you do. I don’t have to ask him; he will.”

“Hmmmm! … Hm-hmm! I don’t have the read the stories now for my fantasies.”

Friday, Lisbet made her potato salad, offering to make enough for the girls and their friends. They thanked her, and she replied:

“Just let them help you clean up before we come home.”

They all smirked slightly, and the girls agreed, asking when she thought they would be returning home, pleased when she replied that she thought it would again not before midnight.

While she was making the salad, Randi called back. Lisbet’s side of the conversation:

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” … “Hm-hmm! You did?” … “Now still? Hm-hmm! And?” … “That was pretty direct. Of course, if you want to.” … “Hmm! Oh, he won’t mind. Hm-hmm! More than not mind. Certainly clarifies things.” … “Really?! I didn’t know that, wasn’t in what we learned in English at school. Hm-hmm! Seems appropriate, if you don’t mind my saying so.” … “Goes for me, too – and for him.” … “And for our girls, it seems.” … “Oh, I’ll tell him. He’ll be delighted.” … “Anything you want to.” … “Hm-hmm! See you soon. Hmm! Soon, like that.”

When she hung up, she glanced around, relieved that the girls hadn’t overheard her conversation. Chuckling, she returned to the kitchen.

When he came home, she told him that Randi had called, smirking and saying that she would tell him in the car, and that he should shower and shave. He snorted with a grin and went off to do so. When he had finished, she joined him in the bedroom, undressing. While he dressed, he asked if a coat and tie were necessary. She smirked and replied:

“Don’t you remember? They said ‘very informal’.”

They both chuckled, and she went to take her shower. As they were leaving the house, the girls thanked her for the salad. Lisbet replied:

“And remember to have the boys help clean up.”

Maren snorted and asked:

“Oh, you want to see them, too?”

“You know what I mean, before we come back,” she replied in her sterner, motherly tone, but smiled.

In the car, he asked:

“And she called? Why?”

“Hmm, I told her I would tell you.”


“Hmm! She said that she had cleaned the house in the nude.”

“Hmm! Nice.”

“And that she still was.”

“When did she call?”

“Two hours ago, I guess.”

“And what else?”

“Hm-hmm! That she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get dressed before we arrive.”

“If she doesn’t want? But it would be a little embarrassing, like when we started to get dressed.

“All the more reason to get undressed.”

“As soon as possible. Takes care of wondering how the evening will begin.”

“Um-hmm. I said that you wouldn’t mind.”

“Mmmm! Of course not.”

“Oh, do you know what her escort pendik name means in English, spelled with a ‘Y’, but pronounced with a short ‘A’?”

“No. Did I miss something in school?”

“We did, too.”


“Hm-hmm! Lustful, sexually aroused.”

Hmm! Like ‘horny’ in American English. Hm-hmm! And she told you that?”

“Um-hmm, trying to tell us something.”

“Hardly necessary, but a little too appropriate. What did the guys in England think about an attractive Norwegian girl with that name?”

“I didn’t ask, but I said it applied to us, too.”

“And our daughters.”

“Um-hmm, that’s what I also said.”

“Are the guys already there, do you think?”

“Probably. … Hm-hmm! Maybe they won’t wait till after dinner either.”

“She didn’t think we would.”

“Hmm, starting like before?”

“Not with a shower, why we had ours already.”

“Hmm? I rather thought so, but didn’t think she would be so direct – randy Randi.”

“Hm-hmm! … Hm-hmm! Let me know if you can’t as much as we girls both want; I can wait.”

“Very thoughtful of you. I hope so. Just suggest that she does that again for me, and maybe I can.”

“That’s good; I told her she could do anything she wanted.”

“Hmm! Generous of you. I hope I can, too.”

They both snickered, and he parked the car. At the door, they rang the bell and exchanged questioning smiles. Randi wasn’t nude when she opened the door and greeted them, then snickering and asking:

“Did you tell him?”

“Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! I think he is a little disappointed.”

“Just a little,” he agreed with a smile.

“I almost did, but then, while I was just waiting, decided it would be too funny.”

“Hm-hmm! ‘Nomen est omen’.”

“She told you that, too?”

“Um-hmm, and I wondered what the boys in England thought about an attractive Norwegian girl with your name.”

They were all going to the kitchen with Lisbet’s food. Randi glanced at him with a wry smile and replied:

“Probably what you think, but a couple of them weren’t very subtle about it, and, … well, back then I was pretty much of a good girl.”

“And the father in the family? One hears that they sometimes …, well, you know.”

“Oh, he was real nice. Not like that. He immediately warned me that my name could give guys the wrong idea, suggesting that they call me something else.”

“That was nice of him, but you didn’t?”

“Hmm? Tried to, but then forgot the first time I introduced myself with other young people.”

They had put down the food, and there was slight pause. Randi smiled slightly and asked:

“Aquavit again.”

The others nodded. As she reached up for the glasses, he saw her breast move and then thought that the light cloth of her dress revealed that she wasn’t wearing panties. He was still trying to see if he was right, when she turned back with the glasses and saw that he was looking at her hips. She smirked and murmured:

“Um-hmm, this is all I have on. Feels a little funny.”

“Sorry for staring.”

“Oh, that’s all right. Just sort of a compromise. Hm-hmm! Just don’t want to sit down like this.”

They all snorted with nods, and she poured generous portions of aquavit. When she and they raised their glasses, they all smirked slightly, and she offered: “Skaal.” “Skaal,” they responded, and he added: “to a pleasant evening.” They smirked more broadly and drank, no one emptying their glass, and smiled at each other again. Randi raised hers again and repeated his words, and they all emptied their glasses, this time more smirking than smiling as they looked at each other.

There was another pause, and they exchanged slight, questioning smiles. Then Lisbet snorted softly and murmured:

“If you don’t want to sit down … like that, …?”

Randi smiled wryly and murmured: “randy Randi.”

He saw that her nipples were aroused and replied softly:

“Randy Lisbet, and randy me, too,” he murmured, smiling at each of them.

They all snorted and nodded. After a moment, the fingers of Randi’s empty hand gathered up a fold of the skirt of her dress. The others both noticed and watched her fingers gather up another fold. Lisbet murmured:

“I feel overdressed,” and reached for a button of her blouse.

“Me too,” he agree, also reaching for the top button of his shirt.

They all smiled and set down their glasses and Randi turned to lead them from the kitchen. As he and Lisbet continued to unbutton, she began to gather up her skirt with both hands.

“Mmmm! Nice legs, he murmured.

Randi chuckled, waiting until they were in the bedroom to go further. His chest was bare and Lisbet’s blouse open, revealing her bra, when Randi turned, her skirt raised high up her thighs. She hesitated a moment, but when she saw him begin to open his trousers and Lisbet reach back to loosen the waistband of her skirt, she sniffed with a grin and began to draw her dress up, immediately revealing her pubic hair. As her breasts came into sight, he stepped out of his pendik escort bayan loafers, while he pulled his shirttail out of his trousers, and then pulled his underpants down with his trousers. Lisbet’s skirt dropped to the floor as she flipped her blouse off her shoulders, while Randi struggled to free herself from her dress, but then her face reappeared. She grinned again and tossed it on a chair, and then watched the other two finish undressing.

They both grinned back with chuckles, seeing her aroused nipples and seeing her hands rise to them, but not to hide them; her fingers playing with them. Then she reached out her hands and said: “Let me help you with your clothes. They handed her their shirt and blouse. She hung them on the back of another chair, while Lisbet took off her bra and panties and tossed them to Randi. They stooped to pick up the rest of their clothes, Lisbet took his with a snicker and said:

“Take of your socks; looks too funny.”

“Um-hmm,” Randi agreed, grinning again, but she wasn’t looking at his feet.

He was aware of his cock as he stooped to take them off, and it was fuller when he stood up and tossed them to Lisbet by the chair. They grinned for a moment, as their eyes appreciated the others’ nudity: his cock and the women’s stiff nipples. Then Randi glanced at Lisbet’s face and murmured:

“I want to do it again.”

Lisbet smiled and replied:

“I said: ‘anything you want to’. I always can.”

Randi gave her thankful smile. He nodded with smile and stepped towards the bed. Randi shook her head and murmured:

“Keep standing; I want to do everything I have read about.”

“Hmm! If you want to. Not sure what that all could be.”

He stood still and watch Randi drop to her knees, glancing again at Lisbet, who nodded with slight smirk. He also glanced at her, and she nodded again. Then he looked down at Randi.

She moved a little closer on her knees, and the back of one hand slid up the inside of his thigh. Her fingers moved his balls in his very loose sack. She looked up at him with a smile, and then returned to looking at his cock and balls. His cock was now standing out a little from them. Her fingers explored; stroking the back of his sack, then jostling his balls again. She murmured:

“I want to lick and suck them.”

“Anything you want,” Lisbet replied, adding:

“I’m going to lie down; this could take a while.”

She got on the already open bed, moving so that she could watch. When he glanced over at her she grinned and put her hand on her pussy. Then he was just watching Randi.

She chuckled softly at what she was doing, and then lowered her hips a little and leaned forward and held one of his balls closer and licked, caressed it with her tongue. He hummed encouragingly. “Uhn-hnn,” she agreed, and her tongue tried to slip under it. She pressed it between her lips and sucked it into her mouth, gently closing her mouth around it, as her tongue caressed.

“Oooh! That feels good,” he murmured, as he watched his cock slowly rise, brushing up her cheek. “Uhn-hnn,” she agreed again, her response vibrating on his ball.

After a moment, she released it and murmured:

“Um-hmm, like in the stories, nice.”

She glanced up at him with a smile, and he nodded, returning her smile. She looked back down at his cock, that was now horizontal, and wagged it with her other hand and chuckled, murmuring to it: “Just wait. Now the other one first.” He chuckled with a nod, and glanced at his wife, who also nodded with smirk. For a moment, he watched her fingers move on her pussy.

Then he returned to watching Randi, as she licked and then sucked his other ball in her mouth, and murmured: “Also feels good.” This time she hummed in pleased response, letting him feel the vibrations again. He murmured:

“Feels even better when you hum like that.”

She did, chuckling, as his cock brushed up her temple. She chuckled warmly again and then released his ball and licked up the back – now the front – of his cock, making it twitch strongly when her tongue reached its head. She chuckled again and murmured: “You like that,” and licked there again, and it twitched again. “You do,” she murmured.

He just nodded, understanding that she was speaking to his cock, more obvious, when she murmured: “Now it’s your turn.” She made it twitch again, and then he saw and felt her lips slip around it.

So warm and moist! And caressing it with her tongue where it was most sensitive, making it surge and twitch in her mouth. He moaned softly, and she hummed in apparent delight at her success. He murmured:

“Those stories must be good!”

She nodded with another hum, and he heard his wife murmur from the bed: “They are,” but he didn’t glance over at her this time. He was captivated by the view of Randi sucking his cock.

He suddenly wondered if that was what his daughters were also doing at that moment, and then wondering how long those young boys – no, young men – could bear the arousal before they came. It was feeling almost too arousing for him already!

To his relief, Randi raised her head. He saw her lick her lips and felt her fingers trying to pinch a tight wrinkle of his sack. As they were successful, he snorted and asked:

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