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Sexy Scheme

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Big Tits

(A FD story. Hope it’s good.)

A devilishly handsome man in his mid to late thirties and a gorgeous young woman in her early twenties sat in a courtroom. Before them is a woman in her thirties. The look of worry, shock, and utter disbelief on her face stuck out.

Everyone is waiting for the jury to return.

They had been gone for a while. And everyone was waiting in earnest.

“I still can’t believe this. How could this have happened?” The woman mumbled in shock and anger.

Her lawyer tried to calm her, but it wasn’t working.

The man and young woman looked to one another, worried and uncertain. The man ran one hand through his medium length brown hair, fingers sliding through the messy spikes. The young woman crosses her arms under her large breasts, eyes on the door where the jury would come out of.

After some time, the jury returns and enters the room. As they sit down, all eyes are on them.

“Will the defendant rise.”

The woman and her lawyer stood up.

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” The judge asked.

A woman stands up.

“We have, Your Honor.”

“How do you find the defendant in the charge of first degree larceny?”

“We find the defendant, Cameron Davis, guilty.”

The woman’s eyes went wide with shock.

Some in the courtroom cheered while others yelled in shock and horror. The woman began to shout obscenities. The lawyer failed to calm her down.

“Security, please take her away.” The judge ordered.

A man and woman took hold of each arm and started to take her away.

“This can’t be happening! I’m a good Christian woman! Take your hands off me you bastards!”

She soon began shouting things that made the woman cover her mouth.

The man and woman walked outside. Reporters soon gathered around the two.

“Tandy! Nathan!”

The man held the woman’s hand. The look on his face was sad, the woman’s a mix of feelings.

“Nathan! Are you mad at the news of your wife’s crime and conviction?”

“I’m…I’m sad by all this…Cameron always tried to instill humility and conviction in those she knew. She would say that we had to be better than our desires in all forms…and with this…I don’t know what to say.”

The reporters then began asking more questions.

“Tandy! With your mother’s conviction, how will her company survive without her leadership and how will this affect your lives from now on?”

“The lawyer said that the money would be given back to the company and that it would still be able to function. The board would run things, but we’d still own the company. I-I’m sorry…I-I can’t.”

She started to shudder. Nathan put an arm around his daughter.

“Please, we need to get home…it’s been a long day.”

The reporters tried to talk to them, but their security held them back as they entered a limo.

A little while later the two exited the limo and approached a huge and modern mansion. Located near the beach, its back was connected to the white sandy beach while also having a large swimming pool and hot tub with a fence covering the backyard with a gate that one had to go through to get to the beach and back.

The two entered the mansion. The man shut and locked the door behind them. They walked around the house, looking around and eventually met in the master bedroom. The bed was king sized with silk green sheets. A mirror sat above the pillows. Connected to the bedroom is a private bathroom and also a window view of the beach.

Everything in, out, and about the house screamed rich.

The man shut the curtains and the woman shut and locked the door. They then turned to one another and smiled.

Tandy ran over to him.


She leapt into his arms as he chuckled.

“That we did, baby.”

They smiled devilishly at one another, eyes locked, and kissed.

Both moaned into the passionate kiss as Nathan carried her over to the bed. He pulled a sheet back and both fell on the bed, still locked in their kiss.

“Mmm, Daddy.”

“Fuck baby girl.”

Tandy chuckled as she unbuttoned his dress shirt, revealing his chiseled chest and torso. He smirked at her as he took off her top, revealing her big tits.

“Fuck you’re so hot, baby.”

She was identical to Tammy Felice in her early twenties. The long brown hair, the enthralling green eyes, all of it (except Tandy’s breasts are bigger).

Tandy smirked at him before pulling him into another kiss. Nathan chuckled as he ran his hands from her long brown hair down to her tits.

“I’m so glad I had you.”

Tandy laughed at this.

“If that bitch knew she wouldn’t be.”

“But she doesn’t.”

Nathan rasped as he kissed and nibbled her neck and tits hungrily.

“God that’s so good.”

“You know it, baby. Grade A lover here.”

Tandy smirked at him as she pulled him down onto the bed and straddled him before kissing him again.

“We did it. She’s gone. We’re free, Daddy.”

Nathan smiled as he pawed her ass.

“I did enjoy sneaking around her though.”

“Same. But having all of this to ourselves and grandbetting yeni giriş not having to worry about her finding out, I say is more than worth it.”

“True. The plan worked perfectly.”

“Of course it did. I came up with it.”

Nathan sat up and kissed her. Tandy moaned as she gripped his hair tight before pushing him down again.

“And to think we just hooked up, baby girl.”


He was right. They did just recently hook up and cook up their scheme.

Tandy had returned from her Ivy League college after graduation. She’d been the queen bee of the school there. Everyone, whether secretly or not so secretly did her bidding. This was in part, much to her enjoyment, she seduced several key people there: her sorority sisters, certain fraternity leaders, professors, directors of staffs, and even the dean of the college. She had certain students and staff members thrown out if they pissed her off. She passed the head of her class and became one of the college’s most infamous alumni.

Nathan had started noticing Tandy’s beauty and will to get what she wanted since she turned 18. The lust was building, he knew it. And seeing and suspecting what she’d accomplished and transformed into there was no doubt in his mind he wanted her. And he’d seen her own glances at him too.

So the night of the day she came back, he made his move. Cameron had left not long after Tandy got back. She had a meeting, had a busy day that day and wouldn’t possibly be back till late that night or the next day. Working long hours by choice, she wasn’t around that much. That didn’t bother Nathan at all and it would make the night go even better.

He entered her room in an evening robe.


She walked out of her shower, wrapped in a bathrobe.

She smiled at him.

“Hey Daddy.”

“Glad to be back home?”

“Oh most definitely.”

One of Nathan’s eyebrows rose in interest.

“I thought you enjoyed your time at the college?”

Tandy chuckled, strutting to her bed.

“I did. I made a lot of fond memories there.”

“Do tell.”

She sat on the bed.

“I don’t think a girl should tell her daddy that.”

“Why not?”

Tandy laughed.

“I just got what I wanted, by whatever means necessary.”

He smiled at this.

“You’ve really come into your own. You’ve always been driven. But I see your time away has made you relentless.”

Tandy’s eyes went to his robe. She saw the outline of something twitching beneath it.

“Really? Tell me more.”

She tossed her wet hair back, running her hands through it, revealing her incredible cleavage. Nathan’s eyes were locked on it and his smile grew. They made eye contact with one another again.

“You’ve become a relentless, beautiful young woman who can obtain anything she desires. And you have the means to get what you want.”

Tandy saw the twitching again, and the outline was more visible this time.

“And I’ve known for a while now, so do you.”


She got off the bed and walked up to him, not so subtly and intentionally opening her robe a bit more to reveal more of her cleavage. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You’re a smart man, Daddy. A smart, good looking man who knows how to turn up the charm. No wonder Mom married you.”

She bent one leg to brush her knee up against his crotch. Nathan’s smile grew.

“Seems you took after me more than her.”

Tandy grinned.

“Daddy, I only take after you.”

Nathan ran a hand down from the back of her neck to her round ass.

Nathan smirked as he moved his lips forwards. Tandy grinned as she welcomed the kiss. They moaned as it soon turned passionate. Tandy gripped his neck as Nathan’s arms wrapped around her body, pulling him closer to her.

“Damn right, baby.”

They both moaned loudly into the kiss. Tandy jumped up into his arms, not stopping the kiss.

“Mom’s not here. I think her bed should see some real action.”

Nathan grinned and carried her to the master bedroom. He then dropped her on the bed, gently, before he pounced on top of her. The two kissed again.

Nathan quickly pulled off her robe, revealing her gorgeous body. He rasped in anticipation.

“Like what you see?”

Nathan smiled as removed his robe, revealing his thick, throbbing nine and a half inch erection.

“Daddy likes baby.”

Tandy eyed the hardon with a hungry grin. Her pussy was drenched. Getting seduced by her father was such a turn on and seeing his big dick just sealed the deal.

“Baby likes.”

Nathan’s hand went to her pussy. It was drenched. He rubbed her clit slowly.

Tandy moaned and gasped.

“How does Daddy’s baby want her first time with him to be like?”

Tandy shuddered and gasped. A hungry grin spread on her face.

“Come fuck me.”

Nathan smirked. He crawled onto the bed. He took her legs and turned her to the side, her head landing gently on a pillow.

“God this is so dirty, Daddy. I’m your daughter.”

Tandy smiled excitedly. Nathan snickered, the tip of his hardon grandbetting giriş at the entrance of her pussy.

“I know.”

They both moaned as he slid into her all the way.

“God you’re so deep!”

Nathan’s arrogant smile widened and slowly started bucking into her. Tandy gasped as each thrust went in deep.

“Fuck yes, Daddy!”

Nathan groaned as he kept thrusting into her. Her tight pussy gripped him hard like a vise.

“God, your pussy’s so tight!”

Tandy let out a laughing moan.

Nathan grunted as kept thrusting, eyes on her bouncing tits. He leaned down and kissed the nipple of both tits as he bucked into her harder.

“Yes Daddy! Keep doing that!”

Nathan groaned as he grabbed the headboard of the bed with one hand and gripped the sheet with the other as he started thrusting harder and faster into her.

“Yes Daddy! Fuck me! Yessss!”

Tandy’s arrogant smile widened as she felt him go faster and harder, deep in her pussy.

“Fuck that’s so good! Fuck baby girl! Mmmm!”

Tandy rasped a chuckle, not loosening her grip on his dick for a second.

“How long have you dreamed of fucking me, Daddy?! How long have you wanted to fuck your baby’s pussy?!”

Nathan chuckled at this.

“Ever since you went to college baby. You got so sexy, big tits and a fine damn ass baby.”

“So much sexier than Mom’s!”

They both laughed at this.

“Without a damn doubt. She doesn’t compare at all, baby.”

Tandy grinned devilishly at this as she felt herself getting close.

“I’m gonna cum! Make me fucking cum! Make your little girl fucking cum!”

Nathan moaned as he thrusted into her harder. The bed’s squeaking got louder and louder the harder he fucked her. Tandy giggled and moaned, getting closer and closer to orgasm. Until she let out a high pitched moan as she orgasmed. Nathan grinned evilly as she shuddered under him.

“You like that dick baby?! You like Daddy’s dick?!”

“Yesss Daddyyy! Fuck yesss! Ohhhh!”

Both Tandy and Nathan loved dirty talk. Now with the two of them fucking, they could explore even diritier things to say.

“Daddy’s been so hard for you baby! Have you been wet for Daddy?!”

“Yes! Yes Daddy! I’ve been ssso fucking wet for you! I’ve been wanting to fuck you for years!”

“Ohhh that’s a dirty girl!”

Tandy laughed and moaned. The dirty talk was kind of ridiculous, but it was no less hot to her. And she felt herself getting so close again.. So she upped the ante.

“Oooh I am Daddy! Your dirty girl’s been wanting her Daddy’s dick! She’s wanted you to sneak into her room and ravage her sweet little pussy every night! She’s wanted to cum on the big daddy dick every day and night!”

Nathan moaned louder and smugly as she fucked her faster. Tandy then gripped the headboard hard.

“I’m so close! Make me cum! Make me cum Daddy! Make your baby cum again! YES DADDY! OHHHHHHH!”

Tandy’s pussy gripped his dick hard as she orgasmed again, throwing her head back as she moaned in ecstasy.

“Daddy’s baby’s so sexy when she wriggles on Daddy’s dick! Mmm! Fuck! That little girl pussy is so good!”

Tandy laughed at this and instantly went back to moaning. He was fucking her so hard and it felt amazing. She’d cum twice already, when she was really being pleased she orgasmed more than once. And she felt another one coming. Also, much to her delight, she felt her dad’s dick getting bigger and harder in her.

“Getting close, Daddy? Are you gonna cum in me? Cum in your little girl?”

Nathan felt it. He was getting close. And hearing her moans made the act irresistible.

“You want Daddy’s cum, baby? You want Daddy to fill you with his cum?”

Nathan grunted as he grabbed one of her bouncing tits, squeezing it gently yet firmly.

“Yes Daddy! I want it! I want Daddy’s cum! Cum in me, Daddy! Cum in me!”

Nathan leaned in close to her as he got closer and closer to orgasm. Tandy smiled evilly as she wrapped her legs around him, locking him there.

“Oh you bad girl!”

Both panted and moaned as Nathan kept pounding her pussy.

“Yes Daddy! I’m gonna cum! Make me cum again! Make me cum and cum in me! Yes Daddy!”

Nathan started to moan in higher pitches as he got closer and closer. Tandy moaned in ecstasy as she orgasmed again.

With one final deep thrust, Nathan orgasmed. Tandy’s back arched and threw back her head as she screamed at the feeling of her pussy getting filled with her Daddy’s hot cum.


Nathan panted and gasped, rolling to the side. Satisfied smiles marked their faces as they relaxed after the intense sex. Tandy shuddered and sighed happily, feeling the hot cum deep in her.

Tandy rolled over to him and they kissed. She smiled at him.

“Why didn’t you seduce me earlier?”

“I should have.”

“We need to make up for lost time.”

Nathan grinned at this and they kissed again. One hand went to her ass, squeezing it. Tandy giggled at this. She grabbed his dick again and squeezed it. They both gasped and grinned.


Not grandbetting güvenilirmi a few days later and Cameron was home. She sat at the dinner table, eating something she’d fixed. The food she’d prepared for her husband and daughter was sitting there, getting cold. They didn’t often have family dinners like she wished, so she paid their absence no mind.

If she’d gone searching, she might have found daughter and dad going at it in the garage.

Tandy was being pounded from behind, moaning, as she was laid on top of the hood of her mom’s car. Nathan grunted as he held her right shoulder and left hip as he pounded into her.

“Fuck that’s so good baby!”

“Don’t stop fucking me on Mommy’s car! Ohhh!”

Nathan smiled as he moaned, fucking her harder. He eyed her stunning ass hungrily as it jiggled every time he pounded into her. Then his eyes went to her tits, the parts he could see as he fucked her.

“God yeah baby! Yeah!”

Tandy’s panted and moaned, hands gripping the car’s hood as she enjoyed getting fucked doggystyle.

“God Daddy, that’s so good! Fuck your baby’s pussy just like that! Yes!”

Soon they both shuddered and moaned loudly as they orgasmed together before kissing.


Days later as Cameron watch TV in her room, downstairs the lovers were fucking in Tandy’s shower.

Nathan had her back pressed up against a wall, pounding into her. His daughter gripped his back with one hand and the other was planted against one of the walls. The hot water poured on them as they enjoyed the mix of sex and hot water.

“God that’s so good, baby!”

“Don’t stop till you cum in me again!”

Nathan panted and gasped as he fucked up into her, going deep with each stroke. Tandy grabbed his face and kissed him again. Both moaned as Nathan furiously pounded her pussy, desperate to fill her with his cum.

“Yes Daddy! Keep fucking me! Fill me with all the hot cum!”

“Fuck baby! Yes! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum in you! AAHH! OHHHH!”

Tandy’s fingers dug into her father’s skin, drawing blood, and moaned as she relished getting filled with his cum. They panted and chuckled before kissing again.


Not a couple days after that, Cameron had a conference call with the board members in her bedroom, Tandy and Nathan went at it in on Tandy’s bed. Nathan is on top as he pounded his dick deep in her with each swift thrust.

“Yes Daddy! Keep fucking me like that! OhmyGod, you feel so good! Ohhh!”

Nathan groaned, feeling her tight pussy not letting go of its grip on his dick.

“God you’re so fucking tight baby! I love fucking this perfect little pussy!”

Tandy gasped and moaned as she gripped her sheets as her bed creaked and squeaked like crazy as if Nathan was fucking her into the mattress.

“God yes, Daddy! Keep fucking my pussy! Ohhhh! Fuck! You keep fucking me! You don’t stop until your balls deep and unload in me again!”

Nathan gasped and grunted as he got closer to orgasming again, desperately fucking deep into Tandy. She grasped his arms as he thrusted several more times deep in her, each firing a load of cum deep in her.

“GGGGod Daddy! Yes!”

The two kissed on the bed.

But then they heard Cameron’s talking got louder. Tandy grumbled at this.

“God can’t we ever be alone to fuck without that dumb bitch around?!”

Nathan pulled her into another kiss.

“We seem to be doing just fine, baby.”

Tandy chuckled and kissed him back.


Tandy tried to pull Nathan into his bedroom, but Cameron walked over. Tandy let go of his hand before her mother could see.

“Tandy? I know you’ve been trying to relax ever since graduation, but you really need to focus on your career…getting a job.”

“Mom, we’re rich. I don’t need a job.”

“That’s not the point. You need to prove to me you have what it takes to earn your inheritance.”

Tandy’s eyes went wide.


“I’ve been putting this off…but you’ve spent days showing no signs of searching for your path to success.”

“Mom, you can’t just throw away my inheritance!”

“My parents made me earn mine. I showed them I had what it took. You have to do the same.”

“No! That’s not fair! I should be able to live my life! Especially not by some stupid rule!”

“You’ve always had it easy. But you need to grow up. I should have let you know before you went to college, that was a mistake.”

“No! You can’t do this to me!”

Cameron frowned and shook her head.

“Cameron, think about what you’re doing: you’re forcing her to choose between her own desires and your family’s forceful expectations.”

Cameron frowned at him.

“It’s time she grew up. And so should you.”

She walked off.

Tandy’s hands balled into fists and her frown grew worse.

“No more, Daddy. I’m getting rid of that bitch.”


Tandy and Nathan laid in her bed the next day, nude and kissing.

“We have to get rid of her, Daddy.”

“I can convince her to give you the money baby. Just one night or two with her and she’ll change her mind.”

Tandy grabbed his dick, nails slowly digging in.

Nathan gasped in surprise.


Nathan shuddered.

“Think about it, Daddy: With her out of the way, we’ll have all the time in the world to fuck and the money will be ours. What do you say, Daddy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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