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Shared Moment

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We were laughing as you walked around the back of the car to join me before we walked upstairs. It was one of those laughs that two people share about something that has reminded them of a something that has happened who knows how many times already.

Dinner was good, nothing special, but a great chance to spend time together. I was glad you led me up the stairs to your apartment. It gave me another chance to take a good look at you. The way your jeans held your ass just so. The way you moved. The flash of skin before each step. I couldn’t help but feel mildly aroused at the sight.

You fumbled for your keys and finally slid the right one in the lock and turned it. You were surprised that the door opened so easily and even more surprised at the reason: your suitemate sitting on the sofa watching a movie with some friends.

She looked up as you walked in, an apologetic look on her face. “Sorry, they ended up cancelling. We figured we’d just comeback here and crash for awhile.”

You replied graciously, “I understand how that goes.” You waved the DVD we’d picked up, “You don’t mind if we just go in here to watch it, do you? I’m just not up for Monty Python tonight.”

You gave the door a push and we entered your room which was dominated by your bed. A dresser and desk were placed against the wall, the TV sitting on top of the dresser. I shrugged off my coat and held it for a second. You glanced over and smiled, “You can just put it over the chair there. There’s not much room in the closet.” I smiled back and did as you suggested, placing my things on the back of the chair.

You turned on the TV and slipped the disk into the player. I sat down on the chair and waited. “What are you doing over there?” you exclaimed. “You won’t see anything from there. Go ahead and get on the bed. It’s where I always end up watching.”

I did so and leaned back against the headboard. You pulled your sweater over your head, your shirt riding up as you did so, showing more than a little skin and the back of your bra. I shifted uncomfortably as it fell back down when your head popped free. You went around the other side and dropped in next to me. “There’s plenty of room.” you ataşehir escort pointed out. “So what if we’re a little close.” You lifted the remote and aimed it at the player and it whirred to life. The picture changed to a familiar logo and then the menu screen. You moved through the options and started the movie. Settling in next to me your leg resting lightly next to me.

We’d chosen one of those period pieces, apparently from the Victorian era. A nice remake of what we’d call a chick flick from our younger days. After the ride home, the choice made no sense, but as we watched we started to get into the plot.

After a while I shifted my weight and slid my arm over your shoulder. You nestled yourself in closer to my side, your hand resting on my thigh. My fingers traced small circles on your arm just below the end of your sleeve, your skin smooth and warm beneath my finger tips. After a few moments your fingers started to trace the same small circles on my thigh. I tried not to show my growing arousal, but was thwarted by a scene showing a group of young women bathing in a stream. Modesty was the rule in the movie, but the wet fabric of their slips clung to their bodies as their wet hair flowed over their shoulders and down their fronts.

I shifted a little, trying to not to betray what I was feeling. You shifted as I did. I glanced down at you at the same time you glanced up at me. Your eyes were dewy as they met mine, surprising me.

“Is everything alright?” I asked. You smiled and a tear rolled down your cheek, “Sure. It’s nothing.” I pulled you closer to me and kissed your forehead and then the trail of the tear down your cheek. “I hope so. It will be fine.” I answered. You came to rest almost on top of me, your breasts pressed against my side, their soft pressure driving me to distraction.

You slid your hand across my torso and squeezed, a light hug between friends. I leaned down to kiss your forehead again and instead found your lips waiting for me. The kiss lasted for a second, maybe two, before we broke it off, a little afraid of what was happening. But your hand stayed where it was on my waist. My fingers continued tracing circles kadıköy escort bayan on your arm in arcs growing slowly larger, sliding closer to your breast.

I felt your moan more than I heard it, low and quiet, but signaling a growing interest. Your fingers started idly tracing the same arcs as mine were across my torso, not a tickling feeling, but a pleasant feeling. One that only added to my growing excitement. I tried to shift again, but this time you held me fast. I glanced down and saw you looking up at me. I leaned closer and met your lips with mine. This time there was no fear, only the desire to taste each others lips. We kissed for a long while, my tongue slipped into your mouth and I was surprised by the passion with which you responded.

Your hand slipped under my shirt and rubbed flatly across my stomach. My hand fell off your arm and found your breast. My fingers slid across its clothed surface and found your nipple firm beneath. I heard your moan that time and knew that we were close to crossing a line.

Our lips parted and you moaned, “So good. So, so good.” You pushed away from me and looked at my eyes, a question lingering between us yet lying unspoken. With my free hand I started lifting my shirt and you followed suit. You ducked under my arm as I slid off the bed and pulled my shirt off. Yours wasn’t far behind mine and ended up on the floor. I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. You were lying on the bed still and struggling to lower your pants. I moved to the end of the bed and knelt between your legs and pulled them off of you.

Our eyes locked again and a silent answer passed between us. We stripped off the rest of our clothes and I again slid between your legs on the bed. I crawled toward you and kissed your navel before crawling farther up and meeting your lips again with mine.

We lost all thought of everything surrounding us and were consumed by the sense of warm soft skin, of desire burning, of lust awakened. I loved the pressure of your breasts against me, your legs against my hips. I kissed away from your lips and down to your chin. I kissed lower, down your neck and chest. I lifted myself to my knees escort maltepe and looked down one you before taking each of your breasts in my hands, gently kneading them. Your nipples were hard beneath my fingers, their tips poking out through the gaps between. Your eyes were locked on mine, but your mouth was open, your breathing deep. I leaned close and closed my teeth around one of your nipples and felt a shudder pass through your body. You hands wound itself through my hair and you muttered “Yes, so good. Suck me. Bite me.”

I continued for a few moments until your grip eased. I could feel your hips moving beneath me, how you were reaching for release. I released your nipple and kissed lower, stopping at your navel for just a brief moment before sliding lower.

I slid a finger into you, enjoying your wet heat. I pulled it out and lifted it to my mouth. Again focusing on your eyes, I slid it into my mouth and smiled as I closed my lips around it. “So sweet.” I smiled.

You moaned, “Please?”

I again kissed your waist and then shifted my body, moving lower so that your pinkness was in front of me. I inhaled deeply, savoring your scent. I slid my tongue onto you, sliding up through the pink folds to your waiting clit. You gasped as I repeated the motion again before settling in front of you. I alternated licking and sucking and biting at you, struggling to keep my focus as your hips rocked up and down against my face and as I became more and more excited.

I felt your legs starting to close against my ears, stifling your growing moans. I felt you stiffen, pushing yourself down against and then relax slightly. I slid my tongue over your clit again and felt you spasm. I pushed myself up off the bed and looked at you. Your hair was a mess. A small trickle of sweat lie between your breasts. Your managed a small smile that I took as an invitation. Our eyes fixed on each other, I crawled up your body. As I did your hands slid up my sides.

I leaned close to you and kissed you, allowing you to taste yourself, to smell your excitement in our embrace. I lifted my hand and slid it into myself and pulled it free. I placed it next to your mouth. Your tongue came out and licked it excitedly.

“My turn?” I asked. Your eyes drifted lower, to my breasts hanging close against yours, our rigid nipples almost touching. Your hands slid down them and your fingers closed over my nipples.

“I thought you’d never ask” was your reply.

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