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Sister-in-Law Lust Pt. 03

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Vicki and I laid side-by-side on the bed gazing into each other’s eyes. I raised up on an elbow and dipped my head to kiss her. Her lips yielded to my advance and she parted them, I felt her tongue probe mine.

“You taste delicious,” she whispered, “no wonder you ate your cream pie. Does Jenny enjoy that, because I know I surely did.”

“I’ve never done that with Jenny,” I told her, “I saw our fluids leaking from between your beautiful lips and I couldn’t resist.”

“So Jenny doesn’t have meaty lips like mine?”

“No, hers are tiny, they disappear between her outer lips.”

“I had the feeling you enjoyed mine, you seemed to enjoy sucking them earlier.”

“Oh hell yes! Your lips are beautiful.”

“Well that’s something every woman likes to hear, that she has a beautiful pussy!”

“Can I ask you something Vicki?”


“I don’t consider that I have a particularly large cock, I mean, it’s more than average in both length and girth but certainly not porn star size. You said earlier that you’d not had a cock my size in you in a very long time and I’m curious what you mean by that.”

She laughed. “Greg has a pencil dick, about six inches but not very big around. I married him for his money, and now I have most of that since I proved he cheated on me with some slut that was after his money as well. He tried enough hard but he could never give me the mind blowing orgasms all women want. After several years into our marriage he gave me permission to fuck other men but I’m not the type to go hang out in bars looking for someone to take me home so I didn’t take advantage of that except for twice.” She looked deep into my eyes, “That’s why I said I regret not doing this sooner, we’ve known each other for ten years and you’ve just made me realize how many mind blowing, body shaking, orgasms I’ve missed out on.”

“I’m flattered that you regret not fucking me sooner but I don’t think I could have kept up a charade for ten years, you know, cheating on Jenny. I’ve wanted you since we met and I couldn’t resist you today but this weekend has to be it, I love your sister.”

She giggled. “You think you just cheated on Jenny today? Oh baby, I have to show you something.” She reached for her phone on the night stand and unlocked it.

She handed me her phone, on the screen was a series of text messages between her and Jenny, all in the last two weeks. I was shocked. In the exchange they were planning for Vicki and I to be alone and for her to seduce me. The whole office closing story was fake. Jenny was sure it would not take much to get me to fuck Vicki. I had, after all, been horny for her since we met. They even planned some details like what she would be wearing when she arrived and sunning naked on our deck. The last text from Jenny, just this morning, read ‘Tell me when he’s done pleasuring you’.

“So she gave me a hall pass but didn’t tell me, that little vixen. I had already decided I was going to try to fuck you this weekend, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to be alone with you for this long. I do admit it’s a relief of my conscience to know she’s ok with this, with me satisfying my lust for you.”

“And don’t forget my lust for you. I have such an understanding baby sister. We’ve been talking about you and me doing this ever since my divorce.”

“We’ll that explains a lot. So the blowjob, she knows?”

“Yes, I told her about it after the fact, it was just an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I mean, there was the head of your cock on full display!”

“I was very pleasantly surprised that day and I didn’t regret it at all. Hell I don’t really regret today, hall pass or not!”

“So what do I tell her? Are you done pleasuring me?”

I laughed, “Not my a long shot! Tell her I’ve pleasured you once but I say I’m not done.”

She began texting Jenny.

‘Oh god he made me cum so hard! Says he’s not done with me’ typed Vicki.

‘Great! Glad you finally had an amazing cum after all these years. No woman should have such a dry spell’ replied Jenny.

Then ‘I’ll get home about 7pm tomorrow, fuck him all you want until then!’

‘Thanks little sis! You’re the best’ replied Vicki

‘I’m going to have to find some place to be alone and finger my clit, thinking about him fucking you has me so hot, I want deets when I get home!’ replied Jenny.

“She wants you to tell her about us fucking? That’s so fucking hot! My wife is a nasty girl,” I said. My wife had made herself a cuckquean. I was fucking another woman and she wanted details when she got home. Fortunate for me the other woman was one I had lusted after for years.

“Tell her about me wanting to eat you both, let’s see how she responds,” I told Vicki.

‘He told me I taste a lot like you, wants to eat us both at the same time for a taste comparison, and he ate his cum out of my pussy!’ replied Vicki.

“What! Ate his cream pie! That nasty boy has never done that to me, just wait until the next time he fucks kaliteli gaziantep escort me, I’m going to sit on his face afterwards, I’m so jealous right now!”

There was a long pause while Jenny typed more. She must have typed and re-typed the message several times because it took a while to come through.

‘He wants a threesome? Was he serious or was this a heat of passion thing?’ Jenny’s message said.

‘Not HOP, relaxing after he’d made me cum’ Vicki typed

Another long pause, this time there was no typing.

Then finally, ‘What do you think about a threesome? I’m not sure since I don’t know how that would work. I guess it would be ok?’

‘Let’s talk when you get home. Maybe I can find out from him what he wants from it. If it’s just him eating us and the two of us giving him a blowjob then I’d be ok for sure.’ Vicki responded.

‘OK, gotta go find someplace to cum in peace. Don’t forget, he’s yours until 7 tomorrow. LUV U’ Jenny replied.

“So, what DO you want from a threesome with me and my sister you naughty boy? Don’t make it too kinky or she might say no.”

“I’ll have to think on that for a while,” I told her, “but right now I could use some food. Let’s clean up and go out for dinner and drinks, maybe a little dancing, then back here to fuck more.”

“Sounds like a perfect evening to me!” Vicki said.

We cleaned up and headed out. I wore a pair of casual slacks and a polo shirt. Vicki wore a navy blue wrap dress with straps over her shoulders. She must have had on a strapless bra because her tits where pushed up but there were no straps showing. She looked delicious. I gave her a long, passionate kiss.

I arranged an Uber and had the driver drop us at one of the local hotels that featured a great restaurant and a separate bar. We sat opposite each other in a booth. We both ended up ordering fish dishes and so we shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wine. We caught up with each other since it had been just over three months since we were last together. Vicki’s daughter Angie was doing well in college, she was studying for her teaching certificate in art at the high school level. I had recently taken a different job with the same company, a supervisory position. The conversation was relaxed and punctuated with laughter. People seeing us might think we were a couple on a date. Mid-dinner I excused myself to the men’s room. The restaurant and bar shared a restroom and I took an available urinal. The next thing I knew one of my friends, John, took an adjacent one.

“Hey Bryan, sup!”

“Hey John, not much. Just out to dinner.”

“Riiiigggghhhttt dude, who’s the hot blonde you’re with?” John said with a grin.

“My sister-in-law, she’s in town for the weekend but Jenny’s out until tomorrow so I promised to entertain her.”

“Tell me you’re tapping that, she’s built for speed dude,” he said, he could be crude even when he was right.

I grinned at him while I zipped my fly, “I would not tell you if I was ‘tapping that’ even if she had my cum dripping from her right now.” Two can play the crude game. “Why is it you only think of women as a place to put your dick?”

He laughed, “Because that’s the best use for them!” He zipped up and stumbled out, obviously well on his way to a hangover. Hopefully I could avoid letting him meet Vicki but I knew he’d be looking for an opening.

I returned to the table and while we finished dinner I warned Vicki about John.

“Trust me Bryan, I can handle guys like that,” she said confidently, with a scowl on her face.

We finished dinner and settled up then went next door to the bar. There was a DJ that night and quite a few patrons were on the dance floor. We found an empty table and ordered. Vicki ordered a daiquiri, typical fruity women’s drink, I ordered a CleanG&T, Clean being a brand of alcohol substitutes that give you the flavor but not the kick, I happened to know this bar carried them and that was the reason I brought her here. I didn’t want to risk my performance later and I’d already had two glasses of wine. Our drinks came and we tried to talk but the music was loud so we decided to dance.

We’d danced to a couple of songs when I saw John approach. I warned Vicki. John asked if he could cut in and she pretended to welcome him. They began to dance. Soon a slow song came on. Vicki tried to keep a distance between them but he kept pulling her close. At one point he grabbed her ass. That was the wrong move. She started to make a scene, loudly yelling out “How dare you touch me!,” and then slapping his face. Next thing you know the bouncer tossed him out. Some people he was with left with him. The bartender brought her a new drink and apologized. We got free drinks the rest of the night.

Apparently the feeling of power Vicki felt in getting John tossed also made her feel sexy, that and the alcohol. She was all over me on the dance floor. At one point during a slow dance I had gaziantep kaliteli escort to tell her to cool it so we didn’t get tossed.

Since the music was so loud and we were finished dancing we moved to the lobby bar, a much quieter, intimate space where we could talk.

We had taken a few photos during the evening and I sent them to Jenny. ‘Hey babe, keeping your sister entertained’ I added.

‘Make sure she’s satisfied’ was her response. I was a bit surprised by the sexual innuendo.

‘I will spare no effort to make sure she’s fully satisfied before you get back’ I replied. If she can use suggestive phrases then so can I.

We ordered another drink. Vicki had switched to a non-alcoholic drink as well.

“So Greg gave you a hall pass because he couldn’t satisfy you, how long were you married before that?” I asked her.

“About seven years, just before you started dating Jenny actually. That’s why I said that I would have fucked if you weren’t a minor.”

“Wow, so you continued to be frustrated for years. You said you did have two lovers?”

“They were both just ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ trysts. I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I didn’t seek out another man until after you spent that weekend at our home. When I met you at Thanksgiving I was seriously attracted to you. I fantasized about you even then. After you visited I got really horny. You were so attentive that weekend and I could feel your eyes on me. You made me feel so attractive and desirable. I hadn’t felt that way in years, I just felt like this frumpy suburban mom and wife. Both nights you were there I spent extra time in the bathroom fingering myself, fantasizing about getting your teenage cock in me.”

I laughed. “That is just crazy because at the same time I was down in the basement beating off while thinking about you.”

“Oh hell, aren’t we a pair,” she groaned. “I should have just come down there and raped you.”

“Can’t rape the willing,” I said with a wink, “even if the law says otherwise. And I can’t see you as frumpy, I mean the way you dressed when I was around.”

“Oh silly man, that was all for you! The tight pants and low cut blouses, I mean Greg liked them and thought I was dressing sexy for him, but I knew the truth.”

“So you were pursuing me even then?”

She just smiled and sipped her drink.

So after I got you in a lather you took your sexual frustration out on some stranger.”

“Yes, I pursued my first tryst in the college library. I wanted someone close to your age and looks and I knew I wouldn’t find him in a bar. I finally found him. He was a college freshman, blonde hair and blue eyes. I was shameless in my pursuit and ultimately I had sex with him at a local motel. He didn’t really know what he was doing but he had a cock bigger than Greg and an amazing amount of energy. After fucking me once he was ready to go again in about twenty minutes. I bent over and begged him to fuck me and he did, oh my god he did. He pounded me so hard I was sore that evening.”

“Us young guys tend to have a short recovery time. Several times when we were first dating I would fuck your sister three times in a matter of hours. If she hadn’t asked me to stop I would have gone four times. Just imagine being in your late twenties and having this teenage kid fuck you like that,” I said with a grin as I sipped my drink.

She put her drink to her lips then moaned and quivered slightly.

“Sorry, I’ve been sitting here rubbing myself,” she said, her face flushed.

“So when was your second tryst?” I asked.

“A couple of years later. It was after another of your visits. See a pattern here?”

“Sorry I was the source of so much sexual frustration. That was far from my intent.”

“You, Jenny and I were all lounging around the pool. My little slut sister was rubbing you through your trunks and I caught her and scolded her.”

“I remember that day!” I exclaimed.

“I saw the size of the bulge in your trunks and that made me horny beyond measure. That weekend was a big college football game, a huge conference rivalry. I knew there’d be a lot of college guys in the bars near campus. I picked the largest bar and dressed to thrill. I wanted a big cock. I started flirting, pretending to be drunk. I’d rub my tits on a guy and grope his cock. I sucked face with a bunch of guys and got my tits fondled that day and that made me incredibly horny but I wasn’t finding the big cock I was looking for . . . until I groped Brad. I knew I had found what I wanted.”

“You found your big dick,” I said.

“Oh yes. I melted against him and rubbed it. I felt it grow. He bent down to kiss me. He didn’t say anything, he just took my hand and led me down a hallway to an office. He locked the door behind us and we began to undress. He asked my name and I told him. Then he said, ‘Well Vicki, how do you want me to fuck you? Hard and fast or harder and faster?’ I didn’t gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan answer, I just sat in the chair and took his big cock in my hand. It was the largest one I’d ever touched. Probably ten inches long and more than five inches around, a little more girth than you actually. He was circumcised and his cock head was big and purple-red. I ran my fingers up and down and all over this massive cock. I was mesmerized. I kissed it all over then tried to get the head in my mouth. It was difficult to do but I didn’t give up. I sucked on it while I stroked the shaft with both hands.”

She took another sip of her drink to mask her orgasm again. My cock was hard by now.

“I sucked him until he moaned and pulled out of my mouth. ‘I thought you wanted to get fucked’ he said and I told him ‘please’. He pulled me up and kissed me as he slid two fingers into my dripping wet hole. I moaned in his mouth and then begged him to fuck me. He bent me over the desk and put the head against my entrance then pushed. His cock pried me open wider than I’d ever been before and I moaned loudly. I told him I’d never had a cock so big and to please go slow. He became amazingly gentle when I told him that. He moved slowly in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. I reached back to feel myself being plundered by this massive cock. Eventually he bottomed out in me and with my fingers I could feel he had a couple more inches to give me. I groaned and came on him. He began pumping my cunt, first slowly then faster. He pounded against me, bottoming out each time, and I began to howl. First it was a low sound but it built in volume and pitch until I was screaming as I came. I felt him flood my cunt as his cock throbbed in me. I still had my fingers back there and felt his cum leak out of us there was so much. He pulled out and put his huge cock away. I felt his cum running down my legs. ‘I’ll lock the door behind me, you can take your time cleaning up. Oh, and make sure there’s no cum on the floor, this is my dad’s office’. Apparently I had just fucked the bar owner’s son. There was a bathroom attached to the office so I went in there to clean up and get dressed then I took some paper towels to clean the floor. There I was, a suburban mom on my knees in a college bar wiping up cum from some stranger. I was embarrassed but excited. I’d just had the biggest cock of my life.”

She finished her drink then looked me in the eyes. “Let’s go home, I need you to take me again,” she said.

I arranged an Uber home. She sat close to me in the back seat and gently stroked my inner thigh, causing a stirring in my crotch. By the time we reached home her hand was on my crotch and she was rubbing my cock. When we got out of the car I told her to be cool, Glynnis the nosey neighbor was surely watching.

Entering the house I shut the door behind us and when I turned to Vicki she threw her arms around my neck and passionately kissed me.

“Take me again Bryan,” she whispered. She slowly undid her dress, let it drop to the floor, and stood before me in her bra and panties. I had been right about her wearing a strapless bra, it was black lace. Her panties were also black lace. She stepped out of her dress then removed her heels. I kicked off my shoes. She took me by the hand and led me down the hallway. Once in the guest room she removed my shirt and kissed my chest, she sucked gently on my nipples and they responded by becoming hard. She ran her palms over them then down my stomach to my belt. Unfastening my belt and undoing my pants she dropped them to the floor. I kicked them aside. We were both in our underwear. I could tell her nipples were hard and it was obvious that by cock was at full erection.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, you first,” she giggled.

I smiled at her as I stripped my underwear off. My cock stood straight out from my body. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked. She smiled back as she removed her bra and used her arm to hide her breasts as best she could as she dropped it to the floor. She took both hands and cupped her breasts then spread her fingers, showing me her nipples, teasing me. She slid her hands down her body to her panties, revealing her breasts and her hard nipples. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties and peeled them off. There she stood, totally naked.

“Earlier today I needed a good hard fucking but now . . . now I want slow and gentle. I want to take our time, I want to kiss and run our hands over each other, I want multiple positions and when we’re ready to cum I want to be lying on my back with you throbbing deep inside me and I want to to cum together,” she said softly as she looked deep into my eyes.

“That’s a lot of wants,” I said with a smile, “but I think I can satisfy them. Lie on the bed.”

She laid in the middle of the bed with her knees bent. I got between her legs and kissed my way up her thigh to her ample lips. Her skin tasted of sweat. I ran my tongue around her pussy lips and sucked gently on her swollen clit. I then licked the length of her pussy. She was getting very wet. I slipped a finger in slowly, making circular motions, before burying it as deep as I could. Her hips jerked and she moaned. I fingered her as I licked and sucked her clit. She grabbed the back of my head, pulling my mouth tighter against her and I felt her thighs clamp my head and quiver as she came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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