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Simple Fantasy

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Edited by Queen Boadicea.

Your so beautiful as you stand before me. I couldn’t tell anyone else what makes you so beautiful, they wouldn’t understand. You are not one of the eight women that fashion designers mass produce there wares for. But when you stand before me I don’t think I can remember seeing anyone more desirable.

But I can tell you why you are Goddess to me. It’s not the suppleness of youth, your breasts, or long shapely legs, or any of that. Although if you forced me to tell you the truth, and how can I lie to you, those things did indeed draw my attention to you.

I think the first hint I saw of your loveliness was your smile. You saw me with a book and you asked me about it. Your smile as you spoke gave me the courage to ask if you wanted coffee. You broke my heart then when you said no, but then revived me when you said you hated coffee but would love some tea. You touched my arm as you said it, and your magnificence glowed at that touch.

Then it was as a star winking down at me from the heavens. Now you are like the moon illuminating my path. I reach out and touch your face. Caressing your cheek, your forehead, your lips quiver as I run my fingers over them. I feel you flick your tongue out to brush my fingers.

Epiphany. You want me. Desire, love, lust all raging through your body. I can see it burning in your eyes. I reach up to feel your hair. I draw close to smell it. You shudder slightly as my body presses up against yours. The sigh you give as I take your face in my hands and kiss you is as if the angels sing. I press lightly escort ataşehir against your lips and you smile. I’ve always loved that smile, it feels even better then it looks. Your tongue brushes up against my lips and now I smile. I hold you close as you probe my mouth. Your kiss gets more urgent as you explore my mouth, then you let me explore yours. It holds the promise of passion and pleasure.

You break off the kiss and I moan my displeasure. Your face breaks into a grin at my disappointment and you shyly back away a few more steps. I’m lost in your eyes until I notice you have unbuttoned your shirt. It falls to the floor and you follow up with the rest of your wardrobe. Then you return to my arms.

I don’t think I’ve told you how much I love the feel of your naked body against me. I think of your breasts pressing up against me as you draw me back in for a kiss. You break this kiss only to take off my shirt. Then you whisper in my ear what you are going to do to me. The tip of your tongue playing lightly over my ear. I feel your hands start to explore my body, as I explore yours.

I lead you over to the bed, but it’s obvious to both of us who is in charge here. I take a moment to admire your body before sitting down by your feet. The fact that you want me so badly inspires me to new heights. I pick up your foot and start to caress, then kiss it. I move up the outside of your leg, touching, kissing, licking. I don’t stop till I have reached the other foot. Then I move up the inside of your calf, thigh, there.

Yes I’m at your pussy now. kadıköy escort Please forgive my vulgar language, you excite me so much. I gently inhale your scent, reveling in it. You grow slightly frustrated and tell me to get over myself and get to work. Your nice about it of course but your hands in my hair pushing me down is an unmistakable order. Have I told you what this is like for me.

I kiss the outside first, then move to your lips. I tease them open with my tongue, and am rewarded with a moan. I move on to the entrance and trace the counters of your pussy with my taste buds, inside and out. I then move north a small bit and concentrate on your magic button. Appropriately named as it turns you on quite well. I lose myself in your essence till I realize that your crushing my head between your thighs. I imagine your cries as you have cut me off from sound. I look to your face and see ecstasy and joy. You pull me up to your face and kiss me. I hold you while you catch your breath.

After a moment you start to kiss my neck. You move down and caress my body as you lick my nipples. I wonder if you could make me cum without touching my dick. Maybe something to try later, I would be disappointed when you move on from my nipples but I know where you are going.

I look into your eyes as you take me in your mouth. The fires are burning hot now. I feel your tongue play over the head of my cock as your lips stroke the sides. I can’t see you know my eyes are closed and I’m somewhere else as you swallow me, I feel your nose press against my skin. You know maltepe escort bayan I’m about to cum, the neighbors probably know as well. As I reach orgasm you let me cum in your mouth. I look down and see you smile sweetly, little pearly white drops on your lips. You come up and kiss me, sharing my taste with me. I have mixed feelings about this. I know how much it turns you on, but it’s always been a little dirty to me. But I know you won’t tell anyone so I enjoy the kiss.

I’d like to say that at this point a take you and ride you like the mare you are, but I can’t yet. I’m only human and being with you can be draining. So you hold me know and I think about how lucky I am, then I look into your eyes and see the fire is burning like a nova. That look of love, lust, and passion brings me back to you.

You lay on your back and spread your legs for me, I rest myself between them. I love holding you. But at this moment there are things I love more. You reach down and guide me into you. I enter your space slowly. Honestly the first entrance is my favorite time of sex and I like to savor it. You however are getting impatient about half way up and pull me in the rest of the way.

I like this position as I can see your face, look into your eyes, kiss your lips. Your arms and legs envelope me and bring on greater desire. Your moans and whimpers drive me on to a new peak. Soon now I know I can’t last much longer. Some guys think of boring thoughts or disgusting ones to prolong it. All I can think of is you and how it feels to be inside of you.

I feel your orgasm start. You clutch me tightly and the rhythmic pulsing of your cunt brings me off. You want more and I’m happy to give. I move down your body and continue your ride with my tongue. Then we hold each other as we fall asleep feeling the spring breeze on our naked bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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