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Sharing Sofia… Again

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It had been a couple of months since Sofia and Mateo first acted out their fantasy. During intimate moments, Matt liked to whisper in Sofia’s ear and remind her of the intense rush she got when two cocks were inside her. How totally filled and totally satisfied she felt.

But he didn’t need to remind her. Sofia thought about it all the time. And she hoped that soon they would try it again.

But that wasn’t what was on her mind that chilly day in October. She and Matt were visiting some of his old college friends in Seattle whom she had never met. On this particular night, Sofia and Matt were headed to a party. Neither particularly enjoyed large gatherings, but tonight’s event had been planned well in advance and several of Matt’s friends had made it clear that they were dying to meet his lovely new wife. Although Sofia was missing their beautiful home in Mexico and wishing the party was already history, she knew the event was important to her handsome husband and wanted to make a good impression on his friends. And she knew that they were already running almost an hour late.

They had come back to Seattle for homecoming at the University of Washington and the 30th Reunion of Matt’s fraternity pledge class. They were staying with Matt’s best friend from college, Roger and his wife, Kathy, who had already left for the party. And while the three old friends were thrilled to spend time together and embraced Sofia warmly, the cramped quarters had definitely put a kink in Matt and Sofia’s lifestyle. They found themselves foregoing their usual routine of showering together due to an unusually small shower. Being in someone else’s house also prevented them from a leisurely morning, making coffee and talking before they bothered to dress. And their often boisterous type of sex would be much too noisy for the old house’s thin walls. Because of this, both of them suffered from an extreme case of horniness. They had struggled to keep their hands off each other all day long. Sofia made a mental note to stay in a hotel next time they visited.

The October temperature had dropped low enough for their friends to have turned the heat on in their Victorian style home on Queen Ann Hill. Although extensive remodeling had brought the home up to modern standard in design, the heating system was still a bit lacking. The antique infrastructure for heating meant that some rooms were drafty and cold, while others were overly hot. Their bedroom was the later.

So, after showering, Sofia wiped the mirror clear of moisture and proceeded to dry her hair wearing just her black panties.

Enjoying the fact that it would take only minutes for him to dress, Mateo sat back on their bed, naked, and relaxed while Sofia began her routine. He was able to watch her dry her hair unobstructed through the open doorway into their bathroom. And soon, the sight of her bending over the bathroom counter began to arouse him. He watched intently as she leaned forward in order to reach the back of her hair. The black lacy legs of her panties rode up and accentuated her round, firm ass. Matt had always been an ass man, but Sofia’s ass was exquisite. And from their very first date when she had seduced him, Sofia made her tight ass available to Matt whenever, wherever and however he wanted.

Watching her bending over the counter to apply her makeup, Matt was reminded of all the times he had fucked her ass just by lifting up her skirt and pulling her panties aside. It seemed that she was always ready to receive him there, just as she had received the stranger’s cock several months before when Matt finally fulfilled one of their fantasies by bringing another man into their bed.

Looking now at her panty-clad ass, Matt began to feel his cock stir. As he took in the view, Matt’s hand reached for his rapidly enlarging cock. He absentmindedly stroked it as he watched Sofia’s every movement.

Sofia shifted her gaze in the mirror and noticed Matt’s reflection through the door behind her. She became fixated on the thick cock that he was beginning to stroke, instantly feeling a tingling sensation throughout her body. She couldn’t divert her eyes from his reflection in the mirror. Nothing made her hornier than to see Matt stroking himself.

She ordered herself to put her attention back to the task at hand – getting ready for the party canlı bahis that they were already incredibly late for. She went to the closet to pick out a dress for the evening. She chose a grey long sleeve knit dress that hugged her torso and hips, but fell into soft gathers before stopping a few inches above her knees. It showed off her well defined figure beautifully and moved sensually as she walked. On this chilly day, she would wear thigh high tights and black boots as well. But no bra. She loved the feel of her erect nipples pressed against the knit fabric, as well as the looks she got from admiring men and even some women.

She went to Matt’s side and held up the dress. “What do you think? Will this dress be ok?” she asked, knowing exactly what he would reply.

“I love that dress,” Matt said as he reached around and caressed her ass where the lace hugged her cheek.

“Good,” Sofia said and laid the dress out on the bed beside him before returning to his side. “You know it drives me crazy to watch you stroking your cock. Wish I had time to help. But your adoring fraternity brothers are waiting for you and probably already think that you aren’t going to show up.” And she bent down and licked the smooth firm tip of his cock, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum. “I want you to cum for me while I finish getting ready.”

Matt ever so softly moved his hand across her mound as she stood beside him and then let his finger gently find her clit through the thin soft fabric of her panties. As he moved his finger toward her vagina, he could feel that her wetness had already dampened her panties. Sofia drew in a sharp breath.

“Do you really think you need to wear the panties tonight?” Matt not so innocently inquired.

“As a matter of fact, no. This dress hangs best without them,” she responded and then slid them down over her hips and thighs before they fell down the rest of the way to the floor. Stepping out of them, Sofia reached down and tossed them casually onto Mateo’s bare chest.

Then she walked to the dresser to get her stockings and gently began to pull the thigh highs up over her long smooth legs. Matt continued to enjoy the scene that was playing out before him and returned his hand to his cock. Sofia made a point of stepping into her boots with her back to him and almost within touching distance. She bent deeply and completely forward to close the long zipper that ran up the inside of her leg. Her ass was displayed in all its glory, and the folds of her pussy were peeking through the space between her thighs as well, glistening with moisture.

Clad only in her black boots, and stockings, Sofia returned to the bathroom to finish her makeup. Leaning far over the counter, this time to apply her eye makeup, Sofia checked the mirror to be sure that Matt was continuing to enjoy the view and nonchalantly adjusted her position slightly to provide a better angle for him to see her breasts reflected in the mirror.

A slow smile spread across Sofia’s face as she watched Matt reach for her panties laying on his chest, and then wrap the delicate fabric around his cock and began to stroke himself. With the panties in his hand, Matt tightened his grip around his shaft, moving faster and faster over the entire length of his thick cock. Mesmerized by the shapely body of his beautiful wife, he lost himself in the building tension and soon he let himself cum with a deep moan. His cum shot all over his torso and once his release was complete, he used the silky panties to wipe it from his skin.

Sofia watched it all intently in the mirror and let out a low moan herself as she watched his thick cum cover his firm abs. It was all she could do to prevent herself from licking him clean.


A few minutes later they were finally in the car and en route to the party at the fraternity house on the UW campus. During the 20 minute drive they discussed their day ahead and the various obligations they had for the rest of the week until they were scheduled to return to San Miguel. During a break in the conversation, Sofia turned to Matt and said, “Watching you cum made me so fucking horny. I need to feel your cock inside me so bad. Let’s not make this a long evening, alright baby?” she whispered as she looked into his eyes.

As if to express his agreement, Matt bahis siteleri reached his hand under the grey knit dress she was wearing and probed to find her wetness. He ran his wet finger along her upper thigh, confirming what he already knew. “I assure you, dear… we won’t stay long. Unless you find someone at the party that you want to fuck you more than me.”

“That will never happen,” she said, reaching across the console to squeeze his obvious bulge. But in an instant she thought back on their experience that night in August and added “…but maybe someone in addition to you.” Mateo smiled in response.

As Sofia suspected, when they entered the front door of the large, ornately decorated frat house, several of Matt’s old friends immediately pounced on him and gave him a hard time for being late “…as usual.” Introductions were made all around and Sofia couldn’t help but enjoy the attention she was getting from the many men her husband had spent his most formative years with. Tall, short, fat and bald… Sofia was still able to imagine how handsome they all must have been back in their college days. But none as handsome as her love, Mateo.

Because it was homecoming, the house was packed with returning alumni from various classes as well as undergrads and significant others. Soon they both had drinks in their hands and were being paraded around the room, pausing at times to look at large framed pictures of brothers… all in their late teens and early twenties, but spanning over half a century.

Eventually Matt and Sofia got separated, and Sofia wandered from room to room and did her best to mingle. But she couldn’t fight back her rising desire and had a difficult time concentrating on conversations with strangers. Finally, when she felt she couldn’t stand it a moment more, she began to actively search for Matt in hopes he might be ready to go home, even though less than an hour had passed since they arrived.

She walked into one of the bedrooms off the entryway hoping to find Matt there. Instead, sitting alone at a desk flipping through an old scrapbook of photos, was a very handsome young man. Rising from his chair, Sofia noticed the young man who was wearing a Class of 2005 name badge. “Hi… I’m Sebastian. You look like you may be lost,” he said to Sofia, extending his hand. “Can I help you find somebody or someplace?” he asked, smiling.

“Yes you can, Sebastian… I need to find my husband so I can fuck him.” The young man laughed, but didn’t move away.

“Let’s go look for him,” he said. “There are a lot of rooms in this place where he could have gone… and I’m more than happy to help such a beautiful lady in distress.”

Sofia wasn’t sure whether it meant he’d be happy to help her find her husband, or if he would be happy to help fuck her. She told him her husband’s name was Matt and asked if he knew him. Sebastian did not.

Sofia took a few moments to take in the features of this young man standing in front of her. He was tall with dark curly hair. Although he was quite a few years younger than her, he was looking very handsome in his coat and tie… and clearly had a body that was well cared for.

Sebastian told Sofia there were some guys on the roof and suggested they check for her husband there. She followed him up the stairs and passed through the door that he held open for her. She brushed past him and, as she did, a gust of wind caught the skirt of her dress. Sofia was pretty sure that he had caught sight of the top of her tights and her panty-less ass before she could tug the skirt back down.

The small group of men on the roof did not include Matt and they quickly went back inside. Digging her phone out of her handbag, Sofia shot off a text to Matt “Where are you??? I’m horny.” And then, inspired by her imagination, she quickly followed it with another. “I’ll be in the laundry room.”

Although Sofia had no idea where the laundry room was, she was certain that there would be only one laundry room in the house, and that it would be one of the few places that would not be filled with people. She took Sebastian’s hand. “Help me find the laundry room,” which he gladly did. She closed the door behind them once they discovered it tucked behind the kitchen. Now alone, Sofia pulled him closer. She had been aroused for hours and she now let her pent bahis şirketleri up passion take over as she began to kiss him.

Sebastian kissed her back with a similar intensity and then began to pull up her skirt in the back, where he had glimpsed her tight and naked ass.

But then he took a breath and pulled back. “Isn’t your husband going to find us?”

Sofia quickly replied “Yes, that’s the point. He will love it”.

And then she unzipped him and reached in to find his cock already hard. She pulled down his pants and instructed him to sit on top of the dryer. She loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers down his chest. Then she gently began to lick his stiff cock. First tracing the lines of his veins up the back of his shaft while looking at his face to see his reaction. Sensing the intense enjoyment on his part, she moved her lips down his cock until is was entirely in her mouth. She heard a moan through his parted lips and allowed her tongue to explore his shaft in earnest while her lips maintained a steady pressure along the length of his swollen penis.

It was about that time that Matt found the laundry room and entered. Sofia turned to face him and and looked into his eyes for approval. Matt smiled and nodded, then turned to close the door behind him. Sofia couldn’t help but notice the enormous bulge in the front of his pants… convinced that all was well and that he must have been imagining a similar scene as he was searching for the laundry room.

She turned back to the younger man in front of her and began to give his cock her full attention. Matt took in the spectacle before him and felt his erection grow even harder. He came up behind Sofia and placed his hands under her skirt, softly caressing the tops of her thighs. He lifted the skirt over her hips and bent down to place a kiss on her ass before gently parting her cheeks and allowing his tongue to trace the tight opening of her ass. Sofia gasped with pleasure.

Then Matt opened his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock and guided it firmly into her wet pussy. The desire for his cock had been haunting her all afternoon. She began to take in short choppy breathes as the tension began to build up inside her.

He held her hips with one hand and reached around to find her enlarged clit with the other. And then he began to pound her hard, while she delivered a remarkable blow job to this younger “brother” in front of her. Matt was certain that Sebastian was experiencing something special because he had been on the receiving end frequently. So he wasn’t surprised when, a very short time later, he watched as Sebastian released a groan and filled Sofia’s mouth with his warm cum.

Moments later, Sofia’s orgasm rolled through her body as well. Her back arched and her legs tremors with the intensity of it. Matt took it all in, and felt the building of tension within, but allowed himself to come only to the edge of climax.

After the wave moved through her body, Sofia again took charge. She instructed their new friend to change places with Matt so she could feel his cock in her mouth. Sebastian took the instructions very literally and he entered her from behind with his still hard cock after Matt claimed his seat on top of the dryer.

Sofia took Matt’s magnificent cock in her mouth and savored the taste of their combined juices. She removed him from her mouth and took him in her hands while she tongued first one ball then then other. Then she turned on the dryer. The gentle vibration on Matt’s ass and balls was something he had never experienced before. Her long fingers traversed his torso and pinched his nipples.

Matt watched her red lips moving firmly along his engorged organ. The gentle stimulation to his prostate was bringing him to a climax like he had never experienced before. He leaned back with his hands behind him and with a shout, he exploded in her mouth.


There were several people in the kitchen, not far from the laundry room door that glanced their way as the three of them left. Matt put his arm around Sofia’s waist as they headed towards the bartender. They ordered another round of drinks and wandered through the party awhile longer. They never got separated for the rest of the rest of the evening, and they never saw Sebastian again that night, and likely never will. Driving away shortly after midnight and saying goodbye to all Matt’s friends, they both agreed on the way back to Roger and Kathy’s house that it was, perhaps, one of the best parties they had ever attended.

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