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Slutty Sue at her High School Reunion

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The day was rapidly approaching. I had a hard time believing that I’ve been out of high school 10 years.

Where did the time go? It seemed like only yesterday that I was a high school senior looking to get laid.

I had several semi-serious boyfriends when I was in school. I never totally gave it up. I let every boyfriend feel me up and touch my pussy, but I never let any of them fuck me. I was waiting for ‘Mr Right’. I gave a lot of hand jobs and even a few blowjobs but no one got to fuck me.

I was looking forward to my reunion because I was curious to see how some of my former suitors turned out. My husband Ed attended a different school than I did so he had no desire to go with me to the reunion.

“Go and have fun,” Ed explained. “Just remember to take your pill…I know damn well you’ll end up fucking a classmate.”

“You don’t know that for certain,” I replied.

“Ah yes I do. I guarantee you’ll end up on your back with a cock between your legs,” he joked.

“Well smart guy, what should I wear?”

“As little as you can get away with.”

I picked out a skin tight black dress that had slits halfway up my legs. It was also low cut so I decided to go commando with no bra or panties. I dressed for my reunion and modeled it for Ed.

“Well what do ya think?”

“Yep. You’re gonna get laid tonight!” Ed exclaimed.

I drove the 30 miles to my old high school. It seemed strange that they were having the reunion at the school itself. I was told that the reason they were holding it at the school was because the 5th year reunion was pretty much a drinking game. I didn’t go to my 5th and after hearing what really happened I was glad I didn’t.

I pulled into the parking lot and saw some familiar faces.

“Kelly! Annie!” I screamed to a couple of old friends. “How are ya doing?” I screamed.

“Susie!” Kelly screamed. “God you look great!”

“So do you,” I replied.

The three of us caught up on old times and laughed and carried on like we were still in school.

We walked into the gymnasium and ran into even more classmates.

“Sue look over there. It’s Brian!” Annie shrieked.

Brian was my main boyfriend during my senior year. We did pretty much everything to each other but sleep together. He was on of the first guys who I ever let cum in my mouth.

“Well look who made it! Sue you look spectacular!” Brian said.

“Well thank you sancak escort Brian. You look good yourself,” I replied.

The two of us walked towards an empty table and sat down and chatted. It turned out that he was recently divorced.

“She was more interested in money than me,” he explained. “She decided that her career was the main thing in her life and I didn’t mean shit to her.”

“Well that really sucks.”

We went up to the buffet table and got our dinner. When we got back to the table it was full so we went outside and sat down on a bench.

“You know Sue I really fucked up with you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I wish we’d never broken up. I wanted you so badly and regret that we never went all the way.”

“Yeah I wish we would’ve slept with each other. I wish you were the one who d-flowered me.”

“I’m sorry that I hit you with this,” he stated.

“No don’t feel sorry. Lets take a walk around the school.”

We got up and took a walk around our old stomping grounds. They had the lights on and all of the doors were unlocked so we could walk into old classrooms and reminisce.

“Oh wow!” I stated. “Mr McCann’s classroom!”

Mr McCann was our old science teacher. Brian and I were lab partners in his class and I used to do anything to mess with Brian. I’d unbutton my top so that Brian could look at my titties and try and mess with his concentration.

“Oh I remember how you used to fuck with me.”

“How so?” I asked feigning surprise.

“You know! I almost blew up the fucking classroom the first time you flashed me your tits when I was working with chemicals.”

“You mean like this?” I stated as I exposed my tits to him while laughing.

“Susan!” he stated as he walked over toward me. “Keep it up and I’ll ravish you here and now.”

“Well here’s your chance. I’m horny and ready to get laid.”

Brian walked over to the door and locked it. He then took my hand and we went to the back of the classroom.

I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor leaving me naked in my old science classroom in front of my old boyfriend.

“You’re beautiful,” he stated as he leaned over and took my breasts in his hands.

His tongue found my erect nipples and he alternated from left to right breast. His hands worked their way down to my shaved box and he found my waiting sarıyer escort wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm” I moaned as he fingered me close to climax. “Oh yesssss!” I screamed as I climaxed on his fingers.

Brian quickly undressed as I recovered and he leaned me over the lab table and penetrated me from behind.

“Oh my you’re tight!” he moaned as he slowly penetrated me with his short fat sausage.

“Oh yes Brian. Fuck yes. You’re finally fucking me!”

He pulled on my hair and pounded away faster and faster. His balls were slapping my ass as we fucked. My tits were swaying with every thrust and I felt like it was 10 years ago.

“Oh yesss!” he screamed as he exploded deep inside of my cunt. He collapsed on top of me and he kissed my neck and ear lobes.

“Nice!” we heard someone scream.

We grabbed our clothing and quickly dressed. Brian opened the door and Kelly walked in with another former boyfriend Chuck.

“Looks like you finally sealed the deal,” Chuck said to Brian.

“Yeah. It took ten years but it was worth it. What a fuck!”

I looked at Kelly and whispered to her, “Do you wanna gang up on the boys? We could do them right here.”

“Sure. You do Chuck and I’ll see how good Brian is.”

I walked over to the door and locked it again and took my dress off. Kelly was down to her panties in no time and her breasts were much fuller than mine.

“Come here Brian. Its my turn,” she stated.

Chuck walked over towards me and I dropped to my knees and rubbed the front of his crotch.

I unzipped his pants and pulled his pants down and kissed his erection through his shorts.

“Oh yes! Suck my cock!” Brian moaned and I looked over as Kelly took his short fat six inches in her mouth.

I pulled Chuck’s shorts down to his ankles and his cock hit me in the face.

“Yummy!” I stated as I licked the length of his erection.

Chuck grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock into my open mouth. He started fucking my mouth and I grabbed his ass and pinched it.

“I’m ready to cum! Get ready!” Chuck screamed.

I stopped sucking his cock and let him cum in my cleavage and nipples. I scooped up some of his cum in my fingers and licked it off.


I stood up and gave Chuck a kiss and his hands were all over me as he tasted his own cum while we kissed.

“How sefaköy escort long until you’re ready again?”

“Give me a couple of minutes. Why don’t you sit on my face and I’ll eat you out.”

Chuck sat down on a chair and I lowered my pussy in his face. He went to town licking his way up towards my cum filled snatch.

“Oh yes. That’s the spot!” I screamed as he bit my clitoris.

I leaned over and his hands were all over my tits and he was rubbing and squeezing my melons. I stroked his flaccid cock and he was hard after a few minutes of stroking.

“Oh baby!! Fuck me harder. Yessssss!” Kelly screamed as Brian fucked her missionary style.

“I think you’re ready,” I stated as I lowered myself on his erect cock.

The only sounds coming out of room 224 was the slapping of skin and moaning men and women.

“Cum on my face!” Kelly screamed as Brian shot several ropes of cum all over her face and neck.

I leaned over and kissed the tip of Brian’s cock and cleaned it off. Kelly leaned over and planted a huge kiss on me taking me by surprise.

She fondled my breasts while Chuck continued to pound away.

“I’m cumming!” Chuck screamed and he came inside of me.

“Get up I’m gonna clean your pussy,” Kelly said and she went down on me and ate my cream pie.

“Holy fuck!” Brian stated as Kelly licked my pussy clean.

“Oh shittttt!” I moaned as I climaxed thanks to my best friend from high school.

Kelly sat on the floor and I spread her legs apart and went down on her. I felt a hard cock enter me from behind as I ate my best friend’s pussy. Brian was fucking me from behind while Chuck lowered his cock in Kelly’s face.

This was the best reunion that I could have ever gone to. I got to fuck two of my old boyfriends and ate some sweet, sweet pussy.

We all got dressed and went back to the gym and as soon as we walked in the crowd cheered and clapped.

“Nice show guys. I don’t know where they can hold the next reunion,” Annie stated.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well let’s just say that you were the entertainment for the evening,” she replied. “Dozens of us watched you guys from the doorway. What a show. I never knew you went both ways?”

“Well normally I don’t. Her pussy looked so inviting,” I replied.

The rest of the reunion was uneventful and Ed was watching a baseball game from the west coast when I walked in.

“So how was it?” he asked.

“Let’s just say I was involved in the entertainment for the evening. I fucked two old boyfriends and ate some pussy.”

That was all Ed needed because before I could say anything else he had my dress off and was fucking me like crazy.

I can’t wait until my next college reunion…who knows what will happen then.

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