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Saving Mom Ch. 5-8

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This is a total work of fiction. Any similarities to real world people places or events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed are 18 years or older. This work contains graphic depictions of diverse sexual acts. If you are not of an age to lawfully read this material, please move on.

If, as of yet, you haven’t read the first instalment of Saving Mom, please do so for continuity.


Saving Mom

Chapter 5

My eyes popped open when I realized I was alone in bed. I looked around and there she was, studying me with a big smile on her face.

“I have a question,” mom blurted.

“Go ahead mom.”

Nervously, “Did we um…..”

“No mom we didn’t. I wouldn’t take advantage of anyone like that.”

Her relief was evident. “Good! Wait!I don’t mean it that way! I mean, I want it to be special. That is if you… I’m messing this all up!” She started to blush up.

I hopped out of bed and went to her as I replied, “You haven’t messed anything up. If we did do that last night, now THAT would have messed things up.”

I pulled her to me and continued, “I feel the same way about you and didn’t do anything to you last night in the hopes that I could do things with you when we could have clear heads.”

I lifted her chin and kissed mom very passionately and said, “I love you more than anyone or anything.”

I patted her wonderful ass as I turned to get my shower stuff. “I think we both could use a shower. Grab your stuff.”

As she collected her things i inquired, “You wash my back and I’ll wash yours?!”

“I want to wash more than your back!” she replied with a lusty gleam in her eye and a grin on her face.

It was apparent that mom had no ill effects from her alcohol consumption last night. As a matter of fact it didn’t appear to affect her at all!! Hmm?

Mom was showing me a different side. It seemed that just the fact that I desired her gave her a lift. She was fun and a bit sassy. I loved it! We walked down the hall, arms around each other’s waist with not a care in the world. Mom even left her robe undone!

We sauntered into the men’s shower room as she exclaimed how naughty she felt. That even though I said everyone was gone, she still could get caught. Her nipples were very hard and swollen and I bet if I checked she would be really wet.

Mom hung up her robe and arranged her products while I adjusted the water temperature. It didn’t take long to heat up so we got right in once she was ready.

“Oh!!!” She launched forward right into me.

“What was that?!” I asked as she hugged me close.

“Sorry!” she giggled, “I touched my butt to the cold tiles!”

We both laughed. I knew how cold they were because she had plastered me against them too!

I had mom wet her hair as I reached for her shampoo. I put some in my hands and started to wash her hair.

“This feels so good! Nobody’s ever….”

“Mom, there is a lot of things that ‘nobody’s ever’ with you. It’s about time we change that. Women are princesses or queens to be loved, respected and pampered by the man or men in their lives. If the man is not doing so then the cancer needs cutting out.”

As I massaged mom’s scalp I continued, “like I was saying, I am going to show you how you should be treated starting by being pampered in the shower. Now please lean your head back so we can rinse.”

We did rinse her hair and I had her lean back against me. I added some body wash to the soft loofah and began to use my hands and the loofah to soap her shoulders, boobs and belly. As the soaping turned more into a soapy massage, mom moaned and let me know how lovely that felt by pressing her ass into my semi-hard cock. I moved from general manipulation to paying more attention to her tit flesh. I’d slide my hands across, capturing mom’s distended nipples between fingers and then let them escape. Then I’d move my attention to the undersides of her saggy milf tits. The skin was so hot underneath, it was amazing!

Mom was mumbling, “don’t stop, please don’t ever stop!” over and over.

I changed tactics. I continued my manipulations with one hand and took the soapy loofah back into the other. I circled her belly button making wider and wider arcs. Soon I was in to mom’s thick bush. As if to urge me on, mom widened her stance a bit.

As the loofah grazed over her clit for the first time, I got a ‘YES!’ out of mom. Two more passes with the loofah and then it disappeared as I dropped it to the shower floor. Now just my fingers moved over mom’s magic button.

As I became more aggressive working her clit mom’s moans moved from low and guttural to a high and constant shrill tone. As the tone increased in volume so did the shaking in her legs.

I hugged her closer with my one arm suspecting an explosion. All at once, her head tilted back, all sound stopped and so did the shaking. That’s when the violent thrusting started. Moms knees went against the shower wall and she was driving her hips into my hand and hot girl cum was tipobet365 yeni giriş spaying out of her into my hand and the wall so forcefully that I could hear it above the shower noise. After the first squirt mom was grunting out ‘fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!’ with each.

As the squirting lost power so did mom’s grunting and so did her legs. We both slowly slid to the floor. We sat together like that for a while as mom recovered. I was so glad that the dorm was on a boiler and hot water was unlimited.

“What did you do to me?! Did I just pee all over the shower?!”

I snickered, “No mom! You squirted! That was girl cum and only very special women can really do that. And only when they are majorly turned on. You seem to be good at it too! You did it last night too on the toilet!” Now I chuckled out loud.

“Sorry for being so dumb but is that a good thing?”

“Yes mom, the very best as far as I’m concerned. It seems that your body is a sexual dynamo that is just waking up. By the way, next time you do that, I want my mouth to be down there to drink you all up!” I was getting hard again envisioning that act.

“You can’t want to do that?! Guys don’t do that kind of thing!!”

“Who told you that?! Dad told you that didn’t he?! He really is a self centred huge ASSHOLE!!! Real men who know how to treat women would eat pussy every day! We LOVE to do that! Both parties get immense pleasure from doing that. A lot of women love to do that too! I have so much to teach you mom. We will have so much fun!!”

“Oh gawds! I know so little about these things. He has taken so much from me!!!” Mom began to cry.

I brought my lips to her ear. “My mother my love, we have started on a new path for you…us. Please don’t cry. It will soon be behind you. I will be gentle and loving and you will catch on quickly once he is out of your life. Now let’s get up, get dressed and get some food in us.”

Her crying subsided and she nodded. I helped her up so we could go back to the room.

As we gathered our shower things I thought, ‘I still haven’t played with mom’s outstandingly beautiful ass!”


Chapter 6

Mom was glancing over at me all the way down the hall. As we entered my room mom spun me and pushed me back on the bed. She pushed my knees apart and grabbed my quickly hardening cock and began to stroke.

“Mom, please don’t! You don’t need to do that. I know how dad forced you and how much you hated that!”

Mom continued to stroke as she looked up to me. “Your father forced me to do this. And yes, I hated that. But I do this now for you, not because I have to but because I love you. I want to pleasure you. I want to taste you. I ‘will’ do this and many many more things with you because you are kind and caring and loving to me. You have me so turned on right now. I am yours forever.” And then she got a twinkle in her eye and said, “And you must always remember…..mother knows best!”

With that, she literally pounced on my cock! In one smooth motion she had my 8 inches down her throat and her nose in my groin! Her hand was massaging my balls and oh what a feeling! I went from what I thought was max hardness to diamond hard in an instant.

Mom pulled back off for a split second. “So hard….so good!” Her voice was full of lust. She slammed back down over and over, spit gushing out around her lips. She was a maniac!

I was so mesmerized and so excited my orgasm was just right there before I knew it!!

“Gonna cum!” I gritted out.

Mom pulled up some so my cock head was in her mouth. She added her free hand to my shaft and stroked furiously.


I was cuming so hard I thought my balls were going up my shaft as well!! I was seeing stars as my cum blasted into my mom’s mouth three, four, five big shots and then countless smaller pulses.

I slumped back onto the bed as mom crawled up to cuddle with me.

“Holy fucking fuck mom!! I thought you hated doing that?!”

“I hate being forced, my darling son. I love your cock in my mouth and down my throat. I love, love, LOVE the feel and taste of your cum. You didn’t hold me down and make me panic or slam me so hard my nose bled. This was all done with love and care by both of us. I can’t wait til later and you fill my other sexy spots with your wonderful man juice!”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up with her as she said, “go wash your parts off while I get dressed. I need more to eat than just you!” She giggled and swatted my ass on my way out the door.

When I got back mom had on a nice (albeit old fashioned) skirt, blouse and sweater set and was drying her hair. It always took a while for it to dry because it was so long. I got dressed as she finished.

“Do you like your mothers hair?” She asked.

“Yes I do but it could use a styling. Dad never lets you do anything like that.”

“I feel so daring right now. I really want to change it but if I did, your father would be pissed! I don’t dare do anything until tipobet365 giriş I can leave for good. There will be changes! I have plans, big plans!” She had a devilish look on her face as she said that.

We drove down into town and had a nice brunch. Eggs and waffles, bacon, sausage and fruit salad. Juice and coffee to round it out. I guess we both had worked up an appetite!

Mom insisted on paying after some discussion so I decided I was going to buy her a treat. We got back in the car and headed for old town Main Street. I had seen a cute boutique there called ‘The Gilded Lily’.

I found a spot to park on the street just down from the shop I was looking for. I got out and ran around to open the door for mom.

“Where are we going?”

“A surprise. You’ll see in a sec.”

We turned into the shop entrance alcove to the old fashioned door and as I went to open it, I was drawn to the sandblasted design in the glass. It was of a beautiful lily, or was it?! It seemed to morph into a very erotic form of a pussy! Outer then inner labia flowing down to a point at the bottom, flowing into a stem and flowing together at the top into a pretty little nub of a clitoris protruding from its hood. The “dew” drops on the lily were now, unmistakably, womanly moisture.

I pointed out the beautiful etching to mom. “It a really beautiful work of art isn’t it?!”

Mom looked at the door and replied, “Yes it’s lovely!” Then, “Oh!!” Her hand shot up to cover her mouth as her face turned red.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the little shop.

The old fashioned bell tinkled as the door struck it. The sound was somehow ethereal.

“I’ll be right out!” we heard from the back as we entered.

A woman approached with her hand extended in greeting. “I’m Anne and welcome to the Gilded Lily!

I felt a slight tingle as I took her hand. “My name is Tom and this is my..m…Inga.”

Anne offered mom her hand as she greeted, “So wonderful to meet you m…Inga!” Mom visibly shook and her eyes got large as Anne took her hand. Mom also made a slight moan as she did. What was that about?!

When mom and Anne disengaged, mom had a shy but happy look on her face.

Anne appeared to be mom’s age or slightly older. Adorned with silver hair in a long ponytail with soft pink and pale green ribbons braided in. She had a voluptuous figure with large natural saggy boobs and a plump ass and wide hips. She was dressed in a white peasant blouse that hugged the shape of her mammoth boobs and if I wasn’t mistaken her large protruding nipples were pierced! She also sported a multi coloured floor length peasant skirt. Peeking out from under were here hippy sandled feet, complete with multiple toe rings. She also had round silver wire framed “granny” glasses on, framing her grey-blue eyes. Her warm smiling face was hard not to fall for. I liked her immediately. Obviously so did mom….a lot!

Anne looked to mom. “What can I help you with today?”

I spoke up, “Inga’s intimate wardrobe has taken a turn for the worse of late and needs some new additions. As well, I’d like to see her in a new outfit. Something a bit sexier, perhaps?!”

“One moment please” Anne said as she went to the door, locked it and turned the sign to ‘closed’.

As Anne returned she addressed us in a magical musical tone. “Ah! A handsome son who wants to spoil his beautiful mother.”

Mom and I were floored! Speechless! I must have had a mortified look in my face. I know mom did!

“Yes, I know. I am very perceptive. I know a great many things about my clients and friends. Please do not worry….I would never say a thing to get you in trouble and within these walls you are safe.”

I knew instantly that we could trust Anne. I could see relief on mom’s face too.

Anne’s voice returning to a ‘normal’ tenor, “I know just what you need.” She turned and headed deeper in to her shop.


Chapter 7

Mom and I followed Anne from the small bistro in the front of the store through racks of rather common looking clothing for a ’boutique’. The end wall seemed to be getting further away. Curious!

Abruptly, the style and quality of the clothing changed to very stylish and sexy dresses, skirts, pants and blouses. Shoes and accessories in keeping with the same sexy style were also evident everywhere! I turned around and to me it looked like we had only moved a short distance but my mind knew that to be false.

“Inga, Tom! Come along!” Anne’s voice caused me to turn again.

“What the fuck!” I thought. The store seemed deeper than before! Farther in we’re racks and racks of intimate apparel, all of the types I had in mind for mom, my new lover.

I caught up to Anne and mom but my jaw would not shut. I was in continuous awe of the multitude of choices. Each sexier than the next.

“Oh gawds! I wish I could afford one of each! But I can’t so I’ll gladly settle for two or three sets.” Mom fingered the tags on a bra and panty set. In shock she tipobet365 güvenilirmi dropped the tag. “Ok, well one or two sets then!”

“Mom, I love you and this is my treat for someone who has done without for way too long. You pick what you like. Pick a bunch and then you try them. We will figure it out at the end. Yours is not to worry over price. You are worth everything.” I stroked her face.

Mom blushed.

“I know just your size. Let me look at you Inga.” Anne spent some time looking mom over in detail.

“Tom, grab that cart and follow me. Inga, you just browse around.”

Mom started browsing the isles oohing and awing at all the lovely choices while I followed Anne around. She mumbled away as she filled the cart with bra’s, panties, thongs, g-strings, baby dolls, marry widows, garter belts, stockings some for the belt and some stay ups. Well you get the idea. A little of everything! All of which mom would look fantastic in. I wish I could buy the whole cart but I knew by the first price tag that the cart load would be many thousands of dollars. I loved my mom more than anything but I’d have to work up to a collection like this.

We worked through some of the dresses, skirts and blouses too. Wow the cart was full!”

“Inga please come with me. Tom please go back up to the bistro and Griz has some food for you while you wait for your mother and I.”

I looked at her quizzically.

“Griz…..Grizelda my daughter. She has made you something fabulous and please drink all the mimosas you want. Enjoy!”

With that she turned to the cart and headed farther to the back with mom in tow, no doubt to try on all the new finds.

I headed to the front and standing next to one of the white bistro sets was a young woman of familial semblance to Anne except proportionately smaller. Griz also sported some serious dreads and was covered in runic tattoos and piercings commensurate with the style. Griz was wearing a tie dyed wife beater shirt two sizes to big, a peasant skirt like her mom and black combat boots done to a high gloss.

“Hi! You must be Tom?! I’m Grizelda. Call me Griz. Mom says to feed you so I’ve made something special for you. How does a Ruben on black sourdough sound to you? I know you’ll love it. Everyone does. Please sit. I’ll be right back.”

I never got a chance to speak! Griz was back in a flash. Literally….I think?

“Here is a mimosa for you. They are the house special! Your sandwich will be right up!”

She turned and started to leave again.


She turned back toward me. “Yes?”

“It’s so nice to meet you and thank you for doing this.” I said with a big smile.

She blushed and then smiled replying, “You’re very welcome!”

She turned again toward the kitchen and I swear she was right there and then…..not.

I took a sip of the mimosa. It was good. And then scanned around the bistro part of the shop. The door caught my eye again. I studied it more closely. It was indeed a beautiful delicious looking pussy. How Anne got away with such an art piece, I have no idea.

“Here is your sandwich Tom!” Fuck! She made me jump as if she had just appeared. “I brought catsup and pickles and some home fries too. I don’t want such a beautiful man to go hungry! May I sit?”

I indicated that I would love her to.

As she sat, Griz leaned forward and in so doing, exposed her beautiful tattooed and pierced boobs for my viewing pleasure. When she was seated my eyes travelled up to her face. Busted!!! She had a huge grin on her face.

“Please! Eat! It is best when it’s hot.”

I dug in to the sandwich and the fries as Griz began talking.

“It is fabulous what you are doing for your mom. And please don’t worry. Mom and I have the same type of relationship so we are all friends here.”

As she was speaking Griz brushed her dreads back over her one ear. It was pointed!! Like and elf’s ear!! Holy fuck!

“I can feel your mother’s aura changing. She has undoubtedly had a grey aura for a long time. I can see the light from you piercing her grey. Mom can see what you are doing too.”

“Finish up your mimosa and I’ll get you another.” She was gone in a flash again.

I was starting to get a bit antsy about Griz but then the thought struck me, that with all her other affectations, why not get your ears augmented?! Could be? Perhaps?!

In another flash Griz was getting seated and placing a second mimosa in front of me. I had finished the first one and I was suddenly thirsty again. “These sure taste good!” As I drained the second one. Was there a third sitting there? I didn’t remember her bringing two. Oh well! I drank half of that one as well.

“Tom, now that your thirst is quenched, let me explain. You and your mom were directed here.”

I nodded my head as I seemed to understand. Also noting that magical musical tone of speech.

“Mom and I are how shall we say….protectors of the natural order of things. Events in your mothers life have been under observation for a while.”

I don’t know why I nodded again.

“The world requires a balance of good and evil. Your mother is intrinsically good and your father definitely evil. Despite the obvious tragedy of the situation we could do little to intervene. Things were still in balance.”

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