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Sexy Wife, Sexier Sister in Law Ch. 03

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Please read the previous stories in the series – sexy wife, sexier sis-in-law Ch. 1 and Ch.2 for continuity.

It was a warm day; the sun shining behind white, fluffy clouds making everything it touched shine like gold. The birds chirped happily as the flower bloomed, intoxicating the air with a sweet scent. The wind blew ever so calm, rustling the leaves almost as if they danced to some unknown tune. Inside the house, the bedroom was decorated with scented candles. They were rose petals everywhere, the dim lighting making it a perfect love nest. Madhu was lying naked on the bed, her beautiful body glowing from the lust flowing through her veins. Her breasts moved up and down gently, the traces of Siddharth’s saliva proudly decorated her areola and nipples. Her toned legs were up in the air, split wide with Siddharth’s thick penis wedged deep into her cunt. He was sliding it in and out like he owned her, and she was moaning sensually.

In the past year since they first fucked, Siddharth impregnated his wife Preethi and they both had a child. It made Madhu feel less guilty; if anything she did not want to take away the opportunity of her sister and Siddharth having their first child together. That was her condition, and it was fulfilled. It has been a few months since and they both have fucked countless times.

They fucked in the garage, the bathroom, the car; they fucked at parties, at weddings, at family events; they fucked inside any building, and in the woods behind her house. He fucked her in every position he could think off, every position she wanted to try. He even fucked her ass, which she loved. It was something she hadn’t tried even with her husband.

They believed their bodies belonged in each other’s embrace, her breasts in his mouth and his dick always deep inside her pussy.

But these days, he does not fuck her like a mistress. He fucks her like a lover. He had just fucked her in doggy and scissor style before returning into the missionary. She had two orgasms already, sending waves across her body make her shake in pleasure. They always look into each other’s eyes as he is ready to cum. He was tenaciously thrusting his dick into her pussy, stretching it walls; its head touching the insides of her womb. She is moaning “mmmm… mmmm… ahhhhh… love you babyyyy.” He kissed her lips “love you too,” and increased his pace.

After pounding her for a few minutes, his body shuddered as he moaned; his penis opened up bursting out warm seed, coating her womb with white, sticky juice of love for the thousandth time. Their bodies lie, spent, intertwined with each other, mixed in each other’s sweat and other bodily fluids.

Let us now leave Madhu and Siddharth in their bliss, for we are here to experience the story of Preethi and Ayush.

Preethi isn’t as innocent as she appears. She carries a secret with her. Unknown to everyone in her family, she has an extremely lustful side. She however, always keeps up the appearance of innocence. Even Madhu, who she is very close with has no idea about it. She discovered it when she was in boarding for college. She was bored with the daily routine of classes. She eventually discovered masturbation from some friends, she was consumed in its bliss. She never knew such a sensation existed before. It made her feel like nothing else did.

She accidentally came across porn and was blown away with the entirely new world she never knew existed. The more she watched the more she wanted to get fucked; she held back bound by the conservative upbringing of her family. “Sex only after marriage.” That was the Mantra hammered into her head. She had a boyfriend in college, no matter how much she wanted she would not do anything more than kiss him.

She kept all this hidden away from everyone, no one ever thought otherwise of her. Soon her sister Madhu got married to Ayush, and her curiosity fueled her lust. She wanted to know how they were having sex. She wished many times she could see how Ayush fucked her sister. Was it like they show in those porn videos? Or was it different? Did her sister really moan in pleasure to every thrust of her husband’s dick inside her? How many times would they do it? Was it every day? A few times a day? Did they always fuck in the same position? She was engulfed with questions she desperately wanted answer for.

She would use every excuse she could find to spend time at Madhu and Ayush’s place during weekends or holidays. They would have sex every night and she would hear the bed creak rhythmically. Küçükçekmece Escort She would sit outside their door and masturbate listening to Madhu moan, “ahhh… ahhh… mmmm!” She imagined Ayush having a thick cock with a fat head, shoving it deep into Madhu’s wet pussy. She imagined Madhu lying on the bed naked, her breasts flinging up and down as her husband pounded her. Nights like that she wished for a thick, fat dick inside her wet pussy fucking her like a slut, making her cum again and again.

She would pay attention to the signs. Madhu would glow the next morning when ever she had sex the previous night. She would almost be high. Several times, Ayush and Madhu would sneak into their room for a hour or two, she would hear Madhu moan from inside, she knew Ayush was fucking her brains outs. She always tried to peek inside their room when ever they had sex, but she never succeeded in getting a good view.

She tried to talk to Madhu as often as possible about their sex lives. She woulds use those details to imagine how they fucked. She slowly became infatuated with Ayush. He is a handsome guy; tall, medium complexion with good features and a nice body. Her imaginations slowly morphed over time, replacing Madhu with herself as the woman getting fucked every night. She used to masturbate imagining Ayush fuck Madhu, but now she masturbated imagining him fucking her.

She eventually met Siddharth, she feel head over heels in love and decided she was going to spend the rest of her life with him. Despite that, she could not get over her infatuation with her brother-in-law. After her marriage with Siddharth, she was careful not to show her lustful side to him. She felt it was important to maintain the guise of innocence.

Never the less, she allowed herself to completely enjoy being fucked like she always wanted to. She was lucky Siddharth was a sex maniac, never short of lust. She let him fucked her in every one of the positions she saw in those porn videos. She realized she loved the reverse cowgirl position the most.

No matter how much she fucked Siddharth, she could not let go of her fantasy of getting fucked by her brother in law. Simply imagining him while fucking Siddharth would fuel her lust giving her intense orgasms. But it wasn’t enough. She wondered if Ayush ever looked at her in a lustful way. She had no idea. She knew that his dick would get hard in a second if she exposed and acted sexy with him. But she had to be careful not to make it too obvious to Madhu.

Few months later, Preethi and Siddharth were at Madhu and Ayush’s place during one of their holidays. One day, she was in the bathroom when she realized one of her panties was missing. She looked for it everywhere yet could not find it. She did not think too much of it assuming it must have mixed up with Madhu’s clothes. She asked Madhu and later Siddharth but they knew nothing of it.

The next day, she found the panty in the bathroom, exactly where she thought she lost it. She combed the place thoroughly so she knew she did not dream about losing it. She wondered if Ayush had anything to do with it. She got excited thinking about the prospect of him secretly taking her underwear to jerk off. She had to find out. She paid more attention to Ayush as he moved around the house. She never found him doing anything suspicious.

And then one night, when Ayush thought everyone in the house was asleep he snuck into the guest bathroom, picked up Preethi’s panty and walked out. He looked around making sure no one saw him and slowly walked back to his room. He failed to notice the pair of eyes watching him quietly from a dark corner.

Preethi smiled to herself; her suspicions were true, Ayush was taking her underwear and most likely jerking off on them. She knew one half of the story but wanted to know the other half. She tip toed towards their bedroom. The door was unlocked, she opened it, just enough to see through. She saw Madhu was asleep in the bed but Ayush was not next to her. She slowly stepped inside and walked to the bathroom. She put her ears to the door and tried to listen. She could faintly hear Ayush breathing hard on the other side, the rhythmic sound of something being moved back and forth. She smiled again, as suspected he was jerking off on her panties.

She slowly walked back out of the room, closed the door and snuck back into bed. Siddharth was asleep next to her. She was so excited she wanted to wake him up for a quick fuck, Maltepe Escort but she decided to wait. She had a plan in mind and she was going to put it into action.

She waited patiently for Ayush to take her underwear again. Madhu had gone out with Siddharth for some errand. She waited for the right moment, and walked into the master bedroom when it was time. As expected she found Ayush, half naked, holding his dick in one hand and her panties with the other. He was so shocked he couldn’t talk and simply stared at her.

“What the hell Ayush!” She said, pretending to sound angry, “What are you doing with my panties?”

“What the fuck!! Preethi! Don’t you know you should knock before you come into some one’s room!?” Ayush blurted out.

She walked towards him, “Really!? You are sitting here with my panties wrapped around you dick, and some how the issue here is that I did not knock!?” She said feigning a shocked expression.

Ayush was silent. He did not know what to say. He felt guilty for what he had done.

Preethi looked at him thinking if she might have overdone it, she wanted to scare Ayush a little bit, not humiliate him. She picked up his trousers from the floor and gave it to him, signaling with her eyes for him to put them on.

He looked at her in bewilderment, unsure what to think of it. He took his trousers without saying a word and put them back on.

Preethi looked at him soothingly, “Look, I did not mean to freak you out so much. I guess I can understand why you did it. It was just unexpected for me. I never knew you had such feelings towards me.”

Ayush listened silently for a few seconds, “I am sorry Preethi,” he spoke up finally. “I know I shouldn’t have done it, I don’t know what I was thinking!”

“It’s okay,” Preethi said in a calm voice. “I really can understand why you did it. We spend so much time close to each other, I guess it’s hard not to get attracted.” She did not want him consumed by guilt and lose the lust he was feeling towards her. She knew she had to choose her words carefully. “You are always such a nice guy, always so sensitive, so understanding, and so caring.”

Ayush started to relax after hearing her say those words, “yes, it is hard not to feel attracted to people we spend so much time with. But, I don’t want you think of me as some kind of a pervert.”

“No, I don’t,” she said slowly to him, quickly changing to a slightly stern tone, “but still, that does not mean you get to take my underwear like this and jerk off to it!” “I mean, you’re married. You have my beautiful sister to enjoy you sexual fantasies.”

Ayush face was blank, unsure of what he should say. He thought about the situation, and realized it would be better if he was honest to her, “Don’t get me wrong, I do! You sister and I have had a great sex life so far.” He stopped, wondering if he should open up anymore about their intimate life with Preethi.

“It’s okay, you can trust me,” Preethi said calmly trying to win his trust.

“It’s not that. You are still newly married Preethi. I don’t want to say the shit that’s in my mind and give you a bad opinion about us and our relationship,” Ayush said resisting the impulse to express the thoughts in him mind.

“It’s okay Ayush. You don’t have to feel bad about sharing your feeling with me. No relationship is perfect, we all have our share of problems the outside world has no idea about,” she said in a soothing voice. “We all need some one we can share our burdens, some one we can trust and we know will understand us.” “I like to think I am some one you can trust.”

“Of course you are Preethi! I always felt comfortable sharing things with you,” he said right away, then hesitated a bit, “but this is your sister we are talking about, so I assumed you would naturally want to take her side.”

“Hmm… yeah I can understand, and you are not wrong for thinking that way,” Preethi said in a supportive tone, “but even if it’s my sister I would still be on your side if it’s the right thing to do.”

Ayush was surprised to hear her. He had always thought the sisters were close with each other. “You are very nice, but I don’t want to be the reason to mess up your relationship with her,” he said finally.

“Hahaha, you really are so sweet,” Preethi laughed out loud. “You sharing your feeling won’t do anything to my relationship with Madhu.” She added a few later, “actually, if you think about it, I would be the best person to confide Mecidiyeköy Escort in so things aren’t misunderstood. Don’t you think so?” She asked back.

“Yeah, I guess you can say that,” Ayush said not sounding entirely convinced.

“Oh well, it’s up to you,” Preethi said as a matter of fact. She knew she had to play a bit hard to get. “If you ever feel like talking, you know where to find me.” She got up and started walking towards the door.

“Wait,” Ayush called out. “What about what happened here just now?” He asked.

“Maybe this will be a test of how well we both can keep a secret,” she stopped and said back to him.

“What do you mean?” he asked back confused.

“Simple. The only way any one outside this room will know what happened is if either of us talk about it,” Preethi said as a matter of fact turning towards him.

Ayush thought about it for a few minutes, “but this is a bit unfair don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?” It was her turn to be confused.

“You have an upper hand her. It’s more important for me to keep all this a secret for my sake,” Ayush was coming up with his own plan. “You honestly have nothing to lose even if anybody finds out about it!”

Preethi was intrigued by how he was thinking, but at the same time she was also impressed. She thought to herself that she underestimated him. “I can understand what you mean.” “So if we are to make a deal, you think it would be fair we both have something to lose, right?”

“Of course! Don’t you think so?” Ayush asked back.

He was trying to guess what Preethi had in her mind. If she really was so shocked seeing him with her panties, she wouldn’t be sitting and chatting with him about it. The conversation would have been a lot more serious. She almost seemed like she was playing with him; it made him think she was probably turned on by what she saw and she simply did not want to make it too obvious.

Preethi turned towards him completely and took a few steps towards him, “I see your point. That would indeed be unfair.” She thought about it for a few minutes. Ayush was still sitting on the bed. She made a few purposeful movements towards the bed, got onto it, placed her legs on either side of him and sat down in his lap. “Lets even the odds then,” she quickly took his head and kissed him on his lips.

Ayush knew she would do something, but he did not expect this. But he wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. He quickly placed his arms around her, taking her by her waist, pulled her towards him and kissed her back.

They both kissed hard, chewing each other’s lips, biting in between, pushing their tongue into each other’s mouths. They did not want to stop. Ayush put his hands on the top of her breasts, squeezing them as he kissed. She moaned at the sudden touch of another man’s hands on her body. He almost ripped open her blouse, feasting his eyes on her breasts. She was wearing a cream colored bra. They were big, round and perfect. He started kissing them on top of her bra.

“Ahhhh…” Preethi moaned and enjoyed the sensation flooding through her body. Her fantasy was finally coming true. She bit her lip as she enjoyed her brother-in-law’s lips explore her breasts. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes. She knew she had to improvise but she wasn’t going to give herself completely yet.

She pulled Ayush away from her, he was shocked at the abruptness. But before he could say anything else, she unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis. He couldn’t believe what she did.

She gave him a smile, “that would make it fair, don’t you think?” She pushed her breasts out with her arms, making her cleavage deeper.

Ayush gained his composure slowly realizing her game, “yes, we now have a proper deal.” He looked at her for a few minutes, savoring her sexy body with his eyes. She signaled with her eyes for him to masturbate. He took his dick in his hand and moved it up and down. She looked into his eyes as he stared all over her body. It was a lot for him to take in, he instinctively jerked his penis harder. He locked his eyes on her breasts and her deep cleavage. He jerked faster and faster until he couldn’t control any longer, he was losing his mind. He kept going for a few minutes enjoying himself fully; he finally burst out a thick load of cum as he climaxed.

Preethi smiled proudly; she slowly got up, buttoned up her blouse and walked towards the door. She turned around as she was about to walk out, “I really meant what I said earlier. When ever you feel like talking, just come to me,” she aid and closed the door behind her.

Ayush sat in his bed with his head reeling from what happened. He never expected things to take such a horny turn. He pinched himself quickly making sure it wasn’t a dream. He knew life would be a lot more exciting now, and he fully intend to enjoy it.

To be continued…

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