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Sleepy Daughter Ch. 04

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An unspoken bond had been created between a mother and her daughter. My relationship with my daughter changed after that night. We were like best friends. We were like best friends who secretly lusted over each other. And we wore very little around the house. We were very careless with what we wore and we were carefree to expose every part of our body to the other pretending to be clueless. We went shopping, shared a dressing room, went swimming, and tried on each other’s outfits changing in front of each other. Jennie even asked me about buying a dildo or a vibrator. She asked my opinion about her outfits as she modeled them for me and she volunteered to upgrade my closet and made me model all my clothes to her. That was an amazing weekend. We started walking into the bathroom when the other was taking a shower or even peeing. We started wearing very little around the house. One of the outfits that my daughter started wearing was a tight snug panties or boy shorts and half cut tank top exposing her belly button and her snug tight pussy through thin fabric. I was in constant state of arousal. I could not see straight.

I considered all that to be a big huge foreplay. I was hungry for a pussy, my own daughter’s pussy. I needed to taste my daughter’s pussy and her ass hole again. I was anxious to grind my own horny pussy against my daughter’s young wet cunt. Oh god just the thought of it made me cum every time. During the week I’d continue to come home for lunch and fuck myself silly with my daughter’s panties. I even started licking and sniffing her dildo which I know she used almost every night. I continued to steal her panties in the evening (before she came home) and made myself cum or just lay there and sniff her pussy like a very happy mother.

A couple weekends later my daughter announced that she was going out with her old friend from high school, Michelle. I was looking forward to hanging out with my daughter but was curious and hoping that she would come home drunk again. It was pretty obvious to both of us that we were flirting and teasing each other and we both amatör porno wanted each other but the nature of our biological relationship and taboo of incest was keeping us both to openly confessing our lust for each other and make our mother daughter relationship into one of lovers. That night while I waited for my daughter to come home, I teased my pussy over and over again. Making myself reach the brink of an orgasm and then stopping. I was torturing myself but it felt so good. I was getting worked up. At one point, around midnight I became so horny rubbing my pussy I shoved a 4″ pocket rocket into my tight little ass hole and left it there making my cunt quiver and my nipples hard. I came so hard that time and I got so worked up that I passed out on the couch (with the little pocket dildo up my ass hole) waiting for my daughter to come home.

At around 2:30 am I was woken up by the sound of running water in Jennie’s bathroom. I was glad she was home safe and sound. I waited about 10 minutes to compose myself, remove the little dildo out of my ass and get up to go up to my room. I stopped at my daughter’s bedroom to check up on her. In the dim night light, I saw my gorgeous daughter and her hot body completely naked and spread eagle. A thin sheet was laying across her tummy hiding her belly button but the rest of her gorgeous body was all exposed for her mommy to see. Her large round breasts and hard pink nipples. Her sweet bald pussy, and a very hard clitty. Her sexy thighs, her long creamy white legs, and her nice round curved ass. Even though I had come a few times that night already, my mommy pussy was getting soaked just looking at my baby girl laying there naked. I walked into the room and whispered her name several times to see if she is awake. When I reached her bedside I noticed there was a bottle of Tylenol and Ambien on the night stand. Both were open. I guess Jennie had a headache and she needed to get good night sleep. As I thought about this I smiled to myself and felt a little wetness down in my pussy. My daughter had just offered her anal porno whole naked body to her mother on a silver platter and I was not going to pass up the chance of tongue raping and finger fucking and cum sucking my own daughter’s gorgeous pussy and her tight little ass hole.

I removed my tee shirt and got completely naked. I climbed into bed, bent over between her spread legs and stuck my wet tongue out onto my daughter’s gorgeous sweet pussy. May be it was because I knew my daughter was passed out dead due to sleeping pills or the fact that I have had fucked my daughter twice already and also that I suspected that she tongue raped her mother while she slept down in the living room that one night, I was very hard and rough and horny this time around. I slid my middle finger inside Jennie’s bald wet pussy and scooped up as much cum as I could. I took my wet finger and slid it inside my own daughter’s ass hole. I started lapping at her cunt lips, sucked on her clit and chewed on her phat pussy lips. I then shoved my tongue deep into her pussy and started to drink her young daughter pussy juices. I tongue fucked and finger fucked Jennie in her pussy and her ass hole for at least 20 minutes and made her cum several times. Now it was my turn.

I got up and straddled my pussy against my daughter’s leg and started grinding my bald pussy against her smooth leg, slowly and gently. I then leaned forward and started to gyrate my hips grinding my pussy against her bare leg while I sucked on her hard pink nipples. After five minutes I was so worked up I could not see straight. I had made my daughter’s leg soaking wet with my cunt juices. I climbed up higher and positioned my bald pussy against my daughter’s bald mound and touched them together. Electric sparks flew all around and I had a small but long lasting orgasm. I got more courage knowing my daughter is not going to wake up, I started fucking my daughter with my pussy. I started grinding my horny wet cunt against her sexy young dripping wet pussy. Unable to control my pussy I came in buckets all over ana breakers porno my daughter’s tummy and mainly on her pussy. Lots of my own cum and my daughter’s cum dripped down onto her ass hole only to make me smile because I know what I was going to do to her ass hole once I was done abusing my own daughter’s horny pussy. After both me and my daughter came a couple times I gave into the temptation and climbed off and shoved my tongue and face into my daughter’s ass hole. I ate her, fucked her, sucked her, licked her, abused her, tongue raped her. It was incredible. I drank so much cum it was the most amazing feeling. And then things took an interesting turn.

As I was lapping her ass hole one more time and rubbing her clit with my thumb, I felt a pair of hands rest on my head, then gently pulled my hair and started gently caressing my hair. Then the hands grabbed my hair and pulled them shoving my face and tongue up into my daughter’s pussy and ass hole. Then I heard my daughter’s voice.

“Oh mom, you fuck my cunt so good, you ravage my ass hole so good mom. You’re a filthy fucking mother who rapes her own daughter. You’re such a cunt-slut mom. You’re such an anal whore. You filthy cunt. Rape me. Fuck me, fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass hole you dirty slut. fuck me mommy, please mommy make me cum.”

All this time my face was shoved up in my daughter’s crotch and I was finger fucking her ass hole and tongue rapping her gorgeous bald cunt. Hearing that made my head spin and I shoved my tongue deep into my daughter’s pussy and my finger deeper into her ass hole. I started pushing my own cunt against the pillow underneath me – making me cum all over. After about 10 minutes of abusing my daughters pussy and ass hole and my hair getting pulled and being called dirty names like this, my daughter pushed her pelvis up into my face and drenched my face with her sweet warm pussy juices, tight grabbing onto my hair. My daughter was loud, she screamed, she whimpered, moaned and even cried a little. After a few minutes of calming down, I lifted my head up from her crotch and saw her with a big smile on her face.

God mom, it finally felt good not to pretend to be asleep. I can’t wait to do the same to you mom. I’ll use that horny cunt of yours real good. I smiled, climbed up next to my daughter and we both fell asleep, naked in each other’s arms.

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