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Serendipity Ch. 07

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Serendipity Ch 07

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – The bitch wolf in sheep’s clothing

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

07 – The bitch wolf in sheep’s clothing

Up until this time the chapters have been pretty much one day at a time. Because things move a little differently this one will be more of a summary with very little actual sex.

The next few days and months went a little differently. The following Friday my boss at the burger house told me unofficially they were going to be cutting back on labor, and there was a good chance they were going to cut my job. He’d seen it before and positions in my classifications were the first to go. I should keep my ears open, and if anything came along he would let me go as soon as he could and to keep my projects to one at a time to make it easier on me. I let him know I only had two going right now and would finish them on Tuesday before starting the next and thanked him for the heads up. This was either going to work out really well or really BAD…. the story of my life.

I swear Nicole and Tiffany were taking sheer pleasure in flaunting their nakedness in front of Mickey. It was having some success in that she bought some smaller and somewhat lacier underwear. No thongs, but at least a little more interesting than the almost granny panties even if they did still hide her pussy…. couldn’t take a chance on letting that show through her panties even if she pulled them up in a nice tight camel toe!

She bought a few lace unlined bras and even had me get another half cup bra in black. She absolutely refused to go in and be fitted though. And even though she tried to go naked in the bedroom most of the time, since the girls had gotten together in the same apartment I don’t think she ever intentionally went naked or even topless outside the bedroom.

The following Monday after my getting the heads up at the burger house Shelly called to let me know I had the position if I wanted it. I in turn relayed the conversation my manager had had with me and everything started rolling on Wednesday. The Boutique had some extensive plans. As well as the computer upgrades, they were planning on adding security sensors and cameras as well as replacing most of the old counters and displays with newer updated units. It was going to be a ‘one store at a time’ project on the security and display upgrades. While all stores were going to be getting the computer upgrades fairly quickly, so I was going to be back and forth quite a bit between stores.

In order to get things started off quickly, I started the store remodel closest to the corporate office first so I could keep an eye on the contractor while I did the computer builds. The first confrontation between the software company and Nicole and I was when the software company wanted to put a few out in the shops to test them out. Nicole had been through one of the BAD incremental upgrades and put a halt to this real quick. They wanted to get a certain number up so they could get their initial 10% operating payment. They weren’t happy when we told them we had all fourteen computers built to their specifications ready to load software in my shop on a ghost network and not in the stores.

What they didn’t know is that two of them, mine and Nicole’s, had been built to what I thought the specifications should have been with bigger hard drives, a processor bump, and twice the memory. When they loaded the software their twelve worked VERY slowly at first with the store simulation running. After a few weeks they became completely unreliable. They asked about what we did wrong to cause problems with twelve out of fourteen. We told them those twelve were built to their specifications and to check them if they didn’t believe us. They did just that and took all twelve of them apart and couldn’t find anything wrong. Then they wanted to take mine and Nicole’s computers apart to see why they worked and the others didn’t. We told them they could if they agreed to cover any costs associated with getting the other twelve to work.

They agreed knowing there was something up, but didn’t know what else to do. Once they agreed in writing I told them there was no need to take them apart, I could tell them what the difference was. They got really pissy and started to accuse me of sabotaging the computers at which point I picked up the little mini cassette recorder off the desk and Nicole and I walked out of their building.

We both grinned as we left. It had been a long time since we had a little time to ourselves beyond a quick suck and play back at the apartment, so we decided to stop canlı bahis off at a local parking garage for a little mutual oral satisfaction. She sucked my cock until we got there, kneeling topless on the floor beside me looking me in the eye while my white cock disappeared into my little chocolate pixies mouth. Seeing her grin as she brought the head to her lips and ran her tongue around and then SLOWLY slid it down her throat

As soon as we got in under the garage she hopped in the back of my company van, pulled the moving pads over the computers, and I proceeded to go nuts on her nipples, licking and sucking and pulling with my teeth on the tips sticking out past the rings. Playing and tugging and twisting until she had a small orgasm, and then down to her pussy to lick!

Oh that delicious chocolate pixie pussy! As petite as she was her pussy just spread itself like an invitation when she lifts and spreads her legs. Her inner lips were already turning dark, and I took my time lightly licking the edges on up to her clit. Running my tongue around and around until she was panting, then tickling her ass and g-spot as I kept up the assault on her clit until she gasped and grabbed my head holding it to her pussy and flowed into my mouth..

I even got her to squirt a little. Something I’ve been able to do more and more so my company van was beginning to take on the most delicious aroma. I had also been having a little more activity with Tiffany the last few months.

Every once in a while I would find a rubber and a little piece of paper with a smiley face on it tucked into the top flap of my cereal box. Tiffany knew Mickey was a toast and eggs girl. When the timing was right I would put the smiley note in the crack of her door to let her know I’d be in that night to fill her back door.

Sometimes she just put the smiley face on the box. That meant she wanted a full service fucking, no rubber needed. A few weeks after the day she rode me with Nicole watching, the smiley face said ‘In the morning!’

I heard the water running as I got up to get my cereal, and sure enough Tiffany was getting an enema baby bump. I stroked my cock as I watched as she cleansed and lubed, then offered me her ass bent over the counter. Of course I did the gentlemanly thing and plowed her ass like a mad man until I filled her…

Since Mickey had fallen asleep on me the night before, I had plenty to give her, sliding my aching cock into her tight ass, feeling every little ripple as I slid home. She clenched around me and I lost it, fucking her hard and fast, watching her tits move in the mirror as I fucked her pumping load after load into her….

Now where was I before I was day dreaming about two hot babes…. Oh yea….

Once we got back to the office Shelly was there waiting with a pissed look on her face in her office. The receptionist said we were to go immediately to her office, no detours. We started to sit down when Shelly started to say something. I held up my hand and played the tape. Her eyebrows came up. “That is what I was told, but not quite in THAT context.

“Sounds like they are still trying to cover their ass” I told her.


“Yeah, Nicole told me about some problems she experienced with some of their incremental installations from up at the Big Box store, and I headed them off at the pass and made them prove their stuff in the lab. Things set up to THEIR specifications failed.” I just sat back and waited for that to sink in.

Shelly thought about what I said. I had learned over the last few weeks that she would digest what was said before saying anything. “STILL?… THEIR SPECIFICATIONS?….”



“I’ve gotten to know their installation guy, he’s kinda like me, but the guys at the software company don’t think much of him because he doesn’t have a degree in something or other. When he forwarded the specs on the new computers over to me I called him and asked if they were correct. His reply was ‘this is the specifications they gave me to pass on to you.’ I told him the memory and hard drive specs didn’t look right. His response was. “Again these are the specs they gave me to give to you. If you choose to upgrade a few things I can’t tell you otherwise.’ I sent them an email asking them to verify the specs and they did”

“Go on.”

“Well on two of the computers, the ones marked for me and Nicole, I ‘upgraded’ to what I thought the specs should be. Basically doubling the hard drive, bump, and memory specs, while bumping the processor a bit. Those are the ONLY two that function properly.

“I’m going to have an interesting conversation with their people”

“Want some pointers?”


“Ask them how many of their people have more than three months field experience. That’s their problem, my friend Bob is the only one, everyone else is a classroom weenie.” I put a piece of paper on her desk with a number on it. “Deduct this from the 10% payment they have been bahis siteleri chomping at the bit for as a cost of doing the ‘memory and hard drive upgrades’ and I bet they will jump on it to get the payment. Just make sure you get it in writing before you do anything.” I said with a grin.

“And how did you calculate this number?”

“Who said I calculated anything?”

“So what is it ACTUALLY going to cost us?”

Nicole and I grinned at each other, ‘Nothing.”

“What do you mean ‘Nothing.'”

“The specs they sent are just fine for the satellite computers in the stores, it just wasn’t robust enough to handle the software and the network communications amongst all the site computers AND back here to corporate. I can use everything, just not in the primary computer. We’ll just call it an attitude adjustment discount!”

Nicole and I burst out laughing, pretty soon Shelly couldn’t keep it together either and soon we were egging each other on. I was merely enjoying the sight of jiggling tits and nipples behind thin tops.

“What am I going to do with you two?!”

“I think another dinner at The Steak House is in order.”

“You two get out of here, I’ll make the call. Seems like every time you two get together it makes me money and costs someone else some of theirs. Oh I forgot to tell you. Once the forensic accountant got done, all the suppliers and The Boutique got together to file suit against the heifer. She stayed out of jail, but lost everything she had, even some stuff she hid in various fake name accounts. Last we heard she is on food stamps living in a local shelter!”

For as good as things were going at my new job and with Nicole and Tiffany, things were more like teaching a teenager to drive a stick shift when it came to Mickey. Lots of jerky starts without a lot of progress.

After the first few weeks Mickey started to loosen up a bit. With the lacy bras and the second half cup I was seeing a little more of her. Sex got a little better, more energetic, but not a lot more in variety. At least she was staying awake long enough for me to get off…. most of the time. When we went out she wore lace bras most of the time and even her shelf bra once in a while, although her nipples were still hidden by her long hair a bit. She even started dressing in one of them in the morning and was wearing it to work under her uniform shirts. Would have been nicer if her uniform top wasn’t one of the hide the nipples with two useless pocket types. It seemed like we were making progress. After about six months things made a change I did not see coming…… but I digress.

The store remodels were progressing pretty well, after the fiasco with the first contractor. The first one had been more interested in looking at nipples standing out instead of doing his job and tried to pull the cost overrun bit to get more time and money in the store. I booted him and his guys out and finished the last ‘three weeks of additional work’ in about three days…. by myself! The next store, and all the ones since, are being done by a female contractor and crew. They are getting things done very nicely, and were given discount cards as a show of appreciation. I had almost no supervision duties with her, just an occasional question here or there.

The computer upgrades were another story. Again they tried to push things. Because of everything going on, The Boutique put a second phone line and data feed in to our apartment. Primarily for me, but Nicole uses it once in a while too to do a few things from home in the evening. Once again we had them put the computers in the stores on the new data feeds they required, but didn’t actually put them on line. They were now after the next incremental payment, 25% this time. We made them run simulators again and again they weren’t happy. In all the dealings with them Shelly had informed them and made them acknowledge that all tech related things went through me, and all conversations would be recorded. I set it up on my computer to automatically record all conversations on my new line. It came in handy for work calls, I just never suspected how it would come into play in my personal life.

Once again they had underestimated the band width required and had to eat the cost of upgrading the service, oh and delayed their incremental payment by almost a month. Needless to say I was not the most popular guy over there. I was taking all the heat on this because I knew that at some point not too far down the road, my position would come to an end. The possibility of it changing into something else was there, but very remote.

Nicole, on the other hand, was going to be with the company a long time and didn’t need to have problems in the future with the software company. Once we got the primary computers running properly and their payment sent we went on to the next step. They knew at this point we were going to set the secondary units up but off line and run the simulation for at least a month before putting bahis şirketleri them on line. Because I had them already set up and running in the lab for the last three months waiting on the rest of the computers they came right up, but we made them run for another month before we sent them the next 25%

At this point we were almost there. The software company had 85% of their money less the deductions so they weren’t pushing as hard. Then came hell week, for many reasons.

Because I was the computer guy, I got to make the change over. Nicole volunteered to help. We had twelve stores to switch the computer systems over in, two every night. Mickey wasn’t happy about the week of night work, but knew all the odd hours were coming to an end. The plan was for Nicole and I to come in at closing. She would pull the current reports from the existing computer on disk, I would swap the computers out, she would transfer the information into the new ones, and we would go on to do the second one for the night and then go home and sleep like bats. You know how the best laid plans go… they usually don’t.

The new computers acted like they took the data, but everything was coming up blank. Nicole stopped me, and we put all the computers back in place, good thing we had copied the data instead of moving it like the software company had wanted. And then we played with trying to get the data into the new computers with them hooked up on the ghost network. Still no go. Well it was only two in the morning, might as well go home and try again in the morning. It was almost worth it riding home with my naked chocolate pixie riding beside me with her nipple bands glowing in the moonlight.

I went home and curled up behind Mickey, resting my cock against her panty covered ass and reaching around to cup a t-shirt covered tit. She was surprised to see me. “Computer transition didn’t go as planned. We’ll see what happens in the morning.”

In the morning, and not very early, everyone was gone except for me and Nicole. I still wasn’t a morning person, but especially after a late frustrating night. I called the software company and got one of the engineers instead of my buddy. He was out on some personal days after all the hard work he had been putting in on the project.

After explaining our previous nights fiasco, he asked if we loaded the simulation removal disk. I told him we were never advised or provided a copy of that disk. He started to argue until I asked him for the date of the email. Then he tried to say we had been told about it. I asked him for the date of the call so we could go back through the phone recordings to verify.

At that point he got a little huffy, but did have the brains to realize he was being recorded. He decided to have the disk messengered over. I told him thank you and asked if he understood that the time for two of The Boutique personnel wasted due to this oversight would be deducted from the final payment. He mumbled something so I had him repeat it. “YEA WE KNOW IT’LL COME OUT OF OUR END!’ and hung up.

He was probably pissed enough when he thought it was just two hourly bodies, but when he finds out that one of them was a corporate officer he would really have a heart attack. And even though we were only there about three hours. I somehow bet Shelly would bill them for eight each just for being a pain in the ass. It would eat up most of the 15% they thought they still had coming. I called Shelly and advised her of what happened and what was said. She kind of laughed. “They don’t even bother calling me any more. They are tired of arguing with your tape recorder.” Sure enough the disk arrived a few hours later to the corporate office, Shelly was going to drop it off at the store on her way home.

I made a call to my buddy at home to ask about the disk. He was surprised to hear from me. Seems like while he was down at one of the local casinos they had a small problem with some of their network. While listening to the techs talk about it at one of the work stations on the floor he told them how to fix it and went back to playing with the slot machine. A few days later he got a call from one of the manufacturers asking him if he was going to be at the casino in the next few days. Long story short, one of the guys at the computer was a manufacturers rep for one of the slot machine companies. He had a job offer and was headed out to Vegas for a final interview, but it looked like he was going to be moving out there. I congratulated him and told him to keep in touch.

I went to Nicole’s room to let her know we were back on for tonight, She was laying there naked, tits up and one knee kicked out, sleeping with her nipple rings on like she was on display for me. Bright orange today! I nuzzled her neck and cupped her bare mound and letting my finger press into her slit a little as she started to wake up. “Hey sleeping beauty, looks like someone forgot to get us a disk. We should be good for tonight.” And then licked the tip of her nipple.

“But I don’t want to be good tonight!” she grinned.

“Naughty naughty,” as I flicked her nipples. You go back to sleep for a while and we’ll hit the store a little early tonight just in case.”

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