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Self-Isolating With Mom Ch. 10

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“Yes, she’s absolutely soaked, good and ready to take that big cock of yours,” Sonya said as she moved to the side. “Just remember, Seth…”

“I know, Mom. Don’t worry, I won’t come inside her.” He smiled as he let his eyes rake down over his mother’s gorgeous body. “But like I said, I want to finish inside you, so just make sure that hot pussy of yours is ready for me when Dani’s had enough.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that, sweetheart. I think Mommy is always going to be ready for that big cock of yours,” Sonya said as she reached out and ran her hand over her son’s firm buttocks.

Seth pulled his raging prick out of his sister’s mouth with an audible ‘POP!’ and moved further down on the bed, taking his spot between Dani’s widely-spread legs. He reached forward and grabbed Dani’s hips, pulling her down from her sitting position until her flushed pussy was right in the middle of the bed, perfect for her first fuck. Seth looked down at his little sister, seeing both the fear and the longing in her eyes.

He leaned over her, his eyes locked on hers as he got closer, until their faces were just inches apart. “I love you, Dani. I’d never hurt you, ever.” He paused as he saw her get misty-eyed as she nodded back at him. “Are you sure you want to do this? If not, it’s okay, I’ll stop right now.”

Dani shook her head. “No, please Seth, I want you to do it. I want you to be my first.” It was her turn to pause as Seth gave her a warm calming smile. She reached up and slid her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “I love you so much, Seth,” she whispered into his ear. “I’ve always wanted you to be my first, for as long as I can remember.”

The emotion of the moment overwhelmed Seth just as much as Dani. He gazed down into her gorgeous blue eyes and was overcome with love for his beautiful younger sister. He lowered his mouth to hers and they kissed. They kissed tenderly, then passionately, then with pure desire, like the lovers they were about to become.

“Are you ready?” Seth asked as he finally drew back from the kiss, both of them anxious to experience the pleasures that awaited them.

“Yes,” Dani replied, her hips shifting about restlessly, her pussy itching with need like crazy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go nice and slow.” Seth rolled his hips slightly, bringing the engorged crimson crown to her slick petals of flesh, nestling the broad sensitive glans between her slippery labial gates. “It’ll hurt a bit at first, but I want to give you every last inch, to have my cock totally fill you up, to feel myself all the way inside you, until we become one.”

Her brother’s words had Dani soaring with excitement. And the feeling of his massive cockhead pressed against the opening of her pussy had her reeling with anticipation. The tip of his cock was hot as sin, making her feel like she was about to be branded, to be marked as her brother’s plaything to do with as he wished. In her heart, she knew there was nothing she wanted more. With her arms still locked around her brother’s neck and, with her high heels dragging sinfully over the sheets, Dani drew her knees further up and opened her legs even more as she nodded to him, letting him know she was ready.

Seth kept his eyes locked on hers as he started to press forward, feeling her tight young pussy start to stretch as he made his way inside. The hot slick lips of her cunt were gripping him tightly, circling the massive knob lovingly as he made his way forward, the broad flared head starting to disappear inside her. Seth tried to flex further forward, and then stopped, with only about half of his cockhead inside her. He’d come up against her hymen, the taut membrane barring his way. Both he and his mother had been careful when they’d been fingering her, not wanting to break that tight little membrane until this moment.

Dani was gasping, and he saw the fear in her eyes as he stayed still, both of them pausing as they thought about what was about to happen. But he saw the longing in her warm blue eyes at the same time, the anticipation of what was to come. Would she want him to stop? Would she want him to continue? Less than thirty seconds later, he had his answer…

“Do it, Seth. Do it,” she gasped out as she readied herself.

Seth drew back just a touch and then, with his eyes locked on hers, he slowly flexed forward. He could feel the tightness against the tip of his cock, it felt so tight that he thought it was going to tear the skin right off the head of his cock, but he was not to be denied. He took a deep breath and gave a little hunch, and then felt the hymen give way as the broad flared knob speared through, shredding the flimsy membrane as it made its way deeper into her sister’s clutching channel.

“OWWWWWWW!” Dani gasped out as she felt her insides being torn, the pain overwhelming her. Her legs shot straight out and her nails raked over his shoulders as the instantaneous agonizing shock zinged through her like a bolt of lightning. Her chest was heaving as she gasped against the stinging xvideos porno sensation deep between her legs. But the intenseness of the torment barely lasted more than a few seconds as Seth stopped, letting her recover. As he stayed still with that massive cockhead now fully inside her, the circular ring of her pussy-lips gripping him just beyond the thick coronal ridge, Dani felt that initial terrifying jolt of pain ebb away. It was already starting to be replaced by an exquisite sensation of delight, a feeling she’d never had before, a feeling of having her vagina stretched and filled by a cock for the very first time. And not just any cock—a huge hard cock bigger than she had ever imagined—her brother’s cock.

“Are you okay?” Dani heard Seth ask, his voice dripping with concern.

“Yes,” Dani whispered back, her eyes glistening. “Yes, I’m fine now.” She wriggled her hips ever so slightly, signalling to her brother that she was ready for more.

Seth was ready. He set himself over her and started pressing forwards, sliding inch after inch into her hot gripping cunt. He’d never felt anything so hot, so tight, so fucking perfect. He could feel her tight coital walls wrapped like a fist around his driving prick, but he could feel them releasing their juices at the same time, bathing the path to her depths with warm oily emissions.

“Oh fuck…so tight…so fucking tight,” Seth groaned as he went deeper.

Dani felt like she was about to explode. She was being filled by her brother’s gigantic cock and she was dizzy with the exquisite sensations coursing through her. It definitely was painful, but with it was a deliciously excruciating pain that had the depths of her pussy burning with arousal, and the feeling that she wanted more, a lot more.

Seth glanced down and saw that he now had most of his cock inside his sister, with only about three inches left to go. But fuck, she was so damn tight, he didn’t know if he’d be able to make it all the way in.

Dani felt her brother hesitate, and knew he was worried he was hurting her. She took a deep breath, then pressed her high heels deep into the mattress, set herself, and flexed her hips upwards.

“OH FUCK…YESSSSSS!” It was Seth that hissed that out as he felt the gripping sheath of Dani’s youthful cunt finally yield, her hot oily juices bathing his thrusting erection as she bucked her hips up against him. The driving spear of flesh slid all the way into her depths as she flexed upwards, the broad flared head bumping up against the gates of her womb just as his shaven groin pressed flush up against hers.

“MY GODDDDDDDDD!” Dani shrieked as a spine-tingling climax shot through her like a bomb going off. She was convulsing and twitching like she was having a fit, quivering and spasming as wave after exquisite wave of blissful euphoria shot through her young body.

Seth held on tight, his rigid prick totally impaled inside his hot little sister, her backside writhing like a twister as he kept her nailed to the bed. She came for a long time, squealing and twitching like she’d been zapped by a taser. Her hot young body thrashed about as her hands pulled at the sheets in a death grip, the luxurious sensations of an intense orgasm overwhelming her as she spasmed and shook for over a minute. Finally, those tingling sensations within Dani slowly diminished, leaving her thrumming like a plucked guitar string, waiting for the musician to play another song.

“I think you liked that,” Seth said as he smiled down at her before giving her a warm, tender kiss.

“Oh Seth, I’ve never felt anything like it. You’re so big, and so hard. I love it. I feel so full down there, and that feeling when I came, it was like I was seeing stars.”

“Well, would you like to see a few more then?” Seth asked as he teasingly rolled his hips.

“Oh God, yes!” Dani emphasized her response by reaching up and pulling Seth down for a kiss. She pressed her lips hard against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth, as if willing him to do the same to her cunt with his cock.

Seth didn’t deny her for an instant. He drew all the way back and then slid his long hard cock into her in one slow merciless stroke.

“Ohnnnnn…” Dani groaned as he bottomed out inside her again, and then for a third time.

Seth got into a smooth rhythm, his hips working like a machine as he fucked his sister good and deep, the broad head of his cock rubbing salaciously along the dripping walls of her hot tight cunt. Soon Dani was working with him, using those strong muscles in her legs as she flexed her hips upward in time with his downward thrusts, their combined efforts making both of their firm young bodies sing with pleasure.

A few minutes later, Dani came for a second time, thrashing about like a ragdoll as she flopped all over the bed, with Seth hanging on as he all but crucified her by driving the hard fleshy stake between his legs to the utmost depths of her hot young pussy, nailing her deep into the mattress with thrust after thrust.

And then Dani wrapped yerli porno her ankles around his buttocks, flexing her whole body against him as he kept pounding her, resulting in a third and then a fourth orgasm for her, the last one leaving her sweating and gasping like a runner at the finish line. She dropped her legs down to her sides again as she threw her arms out and grasped the sheets as Seth kept hammering every hard inch into the depths of her cunt.

“YES…YES…YESSSSSS…” Dani hissed out loud as she climaxed one more time, her head flipping from side to side as the exquisite sensations of a deep vaginal orgasm tore through her.

“Anytime you’re ready, tiger.”

His mother’s words made Seth pause and look over his shoulder. What he saw almost made him come on the spot. His mother was standing at the foot of the bed, leaning forwards, her arms wrapped around one of the towering corner posts. She had taken off her open-front bustier and, in leaning forward, her massive breasts hung pendulously beneath her, her nipples as big as thimbles. Her feet were spaced well apart, the long inverted ‘V’ of her spread legs looked breathtaking with the shapely alabaster columns made even more sexy by her sheer thigh-high stockings. His eyes were drawn down the full length of her stunning legs to those devilishly sexy high heels, making her legs look incredibly long and enticingly sexy. As Seth looked back at her, he saw his mother lean just a touch forward, hugging the post of the bed against her shoulder. At the same time, she arched her back, the full curve of her big round bum opening up to him in invitation.

“Oh fuck,” Seth muttered under his breath. With Dani just starting to recover from her last orgasm, Seth leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before leaning back and withdrawing. His long hard cock came out of the socket of her dripping pussy with a nasty wet sucking sound, which to Seth was just about the sexiest thing he’d ever heard.

He didn’t have to be told what to do. He scrambled off the bed and got behind his mother. As he stepped up behind her, she leaned even further forward, letting him see the tempting groove of her dripping slot. With his cock hard enough to cut steel, Seth stepped up and plugged it right into her, driving every last inch into her hot mature cunt in one vigorous stroke.

“Aaaahhh…that’s it…that’s the cock I need,” Sonya gasped out as she hugged the towering bedpost tight to her shoulder. As Seth immediately started to pound that stiff piece of man-muscle into her drooling pussy, Sonya flexed and rolled her talented hips back at him, both of them working together as they fucked like they’d been doing it their whole lives, which is what Sonya pictured for them going forwards.

Seth could see those voluminous tits of hers swaying seductively beneath her as they fucked. He leaned forwards and slid his arms around her body and down, cupping those mammoth spheres in his hands and squeezing. They more than filled his hands, the acres of billowy flesh making his hands seem small by comparison. “Fuck, they’re so big, and so fucking heavy,” Seth said to himself as he hefted and tested the weight of those beauties, the stiff nipples all but poking holes in the palms of his hands.

At the same time, Seth couldn’t believe how wet and juicy his mother’s pussy was. Her warm slippery cunt-honey was all but running out of her. He could feel her slippery discharge coating his bag and even running down his legs. Just the thought of her creaming like that had his temperature level rising to the point he thought he was going to blow the top off the thermometer.

Seth had been close to coming while he’d been fucking Dani, using all his willpower to suppress his urges while she’d been climaxing time and time again. But when he saw his mother in that sultry pose as she stood at the foot of the bed leaning over, her nylon-clad legs parted and her big round bum turned up in invitation, he’d almost lost it, and when he’d buried himself in that steaming box of hers from behind, and filled his hands with those spectacular tits, that was all it took. He could feel his mother starting to quiver and knew she was getting close too. He managed to hold off until he felt she was almost there, and then he let himself go.

“YESSSSSS…” His mother let out a loud gasp and came at the same time as he did, just as Seth throttled his cock all the way up inside her before flooding the depths of her pussy with his potent seed, absolutely pouring himself into her. He was holding onto her to prevent himself from falling, his legs barely able to hold him as those delightful tingling sensations coursed through him like wildfire. He could feel his cock keep spitting, dumping torrents of spunk into his mother’s clutching canal. Even as she shook and gasped through her own climax, he could feel those talented muscles inside her mature cunt gripping him in a titillating massage, the hot coital walls drawing as much cum out of him as she could.

When they were finally done, he felt his mother youjizz porno move as she looked over her shoulder. “That was amazing, Seth, but I want to give your sister a nice warm treat.”

Seth knew exactly what she wanted to do, so he took a step back, his cock coming out of her in a slippery rush. She instantly scrambled onto the sheets and, facing the bottom of the bed, she slung her leg over Dani’s face, who’d been lying there watching them as she recovered from own orgasms. “There you go, baby girl, a nice big load of your brother’s cum for you,” Sonya said as she looked down between her legs, her cum-filled pussy poised right over Dani’s face.

Seth watched as his mother pressed down. As a long slimy ribbon of cum started to drool forth from between her slippery lips, Dani eagerly opened her mouth, letting the milky treasure slither right into her open mouth and onto her waiting tongue. A second strand of semen followed that one, and then a third. At that point, his mother dropped her gooey snatch onto Dani’s face, wriggling her backside as she sat right down in the saddle. Seth knew from the glassy look in his mother’s eyes that Dani already had her tongue working deep inside her cum-filled snatch.

“C’mere, baby,” his mother said to him as she nodded to the spot in front of her between Dani’s spread legs. “Now it’s my turn to clean up that beautiful cock of yours for you.”

Seth scrambled onto the bed and took his place between Dani’s nylon-clad thighs. With Dani still sucking noisily at her gooey twat, his mother leaned forwards and started licking his spent cock, lapping up the combined juices of her and his sister, as well as the silvery ribbons of cum still clinging to his tumescent prick. Her talented tongue felt glorious as she licked and sucked. Seth couldn’t help himself as he slid his hands forward and filled them with her huge tits once more. Once she had him cleaned up, she slid her soft pouty lips over the pebbly glans and started sucking, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth as she rocked back and forth, grinding her flushed mound all over her daughter’s face at the same time.

Under his mother’s skilful manipulation and talented tongue, it didn’t take long for her to have Seth hard and ready for action once more. When he was ready, his mother orchestrated the next scenario. She stayed on her hands and knees but faced the other way on the bed, with Dani lying beneath her. As Seth shuttled his long hard cock in and out of her doggie-style, Dani lay beneath them on her back, her eager young tongue working on the juncture of their combined bodies.

Seth’s mother insisted that Seth stop fucking her every so often, pulling his cock all the way out and angling it lower, sliding it all the way down Dani’s silky throat for a few strokes before driving it back into his mother’s needy cunt.


They kept it up like this for the rest of the night, Seth fucking both of them in more positions than he could imagine, including sliding his oiled-up prick between both sets of stupendous tits one after the other, finally blowing that load all over their faces as they kneeled side by side next to the bed.

It was late at night before Seth finally dropped off to sleep, blissfully content but totally exhausted. He’d lost track of how many times he’d come today, but he knew he needed to recharge his batteries. The last thing he remembered before he drifted off to sleep was seeing Dani on her back beside him, with his mother leaning over her, Dani’s hands caressing his mother’s big heavy tits as she sucked enthusiastically at one of those big stiff nipples.

Seth was roused from dreamland in the middle of the night by a delicious warm feeling. Through sleepy eyes, he saw his mother sleeping beside him before he looked down. There was Dani, bobbing up and down on his fully erect cock. She must have been doing it for some time, because less than a minute later, he flooded her mouth with a big dose of spunk, hearing her swallow and gargle nastily as that load splashed over her tonsils. He drifted off again immediately.

The next time he woke up, he saw the early morning light drifting in lazily around the edges of the curtains. He heard a girlish giggle and saw his mother and Dani disappear hand in hand into the en-suite bathroom. Seconds later, the lulling sound of the shower running easily coaxed him back to sleep. He woke up some time later, feeling groggy but happier than he’d felt in his whole life. There was no sound coming from the bathroom, and not a soul in the room other than him.

Figuring a bit of modesty might be appropriate for the morning, he padded down the hallway to his bedroom and donned a pair of his loose flannel boxers and a comfortable old t-shirt. He made his way quietly towards the kitchen, the alluring scent of freshly-brewed coffee making him come alive. He rounded the corner to see his mother sitting at the table, her fluffy white robe wrapped around her. She had a steaming cup of coffee on the table in front of her, her fingers circling the cup. She was leaning back slightly in her chair, her hair still damp and glistening from the shower. Her eyes were closed, as if she’d dropped off to sleep. Seth saw a second coffee cup on the table, and two plates with toast crumbs, but no Dani. “Maybe she’s gone to her room,” he thought.

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