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She Teases

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As she drove home from work, she used her long commute to plan her surprise. She loved surprises. Never really grew out of them, like cartoons and balloons. But this surprise was, shall we say, of a more adult nature. It wasn’t like her to take a bit of control during sex, but she was definitely ready to do it now. You see, he’d taken lately to teasing her unmercifully. Very intense, very gratifying – and she wanted to return the favor.

Only she had to get home before him – that was essential. Having a much shorter commute, he usually beat her home, but not today. She’d left in plenty of time to get home and get ready.

As soon as she walked in the door, she began stripping and hopped into the shower. She let the hot water massage away the stresses of the day so she could concentrate on her surprise. She toweled off and went to her dresser to rummage through her lingerie drawer. She had a difficult time deciding which would set the proper tone – not that he’d see it for long, of course. She found what she was looking for in a black thong teddy. The demi-cup bra lifted her rather large breasts invitingly.

It had a see-through lace panel dividing the two satin sides – the lace panel leading the eye tantalizingly to the promise of a wet pussy. She rummaged a bit further and found a new pack of black silk hose. She sighed with a smile – happiness was a new pair of silk hose. She sat on the bed and slid on the hose – first one leg, then the other – her pussy began to tingle with arousal.

As she clipped the garters to the top of the hose, she reflected deliciously on how dressing up this way always turned her on. She proceeded to the closet, slipped on high heeled pumps and pulled her short, black silk robe from the hanger. She slid her arms through it relishing the feel of the cool soft material against her arms. The robe barely covered her ass. Tying the sash around her waist, she turned to inspect her image in the mirror. As she did so, she heard the rumble of the electric garage door. He was home. She heard a door and open and slam closed, “Hi – you here? You’re home early!”

She knew his routine. Any second now, he’d march quickly into the bedroom to change clothes. “Honey?” He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw her standing at the foot of the bed. He saw black hose, and the short black robe.

“Well, well, well – what do we have here?” he said, grinning. He began to yank his tie loose, but she came forward and clasped his wrist to stop him.

“What we have here,” she replied, “is my turn to drive you wild.”

He raised his eyebrows in mild surprise. He was a little puzzled, and more than a little aroused at seeing her standing there in that little black robe. She slowly untied the sash, and let it fall open. She noticed as his eyes following the lead of the lace, his glance stopping at her pussy.

“I see what you’re looking at,” she whispered, “Is that what you want?”

“Well darlin’, if you’re offering, I’m accepting.” He reached to pull her to him, but she sidestepped him. “Oh no, not nearly so fast – it’s my turn now – do you think you can handle that?”

He laughed softly, “Well, of course I can.” His confidence was high and his cock was growing hard. “We’ll see,” was all she replied. “Take off your pants.” She had one hand on her hip and stood at a saucy angle, eyeing him speculatively as he reached for his belt. “Those, too,” she commanded, gesturing at his briefs – her eyes glued to the bulge they couldn’t conceal.

She watched his hardening cock bounce out of his briefs, and a gleam shone in her eyes. For some reason, seeing a man so prim and proper on top with a shirt and tie – and so lascivious and lusty on bottom with a hard cock – had an intense effect on her. She felt the wetness increase as she feasted her eyes on him.

When she had had her fill, “All right – now the rest of it. I want to see you naked.”

He grinned as he yanked off his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. This was so unlike her – he wasn’t sure he knew her. She always seemed to want him to call the shots. He liked what he saw however, he liked it very much.

At last he stood before her, naked – his cock bobbing in front of him. “Now I want you to lay on the bed,” she said softly. “Make yourself comfortable.” He climbed onto the bed and situated his head on two pillows, propping them up so he could still see all of her. “Are you quite comfy?” she asked. He nodded. “You’re very sure?”

“Oh yeah, darlin’, come here and I’ll make you comfy, too.”

She merely smiled slightly. “Well – if you’re going to get what you want, you have to follow the rules. The first rule is, I don’t want to hear any talking from you. Oh, you’ll gasp and moan a lot – I promise, but no talking unless I ask you a direct question. Do you understand?”

He hesitated ataşehir escort a moment. What was she up to? This was completely out of character for her. Rules, now. Well – at least the first one was simple enough. “Yes, I understand.”

“Good. Now the second rule is that you may not move. Not a muscle. If you break either rule, whatever is happening will stop immediately. Do you think you can follow these rules?”

He paused again – actually this was getting quite fun. He had no idea what she had in mind, and he found that the suspense was intensely erotic. “Yes, I can follow those rules.”

“Excellent,” she grinned delightedly and walked to the dresser where she had placed a small shopping bag. She approached the bed dangling a black blindfold in front of her. She was amused to see his face change from amused confidence to a sort of confused wariness.

“Now wait a minute,” he said. “What’s this all about?”

“You’re breaking the first rule. But as I haven’t begun yet, I’ll let it pass. The blindfold is because I want to put it on you.”

“I don’t see the point. I want to look at you – you’re so damned sexy in that thing.”

She walked closer to the bed and looked down at him with that mysterious slight smile. “But baby, that is the point — that you don’t see. I want you to concentrate on what I’m doing. No distractions. I promise you’ll love what happens. Can you trust me?”

Reluctantly he nodded. She bent down and give him a deep, passionate kiss, exploring his mouth with her tongue. He went to reach for her, but then remembered Rule

. All right, if she wanted it that way, he could play along.

She drew away from him and slipped the blindfold over his eyes. The elastic band held it snugly in place. There wasn’t even any peeking room. She breathed softly in his ear, “No speaking unless spoken to, no moving.” Her warm breath against his ear caused a shiver to ripple down his body.

And then she moved away. He listened to see if he could hear what she might be doing. He heard nothing. The silence grew longer. He began to wonder if she’d left him there, and went god knows where.

The next sensation he felt was her mouth closing around his big toe. Her mouth was warm, wet. She began sucking on it, letting her tongue play over the surface. She slid it in and out of her mouth with a suggestive seductiveness.

She’d heard his quick intake of breath – then moved to the other toe and sucked it gently, slowly.

Then she moved away. Again – silence. He could sense no movement – and she wasn’t touching him in any way. Again, the pause was just long enough to make him wonder……

His next sensation was her lips pressing against his, and her tongue slipping its way into his mouth. With a small groan, he returned the kiss demandingly. When she felt his response, she new her treatment was beginning to take effect. She let her hand begin to trace tiny circles – very small, feather light – on his chest – she teased around his nipples and inched her way ever slowly downwards. When her fingers reached just above his navel, she drew away from the kiss. As she gently played with his navel, she released her breasts from the teddy and dangled one nipple above his mouth, letting it brush his lips lightly.

“Suck it,” she commanded softly. Only too eager to comply, he gently pulled her nipple into his mouth and felt it swell and stiffen. “Bite it,” she whispered on a gasp as she felt an electric current travel from her nipple to her pussy. He bit – not too hard, not too soft and began to play with her nipple using his tongue like a paint brush to stroke it.

She pulled away and let the nipple pop out of his mouth. Then she leaned over his chest and her tongue began to trace the route her fingers had taken. By this time, her hand was playing in the curly hair surrounding his cock – being very careful not to touch it. She sucked his nipples gently feeling them harden in her mouth as her nipple had hardened in his. She drew back and blew a steady stream of cool air on to his wet nipples watching them pucker and harden even more. A short, low moan escaped his lips.

She continued downward tracing her artwork over the skin of his chest and stomach. Her tongue leaving small wet trails that cooled in the air as she moved away. He could feel each and every spot her tongue had touched.

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned softly as her ministrations continued. He wanted desperately to feel her ass, or to squeeze her breasts. He could feel her nipples brushing against him as she moved back and forth across his chest and stomach.

Again – she moved away. He breathed in deeply as he felt her presence pull back. Again the silence – the wait.

She stood at the foot of the bed gazing at him. His hard cock, erect and pointing straight in the kadıköy escort bayan air, told her she was being very effective indeed. She watched as he drew in a breath and held it. She grinned to herself as she realized he was trying to hear where she was. He had no idea what or where the next sensation would strike.

She leaned down and again took the big toe of his right foot into her mouth – sucking harder this time and moving it in and out of her mouth faster than before. He gasped at the suddenness. He hadn’t expected she’d return to that maddening little trick. That wasn’t exactly where he wanted her mouth to be. She moved to the other toe, and as she did, she slid her hands up his calves to his knees, pushing his legs apart.

Again a soft moan issued from his lips. Beginning at the ankles and working back and forth between his legs, she painted more tiny wet circles with her tongue. She was getting wetter by the minute. She hadn’t counted on how much of a tease this would be for her, too.

When she reached his knees, she placed one hand under each and raised them slightly. Her tongue bathed the sensitive skin at the back of his knees and then barely glided over the surface of the skin. He started to squirm a bit, but she felt him exert some control over his reactions.

This time, her hands slid up his thighs to push his legs wider apart. He felt her inching up between his legs, her large breasts brushing him as she moved up. Her tongue continued tracing the maddening circles – traveling up his inner thighs, coming ever closer to his yearning cock.

As she approached the tops of his thighs, she raised her head a bit to see his face. He was moaning almost continuously now, softly. She could tell he was concentrating very hard not to move – but she hadn’t really tested his limits yet. She lowered her head again and focused her attention on the soft, very sensitive skin where the top of his thigh met his groin. He gasped at the sensation of her the light, but wet touch of her tongue. Slowly she bathed that area, nearly driving him wild with the teasing tickle it produced.

He felt her hair brush his cock as she moved to the other side and continued the exquisite torture. Finally she raised her head again and asked softly, “Do you like this? I hear your moans, but I want to hear you tell me – do you like it?” “God, yes!” he cried, “please don’t stop!” She smiled, and paused. Then waited. All he could feel was her presence between his legs, but she was not using hands, fingers or tongue to touch him in any way. She was admiring her handiwork in the rock hard penis standing straight before her.

Lowering her head once again, she breathed warm, moist air onto his balls – surrounding them. He could sense her open mouth so close to him. His already rapid breathing intensified as she began to bathe one of his balls with her tongue – he moaned and gasped again as she gently sucked it completely into her mouth. She began a slow sucking action on it, letting her tongue play around the surface. Eventually, she let it pop out of her mouth. A soft laugh escaped her lips – she knew how exquisite this torture was. Moving to his other ball, she half surrounded it with her lips – brushing the part that was in her mouth with her tongue. Again, gently sucking, she took it completely into her mouth and began massaging it as she had the other.

One hand traveled slowly up his thigh and moved to grip the base of his cock. She took it lightly, then began a steady, squeezing pressure. She felt it twitch in her hand. His moans were louder now, with gasps in between each harsh intake of breath. Releasing his ball she ran the tip of her stiffened tongue around the base of his cock. Then using her tongue’s entire surface she began to slowly bathe him – from base to tip. Again and again she traveled up his cock, stopping when she reached the head. It became shiny and slippery with her work. Leaning her head over his cock she stared hungrily at the engorged head – longing for him as much as he longed for her. She opened her mouth and surrounded the head of his cock – but she didn’t close her lips. He felt the heat surround him and knew how close, how very close she was to sucking him. As her lips closed around him, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He gave a cry and then a strong, involuntary thrust with his hips, attempting to bury his cock in her mouth.

Immediately he felt her mouth leave him – and he felt her climbing off the bed. She sighed frustratedly, “Things were going so well – why did you have to do that? Now I have to stop.”

“No!,” he cried, “No, please, don’t stop – please, I need you.”

“Now you’ve broken both rules. I thought you said you could handle this.” He could tell her voice was coming from the foot of the bed. Then – like before, he escort maltepe felt nothing – heard nothing – except the frantic beating of his own heart. The pause was so long, he was sure she had left. He began moaning again – afraid to move in case she was still there and made him wait even longer. Finally, he felt her breath against his ear, and her lips moving as she whispered, “You don’t like it when I stop, do you? I can tell you don’t. Now – answer me, please – can you be a good boy and not talk – and not move? I’ll start again if you can follow the rules this time.”

“Yes! Yes, I’ll follow the rules, just don’t leave me here!”

“All right then. Tell me what you want.”

“Oh God, suck me! Suck my cock, please, please – I need you so badly. Suck me now!”

She smiled in satisfaction. She’d made him beg for it – as he’d made her beg so many times before. It was a heady feeling of power and excitement which caused a fresh gush of wetness between her legs.

“Hmmm, now where was I? I’m afraid I lost my place. That tiresome interruption broke my concentration.”

He whimpered softly at this, wondering when she would touch him again.

“Oh well, guess I’ll just have to start over at the thighs – I really loved doing that, you know.”

Once again she climbed on the bed and positioned herself between his still widely parted thighs. This time, instead of tiny circles she sucked at the skin and nibbled her way up one thigh, then up the other. She worked with painstaking slowness, tasting him as she went. Again, his breathing quickened as he anticipated her progress.

This time, she stopped at his balls to give her mouth massage. She doubted he could take the teasing of his skin right at the groin area. She certainly didn’t want this to end too soon. With each gasp and moan that he gave, she felt herself losing her own grip on her control. She wanted to touch herself so badly – but she also wanted to concentrate on him. Maybe she could do both. She let the testicle she was currently sucking slide out of her mouth, and raised up to shift position. She heard his breathing stop – he was holding his breath. This was a departure from before.

“You have no idea how sexy you are, darling,” she whispered – and right now, I need to feel you between my legs.” With that, she straddled one leg, and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his knee. Slowly she began to grind against him, making sure her aching clit received the attention it was longing for. His leg twitched beneath her and she sensed that he was struggling not to lift his knee to meet her pussy. “God this feels good!” she moaned. Her immediate ache relieved, but not allowing herself to cum, she lifted off his leg, and repositioned herself between his legs.

Once again, her hand gripped the base of his cock – and she began her slow, agonizing tongue bath. Her mouth was hot, and she let as much saliva as she could drip down his cock as she licked his shaft. As before, she did not actually touch the head of his cock. The hand at the base of his cock moved up so she could grip him fully. It jumped in her grasp. She stiffened her tongue and began to quickly flick the top of his cock – right at the opening – tasting him – making him cry out with surprise and tortured pleasure.

She opened her mouth and lowered it again over the head of his cock. Again he felt only her warm breath surround him. She sensed the Herculean effort he made not to repeat the same mistake as last time. Every muscle in his body tensed in an attempt to remain still. She closed her lips around him and began sucking gently.

Involuntary sounds escaped his throat as she sucked and sucked the head of his cock – and her hand kept time by squeezing his shaft. The sounds he was making, and his obvious state extreme arousal nearly sent her over the edge. Suddenly – and with no indication of what she was about to do, she let her mouth slide quickly down his shaft, taking his entire length into her mouth. He slid down her throat and she began to massage him deeply. Her moans now matched his as she reveled in how full her mouth was of this gorgeous, hot, hard cock.

Her mouth and hand moved in rhythm, picking up speed as she began to pump him passionately. By now she was in a similar state as he, and when he began to thrust his hips to meet her – fucking her mouth — she forgot all about her rules.

She felt herself starting to cum and moaned loudly, deep in her throat. Her body began to shake in orgasm. As he sensed this – he could take it no longer. His cock hardened suddenly and he screamed as his cum shot deeply down her throat. He could feel her swallowing as jet after jet of boiling hot semen exploded from him. She was shaking uncontrollably now as her own explosive orgasm wracked her body.

She sucked him completely – taking all he had to give, until his body slackened, spent with the energy he had expended.

She crawled up his side and lay down closely next to him. She reached up and removed the blindfold. Smiling into his eyes she said, “Now you know how it feels…. paybacks are heaven.”

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