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Shelby Ch. 02

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“Should we talk about last night?” Shelby asked the next day. She had found Jason folding laundry and he stopped as she entered the room and stared at her while she spoke.

Jason had been trying to pretend it had all been a dream last night, but seeing his pretty cousin standing before him, a slight blush and an adorable grin on her face, brought back having his penis in her mouth and the wonderful feeling of her tongue sliding over his knob as he jetting his cum into her face.

His cock became hard just looking at her in her shorts and t-shirt, tanned and small. Everything about her was petite and he wanted to hold her as much as he wanted to fuck her.

“What do you want to say?” He asked. Even though he was over twenty years older Jason felt like the junior member in this encounter.

“I want to thank you, for one thing. And I suppose apologize if it was way too crazy.”

“No, I should apologize. I should have let you know I was there.”

“Let me tell you something Jason. For the last year or so I have really wanted to have sex. A lot. I get horny a lot, and there are lots of boys at school that I would have liked to be with, but I didn’t love any of them. I always thought I should have my first time be with someone I loved. I don’t think that way anymore.” She stopped and bit her lip, thinking, and looking adorable. “The thing is I am nervous about it. I get scared when I fool around with a guy. I start thinking all these stupid thoughts about them hurting me, or not stopping if I get scared. It is crazy, but… it also isn’t all that crazy. So I have been pretty slow in experimenting. I have only fooled around, and only with a couple guys at parties where I knew someone would hear if I screamed. But I feel dirty doing stuff at parties. Anyone could walk in. I get shy and uptight. But last night I was so hot for Toby, and he felt so good touching me that I let it go further than usual. Then as I was getting really nervous about how far it would go I saw you watching over me. I felt protected. Safe. I let things go further than usual, and it was wonderful. So that is why I said thank you.”

Shelby paused looking at Jason, blushing and clearly feeling awkward. gaziantep minyon escort bayan Her nervousness and sweet shyness moved Jason. It engaged his sense of family, and protective nature.

“Shelby, I’m glad you felt safe. I would have done anything to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt.”

“I knew that, that is why I let it happen. But…” She looked worried, and for the first time unsure of herself.

“It’s okay. After last night we can share anything, right?”

“Yeah. That’s what I’m hoping. Because I want to ask you a huge favour. I feel like a pervert just asking, but it feels like I can, and should ask it.”

“Go ahead.”

“I hope that you will do that for me again. Watch over me. Watch me. I want to be with another guy I like. I want him to be my first, but I would feel so much safer if you were there, watching me, protecting me. Is that wrong?”

Jason’s cock throbbed with desire just thinking about watching his pretty little cousin fuck for the first time. Even though it felt filthy to contemplate, his body wanted this more than anything.

“It isn’t wrong. Of course I’ll do it. You’re being smart.” Jason knew he was being creepy, trying to justify being a voyeur, and justify his being a pervert wanting to fuck his young cousin, the daughter of his best friend, but he wanted to see her having sex more than he wanted to stop himself. “So that is a yes.”

Shelby suddenly brightened, and squealed just like she had when she was an excited child, but it was no child that threw herself into his arms and pressed her sweet, tight body against his. When she hugged him she molded her sensuous body to his and felt his erection. Jason tried to move so that his cock didn’t press into her firm belly, but she wouldn’t let him wriggle away.

He felt himself flinch, but Shelby pressed harder against him. She nuzzled her soft face into his neck and her arms held him still. Breathing in deeply Jason’s little cousin squished her small breasts against his chest and the pliant flesh filled him with yearning.

Slowly, nervously Jason wrapped his arms around Shelby, enfolding nizip escort bayan her now trembling body in his embrace. Her breath was warm on his neck and the sexual tension was unbearable. Even though last night she had sucked his cock, somehow in the bright light of day, in a house that was not empty, this felt terrifying, embracing like this.

Shelby took one hand and ran it down his chest, feeling his body as she went, and then when she reached his cock she squeezed it through his loose shorts. Her lips parted and she gingerly licked his neck as she began to stroke his hard-on through the soft material of his shorts.

Jason stood transfixed, unable to move, to either encourage this, or stop what was happening. Even though Shelby was only eighteen she seemed far more confident than he regarding sex. So many taboos paralysed him and so Shelby was able to take his cock out from his shorts and press her soft little hand to his passionately engorged member.

The sound of the washing machine filled the small room meaning that Jason couldn’t hear the two younger members of the family wherever they were in the house. Neither parent was home, but all the kids were and Jason worried that one of the boys would come in at any moment.

His fear was being overridden by Shelby’s hand however. She stroked his bare cock and kissed his neck, driving him crazy. Soon his hands began to run over her back and then lower to her fabulous ass.

As soon as his hands cupped her pert buttocks she moaned and dropped to her knees. Jason’s cock loomed above her little face as he stood over her, and Shelby took his waistband and pulled his shorts all the way off his waist.

Then without saying anything she began to suckle his balls, her tongue teasing him and making him groan. Looking up at him from below his shaft her soft brown eyes held his and she bathed his nutsack devotedly.

Jason’s little cousin worked her mouth all over his balls, and then up his shaft and finally her little mouth slipped over his knob and he bucked his hips involuntarily, the pleasure too much to bear. Shelby worked his knob with her lips and tongue nurdağı escort bayan and Jason stood transfixed watching her in the bright sunshine spilling in through the window.

Soon his cock was glistening with her saliva and her sucking had him thrusting into her willing mouth while her hands worked his shaft and balls. Jason stroked her soft hair and felt his orgasm building deep in his balls.

Gripping her small head tightly Jason started to fuck Shelby’s mouth, pushing himself past her soft lips and over her thrashing tongue. Her eyes crinkled with a smile her mouth was unable to show as full of his cock as it was. Then Jason began to cum.

The first spurt surprised him it came on so fast and his knees almost buckled. His hand shot out and grasped the washing machine to support him as he emptied his sperm into Shelby’s mouth.

The young woman moaned in deeply in her throat as he jetted cum into her and she suckled harder and faster milking him of all his spunk.

Jason felt transcendent as his little cousin slurped his jism, her hand pumping him into her face and her throat working to swallow his thick cream. Jason had never cum so hard in his life and when he was finished shooting his load into his best friend’s daughter he collapsed to his knees in front of her, his cock too sensitive to take more of her wonderful ministrations.

Once more Shelby wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, her body was shaking, as was his, the passion between them unmistakable.

“Thank you Uncle Jason.” She said. She hadn’t called him that in years and the name made him feel like a scumbag kneeling in his oldest friends laundry room, his cock out, and his cum coating the inside of his cousin’s mouth.

Shelby pulled back and looked him in the eye. “When I lose my virginity, I want to sleep with you too. I can’t wait to feel you deep inside me. I hope it is as good as everyone says it is.”

Then with the buoyancy of the young Shelby jumped up and ran out of the room leaving Jason kneeling on the floor, spent, his hard cock still thrusting up from his crotch, his shame swamping the glow of climax.

When Shelby said she would fuck him all else had ceased to matter. Even as he felt like a criminal in his heart, his body responded with a thrill believing that one day he would fuck that fabulous teenage body.

Gathering himself Jason stood and pulled up his shorts. He finished folding his laundry and took it back to his room, then he went and had a shower in the vain hope that it would cleanse him of his guilt.

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