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Scratchy and Itchy

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“What’s wrong with you, Mr. Squirmy?” Alison’s younger brother couldn’t seem to sit still. It seemed like he was always on the couch watching TV, but usually he just sat there like a lump.

“Oh my god sis. My balls are itching like crazy. I can’t take this much longer.” As he spoke, Jared’s hand reflexively went to his crotch and scratched, as if to emphasize his plight.

“Well, put some crème on it or something. Geez. It’s not rocket science.”

“I did. It didn’t help. It’s just getting worse.”

“You big baby. Just wait for the crème to work. You’ll be fine.”

“No sis. It’s been almost a week. It’s just getting worse.”

Alison let out a loud sigh. She was used to taking care of her little brother. With mom working long hours and dad out of the picture she felt like she’d raised him. But she’d hoped he’d be a bit more independent now that he’d graduated high school. Instead he seemed to have digressed, just sitting around the house. “Alright. Let me look at it.”

“OK.” Jared reclined on the couch and spread his legs like he was ready to be examined.

“Nice try moron. I’m not going to undress you. Just drop your pants and let’s get this over with.” Alison was used to seeing her brother wearing very little, at the pool, mowing the lawn, whatever. Although she hadn’t seen his penis in many years. She wondered how well he’d developed. Alison was a very curious person, some would say nosy. Her brother rarely provided any juicy info. She was pretty sure he was still a virgin, or at least awfully inexperienced.

Jared fiddled with his belt and then slipped off his shorts and boxers in one quick motion. Then he quickly took of his shirt and spread his legs wide apart to give his sister a full view of his rash.

Alison sighed again. “Um. Yeah. You didn’t need to take your shirt off for me to see your rash. Whatever.” She then focused on the rash. It did look pretty bad although it was a bit hard to see through the forest of pubic hair. Apparently he missed the manscaping bandwagon. But even through the forest it looked like the rash covered his balls and most of his penis. Yuck.

“Ok, you definitely need to have that looked at by a professional. Do it tonight. Umm, just to be sure, why don’t you make your wiener hard for me.” Alison loved to tease her brother.

“Uh, ok sis. Sure.” Jared wasn’t sure why his sister wanted this, but it wasn’t a problem. He closed his eyes, grabbed his penis, and started to gently rub it. It felt good. And he’d never been watched before. He kind of liked that. He started to fantasize about Annie, a cutie who worked at the Subway down the street.

“Oh my god! You’re gonna do it. Gross. I was just fucking with you. Stop that and put your clothes back on. Geez you little perv.”

Jared was surprised. He immediately stopped masturbating and sat up straight. He actually liked their little exchanges. “Mmmm. I kind of like doin’ the nudie thing. It’s comfie.” He leaned back, settled into the couch, and crossed his legs. “Whatever, freak boy. You do what you want. I’ve got some work to do upstairs. Don’t bug me.” She gave her nude brother a final once over, turned, and left the room.

Jared watched his sister as she let the room. She still had on her work clothes. He caught himself watching her ass as she left. The skirt and jacket really accentuated her natural curves. What the hell. She was his sister. He did need to get this rash fixed. It had been keeping him in a constant state of mild arousal, with his cock and balls tingling all of the time. He was pretty horny. His sister was certainly ok looking, but not crazy-hot like some supermodel. His hand absent-mindedly wandered back to his cock, which he began to stroke.

Masturbating took his mind off the itch. It felt good, he hadn’t cum in days. Jared was hard in no time and was well on his way to a massive orgasm, again thinking of Annie, when he heard the garage door going up. Shit. Mom is home early. Maltepe Escort He quickly gathered up his clothes and got dressed.

He had just pulled all of his clothes on when his mom opened the door from the garage. Jared was always happy to see her. She’d looked pretty much the same as long as he could remember. She was always put together. Her shoulder-length hair straight and jet black. She wore the perfect amount of make up, it accentuated her features but was virtually unnoticeable. She wore a white lab coat over her blouse and knee-length skirt. Her glasses really completed the “hot librarian” look. Although in this case she treated patients rather than shelve books. Jared often wondered why it had been years since she’d last dated.

“Hey mom. Can you take a look at something for me. You know. A medical thing.”

“Sure sweetie. What is it?” She put down her purse and briefcase and started looking through the day’s mail.

“Um. I’ve got this rash. Uhh. Between my legs and such.”

“Sure. I’ll give you some crème for it. Hopefully clear it up in a couple of days.” She walked over to the bar and poured herself a glass of wine, her usual after a double shift at the hospital.

“Umm. I tried that. It didn’t help. Alison looked at it and thought it was bad, that you should see it.”

His mom chuckled a bit. “You let your sister look at it? You must be hurting. You’ll never hear the end of it. Ok, well, hop in the shower and clean your crotch area really well. Get the water good and hot. I’ll grab some ointment from upstairs along with some clippers. I don’t want to further irritate the area by shaving it. But I’ll trim the area really good and then apply the ointment. Be there in a sec.” She left and headed upstairs.

Jared went to the downstairs bathroom, turned on the shower, and slipped out of his clothes again. After the water heated up, he jumped into the shower. He followed his mom’s directions and spent some time cleaning his cock and balls. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and he inadvertently found himself stroking his soapy cock. He started to get aroused and his mind wandered to the fact that he would soon be standing stark naked in front of a woman who would be fingering his balls and rubbing cream into his cock. His cock was fully engorged before he caught himself and realized he was fantasizing about his own mother. Jared felt an odd mixture of repulsion, curiosity, and arousal. He fought the arousal but to no avail. His cock was still at full strength.

He couldn’t get out of the shower like that. He contemplated finishing the job to get his cock soft again. But he thought that could make things worse if his mom heard him. So he turned off the hot water and endured a minute or so of freezing cold water spilling over his nude body. Even that took awhile to relax his cock. And it was still at about half mast.

There was a knock at the door. “Everything ok in there?” His mother’s voice knocked him back into reality.

“Uh. Sure mom. Just finishing up.” He turned off the water and got out of the shower.

His mom was standing in the open doorway with a pair of clippers. She’d changed from her work clothes into a T-shirt and shorts. Her skin ivory skin was smooth and creamy and her bare legs, which she rarely showed off, were shapely and toned.

“Ok, towel off and then come over here.” She sat down on the toilet seat and motioned for him to stand in front of her.

Jared’s mom began to trim her son’s pubic hair. She worked efficiently and precisely and with a clinical detachment.

She noticed that her son’s penis was partially erect and appeared to be growing as she worked. But she knew this kind of thing frequently happened with male patients. Especially young men. She knew this was a perfectly normal reaction without even really thinking about it.

She had to lift his testicles several times to trim his taint and had to move his penis several Ümraniye Escort times to reach all of his pubic hair. She briefly held Jared’s penis between her thumb and middle finger as she trimmed the hair at the base of his penis. He hands were warm and soft. She’d not put on gloves, this was her son after all, not some strange patient.

Jared was now fully erect. His penis was between five and six inches long and less than a foot from his mom’s face. She didn’t seem to notice it as she concentrated intently on her work.

At this point, Jared was desperately trying to think of anything but sex. He was obviously aroused. And was still turned on from the masturbation session that ended prematurely upon his mother’s arrival. But he was embarrassed for having a hard on in front of his mother. Which did nothing but exacerbate his arousal.

“Ok, it looks like the rash continues down a bit,” said his mom, using her best bedside manner. “I need to get a bit further between your legs.” She moved a trashcan over toward them. “Ok. Put your left foot up on the trashcan. You can put your hand on my shoulder to steady yourself if you need to.” Jared complied as best he could.

“Ok. Spread your legs just a bit further.” He again complied and she continued her work. “Ok. Great. I’m almost done with the trimming.”

Jared felt his mother’s hands again lift his balls and probe between his legs. She lowered her head to make sure she was trimming the entire rash area, her face now just a few inches from his genitals. Yet she didn’t notice the drop of pre-cum leaking from the tip of her son’s penis.

“Ok. Done with the trimming. Now I’ll apply the ointment.” She put down the trimmer and reached over to grab the tube of ointment. She had to reach a bit further than she thought and, with her son’s hand on her shoulder she briefly lost her balance. Jared fell forward a bit before he caught himself with his left hand, but not before his right hand slipped from his mom’s shoulder and settled on her left breast and his hard cock rested against her right shoulder.

Jared could barely contain himself. His mother wasn’t wearing a bra under her T-shirt. Her breast was so soft yet firm at the same time. Without even thinking he began gently stroking her nipple with his thumb.

Jared’s mom mentally chided herself for being so clumsy. “Are you ok sweetheart?”

Before turning back to the application of the ointment, her mind briefly recalled that it had been over a year since anyone had touched her breasts. She’d almost forgotten how nice that felt. Crazy thought. Her son’s hand lingered on her breast a second or so longer until he moved it back to her shoulder and pushed his body away from hers.

Her mind must be playing tricks. She must have imagined that her son had tweaked her nipple. Her mind quickly shifted back to the task at hand.

“I’m fine mom.” He steadied himself again, although now he couldn’t take his eyes off his mom’s tits. They were a perfect size. Not comically large. And still nice and perky on her taught, mid-40s body. Her nipples now pushed against the thin cotton fabric.

Jared was starting to loose the fight against his hormones. He hadn’t even noticed he was gently massaging his mother’s shoulder.

“Everything ok honey?”

“Sure, mom. Thanks for taking care of this.”

“Of course sweetheart. Just a few more minutes and I’ll be done”

Jared didn’t know if he could last a few more minutes. His cock was tingling with arousal. And he was starting to have some troubling thoughts. He realized his mom looked a little like one of the actresses in a porn clip he’d downloaded. He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything but sex.

Jared’s mom started applying the ointment, first between his legs and then to his balls. His mother worked the ointment into the sensitive skin with professional skill.

Jared involuntarily let out a little moan as his mother İstanbul Escort rubbed the first of the ointment onto the sensitive skin of his cock.

“Did I hurt you baby?” asked his mother, quickly pulling her hand away.

“No mom. It was just a bit cold and I was surprised,” he lied.

“Ok, well you tell me if it hurts. I’m almost done.” She squeezed some more ointment onto her fingers and rubbed it into the soft skin of his cock.

Then Jared though he’d calmed down a bit and he opened his eyes. He saw his mother rubbing the ointment into his erect cock. He saw her face inches away from his cock, saw her gorgeous breasts, saw her long brown hair. He breathed in her sweet perfume. The tingle in his cock grew in intensity and Jared realized he’d reached the point of no return. He was going to cum. He couldn’t fight it anymore so he just relaxed and let go. And the floodgates opened.

He grunted as the first and most powerful burst of semen left his cock, most of it splattering against the bathroom wall with a few ropey strands landing in his mother’s ebony hair. It seemed like his entire body convulsed as he came.

His mother’s head reflexively pulled back, away from her son’s pulsating member. But her hand continued to gently rub the cream into her son’s cock. “Sorry about that honey,” she said, realizing she’d gotten a little carried away with the ointment.

Her son let out a gasp with each new shot of semen. He knew his mother was talking but didn’t head her words. And he didn’t care whose hand was on his cock, only that she continued to stroke it. The orgasm was one of the best of his young life.

“I should have anticipated that might happen. The rash probably increases your sensitivity. Nothing to worry about.” As her son’s spasms subsided, she gently released his penis, grabbed a towel, and wiped her son’s cum from her hands.

“Are you ok sweetheart?” His mother asked.

“I’m fine,” said Jared, out of breath. As his faculties slowly returned, he took in his current situation. “Mom, I’m so sorry. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know what happened.”

“That’s ok. Your response was perfectly natural. I should have been more careful. Anyhow, I hope this takes care of the rash.” She handed her son a towel, stood up, and left the bathroom.

For once Jared was glad that his mom was so emotionally reserved. She didn’t seem bothered by what happened. After he cleaned the cum from his cock he closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, his head still spinning. He had no idea how long he stayed in that position. He was relaxed. Floating.

“Uh, what’s gotten into you today?” His eyes snapped open when he heard his sister’s voice. He reflexively covered his cock with the towel.

“Isn’t it a little late for that? I’ve now seen your junk twice today.” She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips, staring at him. “What kind of sex maniac are you? You just jack off with the door open and shoot against the wall? Where are you getting these ideas? Porn magazines? The internet? Geez.”

“Uh.” Jared realized his sister must not have seen the accidental handjob his mother had given him. “Yeah. Sorry. It must be the rash. Get’s me all going and such.” He dropped the towel again and began gathering his clothes. “I don’t watch that much porn.”

“Whatever. Try not to be such a perv for the rest of the summer. Well at least it looks like you got your pubes under control. Much better.”

Jared instinctively looked down at his cock. “Huh. It does look better. Bigger even.”

“Yeah. Well, don’t let it go to your head. It’s not that great. And it’s not like you’ve been bringing girls back here anyhow little bro.”

Jared had no response. It was true. Alison turned and left smiling to herself. In fact, she had seen the handjob. But her mother and brother had been too involved to notice her.

She thought it was sweet in a weird way. And she knew that neither her mother nor brother was getting much action. Which gave her an idea.

“Who knows,” she yelled back to her brother, as she headed upstairs to her mother’s room. “Maybe I can find some nice girl who will have pity on you so you don’t have to jack off so much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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