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Shy Knight Tempting Fate Pt. 01

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7 Century old prophecy fulfilled by 21st century virgin lovers.

By D. Byron Post

Copyright 2012


Chapter 1

I had come home from college in the winter after graduating with a BS in architecture. I was shacking up at my parent’s home in my old bedroom. The next few months or so were uneventful and I struggled to find myself and embark on a new life. I was moving out of town to start a new job in a week or so. I was looking at my knight’s armor standing up proud and contemplating on wearing it to the spring renaissance festival. I was also wishing I could only find a fare maiden to woo off her feet. Women were out of my life or so it seemed and while I was packing my stuff to move, the day’s events slammed head on into me.

It must have been spring break for my sister’s best friend whom I hadn’t seen since we were much younger. She was walking down the hall then peeked into my room and said she was looking for my sister. While standing in front of the costume I think she thought I was my dad until I turned around. She did a double take and said “Chad?”

“Yes,” I said as I looked at her not recognizing her at all.

“Are you a knight?” she continued.

Here was a young lady, a vision of stunning beauty out of a fairy tale, gawking at me with open mouth. Before I could answer her knight question she literally jumped through the air, landing on me in a bear hug. Next she wrapped her legs around my waist and was squeezing me real hard. I was shoved back against the wall looking down in shock at her very soft dark brown hair.

“Oh my god have you’ve grown up, look at you?” she said giggling excitedly looking up into my eyes.

She had big vibrant, bright green eyes and very large pupils. I was still looking at her in disbelief.

“Do I know you?” I said as she slipped off me.

I then reached down to pick up the clock we knocked down in our commotion. I noticed the time was 1:00pm as I set clock back in its place.

“I’m Carrie, your sister’s best friend, Carrie Smith remember C.J. it’s me Carrie?” Carrie said.

C.J. my initials, was what she called me when we were kids.

When we were kids we were the same height, but now I was nearly a foot taller than her. When were kids she was so skinny, we both were. Now she was well, curvy is an understatement, athletic, toned and a young woman full of energy. Hot is what I would say as I just gawked at her wearing a thin flowery sun dress.

“Carrie? No WAYYY, Carrie Smith? Wow Carrie you have grooownnnn too!” I said in amazement.

“Yes way, Sir CeeJay, tis I, fair maiden, Carrie Smith?” Carrie said slowly doing a perfect curtsey grabbing her dress as she bowed down. She peered through her dark bangs as curly wispy locks were falling into her ample cleavage. She stood up and started pulling a few strands of hair with her finger tips. Next she started twisting her body around at the waist and singing “Lah lah lah lahhh.” nervously as her dress twirled. I was in a trance looking at her. She was like nothing I had ever seen and her voice was like a princess in a fairy tale movie as she chanted. She had me mesmerized as I just gawked at her. Suddenly she did a turn half way around twisting at the waist and that’s when I got my first glimpse of her major butt. She was obviously doing some sport thing heavily to pump up her butt so big, round and firm. I stopped looking at her butt and my eyes wandered around to her flat stomach. Next I glanced up to her ample breasts held high and firm by her dress and she was showing a lot of full cleavage.

Looking at me eyeing her she quickly and excitedly blurted out, “How long has it been, Chad?”

“Very, Very long,” I said calmly as I continued to stare at someone who acted like she was way too excited to see me. She moved over toward me and with a smirk on her face started looking at the knight’s costume standing there next to me. I got a whiff of something that smelled amazing her shampoo maybe I don’t know.

“This real?” she asked seemingly knowing the answer as she was touching it lightly with her finger tips.

Her gesturing was surreal like a fairy tale princess. She was being coy and shy moving around as though dancing.

“Yes, it’s real; very, very, old from what I understand.” I said.

She must have been a dancer or still and I have never seen any woman look or act the way she did with me so admiringly. There was something else going on, something magical perhaps between a knight and a princess as she continued to gaze at me and then the costume. Our eyes meet often and she did not look away as some women do. I was at ease with her and she with me as old feelings from a long, long time ago were re-kindled.

Our magical moment was gone in an instant as my sister Alexa ran into the room coming between us.

“Hey Chad,” as she gave me a peck on the cheek.

“You remember my friend Carrie, Right?” she continued.

“Uh, Yeah but what I remember was…well… let’s say, we were much younger.” I said rather kaçak iddaa sheepishly.

“Yeah, she seemed to get a double dose of some of her parts!” my sister said as she grabbed Carrie’s butt with both hands. Next my sister stuck out her long tongue out very far making a crazed, horny sound.

“Carrie got the Town Car trunk with a load of junk!” my sister said hysterically as she pulled up on Carrie gluts and then started jumping up and down. My sister’s tone changed quickly into bratty child talking like she was a taunting little girl as she reached around the front of Carrie with both arms and said…

“And, Then… she was last in line for boobs, so they felt so sorry for her… and gave her… two scoops!” my sister squealed and then stuck her long tongue into Carries ear as she cupped Carries huge globs. As I peered at my sisters hands I could see Carries very round boobs too big for her hands. Carrie then quickly turned breaking free of my sisters hug and slapped my sister hard on the ass.

“Lesbo! You’re just jealous of my girls.” Carrie quipped as she cupped her own breasts alternately juggling them up and down as though weighing them with her hands.

“Uh, you two need to be alone?” I snickered as I peeked from behind my sister and was amazed to see how large Carries breasts really were as she cupped them tightly in her much smaller hands.

“Yeah, but not with her.” Carrie said.

My sister was a cheerleader and into sports big time and obviously so was Carrie since they seemed to be more than close best friends. Then Carrie swayed her big hips proactively sidestepping my sister and walking over to me. She put on her best sultry act on, no man could refuse. As she did Carrie reached out and quickly snatched a pair of my worn tighty whities and held them up.

“Wow Chad, what else have you grown?” Carrie said in a sultry voice.

“Slut!” my sister screeched, “That’s my brother! Let him pack a-ready. Gaud!”

All of us could see the obvious bulge in the front something had made in the underwear. Evidently my deodorant can was stuffed strategically in them while I hurriedly jammed them into my bag.

“Oh my god. Fuck me!” Carrie proclaimed as she held my underwear up turning them around looking at the horrendous notch.

“You wish you got fucked!” my sister shouted as she stormed toward the door. She paused and quickly turned back to glance once more at the underwear Carrie was holding up.

“Someone’s got… a big fat… bah-nan-nah!” Carrie chanted in a little girl voice like she was tattle-tailing on someone. She danced my underwear from side to side with both arms held straight out. This instantly caused me sister to huff and flee the room. Carrie then laid the underwear down changing her tone to a seductive woman as she moved very close to me causing me to take notice of her sexy demeanor and very quietly said.

“Chad; When I asked you how long it’s been; you said very, very long?” Next she put her finger tips on my torso above my belt. I looked down at her soft hand. Her manicure was impeccable and her fingers were so soft and her touch so light.

“Chad, I think something else is very; veeerrrry; longgggg. How long?” she asked.

I was only half listening to what Carrie was saying while staring into her green goddess eyes.

“Uh, I don’t know maybe 10, 11…” I stopped speaking as she put her palm flat on my stomach with finger tips inching under my pants waist. I was referring to the time it had been since we last saw each other; she was referring to the length of my dick. Then she covered her mouth snickering in astonishment.

“Shut UP! She screeched. “Nunt uh… No way” she said very softly.

“Can I see?” she said shyly as she inched her fingers under my pants even more.

“See what?” I said. She quickly reached over to hold up my underwear again.

“This,” she said.

“You want to see my underwear?” I said.

“Uh Noooooo, I want.. ta… see… what’s innnn; your underwear; your package.” She said very quietly. I held up the can of deodorant and twisted my wrist back and forth quickly.

“Oh My Gaud!” she snickered as she turned away from me. She then bent down at the waist and grabbed her ankles showing off the most amazing wide butt I’d ever seen.

“Oh My fucking god!” I whispered as I gawked at her super muscular ass, thighs and calves in tension. Her vulva seemed very full and puffy in her panties almost beyond comprehension. It seemed like everything on her was as my sister said, a double dose. As she stood back up her face was red and her hair was messed up and so sexy looking.

“Mmmmmmmmmm Are you that big?” she moaned excitedly as though having an orgasm.

“What are you talking about?” I quipped thinking back to our bantering.

“Uh… you didn’t learn much in college did you?” Carrie said changing her tone to bratty again.

“I learned enough to get a degree.” I barked, grabbing my underwear back.

“No I mean extra curricular activities. You spent all your time illegal bahis in the books didn’t you and now when a girl flirts with you, you don’t get it?” she said very quickly.

“Flirt,” I said inquisitively. “Maybe I ‘was’ out of touch with being with women.” I thought.

Just then we heard my sister yelling from outside the room, “Come-on Carrie, we’ll be LATE!”

“Well, see you later… OK… Chad.” Carrie said as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek barely touching my lips and spun around too quick for me to react. She was heading toward the door in a flash then she stopped suddenly as she grabbed the door jam with one hand. With the other hand she stuck her middle finger completely down her throat pulled it back out then held it up straight. Carrie then reached back in slow motion jutted out her amazing ass very far as she bent at the waist. Next she swayed her ass back and forth really slowly. She looked me in the eye as she touched her wet finger to her ass and made a long slow “Tsssssss,” sizzling sound with her mouth. Then she winked and ran out the door in an instant.

I was in a trance as I looked at the door frame. I had fantasized about a woman so fine and now that I was home thinking I missed all opportunities to be with a hot college babe. Carrie was that hot college babe who even lived on the same street as me. I never thought of her at all over the years we were apart. But now it seemed she turned out to be everything I never knew I wanted in a woman; a Smoking Hot, potty mouth, Sultry, Sex Goddess. Carrie was a faire maiden to woe off her feet or was she wooing me off mine?

But then I knew all too well a flirt and a tease by the way she acted. I remembered the high school girls flirt escapades and she evidently was still in that mode even after finishing nearly three years in college. I was fine with that since I had not dated much if any during college. I wanted do to well and graduate cum laude. I put women on hold and now that I was a college graduate I could get my just deserts so to speak. If Carrie was my first, after graduation it will probably be with the hottest woman I ever saw. It was a happy accident and well worth the wait. Maybe I would be a knight after all and she could be my damsel. Nah who was I kidding, she probably has a dozen guys in waiting and I put that thought quickly out of my mind. I thought.

End of chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Later that night I was in the shower while thoughts of Carrie’s unbelievable bod danced through my head. I was fantasizing about holding her amazing, firm, athletic body seeing her move so fluidly, so frisky.

“Oh my god Carrie’s so hot.” I murmured to myself thinking of her antics today. I fantasized about fucking her in the shower. I was behind her, she was bent at the waist holding her tits in her hands. I was holding her huge hips looking down at that amazing ass in front of me.

“Your ass is So Fucking Hot!” I whispered to myself as she was jutting it out even farther, like when she touched it. Her ass was too fine for words to describe I thought. In my fantasy, my hands now moved around caressing her super tight muscular stomach and lower torso from behind. Next my hands wandered up to cup her enormous jugs as she let go allowing me to hold them. As I looked down at her amazing, powerful legs I thought of her thighs squeezing her pussy so tight. Tight enough to suck the cum out of my balls and using my dick as a straw. Then she cried out hysterically “So deep, so deep, I’m cumming yet again,” as my long, fat cock pumped in her from behind. She came in a wave of orgasmic convulsions in my fantasy fuck with her.

“Yes, fair maiden, that’s it, cum on the fat dick, Carrie cum on it.” I said. In reality I had one hand on my rock hard pecker and one hand on the tiles above my head stabilizing my trembling body. My head was tilted back far as I got closer to the point of no return. I was standing on my tip toes under the shower head as it splashed on my chest and stomach.

My huge dick never seemed harder as I fantasized about holding Carries unbelievable sexy body. It felt so good and I was so close to blowing my load after waiting for nearly a month. I could feel the beginnings of the most major orgasm deep within my groin as I got closer and closer. I was gasping now, my own body was so rigid as I pumped furiously up and down on my slippery precum and soap soaked pecker.

Suddenly I heard a sound in the bathroom and I froze as I realized I was saying Carries name out loud over an over and making other sounds. I held my breath and let go of my dick as I tried in vain to figure out if or what I heard.

“Uhhh, Uhh Uhhh, Oh My ga three tie…” I heard a faint female voice trailing off.

“Who’s there?” I said quietly. There was just silence.

“Anyone there?” I said again.

“Uhmm… Car-rie,” she whispered barely discernable since she was out of breathe.

“I didn’t know anyone was here; I had to peee; soooo bad. I’ll get out of here; Sorry.” She said as she opened the door.

“Carrie,” bahis siteleri I whispered, but all I heard was the familiar door squeal as it closed, and then nothing, so I assumed she left.

As she went out of the bathroom she stopped dead in her tracks the door mostly shut but not tight. She overheard my parents talking to my sister saying they were going to the cabin. They’d be back in a few days and to take care. They gave my sister money who then announced she was going to get snacks at the store. Carrie heard the three of them leave and curiosity got the better of her. She crept quietly back in the bathroom evidently opening the door so slowly it did not squeak. She wanted to spy on me some more. Of course I knew none of this or what went on downstairs.

I was finishing up in the shower rising off and I decided to forgo cuming for now anyway. I knew that having to stop that close to cuming when I came the next time it would be so much more volume and intensity. I slid the shower door open and reached out for the towel. My dick was not rigid but still very chubby hanging down in an arc and as I stepped out my dick slapped my inner thigh.

Suddenly I heard Carrie inhale sharply in a fright.

“Uhhhhhh, OH MY GauuuDDDDD, Chad!” she shouted then covered her mouth as she realized she was talking very loud.

“Oh Fuckkkkk,” she said behind her hand. She looked at me in shock as I wrapped the towel around my back to dry off. Then she gawked at my hardening pecker as it swayed while I dried myself. It looked like a large banana curving from my center line down toward my left leg. She stepped back a bit with a crazed look in her eyes, both hands over her mouth. She stumbled as her feet got caught in the lose throw rug and she tried in vain to keep from falling. She instantly sat down hard on her big ass making her obviously real boobs bounce up and down.

As she tried to get up, she slipped again and smacked the back of her head on the cabinet. Seeing this I put the towel around my waist and I rushed over to her.

“Oh my god Carrie, are you alright?” I said in a fright. I kneeled down to see how she was. She had her eyes closed, head down in obvious pain. She was clasping both hands on the back of her head hunching up and down at the waist as though doing fast crunches.

“Are you Ok?” I whispered. As she opened her tear filled eyes my towel slipped open and she could see my dick exposed under the towel very close to her. She gasped again.

“Uhhh, I never seen a, a, ah Dick Sooooo huge!” she exclaimed.

“Here, let me help you up.” I said and as I reached toward her hands my towel fell completely down as I held her small hands softly. Suddenly the look of pain on her face seemed to disappear as she looked up into my eyes then down at my dick, up and down I could see her eyes move. There was this magical feeling again as we stared into each others eyes.

She started to get up as I held her hands which knocked me off balance. Both our feet slipped causing her to fall forward on me pinning my fully inflated dick between us. I landed on my back and she was now sitting on top of me. Her pussy was on the back of my dick as she sat in the cowgirl position. I could feel her hot, wet pussy sans panties on the back of my dick. It felt so fucking good, it seemed very hot and slippery which made my dick get hard as steel as I stretched back and lifted my torso to the amazing feeling.

“Wow I fantasized about this after seeing your undies but never thought it would be so big, and sooo, hard, or happen so fast.” She said looking into my eyes with such lust as she started rocking her pelvis pressing her pussy on to me making my dick twitch with excitement.

“Oh Fuck, Wait Carrie!” I exclaimed.

“Wait for what? You don’t want me? I heard you say my name over and over in the shower,” she said snickering at me.

“Were you stroking this very long, fat banana?” she smirked as she reached behind her to grab my balls and dick.

“Fantasizing about a cheerleader… huh? Fucking my cunt so deep with this monster I heard you say, making me cum, which I did.” she murmured as she looked in front of her to see the head. She was determined to fuck me now and I could see the sultry, sexy look on her face.

“Uh, You heard me in the shower?” I said in nervousness.

“Uh Huh, I heard it all.” she said as she started to pull up her dress.

“Oh Fuck.” I said ashamed.

“What? Fantasy is a good thing and it was about me. So it turns me on… sooooo; hot. I came… THREE… times…” she said holding up three fingers wiggling them back and forth.

“Listening to you… I was coming big time while I was on the pot.” she said.

“Did you cum in the shower?” She whispered still rocking.

“Uh No.” I said quickly in embarrassment.

“After all that and you didn’t even cum?” she said in amazement.

“Wow, real men do last longer than boys. Good then I want you to squirt that baby maker goo deep in my tight cunt!” she said as she leaned forward to put the end of my dick head in position to enter her. Then squeezing her calves on my sides she lifted and arched her pelvis forward even more and I could feel her wispy soft pubs on my sternum.

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