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Silent Auction Night

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The bidding on Ashley was over. She always goes for a premium price. She’s 38. I’m 52. So now I was the last one to be auctioned off. The men were able to see me but I could not see them. Nor could they see one another. Privacy is what made this fund raiser work.

The women knew that they would be expected to do a fashion show in a private hotel room at a 5 star resort in our lingerie or in a bikini. For that, our club would raise a lot of money for the local SPCA.

The master of ceremonies asked me to turn with my back to the video camera so that the guys could see my backside. Then I was asked to lean over and show cleavage, of which I have a bit but not like Ashley.

I had on some high wedges to make my calves look shapelier and a kick ass new demi bra to compliment the thong I was wearing. All the men could see though was a very tight turquoise sweater top and a mini skirt. It was fun to dress like a slut for this once a year event.

30 minutes of this and I was told the bidding was over and that I was to go to room 203. I wondered who I would parade around in my lingerie for as I knew most of the members of our club.

I tapped on the door which was opened by a younger (than me for sure) black male who I had never seen before. He introduced himself as Calvin (and a hot Calvin I thought to myself) and I in turn told him my name (Tana) as I walked in and admired the view looking over the pool and golf course.

I saw a pitcher of something on the bar. I looked at him inquisitively and he told me he had ordered top shelf margaritas, to which I gladly helped myself to.

You need a little liquid courage to do this when your day job is a school teacher and you are married and raising two kids. But I was a stripper in college so posing in lingerie (which I wore this year rather than a bikini) is not that big a deal.

“I am new to this, he said. But as I understand it I get to see you in your lingerie.”

“That is correct. I’ll undress down to my lingerie and you can look. And for that you write a check to the SPCA. We certainly appreciate your generosity. Do escort ataşehir you mind me asking what you bid for me? “

“The bidding for you stopped at $5,800. So I will write a check for that, but I might do more.”

I let that comment hang in the air, but he did not elaborate.

I went back to the bar and poured a 2nd margarita as I gazed more closely at him.

“So are you ready to see more?”

“I am, but I’d like the pleasure of opening your sweater and removing your skirt myself.”

This was new territory, but I guess there could be no harm in that. I walked into the bathroom to check my makeup and brush my hair. I was buying some time and knocking back this 2nd margarita to allow myself time to pour a 3rd. This had an air of something I had never felt before in the prior 3 years of doing this. Usually I was in the room with a drunk 60 year old who could not wait for me to undress and then it was game over. Done.

“If you don’t mind, I am curious as to how you were among the list of men invited to bid on us. You are much younger than most club members and honestly I am not aware of any black members.”

“Actually, I am not a member, but the Lipschitz’s are and I handle their IT and accounting services. I saw the invitation in their email and the women who were being auctioned and what the cause was. I love animals and I definitely liked the women going up for auction. I was attracted to you because you were over 50 and in great shape.”

Thank God the tequila was having an effect. This was NOT the situation I was expecting. I needed one more drink. I poured another and watching his eyes follow my ass across to the balcony.

“What I would like to do if that is OK is to have you sit on the chair so that I can take off your sweater.”

“That is what you paid for. If you want to take it off rather than have me do it, go for it.”

I owned 3 of these sweaters that I purchased from Boston Proper, a fabulous clothier. This one was sleeveless with a countless number of buttons on the front. I sat and he took a seat on the ottoman in front kadıköy escort of me. His hands quickly opened the top four so he could just barely see the hint of cleavage.

“May I continue?”

Damn, so polite.

“Hell yeah said my margarita induced mouth.”

Pop. Pop. Pop. He was halfway down my sweater. My awesome fucking bra was now exposed with my tits spilling out. Hey, he paid for the view. And I was loving the chance to show myself to a hot dude and not some old rich fart.

Pop. Pop. Pop. And the sweater was off. I watched his eyes linger on me. I know that I still look damn good for 52. My abs are rock hard and my tits look pretty good behind a nice bra. They look good fully exposed in fact, but that is not part of the price of admission.

“Do you mind turning around so that I can unzip the back of your skirt now?”

And I did.

Rising off the chair I turned my ass to him as I stood in a bra, a skirt, and heels. Hands lingered on my ass cheeks a bit longer than I expected but I had a bit of a buzz on and I liked the guy. Plus, I had never been selected at a price north of $5,000. I think $3600 was my personal best.

He tugged the zipper oh so slowly as he exposed my ample but firm ass cheeks. I know I looked damn good in the lace thong. The skirt slid down my legs and as I prepared to turn and face him, I felt his fingers lightly brushing my ass down my legs over the back of my thighs.

“That is not part of the deal, Calvin.”

“I’d like very much for it to be.”

“Well, I have nothing on up top but a bra. The least you could do is take off your shirt” …fuck, the words were out before my brain could even register! I was a wee bit tipsy and a way lot horny and enjoying the moment too.


He pulled his T shirt over his head. My God what a body he had. He had a pair of shoulders and a chest that were rock hard.

“I will double the amount I agreed to buy you for. That would take care of a lot of animals. What do you think?”

I answered him by unhooking his belt and the top button of his jeans as maltepe escort bayan I slid my hand down his hard abdomen and loins and grasped him.

His lips found mine as our tongues swirled.

“We cannot spend much time in here. My husband knows what is typical for this show and tell nothing event as do the others. But I don’t want to stop at this point.”

His hands pulled my tits free of the bra as I reached back to unclasp the hook. I watched his tongue licking my nipples that were now rock hard.

I pushed his pants down his muscular legs and he stepped out.

Dropping to my knees, I tugged his boxers down in one quick motion and took him into my mouth. Digging my nails into his rock hard ass cheeks, I pulled him to me. I absolutely love to sock cock and I let him pump me. I saw the veins bulging as I licked and sucked. I pushed my lovely manicured pinky into his ass when there was a knock at the door.

“Tana?” It was Ashley. “Everything Ok?”

“Very much so. We were just chatting. We know some of the same people. What a small world.”

“Ok. I’ll see you at the pool.”

“We need to cut this off,” I said as I grabbed his hand and tugged him into the bathroom.

I stood in front of the vanity with my back to him. He pressed against me and his hands found my tits as teeth nibbled my neck. I watched in the mirror as he licked and sucked my neck while lightly flicking my nipples. I felt his cock nestled between my ass cheeks as he dry humped me.

“Rip my thong off.” In one motion, it was off my body.

“Tell me you are disease free?”


“Fuck me.”

I bent over the vanity and felt him slip in as I watched in the mirror. I rubbed my clit while he thrust in and out. I hoped the sound of flesh slapping flesh was not reaching outside our room into the hallway. He grabbed my hair and pulled.

My tits flopped wildly as he erupted inside me. Only a few more strokes of the clit and I began to cum myself as I felt his semen trickle down over my fingers, making the last few strokes a slimy delight.

Hastily, I toweled off and gathered up my clothes.

“I need to run. Take your time. I know you get the room for the night.”

“You can find me on the club’s website if you want to contact me. I’m the secretary. We are having a big party in 3 weeks. You should come.”

“I will.”

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