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Shobha And Dipti Comfort Each Other

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They met in the kitchen. Again. It had been a while since that morning when Dipti and Shobha had met the last time in this kitchen. On that occasion Dipti had confronted Shobha for seducing her son. Thereafter, Dipti had gone about reclaiming her son; she joined him while he was masturbating, slept in the same bed and when they woke up somewhere in the middle of the night, they fucked like animals. Dipti had made sure the boy understood the power play. She left nothing to chance, explicitly spelling out what she meant in fucking him the way she did.

Life had not been the same for Dipti thereafter, obviously. All the things she saw on TV and video, but which her boring, sometimes tired husband could not help her realize, came true on that boy’s bed.

However, mother and son were tactful and subtle in their sexual exchanges. It was never a stated need. It was never a topic of conversation between mother and son. And Dipti was surprised that the boy, who had become rebellious over the years, suddenly became responsible and responsive. Contrary to what one might expect, the atmosphere at home had changed to one of harmony rather than depravity.

The sexual chemistry was incredible but it was restricted to that bedroom. It was always some hour of the night, with Dipti making it to the room instinctively on the night when her son’s need peaked. He needed more, but he got enough to keep him from getting desperate. Their other interaction was more affectionate and intimate than ever before but drew no particular attention.

And within that bedroom, it was whatever they fancied. Everything that she had seen in adult and porn movies made it to the program. And everything he had imagined, she let him do. Nothing was taboo, and satiation was complete as was the emotional bonding between mother and son.

Into this atmosphere returned the original seductress, Shobha. It had been a while and her husband, who was the brother of Dipti’s husband, felt that a family visit was necessary. He had to travel on business and Shobha had wanted to accompany him. Kumar was clueless on the tryst that Shobha had had with Ajay and took her keenness as a desire to spend time in the fun atmosphere at his brother’s house. She had pushed him to leave early the last time around and Kumar had worried about that because he did not want the women falling out and causing problems in the relationship he had with his brother. So Shobha’s eagerness to return was a relief in that sense.

Shobha had spent the days in between the two visits wondering about her nephew, Ajay. The boy had been absolutely a stunner in bed. He had been pushy and aggressive in wanting her. The lust, once unleashed had been unstoppable. And their familiarity with each other, and their easy going relationship had helped them be less inhibited; though on reflection she felt that the sexual energy would have prevented them from being shy or measured in any fashion anyway.

It showed up in her bedroom, but Kumar, her husband, was no nineteen year old! As Shobha and Dipti had often discussed, the brothers were from a conservative and sheltered family in a smaller town while both the women were from bigger cities. Both found the husbands limited in their repertoire. The adult movies and porn stuff available nowadays improved the atmosphere; the men were able to get aggressive, but it did not spark their imagination.

So the bedroom sessions with Kumar were more violent with Shobha going down on him more often, taking him by surprise, fucking him in unexpected spots around the house. But she could do nothing about his slender dimensions. Nor could she prevent him from spilling his seed when over-excited, well before she was ready to finish. And he had never licked her or sucked her. Ajay had nuzzled her briefly and she wondered what might have happened if he had taken it the whole distance. The boy was inexperienced and they had just wanted to fuck in every way with a sense of urgency. Perhaps the next time……

And this was that next time; or was it? The women were in the kitchen in the evening clearing up after dinner. Ajay had blushed a deep red on meeting up with his chachi (aunt). He had not forgotten her, or the silky sheath that had plunged down on his cock in his first fuck ever. Or those lovely breasts, or that radiant face with sindoor and mangalsutra that looked up at him as she continued their sexual union. But he blushed because this was the first time they were face to face in bright light since that night. And since that night, he had more experiences and the emotional bonds with his mother which were meant to exclude this very woman.

“So, how has it been?” asked Shobha of Dipti.

“How has what been?” responded Dipti warily. She was not going to give away anything, least of all the intense relationship and bond which she had established with her son.

“Generally, time with Bhai sahab (elder brother),” Shobha pushed on. This was the euphemism for a discussion on the broad generalities of antalya escort their sex lives. It usually led to an overall discussion on attitudes, stamina, and exploration and so on, but the last time it had been a bit graphic. In Gopal and Dipti’s new house, sounds traveled and that had led to all the sexual drama in the house that previous trip.

“Ah, that,” thought Dipti to herself. She had no need for him now, sexually. There was no way he could manage the stamina or imagination of his son. And she herself, for several reasons just preferred to go to the boys’ room whenever she felt that need. In any case, his needs were in excess of her and she tried to anticipate the moment and chose to go across to his room when she felt the time was right. She never hesitated to wake him up, nor to stay and sleep after their fucking. It was so satisfying to lie in his arms. Sometimes he was her baby seeking comfort and strangely, sometimes he was all man, being protective about her. The relationship see-sawed between man-woman and mother-son.

“Didi, what happened?” asked Shobha, interrupting her co-sisters reverie.

“No, nothing. Was just thinking. Come let us go and sit in the hall,” she said wiping her wet hands on her saree pallo and moving to that room.

The men folk had retired, both tired from their day’s exertions. By the time the women had finished their kitchen clearing work they had had their chat and moved on. Ajay was nowhere to be seen and Dipti was happy for that. Shobha was uncertain on how to handle the situation with her nephew but their interaction had been normal during the day, though a bit restrained compared to the usual boisterousness and joking around. The usual touching in play was now a serious matter and both of them instantly recognized that.

Dipti lay back sprawled on the sofa allowing herself to relax completely. Shobha sat next to her, leaning forward her elbows on her knees and her hands clasped together. “Aap ne jawab nahi diya Didi,” she persisted (You didn’t answer me sister).

“Kya jawab!” snapped back Dipti a bit irritated. (What answer?). Couldn’t the woman take a hint? “I don’t need him anymore,” she concluded on a softer note, surprised at having lost her cool.

“And why not?” Shobha asked, turning to face her co-sister. Dipti plucked at her saree pallo. “Are you getting it elsewhere?” asked Shobha impishly, her face breaking out in smiles and her eyes sparkling, accentuated by the dimples that formed. The coquettish way of asking the question broke the tension and opened up space for a fuller conversation.

Dipti sighed, “You know how seriously I take my marriage, dear. You really think I would go elsewhere?” She shoved Shobha’s shoulder pushing her back in jest.

“Though you did” Dipti continued. It opened a new line of discussion. She was referring to Shobha’s encounter with Ajay. They had never talked further on that. Dipti had gone into one of her reveries when they were talking about it the last time, and Shobha had mistaken that for disapproval. Dipti hadn’t gone that far in her mind about the event as to approve or disapprove of what had happened; somehow she could relate to the woman’s wanting her son, especially now that she had a first hand impression of what her son could be like in bed. The son’s sexual desires were only to be expected to be that highly charged so there was no recrimination there, either. No, it was just that she wanted the boy to remain hers.

Shobha felt snubbed at that remark. It was as if she was morally inferior to Dipti.

“It was not that kind of an occurrence, Didi. It was our Ajay. He had a need and I have brought him up for many of those years. I saw nothing terribly wrong in meeting his need on that occasion especially since it was I who made that initial mistake. Don’t hold it against me,” she pleaded to Dipti.

“We never talked about it, did we?” replied Dipti, reaching out and placing a hand on Shobha’s knee.

“I thought you were upset. I was scared and embarrassed which is why we went away,” explained Shobha.

“But I wasn’t upset!” said Dipti, her fingers pressing into the knee.

“Then why didn’t you say so?” asked Shobha.

“I was lost in my thoughts and when I turned to you, you were already gone. I am not upset with you. A boy of his age was bound to have such feelings, and I accept that your mistake in going into that room was genuine. He is a strong young man, worth wanting anyway!” said Dipti.

“Yes, he was amazing! I enjoyed that experience. You know Didi, he was forceful and I liked that. He was aggressive and I wanted that manliness. I have missed that in Kumar. The lovemaking is so tepid and is more of a duty for him,” she sighed. “Ajay may have spoilt me for ever. I keep wanting that buzz. But I guess that is in the past. The circumstances were peculiar to that night and I don’t think I will allow a repeat.”

She hung her head low as she said that. She knew she lying and she continued to want that boy lara escort and that buzz. Her loins were aflame at the mere thought of that night gone by. Dipti held her chin and raised the face to her. “Don’t feel bad, dear. It is okay to want him. He is all that and more. I know. I know how that feels and he is worth every bit of that mental struggle.”

Shobha sat up, stunned. “What are you saying?” she asked.

Dipti realized that she had in an emotional moment let slip that she had something may have happened between her and Ajay. She pulled Shobha close to herself and hugged her. The women held each other close and tight.

“What happened?” asked Shobha.

“I didn’t want him to want anyone but me. And I could see that your lovingness had captivated him,” whispered Dipti.

“So what did you do?” pushed on Shobha.

“I had gone to check whether everything was okay with him. It was the night after you left. He was masturbating and I was sure he was fantasizing about you. I could not bear that thought. I took over from him and then one thing led to another,” confessed Dipti.

Shobha’s hand wandered down Dipti’s back as she felt her heat rising. “Did he suck your breasts the way he treated mine?” she asked. She had always been the more open one between the two of them, and once again she took the conversation to new ground.

“Yes, he did. I remember he did suck on you too,” reminisced Dipti and her hand wandered back to weigh the younger woman’s full and heavy breast. Her thumb found the nipple and she rubbed the nub to a nice solid turgidity.

Shobha gasped at the overtly sexual signal from her co-sister. She felt electric tingles spread through her body and pressed herself to the soothing hand. She felt so good! Her hand ran up and down Dipti’s back and she caressed the bare back below the lower edge of her blouse. Dipti shivered at the caress. She let her face graze Shobha’s cheek as passions soared. Dipti’s other hand too came up to Shobha’s other breast and both hands were identically placed; her hands were around her midriff; the fingers were around the torso, the palms cupped the weight of her breasts and the thumbs were on the nipples. She had larger breasts than Dipti for sure.

Shobha hunched, allowing space between the two of them so Dipti had more space to fondle her now-aching breasts. Her face caressed Dipti’s face and soon lips grazed. “You are so lucky, Didi! You can have him every night,” she murmured. Dipti felt Shobha’s warm breath on her face. Her lips parted. The women kissed. It was a warm and wet kiss, open mouthed. The tongues intertwined and they tasted each other deeply.

“He loves breasts. My breasts are not as lovely and full as yours dear!” replied Dipti. “He must have enjoyed suckling on these,” she continued. Her hands pressed the breasts through the blouse and the bra. She wanted to feel the warm, full flesh. She squeezed and kneaded the mounds of flesh, mounds that her son had sucked; was he more fervent with her than he was with his mother? wondered Dipti.

Shobha let go of Dipti and quickly her hands came to her blouse. She unhooked the blouse and let the front hang open and she also opened out the front-clasp of her bra. Soft, pendulous breasts hung out. The blouse and bra hung open allowing Dipti a full view of the breasts, brown and full, with nipples that were like milking teats. Dipti gazed at the beautiful sight, her first look at a woman’s breasts other than her own. They were soft and the way the blouse lay open, with the mangalsutra necklace decorating the cleavage made Shobha look even more sensuous.

She wanted to apply her lips exactly where her son had. Shobha held her breasts in her own hands, offering them to Dipti. Dipti leaned down and licked the longish nipples. Shobha gasped and while she continued to hold up the breast which was being treated, her other hand came to rest on Dipti’s head, encouraging her on. “Oh, Didi!” she sighed.

Dipti sucked in the breast and held the nipple inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled the nipple the way she used to swirl Ajay’s cockhead in her mouth. This was new territory, her first time with a woman. But as another woman, she instinctively knew what Shobha would like and her own desire was to relive her son’s moments of passion with this woman. It was impossible not to want her; she was full, pouting, impish and wanton. Tonight she was going to take this woman and let her take Dipti where she willed. She thought she felt milk, and she was soon sucking on the teat-like nipple as if to really milk her. Small sucking sounds and lapping sounds emanated from Dipti’s mouth joining with the fleshy breast.

“What else did he to do you? Did he also lick you down there?” asked Shobha. “Ouch!” she yelped as Dipti used her teeth to tease her nipple some more.

Dipti looked up, “Down where?” she asked.

“Between the legs,” replied Shobha, as she massaged the other breast which was feeling neglected manavgat escort and was beginning to ache from the need for attention.

“Between the legs!” asked Dipti incredulously, leaving the saliva coated breast to look up at Shobha. “What can a man do with his lips down there?” she asked, and went back to sucking the breast, this time sliding the nipple in and out of her mouth like it was a little penis and her mouth was a cunt.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Didi! Suck me, suck me, oh yes, milk me!” Shobha begged as the action sent a jolt of electricity to her cunt.

“Here, this is where it goes, that tongue,” said Shobha. She placed her palm on Dipti’s stomach causing her to take her breath in sharply. Then the hand slid down, past down the older woman’s stomach, past the curve of her belly and toyed with the strands of hair that had strayed out of her panties. Dipti hefted herself up and kneeled on the sofa, her breasts now in Shobha’s face and her groin area open to the younger woman’s predatory moves.

Shobha had to remove her hand as there was no space for her to move her hand. She now reached under the saree and slid her hand up reaching the top of the panties on the side of Dipti’s hip. She tried to pull down the undergarment and was only partially successful. Her fingers found the crotch and felt dampness and heat as evidence of Dipti’s aroused state, though no such evidence was really needed.

Dipti bunched up her saree and petticoat and held her panties and peeled it down half way down her thighs and then went back to holding Shobha to her breasts. Shobha rubbed her face into Dipti’s chest and the panties were pulled still lower. The bubbling cunt was now open and Shobha used her fingers to caress the lips gaping in their inflamed state.

“Didi, lie back!” whispered Shobha. “I need to show you how a tongue feels.”

Both women stood up, Dipti dizzy with anticipation and Shobha drunken with the feelings coursing through her body. Dipti lay back and Shobha knelt over her, pulling down those panties and removing them completely. The saree and petticoat were bunched up over her hips. The pallo of the saree still across her blouse, which itself bore wet saliva marks from Shobha’s desperate mouthing of the breasts. Shobha’s own breasts swung about as she moved, her blouse and bra flapping with her movements.

The scene was intoxicating. Shobha with her blouse undone, and breasts swollen with the attentions of Dipti’s lips on her. Her long nipples were turgid and seemed ready to be sucked and milked, and achingly swollen. She was prone over Dipti who had her legs spread, one on the back of the sofa and the other resting on the floor, her clothes pushed up and stretched to the limit as her body strained at the confines.

“This is what your son did to me, Didi,” she whispered and she slid down to place her head between the legs and nuzzled Dipti’s pussy. She felt wetness on her face. She came up to rest on Dipti, her chest on the other woman’s chest. She looked Dipti in the eyes, “That’s what he did,” she whispered.

“Is that all?” asked Dipti, puzzled.

“That’s all,” replied Shobha, adjusting her breasts as Dipti’s mangalsutra locket poked her. “Because he was only trying to prevent me from leaving him. This was when I realized my mistake and wanted to go. Ajay somehow knows that this tonguing is a huge turn on. He must’ve seen it in some porn movie.”

“Maine bhi dekha hai, lekin (I too have seen those movies, but..) I don’t know what happens next. There is lots of sensation and tenderness down there. Your Bhai Sahab uses his fingers sometimes and that feels nice. But fucking is fucking, though Ajay’s cock feels so different,” wondered Dipti aloud.

“I know a bit more, though none of that happened that night,” said Shobha, and she went back down between her co-sister’s legs. She knew how she would have liked to be treated and she licked Dipti’s thigh on the inside. Slowly her lips made their way to the bushy patch between her legs. She had more hair than Shobha, who kept her pubic hair trimmed, even if not fully shaven. The wetness from Shobha’s mouth settled down the hair and soon she was able to reach the warm, waiting flesh.

“Ui maa! Choteeeeeeeee!” gasped Dipti, her hand caressing the head between her legs. (Oh! My younger one!)

Shobha looked up and asked, “Kya hua Didi?” (What happened sister) knowing perfectly well what was happening.

“Your tongue…..!” she shuddered, and her hips started to move against Shobha’s face. Shobha felt the cunt yawn open as her tongue continued to stroke the labial lips. Dipti drew up her knees to allow more space for Shobha to reach deeper. Her hands held Shobha’s ears and she humped the face between her legs.

Shobha tongue lapped at the cunt, making loud slurping noises. Dipti started to jerk her hips. One of Shobha’s hands headed upwards and held down Dipti’s stomach. It roamed further, feeling for her breasts which were hopelessly trapped in the layers of bra, blouse and the wrapped pallo of her saree. Shobha’s tongue knew what it was looking for, even though she didn’t have enough experience of this. Her own cunt and clit were throbbing for attention and she was intently imagining the corresponding places in Dipti’s pussy.

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