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Seducing the Daughter-In-Law

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My name is Bill and I lost my wife nearly 7 years ago in an auto accident. I am a rather normal looking guy, standing just over six feet and weighing 210 pounds with no outstanding features – not too attractive to women and most guys would not consider me a threat. Brown hair and blue eyes top off the package. I do have the ability to listen well and can build a woman’s trust in little time at all. It is this ability that has gotten more women for me than anyone would ever guess I was capable of. But I do have my standards. Any woman I want to pursue must meet three prerequisites before I start the chase. They must be in need of comfort and or sex, and most all women are because of their significant other. Second, they must be intelligent, or have a great deal of common sense. Finally, the most important feature, they must be married. Not going steady or living with someone, but married. Less chance of them getting too attached to me. These things I hold above all but I have wavered or added to this list. This story is one such waiver.

Class started this summer semester evening and I was attending yet another college course. I enjoy learning and besides, the playing field is ripe with potential hot women. Sitting near the front I awaited the professor to arrive and start when I was startled to hear my name being called by a familiar voice.

“Bill, what are you doing here?”

Turning toward the voice my eyes came upon Diane, my daughter-in-law. She had married my son three years back and it was lust at first sight. She was indeed a looker and I wondered just how Robert (my son) had managed to land her. By nearly all male accounts, she was very attractive, standing about 5’ 8”, and weighing around 130 pounds. She had a smooth and creamy completion, straight light brown hair that fell partially down her back and a figure in the shape of a 34-24-35 hourglass. Her 34 C’s move little when she walks and are always proud, crested by prominent nipples that seem always ready to burst forth from her top, no matter what she was wearing. Add this to the fact that the sum of the parts exceeded the parts themselves, and you have one fantastic looking lady. This evening she had selected a skirt of moderate length and print blouse that buttoned up the front.

Diane mover straight to me and opened her arms for a hug. Who was I to refuse as I rose to greet her? She moved with grace right into my arms and I found myself hugging her with a bit more than a casual embrace. Instead of moving back Diane moved closer and raised her lips, giving me a quick peek on the neck. Parting she immediately sat at my table. We were taking an Economics class and I knew the professor would require projects. Normally he assigned partners but the look I saw on his face told me she was my partner, like it or not.

Professor Hampton was a sly old man and he knew I had enough credits to graduate with nearly any degree I wanted. I just enjoyed going and he seemed to live vicariously on my class conquests. He did not know she was related until later. He apologized but I told him I was fine with her as my partner. Little did I know just how happy I would be?

Diane listened intently as Professor H told us all about what was expected this semester. He passed out the syllabus and the suggested reading list. Finally he passed out the major portion of our grade – the project. I glanced over the material and knew it would be no big deal, but to the novice it appeared to be very engaging. I noticed the look on Diane’s face and knew she was worried. Her bright green eyes were wide with apprehension and, if I read her right, self doubt. I reached over and patted her hand and told her everything would be all right.

The first night was rather uneventful until near the end. After we were given the assignments for the entire semester, we were tasked with getting together to decide the particulars of the course and to determine study routines and so forth. Diane didn’t say much during the evening until it was time to determine where we would study. I said we could go to my place and Diane agreed. I mentioned the library but she said my place would be better. She never mentioned us going back to her and Robert’s place.

We established a game plan and decided to meet the following Wednesday evening, before class on Thursday. I knew from previous classes the content was important but the oral presentation would be the biggest portion. Our topic was given to us and we were released for the night.

Diane and I sat for a while discussing the topic, the rise and fall of some corporate business and how we would present it. My thoughts were moving along the line that this semester would not be going as planned. After all, she was my daughter-in-law so to speak. Diane sat close and her voice indicated she was excited about the class and working with me. My eyes moved along her smooth features as she talked and I was zoning out the rest of the world. Then I was tapped on the shoulder bringing me back to the classroom. Maltepe Escort Stan was standing with the same grin he always had, impish.

“So, what you think of the project?” he asked as his eyes never left Diane and the swell of her breast.

“Its can be done, with effort,” I responded.

“Hi, my name is Stan. Bill never has been good at introducing the ladies.”

“Hi Stan. I’m Diane and Bill is my.”

“Her partner in this project”, as I cut her off. “So Stan, I see you got in with Jenn once more. Guess another semester where you do no work and get an “A” for your time.”

“Yeah. It’s a talent. But then again, it also means this time I get only a grade, if you know what I mean.”

Stan turned and walked away but not before grasping Diane’s hand, telling her what a pleasure it was to have her in the class and for her to watch out for the partner she had. Thanks Stan – jerk.

“Nice guy. By the way, what did he mean about watching out for you? And about him only getting a grade this time?”

“Stan thinks I am here just to find dates and as for him, well, lets just say that Jenn is here just to get an education, and not mess around with the guys. She even filed a complaint against a classmate once for trying too hard to date her. She only wants an education and will do the entire project herself, and let Stan come along for the ride, if he doesn’t try anything.”

“And do I need to worry about you?”

“Well, that depends”, I smiled and so did she.

Good old Stan. Here I was not even thinking in the vein he had suggested, but now that he had brought it up, well my eyes focused on Diane differently somehow. I watched her lips move as she spoke and watched the rise and fall of her chest with each breath. Once more my eyes rested on those breasts as they were trying to escape their confines. I felt the familiar stirrings within my slacks and had to adjust in my seat so the rise of the empire would not be noticed. As I moved I noticed a small gap in her blouse and of course my gaze turned into a probe as I mentally moved the material so that more and more flesh was showing. Previously, while swimming at my house, I had seen Diane in a small bikini. There was even the time her top had come off one of her breasts. She was very embarrassed but after covering herself it was I who had to leave the pool area before my growing appreciation for her would be seen. Add all this data together along with the actual flesh presently presenting itself, and it was having a profound effect on me. Was it hot in here, or was it me?

Diane continued to chat about the project and I was just half listening trying for all I was worth to not notice anything else sexual about her. I was beginning to gain the upper hand when she reached into her briefcase for a highlighter. The action caused her blouse to pull free from her skirt and a quick flash of lower back showed. Along with the view came the obvious, she was wearing a lacy thong as well. The material of her thong rose and so did my member. Diane squared back into her chair and as I started to shift my own position her gaze fell to my lap. No need to move now as she was looking at nearly a full erection straining to get out of the material encasing it.

Her words were slow and deliberate and her eyes slowly moved back up to the table. “Guess we need to wrap up for the night, right?”

Finally her eyes met mine and we both blushed a little. I held my gaze directly at her and the pressure was too much for her. She directed her eyes back down for another look and started to say something but I cut her off.

“Yeah, guess we have covered most of the main items for the next meeting. You sure you don’t mind meeting at my house? I mean we can go somewhere else if you would like.”

“No Bill, that’s fine. Your house will be fine.”

She got up then but her eyes were stealing glances at my crotch. I paused for as long as I could before I rose knowing that standing would only make my condition more evident. Turning my back to her quickly and letting my briefcase take care of the covering I turned toward her. Her eyes were still looking downward. Watching them rise I averted my eyes from meeting hers. No need to further the embarrassment.

Exiting the building we walked over to her car saying little. Finally arriving at the four year old Taurus we stopped and she fumbled for the key. I reached for and opened the door for her. She seemed apprehensive but moved to get in. One thing about a Taurus, the rise up into the car requires a considerable leg lift after you are in the seat. Try as she might, Diane’s skirt rose when she did this. I turned my head quickly so she could adjust. I thought I detected a “Thank You” in her eyes when I looked back.

Just for my own self-assurance, I had to ask, “Are you going all the way?”

A strange expression came over her face and I realized where her thoughts were at for the moment.

“You know”, I continued. İstanbul Escort “With the class. The professor didn’t scare you too much did he?”

Diane took a deep breath, as if in relief. I watched carefully as her chest rose and fell.

“Well he did sound tough and I want to do well, especially with my first class.”

“Tell you what,” I said, “You stay in the class and give us your all. In return I’ll guarantee that by the time the class is over, you’ll be prepared for your future classes. Not to mention, you will have an “A” to start your academic career. What do you say?”

She paused and finally a beautiful smile came to her face, “It’s a deal, but only because you gave me the guarantee. Thanks again Bill.”

She cranked the car and drove away. I looked down and saw what I knew was there, a hard-on that was way out of proportion. Oh well, I thought as I went to my own car and drove into the night.

Wednesday night came and I cleaned up just a bit. No need to make the house look like a slob lived there, unless it was what was expected from the lady. Magazines were well placed and my impressive collection of Forum Magazine and Letters are put away. In their place I put a couple of good books about the mind and body, a couple of other mind altering things and then for humor I put out a Garfield and a Far Side collection.

Diane had been here before so I did not have to go to any additional troubles. After all, I was still in the mode of just studying and she was my partner, right? Thoughts of the previous meeting flooded to my head and without two minutes passing I was sporting a sizable hard-on. Great I thought. How do I cover this if she shows up early? As if on cue, the doorbell rang. One last look around as I approached the door. Standing on my side I ran my hand down inside my shorts and pushed until I at least had the thing running down my leg instead of sticking nearly straight out. Pleased, I opened the door.

Sure enough I answered the door and there she stood. Dressed in jeans and a loose fitting pull over top, she was still a vision. She smiled an innocent smile and made the comment that she hoped I had not done anything special to get ready for the evening and how much she appreciated me letting her use the place like this. As she spoke she moved in close for a friendly hug. I had not prepared for that and as she moved against me I am certain she felt the erection I had running down my leg. She smiled weakly and moved away. I averted my eyes, but not so much as not to see her look down at what she had felt. She nearly stared but I wisely elected to say nothing. Instead I told her it was my pleasure to have her over and that we could use the place as much as needed. I knew Robert’s job had him working strange hours and that I had no such problem.

We sat at the dining room table so we could spread everything out. The project concerned the economic status and projection for a local company with an emphasis on what if scenarios. She had been busy and had all the information we would need for the project and I had much of the same. Different sources, so combined we had all the makings of an outstanding project.

“Guess we can get started”, I said to her.

“Where do we start? She inquired. “It seems like such a large amount of work. I mean it seems almost too much.”

“No big deal really. I know the professor. He is not all that tough.”

She mumbled something but finally agreed. I got up from the table and offered her something to drink. So requested a Coke and as I brought it back out she still had that look on her face. I walked over and set the drink down and reached for her material. Accidentally my hand brushed her arm. She jumped.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” I said. She looked up at me and settled down. I pulled the materials out and began to look over what she had. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised.

“Well,” I started, “we have a major problem here.” I paused, waiting for her to say something.

“I knew it,” she started, “Robert said I would never be able to do any of this. I just wanted to prove him wrong. Dammit. Now I’ve shown he was right.”

“Hold on Diane. I said that only because I don’t know how I’ll be able to fit my information into this. You have covered every aspect that I thought of. Look here.” I broke the two papers out side by side and sure enough, her ideas, while not as detailed as mine, were right along the same path.

“First thing we have to do here is get something straight, right up front. We are a team in this project, you and I. We are responsible for our grade as well as each other’s as well. I can already tell you, I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.”

“You really think so? It’s just that Robert always tells me I can never do anything right. Guess it will take time before I think another way. But thanks, I really can use the encouragement.”

“I’m sorry. I never figured Anadolu Yakası Escort Robert would have such thoughts.”

Diane blushed, “It’s me that should be sorry. Guess I shouldn’t be telling you bad things about him. After all, he is your son.”

“No need to apologize, really. But before you let my compliment go to your head, this can use some more work,” I smiled at her.

She grinned back at me and stuck her tongue out, then said, “Yes Sir. Anything else Sir?”

For a moment I forgot all about her being related and at the last possible instant I caught myself. My eyes had been following every curve of her face and body and my tongue nearly did me in. What nearly spilled out was something like, “Yeah, take your clothes cause I want to fuck your brains out.” Like I said, I did have to catch myself. Instead I just smiled and said, “I’m sure something will come to mind eventually.”

Diane smiled back and had a sparkle I had seen only a couple of times in the past, like she was reading my mind and knew she had a power over me already.

The rest of the evening went smoothly as we passed information about our topic back and forth. Even when I touched her the next time she didn’t jump. Guess she thought it was another accident. This time it was well planned. I watched for any indication of her resolve. None presented itself, so I filed the information back into the recesses of my mind for later use.

After we had accomplished all the work we could for the evening, we moved over to the living room and started to discuss other things. I asked her if she wanted another drink and this time she said yes, but a rum and coke. I rose to get her drink and I made it very weak. I did not want her driving home under the influence. I presented the drink to her and raised my own glass to her.

“Here’s to a successful class project and a grand start to your college career.”

“Thank you kind sir”, she smiled.

I sat across from her and we began talking about nothing in particular. Finally I asked a question I was dying to know. “Diane, don’t take this the wrong way, and this may sound really weird, but? Oh, what the hell. How in the world did Robert ever land a beautiful woman like you? I mean, he is my son, but throughout high school and Business College, he never came close to your league. How did he manage such a thing?”

She was shocked by the question to be sure, but she was also very aware of where I had come from – that I thought she was extremely hot. She looked over her glass as she took another sip before answering.

“Actually, I don’t know to be honest. He asked me out and I found out later he had done so on a dare from his buddies. I guess since he was so sweet and tender that I gave myself over to the idea that I could love someone like him, and I do love him, but,” she trailed off.

I sat for what seemed an eternity. Finally she looked up at me again and I detected a hint of moisture in her eye. I was not about to press her. But I got to my feet and came over to sit next to her on the sofa. My arm automatically went around her shoulder and she laid her head against my chest. Her perfume, which I had not noticed earlier, was very sensual and her posture allowed me to gaze down her blouse to where her breasts were nestled inside her bra. Nothing really showing, but the closeness caused me to respond quickly. Diane sensed my tenseness and I know her eyes moved downward as well. Still I held her close to offer any support she needed. Finally I moved away a little and spoke to her as sincerely as I could.

“Hey, if you do not want to talk about it, that’s fine by me, but if you need or want a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen to you, then just know that I am here for you. Okay?”

“Thank you Bill. I really appreciate that. It’s just, well, Robert just never seems to want me anymore. No mater what I say, or do, or suggest, he just doesn’t seem to be interested. It is really frustrating. You know what I mean?”

Actually I did know what she meant. I heard it nearly every semester when I selected my target for the term. Neglected, under appreciated, and most of the time good-looking women just trying to understand what was wrong with them. Truth was it was not their problem, but rather their husbands. Just another reason I was successful with my conquests in school. Husbands who did not care enough to keep their women. This time was different however. It was my son who was neglecting his wife and this was not an average lady here, but rather an exceptional beauty trying to hold on to what she had.

Diane rested there for a little longer and finally moved away from me. “I know you have no answers for me, and I should never have said anything, but right now I consider you a friend more than my husbands father. I feel like I can trust you and that you might have some of the answers. Do you? Do you have some answers?”

“Actually, I am shocked. I can’t imagine any man not paying attention to you, much less Robert. He always seemed so taken with you. Even when you two were dating he would come home, rave about your date, how much he liked you. I even heard him on the phone one night talking to his buddy about how he had, oh my, not exactly something to discuss here. Sorry.”

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