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She’s Being Naughty Again

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The girls were off on vacation with their aunt, there for leaving Kim and Darnell home all alone for the entire week, oh there was so many things that she had planned to do to him within those seven days, the thought of making him scream over and over again yeah that went directly into her soul, any way Monday came around, Darnell was outside working on his car, Kim stayed inside to catch up on some school work, because not only is she his very good girl she is also his very good student, the entire time she was trying to work on her work, she could hear him, he was getting mad, he was cussing at something, the angrier he got the sexier his voice was, and the hornier he made her, even though he didn’t know it.

She tried oh god she tried hard to put those sounds and feelings out of her mind and continue with her work, but the feelings that he had arisen inside her just wouldn’t allow it she needed him to help her, now she needed to see if she could get him in the house.

Walking out onto the side porch, she just stood there watching him for a few moments, he was bent over the side of his car working diligently, she could still hear him grumbling and cussing at what ever he was working on, she really couldn’t see just what it was.

“That’s it you son of a bitching piece of shit, you can suck my dick for all I care.” He let out in a rather disturbed voice, as he stood up removing his shirt throwing it into the front seat.

“I’d like to be doing that right about now, that’s my job.” She thought quietly to herself.

“Darnell honey can you come in here for a minute?” she asked in her soft sexy little tone.

“No god damn it I am busy, this damn car has me all pissed off right now.” He replied as he snapped at her.

She stood there for a moment trying to collect her thoughts as he had caught her off guard, she wasn’t used to him snapping at her, unless of course he was in his dominant mood.

“Honey why don’t you come in here for a moment and help me with what I am working on it might take your mind off it for a while.” She replied softly.

“Baby girl I will be up to help you just as soon as I finish this, if I don’t finish it now I won’t want to, this damned thing has put a wild hair across my ass and I am dead determined to finish it.”

“Alright I will wait” she replies as she turned around and walked back into the house.

Little did he know that she wasn’t going to wait, if he wouldn’t come to her then she would go to him and one way or another she would get his attention, walking off to their bedroom she had to figure out just what she could use to do it, well knowing full well that she had one certain outfit in particular that always got his attention and he has always told her not to leave the house in it, well she was just going to have to disobey him one time, she slipped into her one piece baby blue crotchless body suit, she walks into the bathroom releasing her hair she wets big ass porno it down, she proceeds outside.

Standing now in behind him yet he didn’t realize she was there, as he still continued to grumble and growl at his car, gently she moves in closer to him as she lightly kisses her way up his back he stood rather quickly banging his head on the hood of the car.

“God damn it!!! Oh my baby girl, please don’t start this now, daddy has to finish this, I love you to death and you know I do but please just let me finish this.” He lets out in a deep soft every so sexy whiny sort of tone.

“Daddy you have started something else as well and I need you to finish that, your car can wait however my body cannot besides which I think it would do you some good to get away from this car for a little while.” She replies softly as she continues kissing her way up his back, slipping one hand between his legs resting her hand on his now hardening member as her other hand ran her long wet hair across the width of his shoulders.

His moans now growing louder, his body beginning to comply to her hands and the feel of her lips on his back, his back arching as her hand massaged the entire length of his hardened member that was now tenting against his jeans, and yet he still continued to concentrate on this car.

“Give it to me baby!!” she whispered softly in his ear, his body freezing almost instantly he tried to fight that tone in her voice but he knew he was going to lose this battle.

“Baby girl please, just give daddy 5 minutes” he thought to himself as she continued to make his fight now even harder, as he could feel her tongue ever so gently licking the sweat from his body slowly inch by inch, that was a feeling that he just couldn’t fight no matter how hard he tried.

“My daddy tastes so good, I want more.” She whispers as she slowly kisses her way back down his back, crouching down behind him slowly as she bites gently over his right ass cheek through his jeans, taking now a much firmer grip onto his throbbing rigid mass.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH Jesus Christ Kim stop, good god please stop, how am I supposed to finish this if all you want to do is be a naughty girl?” he pleaded in a sexy whiny tone, yet you could tell he was trying so hard to be serious.

“No I am not going to stop, not this time I don’t want you to finish this car right now I do however want you to finish what you started inside me, I don’t care if I have to get just what I want right out here there’s no one around anyway, I want my daddy and I want him to fix my body.”

“Well at least let me wash my hands first, if not you’re going to get all greasy” He replies.

“I don’t care just how greasy I get, that’s what they make showers for we can go take a shower afterwards, right now all I want is you” She replied in her sexy little whiny voice.

“Ok I tell you what let’s do it this way, you fix my car and I will big tits porno fix your body how does that sound?”

“You know full well I have no idea how to fix a car, I have no mechanical ability, I am in the medical field not the automotive field.”

Darnell manages to get Kim turned around so now she was in front of him, placing his now very greasy hands on her wrists leaning his chest onto her back he shows her just what he was working on and tells her just how to fix it, in doing so he very lightly kisses at the back of her neck, he watches her as he gently lowers her straps off her shoulders one at a time, kissing and nibbling across each shoulder as he begins to lower her body suit, kissing his way down her back enjoying the taste of every inch of her, she could hear his breathing deepening as his moans now grew louder, slowly he slides her suit off her ass, leaving her now wonderfully naked ass completely exposed for him he plants little baby kisses over every inch of both ass cheeks as he removes that suit from her completely.

Placing his hands on her ass, he runs his tongue from the very top of her ass crack all the way to the very top of her very wet pussy back and forth repeatedly teasing at her clit a few times as he settles himself in between her legs, wrapping his arms now around the tops of her legs, he pulls her into him, her body shaking, squirming and withering as he looks up at her.

“This is what you want isn’t it baby girl?” he asks softly as he flicked his tongue over her clit.

“Oh god yes, take me daddy, oh please take me” she replies in a soft sexy little whine as her pussy begins to grind against him.

“Baby girl daddies going to take you alright in more ways then one, you wanted to be my bad little girl and not let me finish my car, well now it’s my turn you go right ahead and try to finish this car for me” he replies as he slides his tongue as deep inside her wet pussy as he could possibly go latching onto her legs now tighter he holds her closer to him.

In an instant he heard the wrench that was in her hand hit the ground, as she let out with one hell of a sexy scream, the kind of scream that arouses him instantly, he could feel her body again begin to shake as her muscles inside her clamped down around his tongue, he knew what he wanted and he knew just how to get it, he wanted to make her scream loud enough and cum hard enough so the whole damn neighborhood could hear her, so he knew just what he had to do, stopping for only a moment he looked up at her once again.

“Don’t you cum yet, I am by no means done with you!” he commanded to her in a very sexy domineering tone.

Getting up off the ground he stands in now behind her, lowering his jeans exposing his massive, rigid, throbbing member, that he knows she loves so much, standing her up he pulls her away from the car enough so he could close the hood, taking her hand he places it onto his blacked porno member, she shrieks as her body tenses, wrapping her fingers around it she begins to stroke it ever so gently. Their eyes locking onto one another he leans down to her as he kisses her, picking her up he sits her on the hood of the car, leaning her back onto her elbows taking her by her hips he moves her ass to the very edge of the hood, again looking deep into her eyes as he reaches down in between them taking his member into his hand, she looks at him as she sits up putting her hand on top of his stopping him.

“Let me do it daddy.” She whispers as she wraps her legs around his waist, taking his member into her hand guiding it into her.

Her head throws back her back arching as he enters just the head of it into her, she lets out with a sudden shriek, in a teasing sort of manner he removes it from her, teasing her pussy lips with it she again looks at him, with a begging look in her eyes.

“Are you sure you want this monster inside you?”

“Fuck yes that’s exactly what I want, GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!” she pleads as she runs her tongue over the bottom of her top teeth.

He lets out a sudden gasp as those five words were words that he just couldn’t fight taking hold of her hips he all in one motion pushes his monster as deep inside her love tunnel as he possibly could, again her head threw back, her legs tightened around his waist as she screamed, with every thrust she could feel him burying himself yet deeper inside her, the harder and faster he entered into her the louder she screamed, and the hornier he got, she could feel his monster growing yet harder inside her, feeling his balls tightening as the sweat that now covered both their bodies was running down his chest, it drove her crazy just to look at him that way, she knew just how good it tastes from his body.

Feeling her muscles closing down around his member and feeling his member beginning to throb inside her they both knew it wouldn’t be long for either of them.

“FUCK ME HARDER OH GOD PLEASE DARNELL FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!!!!” she let out in a sudden scream.

Unwrapping her legs from around his waist he wrapped his arms around them, pushing them back just a bit toward her chest, as he fucked her now as hard and as fast and as deep as he possibly could.


That’s all it took, just at the very same time their heads threw back, their back arching as they released all of their love juices together, just at that moment Kim began to cry, Darnell sat her up wrapping her arms around him he leaned in wrapping his arms around her and held her as close to him as he possibly could.

“Don’t cry baby girl please don’t cry daddy loves his baby girl, daddies right here.” He whispers softly in her ear running one hand down the back of her hair as she rested her head on his chest, for he knew she needed that at that moment.

“I love my daddy!!” she replies softly.

As she began to settle they got themselves back together and headed off into the house hand in hand heading off to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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