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Serendipity Ch. 45

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 45 – Hot momma, Slave Gladys

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are above the age of consent.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


45 – Hot momma, Slave Gladys

Yes Maya, my lovely little alarm clock, I’m coming… waking at dawn to my little one waking with the day. Feeling you suckle as I look down on our family still sleeping… our family.

Sam on my side, Brittany and Nicole snuggled up behind Master after giving him an interesting show last night. I’m NOT into women, but that even made me wet…

Danny… Master… Danny… MASTER.

It’s hard to believe I’m living a fairy tale life. A year ago I found out I was pregnant and no father in the picture. Needless to say things were a bit tense at home, and when Maribel announced she was pregnant mom and dad were ecstatic… I was still just pregnant.

After a few ‘incidents’ with mom’s friends asking about my baby and her father it was decided I was going to live with Maribel. It wasn’t so bad at first, but when Maya was born she turned into a TOTAL concha!

For the first few weeks mom was doting on Maya… then her ‘friends’ descended again and as soon as they weren’t able to meet her father Maribel started in, but what was I going to do. Working part time and spending most of what I made on things for Maya.

I had no more begun to settle into a routine and then the fire. All I could do was hold Maya and cry as what little I had was soaked. Uncle Martin and Jean swooped in and we picked up enough to get by for a few days. He and the boys came back with me the next day and helped pull stuff out. I started, but with everything so wet and heavy I was relegated to directing the sorting of mine and Maribel’s things and trying not to fall down bawling.

We were about finished pulling things out when a bunch of Jean’s friends showed up with pickup trucks. They took all the clothes to a Laundromat while we went to Masters house.


We must have had quite the expression from Jean’s laugh. She explained things a bit, and while I didn’t quite believe most of it, but the stripping of all the women as soon as we stopped kind of drove it home. Maribel refused to strip, I got down to my bra and panties after a bit, and I didn’t hardly see Maya for all the attention until it was feeding time.

The thing that startled Maribel the most was when the ladies just wandered over to the pool, clothes in hand to oil up and spread out. I wandered around a bit with Maya, but after a few times of having to haul these full lolas out and I decided to join them and enjoy the sun on me.

I was just getting used to it when Master came home and scared the hell out of us. But his hard pecker made it apparent he did like what he was looking at. But even after seeing us he looked like he was enjoying us, wanting to look at a Mexican woman, even touching and playing with us the way he got Maribel when he ‘adjusted’ her bra. Makes me tingle when I think about every time he does me…

Mmmmmmm the feeling of Master snuggled into my butt while he reaches over my shoulders and ‘adjusts’ my bra. Feeling his fingers slide in and cup my lolas, lifting and playing with my nipples.

But that was all Master would do. As far as he knew I was a married woman. He would touch me and fondle me, even fingering my pucha to make me cum, but I couldn’t have him in me. At first it wasn’t too bad, but after watching Master with Jean and Samantha I just ached, and Maya nursing only made it worse.

Master did finally give in to nursing on me but that still didn’t fill my aching pucha!!

Okay girl, time to switch to the other side before I dribble…

And then came the hot tub night, helping Master to bed, going back out to get Maya and finding Master out on his back when I came back upstairs. He wasn’t soft, but he wasn’t hard either. I had my fingers around him, playing with him, could I?

I sat Maya’s carrier down and crawled onto the bed beside him, watching him smile and groan in his sleep. Seeing him get harder as he did. He was beginning to ooze, it looked so delicious, could I? I had watched the girls, but I had never…

I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out. “Mmmmmmm” Master twitched and gave me a little more as he oozed onto my tongue. Feeling that soft skin between my lips, pushing myself down on him, feeling him fill my mouth getting harder between my lips. Sucking and tasting him as he does, feeling his balls in my fingers of one hand while I wrap the other hand around his shaft.

It had been sooooo long since I had my pucha filled and then it was only my imagination of what the night of the party should have been, I was imagining him in my pucha kartal escort instead of my mouth. Master wasn’t showing any signs of waking up, I wonder if?

I let that wonderful shaft slip from between my lips and threw a leg over Master, feeling his hardness against my pucha, sliding up and down a bit until my lips spread on either side of him. Letting my clit work against the edge of him, Master laying there with his mouth open.

I leaned forward to put a nipple between those lips while sliding my dripping pucha over him, getting closer and closer to cumming.

I felt his lips close on my nipple and drink from me and he did it, his pecker twitched as I slid forward and then as I slid back and he was in me…

He was just barely in me, just between my lips. Not really in me, but I wasn’t really a married woman, so it wouldn’t be like I was cheating if I…

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” I could feel him sliding into me, a place I had never felt a man before, well that I remembered. I was trembling, my body rejoicing in being filled by him. I lifted up a bit and as I settled back down Master took a good pull from my nipple and I couldn’t hold it back.

I fell forward mashing my lolas into him, feeling him suckle as I came around him, feeling my orgasm wash over me and flood me just before I felt him expand inside me and then fill me, pulse after pulse, shot after shot as my eyes closed falling forward on him…

Master was snoring in my ear, he had softened and was just barely holding our juices in my pucha, but it felt so wonderful laying on him. Maya was beginning to wake up wanting to feed.

I rolled off of him feeling our juices trying to escape me. Picking up Maya without bending too much trying to keep him with me. Finding a towel to sit on while I nursed her doing my best not to dribble. Getting her to her crib and me to bed laying on my side snuggling with my pillow feeling him ooze from me as I drift off to sleep.

It didn’t hit me until the next morning I could be pregnant again, but the feeling of Master in me would have been worth it.

It hit the fan when Maribel cam home with her baby and Brittany understood Spanish… and then I was part of Masters house! Master still drinking my milk for breakfast, suckling my nipples when ever he could, playing with and fucking me like I was his woman, making me feel like a loved woman.

And then I realized it wasn’t just a feeling. Master loved me, and I loved him…

Master was a lover of women, small and black like Mistress, big and buxom like Francis, average and Mexican… LIKE ME!

Master made me look at sex, really look at sex, and realize the difference between sex and love.

I had a few boyfriends before I got pregnant. Kissing and groping, fingers and blowjobs, but they were just attempts at sex.

Master got hard looking at me, but it was different with him. Feeling his hands and lips caressing my body. His lips nibbling at my lips and my neck, working his way down with such incredible slowness, making my pucha twitch before he got to my belly button.

Master didn’t ‘take me’ like the boys did, he took me like a man. There isn’t anything Master could ask that I wouldn’t freely give him. And yet he hasn’t asked for what he would truly love to take… MY TRASERO!

I see the look on Mistress, Samantha, and Francis’ face as Master slid in them. The screaming orgasms they have. Listening to Brittany talking to them about what it was like feeling Master in their back side after their enemas and feeling myself getting wet thinking about Master taking me the way Brittany was talking to them about.

It’s amazing the things I hear when some of the ladies aren’t paying attention laying around the pool, all the things they do with their men. Seeing Samantha when I squirted the chocolate on her, feeling them squirt chocolate on me when Master drove that dildo deep in my pucha… I had to try the real thing.

Master standing in front of me on the plane, stroking his pecker in front of my lips. It was all I could do not to lean forward and take him in. I slid down on that dildo, wishing it was Master filling my pucha while he was stroking his pecker in front of me.

I can see him starting to ooze, while his eyes are closed I slip that little vibrator behind me. Turning it on low as I sink down on it, barely managing to keep from screaming as a little orgasm washes over me as it invades my trasero, opening me like nothing ever has.

Oh god Mistress, why didn’t you tell me how wonderful it feels to have something in my trasero like this? I know it’s just a little vibrator, but it’s filling me with such…

The dildo in my pucha, the vibrator in my trasero, Master describing how turned on he was seeing me… He’s cumming on my lolas, shot after wonderful shot… I look up at him with my mouth open, Master give me the last of my present, feeling the last bit of his warm cum on my tongue as he stroked his pecker looking lustfully at me…

OUCH! Little girl you keep biting and maltepe escort bayan I’m going to start making Master feed you!

Time to get Master and Bob’s breakfast ready. Should I accidentally forget my bottoms this morning? GRIN Brittany is putting such naughty thoughts in my head, rolling Sam away from Master just to get to him in the morning… SLUT!

# # # # # # #

Maria’s heading downstairs, wiggling her ass and blowing me a kiss.

I LOVE my new bed. So big and yet so soft, it seems to just cradle us, Brittany and I on either side of Danny. Her hand in mine on his chest, each of us with a leg over his. Her eyes open as I move my hand to reach down to grip his dick. She grins back at me as our hands go to him together.

Mmmmmmm, the feeling of Danny getting hard in my hand, Brittany playing with his balls until he was hard enough to get both of our hands on him. Hearing him moan softly as we work him.

I rolled up on elbow, Brittany meeting me half way with a nice soft kiss while we continued playing with him. “That was fun last night Mistress…”

I kissed her again, letting her play with my tongue. Remembering our cuddling and kissing, touching and playing. Watching her turn above me, her pussy starting to dribble as her tongue split my lips… “Master seemed to enjoy it.”

“But he still fell asleep on me…” I could hear the pout in Sam’s voice behind Brittany.

“Well then you better do something about that before he smells bacon.” I told her.

“Oh she wouldn’t!” as Sam scrambled around coming up over Danny’s legs.

Sam knee walked up and took Danny’s dick from us, rubbed the head between her wet lips, and sank partially down on him. “fu fu fu fuuuuuccccckkkk…” Sam lifted a bit and sunk down completely, squirming to seat herself fully on him.

“Morning…” Danny said softy.

Sam was beginning to rock on him.

“Good morning Master,” I said and kissed him softly.

“Good morning Master,” Brittany said, giving him a kiss, then kissing me over him. ornery girl

Danny moaned and Sam hissed, he must have enjoyed Brittany kissing me… you think?

I winked at Brittany and we got up to get breakfast. Sam better hurry up, I was already getting a hint of bacon.

“Hey Sam, did I fall…” I heard as we went to our ‘closet room’ Brittany and I cuddled a bit, holding and kissing a bit, reaching down to squeeze each others butt.

“You’re thinking about it aren’t you?” I asked Brittany.


I ran my finger between her cheeks over her rosebud making her hiss a little then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss, plastering herself against me. “My mind says HELL NO, but my body says HELL YES.”

“Do like Tiffany told me, use the biggest dildo you can handle back there. Keep it up until you orgasm or can’t stand it. But personally, you’re going to know in a few strokes. You’ll either be shooting that dildo out of your ass because you can’t take it any more, or jamming it in and squirting all over the place. I suggest you have at least two towels…”

Brittany’s eyes went wide, then pulled me in for another kiss, “You are sooo bad.”

We pulled some panties on and tossed a pair for Sam and Danny’s boxers in the doorway and followed the bacon smell, Danny bellowing and Sam screaming as we went down the stairs.

Maria was just finishing the bacon as we came down. “Sam doesn’t like being rushed…” I told her. She just grinned as she began scrambling eggs.

Bob came down in his boxers and about stumbled down the last two steps seeing the three of us in the kitchen, only Danny and Sam coming down behind him got him moving. He did gasp a bit as Sam kissed his cheek and said ‘good morning’. From the look on his face I would guess Sam goosed him in the process.

It didn’t take long and Danny and Bob were talking shop instead of eating and ogling so we herded them to the basement. We threw some clothes on to get over to the sorority house, then giggling as we stripped down completely inside again. Brittany was happy to be down to a tampon at least.

We pulled the platform out and hung decorations, setting out tables for the buffet and then catching up on projects we got behind on with our traveling days.

Danny and Bob spent all day and a good part of the evening downstairs. We took turns taking them drinks and food, having to drag them upstairs for supper, but Bob thought he had a brainstorm and they were down there until nine before they finally called it a night. Bob did perk up when Brittany kidded about helping him shower…

Danny was barely able to stay awake in the shower, even with all four of us soaping and rubbing. I hope he gets this figured out before the party tomorrow night. Harem girl costumes don’t make much sense without a Master.

I wonder if Gladys has decided on a costume yet?

# # # # # # #

Mmmmmmmm, I could lay here for the rest of my life. Driving down the road, my head in George’s lap, his cock in my mouth, his hands playing escort pendik with my boobs and cunt, teasing my ass every once in a while.

Yes I said CUNT! With other people I’ll say pussy, but when it comes to George I become a horny little CUNT. Anything he wants or needs is his for the asking…

I can’t remember the last time I did this, but I can remember the first…

* * * * *

George and I met back in college, I was a floundering business major, and he was skimming right along barely cracking a book…

Okay, floundering was putting it nicely, if I didn’t pass this class I was finished, never coming back.

So I broke down and began calling tutor postings on the bulletin board. The first couple hundred turned me down, well maybe not a hundred, maybe more like a dozen or so… BUT THEY PISSED ME OFF! WOMEN DON’T BELONG IN BUSINESS… FUCKING ASS HOLES!

So this guy agrees to see if he can help me, no promises and no charge for the first session. I agree to meet him this afternoon in the quad.

“How will I recognize you?”

“Just look for the shortest girl you could imagine.”

“Okay… I’ll see you around three.”

After struggling through two more classes I headed for the quad and caught up with a few girl friends.

We were chatting about school when they went quiet and looked over my shoulder, some creep must have come up behind us. Everybody has to check out the midget!

I turned around on the bench seat to see this GIANT hunk kneeling down behind me smiling. He took my hand as I turned, “I don’t know about the shortest, but definitely the most beautiful,” and kissed the back of my hand. “Gladys?”

I just looked at him and him holding my hand and back at him, “Uh… yeah.”

“I’m George, shall we see what we can do about your problem?”

“Oh, uh yeah.” He helped me down from the bench, just holding my hand, I was moving like a robot looking up at him looking at me. We headed for another bench when, ‘Hey honey, if you can’t take care of her problem you can work on mine…’ smooth Doris, reeeeal smooooth… George didn’t even acknowledge her.

We got to another table, and George put his pack on the seat and took mine and set it on the table. I was looking at the seat, this one being a little higher than some and it was going to be difficult to climb up on.

“May I?” I looked up at him. He had his hands out like he as going to pick me up. “I promise we’ll find some place more appropriate next time.”

Next time? He sure is sure of himself, but he is cute… George asked me a few questions then laid out a paper with four word problems on it. “Take a look at these, solve one or more if you can.”

I looked and read them, the first two made ABSOLOUTLY no sense, the third looked easy, and the fourth I might be able to do. I was right and popped the answer for the third, and was working on the forth when he stopped me.

“That’s good enough, now I know where to start.”


“They tell me how you think.”

“How I think?”

George smiled, “You’re a creative person, that’s the style you solved first.”

“How can you tell that from those?” pointing to the problems.

“They’re all the same problem, just presented in different ways.”


George proceeded to show me, crossing back to the one I had already done, and son of a bitch if he wasn’t right. I took me MANY years to learn not to question George on financial matters, he was just plain right most of the time, and all of the time with us.

He spent the next hour going back and forth with some of my current homework, showing me different ways to look at the problems, then we drifted off to family, school, all sorts of things. Before I knew it my stomach was growling, “Aw hell, I lost track of time, the cafeteria will be shutting down in ten minutes.”

George grinned, “Well since I have detained you, it’s only proper I make things right. Would you care to join me for dinner?”

“Well, um…”

“Splendid!” he held out his hand and allowed me to get down on my own, I almost wished he’d grabbed me and lifted me down, squeeze me a bit… damn that Doris, getting me thinking about…

George led me to the edge of the quad, and right past the bus stop, “My car is over here.”


“It gets me around.”

IT GETS ME AROUND, a fucking Lincoln Continental gets me around, my half of the dorm room would fit in this car!

We chatted, or rather he chatted and I admired the car, so much so that I didn’t really pay attention to where we wound up until we were going in the front door. This wasn’t some burger joint, this was a nice restaurant, bordering on fancy with a capital “F”!

We had just come in the door when the host called out, “Hey George, I didn’t know the circus was in town?”

George stopped cold, looked down at me, then turned around and led me back to his car, “I’m sorry about that Gladys, I expected better from them.”

I was fuming, but George was PISSED. We went across town to a nice little pizza and beer place, and we sat and munched and drank until closing, well I drank, George sipped a beer all night, and as much as I almost wished he would make a move, he was the perfect gentleman only kissing my hand as he dropped me in front of the dorm.

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