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Seduction at Tim Hortons

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Editor’s Note: Semi-true story- All of the events in the beginning happened, yet I’m working on trying to seduce her. Mission currently at 15% complete =0) And in this story, my size is accurate, unlike the other ones.

I work at Mobil, which has a Tim Hortons in it; the only one for 15 miles because we’re out in the country in the middle of nowhere. I usually work mornings, from 6-2 on weekends and sometimes at night, but mornings are always the best because I get to see her.

My name is Brandon, and I’m 19 yrs old. I go to school full-time locally, 5’10 195 lbs, athletic build but not too bulky yet strong and blonde hair with blue eyes- typical German. Erin, my “project”, is about 5’6, a little on the heavy side but still very attractive, blonde hair with dark roots and blue eyes as well.

We get along well, although we work at two different stations. She’s part of the 6-crew morning shift, so she’ll come strolling in at 6 looking like a mess, but then she’ll go in the bathroom with a rubber band and come out in 2 minutes with her hair up looking beautiful, by y standards at least.

Since everyone there smokes, except for me, they’ll take turns going outside for a 5 min break, and it was at this time where I mapped out my plan.

But backtracking a little bit- we get along great, flirt really well together and we always joke around whenever she’s not busy, which is a rarity. And when she goes out for a smoke, I’ll go outside and flirt with her. But lately, flirting just doesn’t seem to cut it, which is why I decided that I have to seduce my little Timmy Ho’s ho.

I started picking up the flirting a little bit more, trying to go for a shoulder rub here or there if she was feeling stressed to cheer her up, then I would

shyly rub around her ears a little to get her worked up. I also learned a few things from one of those “speedy seduction” instructionals I read online and decided to use them and see how it would go. One of the ones I loved using was to make ataşehir escort a dream sequence out of something by use VERY bold statements. At the time it seemed like going too far, but now I’m glad that I did it.

“Have you ever had sex with a guy? I mean, really had sex? Like, ‘fucked his brains out, he banged you down and you loved every minute of it’ sex?”, I casually asked.

“Not really, but I would love to. My past boyfriends haven’t been too good in the sack, either trying to have sex or with making love. I’m not a whore, but I would love that.”

“So…if I could offer you a chance at getting fucked, would you want it?” I asked her this looking directly into her eyes, letting her know I was being truthful.

“Maybe”, she remarked. “It depends if I want you to.”

“Oh, I think you do. I think you’d like it very much so, when you least expect it”

With that, I left her outside alone, trying to confuse her even more, another technique I picked up. Let her try to think what matters more- her emotions or her common sense. Like guys, her emotions will win her over in time. Right now, I didn’t care about anything else but getting girl in bed with me; unbeknownst to be, it wouldn’t be in bed though.

Sunday, October 26th- The Buffalo Bills had a bye and we were slow as hell. Usually on Sunday, it gets busy selling beer from 12-2, when I left, because you couldn’t sell beer til noon. Since it was remotely dead, for us at Mobil anyways, we were bored stiff. The guy I was working with went in the back for a bit and with only 4 people working at Tim Hortons, 2 went outside for a smoke, leaving 2 girls left- one of which was my project.

With my buddy in the back, I was just trying to make myself useful and occupied. Then Erin went into the Tim Horton’s storage room to get some things. It was time for the kill. I told Paul, the guy I was working with, that I had to stock the cooler, but since they were avcılar escort next to each other I went for my girl Erin. I snuck up behind her, grabbed her hips and shoved my hard crotch into hers. She loved it- she reached back, moaning softly, and I took this time to kiss and lick her neck. She got really into it, and I started to fondle her tits from behind.

“So do you believe me now? Do you want this chance?” I slyly asked.


“You sure you want it? I don’t think you do.”

With that, she turned to me, kissed me on the lips and said two words, “Fuck me”. I wasn’t going to disappoint a willing young lady such as herself, so I bent her over with her leaning against the boxes and started undressing her. She was heavenly- nice legs, big, juicy ass and a nicely shaved pussy to go with it. When I had her fully undressed, I started licking and sucking at those beautiful tits, occasionally tugging at them with my teeth. She writhed in pleasure, arching her back to me so that she could get her tits into my mouth, all the while undressing me.

Like I said before, I’m no athlete, but my chest is a good size and although I have a little gut, I’m still pretty athletic. She undid my pants and took them off, exposing my shaved pubic region and my 8 inch dick, which was now about as thick as her wrist. But she didn’t jerk me off, give me a bj or play with it- we were just here for a good old fuckfest. I picked her up, placed her on a set of boxes and started going at her pussy like no tomorrow.

Pounding into her surprisingly tight pussy, she let out a few screams of pain, but then gradually adjusted to my size as I kept hammering away at her with her moaning and screaming as loud as she could. With this, I had to reach over and turn on the fan so that it drowned out most of her high screams as I kept moving in her.

“Ohhhhh Godddd…this is the best fuck I’ve ever had! I came as soon as you slid into avrupa yakası escort me!”

“It’s not gonna be your only one.”

I kept pounding and pounding inside of her like a jackhammer, growing increasingly more intense with the fucking as each stroke progressed, desperate to make this girl mine for the keeping. She came again, midway through it I picked her up and bent her over to fuck her doggy. She loved it even more.

“Oh yessssssss!!! Hit my g-spot! Make me cum again!!”

And this I did for her second orgasm. She reached down to play with her clit as I just grinned in approval.

“Gonna finger your clit like the good slut that you are, aren’t you?”


“Are you my slut?” I slapped her ass as I said this.


“What was that? I couldn’t hear you?” I slapped her ass harder.

“I SAID YES!! FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT THAT I AM!!!” She screamed as loud as she could.

I kept pounding away at her with a reckless abandon, giving her all I was worth. I was gonna cum soon, so after she came a 3rd time I pulled out, flipped her over and started jerking off as she held her tits out for me to cum on, pinching them and licking her lips while she looked at me.

“Cum on baby, cum on my tits! I’ll let you cum on my face, my ass, in me, on me, wherever, but you gotta cum on my tits first!” she pleaded.

So here I was, jerking off like crazy with this girl begging me to cum on her tits, when the door opened. We both looked shocked, but it was only Tara, another Tim Hortons girl. I kept going back to jerking off, not caring, when she came over to me, fondled my balls a little and I suddenly shot a rocket of a load onto Erin’s tits, stomach and some of her face. She loved it, scooping it all up and licking it down. Tara scooped some up, sucked it down, licked her lips, and then got some more coffee before leaving the room.

I was panting like crazy, so I gave Erin a long, passionate kiss as we both got dressed. I left first, then she left a minute later as I came out with some

torn up boxes, making it seem like I was doing work back there. There was no one in the store but all of the Tim Hortons employees and my buddy, all of whom began cheering and clapping as I walked outside, then as Erin left the backroom. Needless to say, the future was full of more backroom adventures.

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