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Sizzling Hot Fantasy Ch. 02

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It was dark by the time I got back to Lily’s restaurant, hours after my mother’s birthday lunch. Sitting out in front in my car, I could tell it was closed, but I could see there were still a few lights on inside. And I was so glad I had reason for coming back. My mother had forgotten her reading glasses, so naturally I was here retrieve them.

At least that’s what I told myself. My dick wasn’t buying it, though. Not with the way it was already beginning to twitch in my pants — almost like he could smell that Lily was near. Now all I had to do was knock on the door and see how she reacted to seeing me again.

Last night was pure fantasy for both of us. Not often a person went to wash their car at all night car wash and wound up experiencing the hottest sexual encounter of their entire freaking life. No damn wonder my dick was pulsing like a second heartbeat in my boxers. Obviously it was desperate for more, and so was I.

Now all I had to do was find out if Lily felt the same way.

I tried knocking on the door a few times. And after a couple of moments, when no one came, I knocked a little harder. About to give up and turn walk away, I stop mid-turn when I heard the lock turning. And then gorgeous Lily was standing there warmly smiling into my eyes, and telling me, “Well, what a nice surprise.”

I smiled back. “Yeah, my mother forgot her glasses, so I thought I’d come back and get them.”

She beckoned me inside with her hand. “Well then, come in and we’ll have a look.” As I followed behind her down a hallway, she told me, “You wouldn’t believe what people leave behind: wallets, credit cards, even false teeth.”

“Huh, I had no idea.”

“I’ve got a lost and found drawer in my office, so we can check there first to see if one of my waitresses found them.”

Though she was smiling at me over her shoulder, I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Could be to her I was just another customer she had to deal with, and she’d be happy to see me gone once I found the glasses so she could finally put her feet up and rest after a long day at work.

But as we chatted and walked together my gaze kept dropping to her ass, and it was just as stupendous as I remembered, swaying seductively right in front of me. So lush and round, perfect for hanging onto when I’d taken her nice and deep. My dick was twitching like mad now that she was close — almost close enough to touch.

Her office was on the small side, but neat as a pin, with not much in it but a big desk two chairs and a couple of filing cabinets. And as she opened the drawer that housed the lost and found, I looked in too, and when I lifted my gaze, our eyes met and we just stared at each other, spellbound.

Wrinkling her nose, she bit down on her lip and finally said a little awkwardly, “I should probably tell you that what happened last night was something I’ve never done before.”

I shrugged. “Neither have I. Believe it or not, that was a first for me, too.”

She grinned. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s something I’ll never forget, but I just wanted you to know that I’m not in the habit of hooking up with strangers.”

My gaze dropped to her lips, so lush and full, I could almost taste them. “Maybe it was meant to be,” I suggested, my heart kicking up a notch as I stared at her mouth, remembering the feel of it on mine. I grinned. “But luckily I’m not a stranger anymore.”

Slowly nodding her head in agreement, I watched as her tongue darted out to hungrily lash her upper lip, and I swear my heart almost stopped in my chest, just thinking about how good it felt when she sank that little pink tongue into my mouth, never mind when she’d used it to worship my cock. And she sounded so sexy when she murmured, “No, I guess you really aren’t a stranger anymore, are you, Burke?”

For a moment, we both went back to looking into the drawer, and I did my damndest to try and remember what my mother’s glasses looked like. But I was getting so hard just thinking about all that we’d done to each other last night, that all I could think of was getting her naked — and to hell with the damn glasses.

“Do you see them?” she finally asked.

Reaching into the drawer, I cursory look through, pushing around the few other pair of glasses that were in there along with a couple of pens and some gloves, but when she reached in too, and our hands brushed, a spark was lit between us that I could actually feel coursing through me the instant we touched. And when she lifted her gaze and met mine, pretty blue eyes dark with arousal, all I could think of was how much I wanted her.

Lily quickly pushed the drawer shut, the glasses forgotten as she flung herself into my arms and I sunk my tongue into her mouth and began mating desperately with hers. And suddenly our hands were everywhere at once. Hiking up her skirt, I moaned into our kiss as I cupped her ass and squeezed. And fuck me, she was almost bare. All I was feeling was warm, velvety soft skin. My dick Yalova Escort twitched even harder as I realized she was wearing a tiny little thong and nothing else, so it would be so easy to push it aside and take her. Kneeing her thighs apart, with my other hand I pushed aside her panties, and when I found her hot little pussy so wet it was almost dripping I almost came where I stood. Fuck, now that I had my fingers buried in her, all I could think of was getting inside her and fucking her good and hard.

Full breasts heaving, her hands were busy too, impatiently pushing my jacket off my shoulders and onto the floor, she was frantically working the buttons on my shirt, anxious to get it off me, while I worked my fingers deep into her pussy. Desperately moaning, she sank her teeth into my bottom lip and tugged, making it delightfully sting and sending a rush of nut-clenching desire shooting straight to my cock, making me groan, as I kept right on working her pussy to get her nice and wet for me.

“Jesus, you feel amazing, Lily,” I whispered against her mouth as turned my hand and found that spot deep inside her that had her legs beginning to tremble as she cried out against my mouth while I worked at finger-fucking her into a quivering mess.

Letting go of her only long enough to tug down the zipper on her skirt, once I had her in just her uber sexy black lace bra and thong, I lifted her onto her desk and just stood there and stared. God, she was beautiful and sexier than any woman I’d ever seen. With my eyes riveted to her full breasts almost overflowing her push-up bra, I tugged down my fly. Then kicking aside my pants and boxers, I slid her thong down her legs and then clutching her hips, helped her to get into crouching position facing away from me with her pussy situated right at the edge and spread for me nice and wide. Fisting my cock in my hand, I could hardly believe we were going at it all over again. But the moment I pushed inside her and felt all that tight damp heat clamping around me, it was with a sense of blessed relief that I began to work my cock inside her. Both of us moaned as I flexed my hips and began to fill up her pussy nice and tight with every long hard inch of me. God, I loved the feel of her — so fucking hot, wet and such a perfect tight fit, she was sweeter than other honey.

I smiled feeling her whole body shiver from head to toe as I fucked her. And I could tell from her plaintiff little moans she wanted this every bit as much as I did. Never in my life had I ever met anyone as into sex as I was, it was like she was custom made for me. And I could feel her tight little pussy stretching to take every inch of me as she whimpered and thrust her hips back desperate for every inch I had to give her. I kissed her back and licked a path to her neck, where I whispered into her ear, “You like this, the feel of my cock filling you up nice and tight?”

“Oh, god, yes, Burke,” she said on a moan, “I just can’t believe how good you feel.”

I knew I’d never felt anything better. And my delirious cock was in pussy heaven, buried deep in the depths of her tight little cunt, I already knew I never wanted to leave. “Fuck you feel so damn good,” I murmured, as I reached up and unclipped her bra, freeing her big gorgeous breasts. Cupping their fullness in my hands I tugged at her swollen nipples as I plowed into her deeper and harder with every flex of my hips. Sinking my cock just as deep as it could possibly go, a smile of pure satisfaction lit my face at the erotic sound of my balls and thighs slapping hard against her ass as I ravished her tight little cunt.

Seeing the way she was really beginning to quiver, I could tell she was close. Dropping one hand beneath her I circled her clit, keeping up tugging and twisting at her nipple as I tunnelled in and out of her squelching little pussy mercilessly hard. Really beginning to make some noise now, she threw back her head, and yelled, “Oh, my god, I’m coming so fucking hard. Please don’t stop, it just feels so good. Oh, yes, Burke, just like that, yes, yes, yes!”

Softly chucking at her elated outburst, I was right there with her, my balls tingling insanely hard, like an erotic bolt of lightning shooting straight up my spine to my brain. I swear I could see heaven just out of reach with the way lights were beginning to flash before my eyes, as I crested on a wave of sheer bliss.

Nothing in my life had ever felt as good as being buried balls deep in this woman. She owned my cock, it was hers now. And if she wanted this forever I’d be more than happy to give it to her every chance I got.

Finally I threw back my head and let out a deep guttural growl, feeling myself letting go, emptying my balls like a volcanic eruption deep in the heat of her pussy, as wave after wave of red hot cum flowed from me into her, filling her up to overflowing. And the way she was clamping down on me as my cock pulsed and pulsed and pulsed for what Yalova Escort Bayan felt like forever, made me realize that until her, I’d never come even close to this hard before. Though my legs were beginning to shake, anxious to hold her, pressing my lips to her back, I wrapped her tightly in my arms. After coming that hard, it took a long time till the tremors subsided and we could begin to breathe even close to normally again.

Turning her head, she coyly grinned and murmured, “Wow, now am I ever glad you stopped by.”

I laughed and agreed, “You and me both.”

After I reluctantly pulled out and helped her off the desk, I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked naked, covered in a light sheen of perspiration, her pale skin all pink and flushed after being taken that hard. Her silky hairy loose around her shoulders, I knew I had to kiss her and get my hands in all that long blonde hair. She happily clung to me as I mated with her mouth, running my hands through her the soft silken strands. And before I knew it her leg was wrapped around my thigh. And just the feel of her hot little pussy pressed to my flesh, unbelievably, was starting to get my cock stirring and hungry for her all over again. It was like the two of us could just never get enough of each other, we were so insatiable whenever we were together.

And suddenly it was back on just like last night, when we fucked each other almost blind. Damn, what this woman did to me.

Slipping her hand between us, Lily wrapped her fingers around my cock and began to stroke me as we kissed each other wickedly hard. My heart almost beating out of my chest, at just the feel of her hand on me; I knew that no woman had ever gotten to me like this before. I worked in an office with plenty of attractive women, and had never felt a thing, at least not compared to what I was feeling right now, like my entire body was on fire for her, burning me right up.

Finally, when she pulled back, both of us breathlessly panting, she coyly smiled into my eyes and then she dropped to her knees. And fuck me, I couldn’t believe my eyes when she circled my cock in her hand and began to lap at the tip. Then she was licking me all over from balls to crown, and I swear my knees felt ready to give out. She just looked so sexy, naked at my feet. And the feel of her big breasts brushing against my legs, nipples hard as diamonds as she sucked my cock into the heat of her mouth and worked it with her tongue, was indescribable. Damn, this girl was good, and for lucky me, really knew her way around a cock. Gently holding her head, I began to flex my hips and fuck her pretty mouth, mesmerized at the sight of her full lips stretched around me so incredibly tight. I’d seen porn flicks that weren’t nearly as hot as the sight of gorgeous Lily down on her knees, feasting on my dick, slurping and licking and sucking the fucking hell out of it.

“Oh, yeah,” I whispered, letting her know that I loved what she was doing to me. “Damn, that feels so fucking good.” Which instantly got her sucking that much harder and deeper; already feeling like I was halfway down her throat, amazingly, she was still sucking me back even further.

“Mmmm,” she hummed around my cock, making my balls really begin to tingle at the erotic sensation of her mouth vibrating around me like an erotic tuning fork, firing up my nuts. Looking up into my eyes she smiled around my shaft and I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of sucking me off every bit as much as I loved watching and feeling her do it. And already I knew I was crazy about her. No one had ever made me feel this good before — not even close.

As a tingling rush started working its way through me, slamming my eyes shut as the jaw-dropping sensation fired through my veins, I warned her, “Oh, man I’m going to come so fucking hard, Lily, right in your mouth.” But despite my warning, she didn’t let go and just kept right on sucking, hollowing out her cheeks and drawing me in even deeper, till I knew I’d hit the back of her throat. Oh, god, I loved her mouth. And the way she worked it, had my cock in love with it, too.

And then I felt it, like an electric shock running straight up my spine and into my brain, making my whole body quivering like I’d been jolted by a live wire. Balls prickling, cock pulsing, I gave up and let go, shooting deep, giving up another heavy load, straight down her throat. Clutching her head, I pumped my jerking cock in and out of her mouth, filling her up with one helluva long stream of my seed. But surprisingly, she didn’t gag or pull back, just happily swallowed every drop, even licking me clean before she moaned and clung to my legs, kissing my thighs — Jesus, what a woman. It was like she couldn’t get enough of me, and of course feeling the same way about her I just hoped we could find a way to keep whatever this thing we had going.

Once I helped her to feet, overcome with gratitude, I wrapped her tight in my arms Escort Yalova and clung to her. My cock still pulsing like mad between us felt like he wanted to hug her too, especially after she’d blown him that hard.

Brushing back the hair from her eyes, finally regaining the ability to breathe, I tenderly kissed her lips trying to express just how grateful I was, even just to have found her again.

Eventually, apparently the more practical of the two of us, she pulled back, tipped her head and asked, “Did you have time for dinner tonight?”

I shook my head. “No, I just had some birthday cake and champagne at my mother’s after lunch.”

She nodded, took me by the hand and said, “Then I think we should eat something before we both pass out, after going at it that hard.”

Once we got to the kitchen, she washed up at the sink and then slipped a pristine white apron over her head. And my eyes rolled back in my head, as I fought back a groan, seeing her lush bare breasts peeking out the sides with the lushness of her bare ass making her look sinfully hot, with nothing on but a backless apron. And naturally, no surprise, my insatiable dick was already twitching to get at her.

I watched her go into the massive fridge, take a quick look inside, then she looked at me over her shoulder and asked, “How do feel about Shepherd’s pie?”

When I shrugged and said, “Sure, love it,” she took out two individual casseroles, turned on the oven and popped them inside. And then she took out a mixture of prepared veggies and started to sauté them in a pan on the stove.

Watching her work, wanting to pitch in, I asked, “Anything I can do to help?”

She grinned as she looked me over, from the top of my head past the long semi-hard cock — I was already sporting — all the way down to my bare feet, and licked her lips as she told me, “I’d say you’ve already done enough, just by showing up tonight.”

Chuckling, I couldn’t agree more. I’d been literally aching for her ever since I first saw her again this afternoon. Shocked, when I’d realized the fantastic little restaurant my sister had chosen for my mother’s sixtieth birthday lunch was owned by none other than the fantasy woman I’d shared the insanely hot sexcapade with the night before — from then on, she was all I could think of.

But doing my best to make myself useful, I got us some plates, knives and forks and set them down at a table for two in the dining room, even taking a moment to light the candle in the centre of the table. And then I returned to the kitchen and couldn’t stop myself from groaning out loud at the sight of her busy at the stove with her bare ass taunting me to come and at least have a feel of it, every time she bent over to check the oven, the way it thrust out at me so invitingly.

Once she straightened, coming up behind her, I brushed the hair from her shoulder and pressed a lingering kiss to her neck, making her close her eyes and softly begin to moan. And with my erection sprouting for her attention against her bare ass, I began to wonder if we’d even manage to get some food in us before we went at it again. All I had to do was look at her and I wanted her with a passion I couldn’t even describe. With my cock growing thicker and harder by the second I stared mesmerized as a bead of pre-come slid an erotic pattern across the lushness of her lush, bare ass. Reaching around under her apron, as I lashed my tongue along her neck, I slid a finger into her pussy, and letting out a shocked little gasp at the feel of me toying with her, she almost lost her balance, collapsing against me. But she didn’t have to worry I had her safe in my arms as I licked a path across her shoulders, working my finger in and out of her hot little cunt.

Her hands shaking, she managed to turn off the stove and put down the spatula she’d been using, and with her back to my chest, she began to desperately whimper as I continued to torment the hell out of her pussy with my busy fingers. “Oh, god,” she said on a moan, “I’ll never be able to work in here again without thinking of this and how good you can make me feel.”

“Then let go and come for me, Lily,” I whispered in her ear, as I began to rub a circle around her clit, two fingers sliding in and out of her now in a nice steady rhythm, getting her whole body trembling, ready to send her over the edge.

“Oh, fuck…” she groaned, tossing her head back against my chest, really starting to pant. “Oh, fuck, yes…” And then she was quivering against me so hard I had to hold her to keep from falling as she came in a rush, her slick juices coating my hand.

Finally she turned in my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and sank her tongue deep into my mouth. With the way my cock was throbbing like a bitch to get at her, desperate to fill up again, dinner forgotten, I picked her up and walked her into the dining room. Spying a high-backed bar stool, once I sat her down, spreading her legs wide, I groaned at the feel of her surrounding me as I sank my cock deep into all that tight wet heat with one long hard thrust. Both of us moaned out loud as I pumped into her nice and steady and amazingly deep, getting us both off in no time as I mercilessly fucked her like a man possessed.

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