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Sexual Overdrive

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Alexis Ren

Sexual Overdrive

I’ve always had as much sex as I wanted and it’s always been easy for me to get, with my cute face and huge tits.

I seem to attract tall boys, which is cool by me. Big boys usually have big cocks and as far as I’m concerned the bigger the better.

Size does count!

I’m small – five foot one – but I have long legs, a thin waist that rounds out to a beautiful undulating bum, a deep cunt and, as I said, big tits. I am Cadbury coloured, have a big, soft sensual mouth and oriental-shaped green eyes that apparently can give men a hard on if I stare into theirs whilst thinking about sex… which I love doing.

I can make a guy get so horny for me that he almost comes in his pants.

I’ve been told they can read my mind. Sex seems to be written all over my sweet, innocent face!

Anyway, after having sucked my sister’s boyfriend, Vince’s thick, white cock I wanted to try a black one.

My Dad is a big Jamaican and I had seen his dong a number of times. He used to walk around the house naked when he thought I wasn’t in but I’d make sure I was somewhere I could see him and he couldn’t see me. And I’d ogle that thing he has.

He has a huge slab of meat hanging between his legs.

Lucky Mum!

She’s half Irish, half Chinese, gorgeous and one hundred percent horny I realised as I became more aware of what went on in my parent’s bedroom.

I got into the habit of pretending to go out then sneaking back in through the back door so I could watch or listen to my parents fucking.

They fucked a lot.

My favourite memory is when they were in the bathroom and I watched them through the keyhole.

Mum was only wearing her knickers and leaning over the washbasin, holding onto it hard as Dad pounded into marks head bobbers porno her with that big black monster of his. He’d pulled her knickers aside.

He was calling her his Chinese slut and whore and the more he did so the more she moaned and whimpered until she started screaming and I thought he was hurting her.

Then she was moaning, “Oh yeah, God, Fuck me, God, Jesus Fucking Christ…” over and over. She was a catholic, of course and her crucifix was banging off her heavy tits.

I knew she was loving this and I wanted to try a big, black cock too.

I still hadn’t been fucked but I knew a bit about sex and how to bring myself off and as I watched I clenched my pussy on my hand and started to come. I had to hold back my panting, not that they would have heard anything.

What brought me off was seeing my Dad pull his cock out and shoot huge streams of spunk over Mum’s back and knickers. I just slipped to the floor, rubbing myself with that image in my mind, one hand in my pussy and the other in my mouth to stop me from making too much noise.

My dad used to let me use his computer to do my homework and I very quickly found all the sex sites he visited and they were usually interracial ones.

I also found some stories and a number of them got me really excited – the ones about men fucking their horny daughters.

I had already sucked and wanked a lot of cocks. I had enjoyed being tit fucked and wanked upon as I masturbated but still hadn’t had a cock in my cunt. I don’t know why the boys called me a cock teaser because they always went away more than satisfied. I was saving my pussy for someone special and now I knew who that was going to be. But how could I get him?

In public I was the perfect massage porno schoolgirl. I always had good marks in all the subjects I studied because I had a good memory, I suppose, and I even seemed a bit prudish whenever sex was mentioned and would never expose myself as my sister used to do before she moved out to live in London.

But now I was determined to seduce my Dad. So I would let my dressing gown hang open or wear tight T-shirts and no bra and let my big nipples get hard in front of him.

I didn’t realise how big my nipples were until I started comparing my tits with other girls in the showers after sports lessons. I’ve got big dark saucers around my black nipples and they are bigger than the end of my little finger when they get erect, which is quite often because they are so sensitive.

Eventually I could sense that Dad was interested and one Sunday morning, when Mum had gone to church, I told him I was aching all over from the athletics training I had been doing.

It was partly true.

He was in his boxer shorts and I was in my nightie and lying on my front on the sofa. So he started to massage my shoulders. His big hands felt so good on me that I am sure I moaned. He worked his way up and down my body in a sensual way but sort of holding back so I turned over.

My hard nipples were sticking out through my white satin nightdress and I put my arms up as he massaged my neck, my shoulders, my ribs and his hands were under my breasts. I was breathing very heavily and my tits must have been heaving.

I was excited but a bit embarrassed so I told him my thigh muscles were aching and he put his strong fingers around them.

God, it felt good.

And as he changed position on the couch I saw the enormous bulge in his meet-suck and fuck porno shorts. He was trying to hide it by crossing his legs but that made it stand out even more.

My brain had been pushed into sexual overdrive, as it often has been since, with only one objective in mind – having that cock.

I knew it was up to me to make the first move and also I suddenly realised that my Dad may have fucked my older sister.

A million subliminal memories flooded me.

I was reading his body language, I could smell his odour of sex, and I knew he wanted me.

My body was possessed and the sweet little girl became the sex monster that I really am…

Without thinking anymore I sat up and grabbed his big cock through his shorts and squeezed it hard and before he could react I had wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his head and was thrusting my tongue between his lips as I ground my crotch into his.

I was whimpering into his mouth and he put his arms around me, pressing my tits into his chest.

Our hands and mouths were like hungry, escaped, wild animals suddenly feeding on each other’s flesh and I was delirious.

I have no idea how long this incestuous orgy lasted but I do know I was fucked and well fucked and fucked again by my Daddy and I just loved it.

His cock was even bigger than I had remembered it to be and he certainly knew how to use it. I don’t know if he was like this with Mum but he was insatiable with me and I suppose I was the same.

I just wanted his cock and kept coming and coming as he fucked me in all ways possible and as I sucked his cock and balls and thrust my tongue into his arsehole and humped myself on his thick thighs I must have come a dozen times.

He had been wanting me as much as I had been lusting after him.

He had taken my virginity with his big black cock and now I knew what my pussy was for…

And I had started to go into sexual overdrive.

No boy was ever going to call me a cockteaser again.

A little black slut, perhaps, but never a cockteaser…

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