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Seducing Her Teacher at Prom Night

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Ivy leaned against the wall and stared at her classmates jumping up and down on the beat of the music. Their arms up in the air as they were dancing. It was a sweaty jungle of limbs on the gymnasium floor. She didn’t much care about prom, but this was her last one. She’d graduated and now at nineteen years old she would finally leave high school and start college. There was just one more thing she wanted to do.

She looked up and stared at Ezra, he was gorgeous, he’d taken of his jacked and now he was dancing in only his long sleeve shirt. His dark curls framing his face gorgeously, a big smile as he said something to his friend. Ivy had a crush on him for as long as she could remember and since they were all leaving town for different colleges she had nothing left to lose. She would just ask him, she would just flat out ask him, according to the internet guys never said no to sex. She’d decided that she wanted to loose her virginity tonight to Ezra.

Her fingers folding around the condom in her pocket as she ventured out onto the dance floor. She approached Ezra.

‘Hey,’ She said shyly. ‘Wanna fuck?’

‘What?’ Ezra screamed over the music.

‘Fucking.’ She made a circle with her fingers and then thrust her other finger inside mimicking penetration. ‘You. Me.’

He laughed. He laughed right in her face. He technically didn’t say no. He just pulled on his friends shoulder. ‘Look this slut wants to fuck me.’ He said loudly. ‘How desperate do you have to be? How delusional to think she could get with me.’ They laughed, more and more and more people were involved.

Horrified Ivy fled the dance floor, with burning cheeks and foggy eyes she ran out of the gymnasium. When she was alone she hid her face in her hands and she sank to the floor, completely defeated. She tried to hold back her tears, yet since it was impossible to humiliate herself any more, she eventually gave in and started crying.

‘Hey there.’ Someone was squatting in front of her, a hand on her shoulder. ‘Why are you out here all by yourself?’ A friendly voice asked. When she looked up she saw it was Mister Havers from her literature class. ‘This isn’t a night for tears.’ He said. ‘This is a night to have fun with your friends.’

Ivy just shook her head.

‘No?’ He asked.

‘What happened? Do you want to talk about it?’

‘Am I ugly?’ She said with a whimpering voice. ‘I’m not that ugly am I? You aren’t horrified by the thought of having sex with me, are you?’

‘O boy.’ Mister Havers said, her reached for her face and with a thumb he wiped a tear from her cheek. ‘Come.’ He said. He stood up and reached out his hand. ‘I think there are some tissues in the teachers lounge.’ He hoisted her up and she followed him through the hallway.

A moment later she was sitting on quite a comfy recliner in the teachers lounge, sipping from a plastic cup of water and dabbing her face with a ball of crumpled up tissues.

‘There, feeling better?’ Mister Havers asked.

She shook her head and stared at his gentle eyes and his friendly smile. He looked quite good in a tuxedo. She still wanted to loose her virginity. If not to Ezra then to anybody else. She wouldn’t be go to college a virgin. All of her friends had already had multiple boyfriends and she refused to be forever single, forever alone.

‘We all get rejected sometimes.’ Mister Havers said. ‘That’s just part of live. It hurts but you’ll get over it, you’re bursa escort still young and there are lots of other fish in the sea. There’s someone out there for everybody, you know.’

‘Wow.’ Ivy said sarcastic. ‘Could you stuff anymore clichés in there?’

Mister Havers laughed. ‘I know you probably think clichés are lame, but they’re a cliché for a reason, because a lot of people agree on the sentiment.’

‘Am I ugly?’ Ivy asked.

‘You’re a very beautiful girl.’ Mister Havers said.

‘So would you say no to having sex with me?’

His cheeks flushed and he flinched away from her. ‘I… maybe if I was younger, but you know it’s inappropriate for a teacher to have sex with a student, I can loose my job.’

‘But I’m not a student anymore.’ She said. ‘I graduated.’

‘I…It’s time to go back to your friends.’ Mister Havers said. ‘You seemed to be perked up.’

‘No.’ Ivy shook her head. She pulled down the silky front of her dress and showed him the lace bra she was wearing underneath, she knew full well that she was behaving impulsively, but she just didn’t care, she’d nothing left to loose. Somehow if she managed to fuck Mister Havers that would be revenge for Ezra. It would mean her life was back on track again.

‘Look.’ She said. ‘I’ve bought this bra especially for today, don’t you think it’s pretty?’

‘Sweetheart, don’t do this please.’ Mister Havers said. ‘Come on, cover yourself up.’ he reached for her dress, but she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand into her chest. He could’ve probably ripped himself free, but he didn’t. He just sighed as she rubbed her lace bra all over his fingers.

She heard him moan softly. ‘I can’t.’ He said without bothering to free himself from her clasp. ‘I shouldn’t.’

She pulled up her skirt and showed him the lace tongue. ‘It’s a set.’ She said. ‘See my bra and panties match.’

With her fingers still tightly around his wrist she pulled his hand down in between her legs and she rubbed her crotch against his hand.

‘Do you feel how wet my pussy is Mister Havers?’ She said. ‘That’s because I need your cock so badly.’ She tried to sound seductive and she hated to hear her voice trembling with insecurity.

‘Honey. Oh, sweetheart.’ Mister Havers said shaking his head. ‘You’re gorgeous honestly, you have no idea how much effort and self discipline it takes to control myself right now.’

‘So don’t.’ She said biting her lip. ‘Just give in to your urges and let go.’

‘I shouldn’t.’ He said shaking his head helplessly. Yet his fingers were gently exploring the crotch of her panties and she felt the side of his index finger slipping under the lace to feel up her labia. ‘I shouldn’t,’ He said once more, although Ivy wasn’t sure who he was trying to convince. She tilted her hips and produced some encouraging moaning.

He closed his eyes and grunted. ‘Please.’ He said in a begging tone of voice. ‘Please don’t do this to me.’ Yet seeing him act so powerless while facing her cunt only made her feel more in control, she was in charge now, she wanted to push him further. She reached out for the bulge in his pants and she started to stroke his cock through the fabric, even though she’d let go of his hand now, he didn’t retrieve his fingers, he kept gently stroking her pussy.

‘I’m so horny.’ She said. ‘Please Mister Havers, someone has to take my virginity today.’

There was a loud helpless grunt coming from somewhere bursa escort bayan deep within his throat. ‘Fuck me.’ He whispered. ‘This girl. This fucking girl. You’re a virgin? Are you fucking with me Ivy?’

Suddenly he walked away from her, he locked the door and then he was fidgeting with his belt as he came back. His trousers dropped to his ankles. He ran his fingers through her hair, he grabbed a fistful and pulled her face to his crotch. His rock hard cock pressing through the fabric into her cheek, she gave him a little kiss on his cock and then she hooked her fingers behind the elastic band of his boxers. His cock bounced into sight and she gently pressed a little kiss on the purple tip.

His body shuddered and he exhaled loudly. ‘This is so wrong.’ he said as he reached for his cock and pushed it forward, rubbing the tip against her lips forcing himself into her mouth. ‘Are you sure you want to do this Ivy. You don’t have to do this, you know that right?’

He thrust his cock deep into her mouth and any answer she could give would’ve been reduced to some muffled moans. She closed her lips around his shaft and licked with her tongue over his tip. She wasn’t quite sure how a blow job was supposed to go, she tried to suck on his cock.

‘Fuck…’ A helpless trembling voice. His fingers still tangled in her hair and gently he was pulling her head back and forth over his cock. ‘That’s it,’ he said. ‘that’s it, Ivy.’

He closed his eyes and froze for a moment. She felt the cock throbbing in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the tip, but quite roughly he pulled her head away from him.

‘No, no, no. Wait.’ He said quite panicked. ‘You don’t want me to blow yet do you?’

Ivy got nervous butterflies in her tummy. She’d barely been sucking on his cock for thirty seconds and he was already on the brink of orgasm? She blushed, that must mean she was doing something right. A moment later the pull on her hair was declining and she continued to bob her head up and down over his cock.

When he thrust himself deep into her throat she had to gag and tears welled up in her eyes, yet he kept on going, he was becoming more and more eager now, more and more greedy. Roughly fucking her in the mouth and then suddenly he pulled her up and he draped her over the table. He lifted her skirts and pulled her g-string to the side and then she felt his cock sliding into her pussy.

‘Fuck.’ He said shuddering. ‘You’re so tight. You’re such a tight virgin aren’t you?’

‘Yes I am Mister Havers.’ Ivy said.

He smacked her on the back of the head. ‘Don’t call me Mister Havers right now,’ He said. ‘Are you insane? Call me Nick.’

‘Okay Nick.’ Ivy said.

His hands around her hips. ‘Are you alright?’ He asked. ‘I’m not hurting you, am I?’

‘Just fuck me already Nick.’ Ivy said. ‘Just take my virginity. It’s yours now.’

Another grunt came over his lips. Deep within her pussy she felt the cock throbbing his fingers digging into her skin as he gently pulled her hips back and forth over his cock.

A trembling exhale.

Ivy felt the shaft of the cock slide past her pussy lips, it was quite a pleasurable feeling, but it didn’t compare to having her clit stimulated. She moved her hand in between her own legs and started playing with herself.

‘Let me do that.’ He said. He brushed her hand aside and rubbed her own fingers over her clit now. Ivy felt the pleasures building up and escort bursa she let out a satisfied moan.

‘You like that?’ He asked. ‘Does that feel good?’

He was fucking her and fingering at the same time. Once in a while he paused for a moment in an attempt to postpone his orgasm a little while longer. Ivy loved to hear his helpless grunts, she loved his trembling exhales caressing the nape of her neck, she loved his cock sliding in and out of her cunt and she loved his fingers that quite skillfully massaged her clit, she loved every moment of it. Her breathing became more and more irregular and she was panting and moaning. Her body twitched involuntarily as the arousal got more and more intense and then suddenly she felt her body lingering on the edge of orgasm.

‘Yes.’ She cried out. ‘Ye-he-he-he-hes, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.’ She muttered as the orgasm was slowly unfolding and spreading out into her body. She was shaking all over, the pleasures exploding. Mister Havers moaned loudly, he stopped thrusting, she could feel his cock throbbing inside of her as he was filling her up with his sperm.

She screamed overwhelmed with pleasure and then Mister Haver forced his hand over her mouth, gagging her.

‘Ssh, ssh, ssh.’ He said.

Yet she couldn’t control it, she was way past the point of no return, way past the point of caring about anything else but this arousal bursting through her body. She screamed into his hand as her body was convulsing. She felt her own horniness gushing out of her pussy.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’ Mister Havers said in a panic. ‘You’re a squirter?’

Ivy just slumped down onto the table and marveled in the lingering tail of her orgasm. Mister Havers was grabbing a bunch of tissues, trying to dry himself off and then also rubbing the tissues over her thighs.

‘Oh my… Oh. What have I done?’ He asked.

‘You deflowered me.’ Ivy said quite content with the situation.

‘I’m going to hell.’ He said. ‘O god I’m going to hell.’

‘No you don’t.’ Ivy said. ‘You didn’t rape me or anything, you gave me exactly what I needed, God will understand.’

Mister Havers was shaking his head. He had lost his erection and his cock had shriveled, with his pants still dangling on his ankles he sat down and defeated he hid his face in his hands.

‘I’m going to get fired.’ He said. ‘My career is over.’

Ivy reached for his limp cock and folded her fingers around the shaft, she felt it throbbing and growing in the palm of her hand. ‘It’s okay.’ She said.

‘You can’t tell anybody, understood?’ Mister Havers said. ‘Or you’ll ruin me, this has to be our secret. Promise?’

‘Fine. But only on one condition.’ Ivy said.

‘What?’ Mister Havers asked frantic. ‘What do you want?’

‘I want a picture of your cock.’ Ivy said. ‘So I can have a reminder of you back at home, and also as a guarantee you’ll fuck me again.’

‘Again?’ Mister Havers asked his voice dripping with disbelief. ‘Again?’

‘We can wait till after the graduation ceremony if that makes you feel any better,’ Ivy said as she soothingly patted him on the head.

‘You’re a little insatiable slut, aren’t you?’ Mister Havers said.

‘If you want to belief Ezra.’ Ivy said.

‘Ezra is an idiot. Ezra is a loser.’ Mister Havers said.

‘I’ll be your slut.’ Ivy said softly. ‘But only yours, okay? I’ll be a little insatiable slut for you.’ She felt his cock throbbing in her hand as Mister Havers let out a helpless grunt. He put his forehead against hers, looking at her with these gentle eyes she knew from her literature classes and a jolt of love and butterflies was released into her tummy.

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