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Shared Wife Ch. 07: Sam

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Author’s Notes: This is another chapter in my story about Eve. Please read the previous chapters for background on the characters and story plot before reading this chapter.

* * * * *

It was about six months after I became a shared wife that Frank came for his regular visit. I’d had sex with Frank several times, and still had problems accepting his large cock into my pussy. But I still loved to fuck that cock, that wonderful, large cock with the bulging veins.

After Frank had fucked me for over an hour, and had given me at least five orgasms, we were finished for the night. I lay on the bed, legs spread apart, my wrecked pussy tingling in pleasure, and aching in pain. It was such a different feeling that I had with no other man.

Frank sat at the end of the bed, turned, and spoke to me.

“I hate to say this Eve, but this may be the last time.” Frank spoke slowly and seriously. “Or maybe the last time for the next year or so.”

“What?” I exclaimed. I tried to sit up, but my body was too exhausted to even raise up.

“I’ve been hired for a yearlong project back on the East coast. It is a great opportunity, and pays a ridiculous amount of money. I don’t see how I can arrange our monthly hookups from that distance.” He said. I could tell he was sad to give me this news.

“So just a year?” I asked, hopeful that he would then come back.

“If the job works out, it may become permanent.” He replied.

Tears of sadness filled my eyes. “I will miss you, and your fabulous large cock. You know I really love the way you fuck me.”

He dressed and left. I never did see Frank again. I didn’t know it then, but the job back East later became permanent and he never returned to our town.

– – – – –

Three days later, I was having sex with Bill at bedtime. Earlier in the afternoon, I’d had a quickie ‘afternoon delight’ with our neighbor Jerry. This had been my first sex since Frank on Saturday.

As was our custom, Bill and I were having sex while talking sex; my last sex with Frank, my afternoon quickie with Jerry, and tonight’s sex with Bill. I love Bill so much, and sex with him is always an amazing experience. Maybe he doesn’t thrill my pussy like some other men. But he makes my heart sing. And that makes him my most favorite lover, even after all these other men and sexual encounters.

“You’re going to miss Frank, aren’t you?” Bill asked. I knew that he knew the answer already. Bill knew every ounce of my body and could guess almost every thought in my head.

“You know I’ll miss that cock, that amazing, large cock.” I said. “I just have some sort of addiction to having my pussy painfully stretched every once in a while. I can’t explain it. It hurts so bad, and yet feel so good.”

“Babe, you’ve told me that a hundred times at least.” Bill said. “The real question is do we need to find another such cock for you?”

The thought perked me up. Bill was willing to help me find another big cock to wreck my pussy once a month or so.

“You know I do.” I answered him. “When do we start? Where do we look?”

“Eve, I’m sure you heard the rumors about big black cock. I can’t say it’s always true, but I remember those days in gym class in high school, and the showers afterward. The black kids had the biggest dicks. I know you’re not racist. Want to look for a big black cock?”

I looked up at Bill with hope. He was on top of me, missionary position. Maybe a big black cock would fill this special need. My pussy throbbed at the thought and squeezed Bill’s cock a bit tighter.

Bill looked down at the union of our bodies. He had felt the squeezing on his cock.

“I think I have your answer.” He said with a laugh and began pumping his cock into me a bit quicker. “I may know someone already.”

“Who?” I asked with some urgency.

“Let’s finish and then I can tell you.” He replied.

It didn’t take long for me to orgasm, especially with the prospect of new big cock to fuck. Bill came shortly after I did. We lay there and cuddled in the afterglow of our sex, and then he sat up in bed next to me.

“I know you’ve seen that young black man that jogs down our street almost every morning. A big young black man.” Bill started.

“Yeah, I’ve seen him. But we don’t know who he is, or where he lives, do we?” She replied.

“His name is Sam. He’s 25 years old. And he is big, six foot five inches, 255 pounds, and all muscle. He was a football player in college. He played linebacker. Now he’s graduated, has a great job, he’s single, and he lives several blocks over. He runs every morning about two miles as part of his daily exercise routine to stay in shape.”

“So how do you know so much?” I asked.

“I asked him. He came by Monday morning and I was out there to meet him. I ran with him a short while and asked some questions. I couldn’t keep up with his pace, so he slowed to a walk for me, but only for a short distance to answer a few questions. Then he sped up and left me in his dust.”

Bill then suggested a way Escort Bayan I could meet him and judge whether he might be interested in what we wanted.

– – – – –

Early the next Saturday morning I was dressed in skimpy running shorts, a tight crop top that barely kept my 36D breasts in place, and some running shoes. I knew I couldn’t run at Sam’s pace, so I needed a way to get him to stop and notice me. I was pretended to be pulling weeds along the curb when Sam came by.

“Hello there.” I said sweetly, but loud enough that he could hear me.

“Hello.” Sam said. He had taken one look at me and came to a complete stop. Step one accomplished.

“Hello.” I repeated. “I’ve seen you running out here often. You must live around here. My name is Eve.” and I stuck out a hand in greeting.

“Hello Eve. I’m Sam.” he replied as he shook my hand. I held the handshake a bit long, to hold his attention. I needed worry as his eyes were locked on my big tits.

“Yes, I live several blocks over. I run out here almost every day. However, I don’t think I’ve seen you out here. I would have remembered.” he said with a nod towards my breasts.

“I’m not usually out this early.” I replied, which was misleading as I am almost never outside. I changed the subject.

“Care for some water, or something to nibble upon?” I asked as I gently shook my tits in front of him.

He couldn’t resist the bait.

“Uh, yes I would.” he replied.

I led him to our door and we went inside. Then I lead him back to our kitchen and breakfast table. He sat at the table while I fetched a bottle of water from the refrigerator. Bill and I had intentionally left my photo book on the table. He noticed the book, but didn’t touch it.

As I handed him the bottle of water, I stood next to him and put my arm on his large muscular shoulder. God was he big and strong. I hoped that all his ‘equipment’ was in similar shape.

“Want to see my pictures?” I asked. “My husband likes to take photos of me and he created this book for me. Open it. Take a look. Maybe you will like some of my photos.”

Sam opened the bottle of water and then opened the book. He quickly flipped through the first few pages of me in party dresses. He spent a little longer with the lingerie pictures, and almost stopped completely with my nude photos.

“Eve, I shouldn’t be looking at these.” Sam said politely.

At that point Bill walked into the kitchen. “Hello Sam. Remember me? I’m Bill, Eve’s husband. I take pictures of her to share with other people. Don’t you like my pictures of her?”

Sam looked puzzled as he looked at Bill, then looked at me, looked at the book, and then again at Bill.

“Yes, I do like these pictures. Your wife is very sexy, and very photogenic.” Sam said, a smile crossing his face.

Sam then looked at the pictures of me having sex with other men. I think it dawned on him why we had asked him into our home.

“So Bill. You like taking photos of Eve having sex with other men?” Sam asked directly. “Is that why you invited me inside?”

“Sam, you are a smart one. I won’t lie or beat around the bush.” I replied as I stripped off what few clothes I was wearing. “It would please me, and Bill, for you to fuck me while Bill takes photos.”

I knew I was being so very blatant about our desires with someone I had just met. But I could feel a special sexual connection with Sam already, just by his looks at me and the tone of his voice.

“Now you are offering something I really can’t refuse.” Sam said as he rose and began removing his shirt.

After he had his shirt off, I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. There he removed his shoes and then pulled down his shorts and jock strap. He stood there wearing only his socks while I stared at his fabulous body. Indeed Sam was well endowed. He had a huge cock, the largest I had ever seen.

“So it is true.” I started. “Black men really do have big cocks.”

“Yes, and I’m bigger than most.” he said proudly.

I pointed at the basket on the dresser. “That has condoms, including large sizes.”

“Honestly, I’m allergic to latex. I’ve been propositioned for sex so much that I get tested every month for STDs. I’m clean, and I pull out before firing off this fire hose.” He held his large cock and pointed it at me. “Judging by your book, you also have a lot of sex. I will assume that you get tested regularly and you are also clean. Let’s get started.”

Bill was already in the room with his camera, taking photographs. Sam appeared to not notice him at all.

Sam pushed me down upon the bed and spread my legs apart. He was such a powerful man that he moved me however he liked with such ease.

“Now let’s taste that pussy of yours, Missy, and get you wet.” Sam said as he lowered his head to my crotch and began licking my pussy with the largest, strongest tongue I had ever felt. I guess he either forgot my name, or gave me a new nickname. Sam licked me like a man possessed. He fucked me with his tongue, Bayan escort reaching deep inside me. I could feel the power of his tongue on my inner walls.

And when he went after my clit, I came. I gasped. My body trembled, my pussy spasmed, and my fluids gushed out of my pussy. He lapped up some and the rest left me wet all over my crotch and thighs. I was very well lubricated. He inserted two fingers, then three, maybe even four. He was fucking me, and stretching me out. He knew what he was doing.

“Okay, Missy. Let’s see how this fits.” Sam said as he rose up, crawled up between my legs and positioned his large cockhead at my entrance. Sam’s cock appeared to be at least nine inches long, and thicker than Frank’s.

“That’s a huge cock!” I exclaimed. “I don’t know if that will fit.”

“Oh it will fit. I guarantee that.” He said as he rubbed his cockhead up and down my slit, gathering lubrication. “A pussy can stretch quite a bit, more than you think. Every woman I’ve fucked has stretched for this. It may be painful. But I can see that this is what you want. That is why you wanted me to come here, right? You wanted to be fucked by a big black cock. You wanted this big rod, and I intend to give you what you want.”

Sam pushed the head of his cock into my pussy. It was tight, it hurt, but it wasn’t any worse than Frank’s cock. I took several quick breaths of air. Sam was watching me closely.

“Ready for more?” He asked. I sensed that he was truly concerned about me and that he gave me what I wanted. And I wanted a big cock.

I nodded and attempted a weak smile.

“Here’s a bit more.” Sam said as me leaned forward, forcing more of his massive cock into me.

I screamed. Tears came to my eyes. I was gasping for my breath. The pain was intense, but subsided quickly.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Bill lower his camera and step forward. I knew he intended to rescue me, however he could.

I waved my husband off. “I’m OK, Bill. It hurts, but I can handle this. I want this.”

I took more breaths and tried to relax my vaginal muscles. It worked and I knew I could take more.

“Really? You want this? More of this?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” I answered emphatically. “I’ve had large before. Maybe not this large, but I love the pain with pleasure. I’m ready for more.”

Sam pushed again and even more of his large cock entered me. It felt tight. It stretched me. It ached, but was not a sharp pain. I looked up at Sam and smiled.

“More Sam.” I said confidently.

Sam smiled and pushed in even more. Bit by bit he pushed more inside. I felt the ache, sometimes more intense that other times. But I didn’t scream, I had no more tears.

I didn’t know how much of Sam’s cock I had inside and how much more he had to give me. But I knew that I wanted him to move more, to begin an in and out motion. I was certain at this point that my pussy could take this, and it would feel really, really good.

“Fuck me Sam. Move in and out. Fuck me.” I said sternly.

Sam smiled and agreed. He pulled back a bit and pushed forward a bit.

Ah, there it was. Pleasure with the pain. I looked at Bill and smiled. He nodded and backed away, holding up his camera and taking more pictures.

Sam continued the small motions back and forth. The entrance to my pussy was accepting him. I was accommodating him.

“Harder Sam. Deeper. Fuck me Sam. The pain has turned to pleasure, and this is indeed the reason I asked you into my home.”

“Will do, Missy. Will be my pleasure.” Sam said as he picked up the pace of his cock inside my pussy.

“Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck! Fuck me MORE!” I commanded him.

Again, Sam gave me what I asked for, what I told him to give me. I was in control, again.

“You are a wild one, aren’t you Missy?” Sam asked as he grabbed my thighs and began thrusting harder. “You are tight, but you like this, don’t you?”

The pain was rising again, but not as fast as the pleasure. Damn this felt so fucking good.

“More Sam! HARDER!” I said emphatically.

“Damn! Missy, you are fucking fun.” Sam said as his thrusts became faster and harder. He was filling my vagina. Soon I wouldn’t be able to take more of his cock. But would I be able to take all of his monster?

Then with a hard thrust his cockhead hit my cervix, which hurt a bit. I winced and closed my eyes in a tight squint.

He paused a moment, pulled out a bit, and then resumed. “I reached the end, didn’t I? I’ll try to not do that again.”

“Good. That’s good. Keep going.” I said.

We established a good rhythm and he continued to fuck me. Soon I felt my orgasm coming. My body was tingling. My pussy was burning, a good burn.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. I’m going to cum!” I announced.

“Good Missy. Cum for me. Cum for me.” Sam said as he kept up our rhythm.

My orgasm suddenly overwhelmed me. I screamed in pleasure, throwing my head back. My body shook uncontrollably. My pussy attempted to clench around his cock, but I was stretched Escort so tight it made little impact. Damn this felt so good. I knew I had found a replacement for Frank.

Sam held me still, allowing my orgasm to subside. He slowly pulled out.

“Did you like that?” Sam asked. “Want some more?”

I lay there my orgasm still trembling in my body.

“Yes, and Yes.” I replied “Give me a few moments.”

Bill left and returned with water for both Sam and me. I took a few sips, as did Sam.

“What’s your favorite position?” Sam asked next.

“Doggie!” I quickly replied as I was turning over onto my elbow and knees. I spread my legs and rotated my hips back, opening my pussy to his view.

Oh, Hot Damn!” Sam exclaimed as he moved in behind me.

This time he entered me quicker, filling my pussy again. He stretched me. It ached. It felt wonderful. I looked over at Bill and smiled. He smiled back at me.

“Fuck me Sam! Fuck me hard!” I commanded him.

Sam was a great fuck. He had a huge tool, and he know how to use it, even in very tight pussies.

“Oh Sam! That’s so good. A little faster.” I implored him.

Sam was hitting my G-spot just right and my arousal was rising quickly. My next orgasm was beginning, growing slowly.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” I grunted between gasps for air.

Sam picked up his pace. The burn in my pussy increased. I could feel sweat forming on my chest and back. A tingle began in my body.

“Harder! Harder! I’m almost there.” I rocked back into Sam, pushing him deeper into my pussy.

“Arghhhhhh” I screamed as my orgasm rolled through me. It was not as intense, no sudden hit, but it was powerful, a constantly rolling wave.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I cried out.

Sam paused a moment, holding my hips in his strong grip. My orgasm kept rolling on and on. Then it slowly began to subside.

Then Sam began pumping his massive cock back and forth into me.

“Oh. Fuckkkkkk.” I moaned as Sam rekindled my orgasm and kept it going.

“That’s the point, Eve.” Sam said “Having fun?”

“Oooooooh, Yessssss.” I hissed through clenched teeth. “This feels really good.”

Sam continued fucking me from behind. Slowly increasing the pace, letting my pussy adjust to the size of his cock. The pleasure grew as the pain subsided.

“OOOOOOOOOOH” I moaned louder as a another orgasm rolled through me.

Sam stopped and held me close. As my orgasm slowly began to subside, he slowly withdrew his cock and sat back. I collapsed onto the bed. Sam drank some more water.

“I hope you’re getting some good pics.” Sam said to Bill.

“Absolutely!” replied Bill.

I raised my head and looked at Sam, more specifically at his large cock that was still very hard and erect. I though it incredible that I had taken some amount of that in my pussy.

“Question, Sam. How much of that did I take inside me?” I asked.

“Almost all of it. Not many can take that much. Must say that if feels really good to have pussy around that much of my cock.” Sam replied.

“Let’s do some more.” I said with look in my eye.

Sam’s face lit up. “Really? More? I figured you were done.”

“Lay on the bed Sam. I want to be on top.” I said to him. I intended to see if I could bottom out on his massive cock. Could I take all of it?

Sam did as I asked and lay on his back. He held the base of his cock so that it pointed straight up. I straddled his legs and raised up on my knees. It was obvious that wasn’t going to get my pussy high enough off of him to accept his cock.

I stood up on the bed, a foot on each side of his hips. I then lowered myself into a squatting position. Sam held out his other hand, allowing me to hold on to steady myself. Squatting on the balls of my feet, was not the most stable position. He pointed his cock at my gaping hole, and I lowered myself until I felt him against my lips.

I stopped and held that position.

“Ready when you are, Missy.” He said to me with a grin on his face. “You want to take all of me, don’t you? I bet you can’t.”

“We will see about that.” I responded to his challenge. I let my bottom drop an inch or so, my lips parting as the head of his cock entered me. It was snug, but it felt good.

“You’ve got a long way to go.” Sam was still challenging me.

No longer needing to hold his dick, he offered both hands to me. I steadied myself, each of my hands holding one of his hands, our fingers interlocked. I begin to bounce up and down on his cock, just a little to begin with. There was little pain, I supposed because my pussy had been stretched out already by two rounds of sex. On each down stroke, I pushed down a bit further. I was really loving the feeling as his cock filled my pussy, stretching it. My face lit up in pleasure, a broad smile on my face.

“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you Missy?” Sam asked.

“Yes, Sam. This is why I love a big cock.” I said as I purposefully pushed down much further. There was a brief shot of pain, but it quickly turned to a sensation of pleasure. I think that Sam saw the quick change of expression on my face, first a grimace, and then a broad smile.

“How am I doing Sam?” I asked as I continued to push up and down a few inches on his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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