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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. Please also vote on how you liked it, every vote does count. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne

My girlfriend is one of the loveliest women you ever want to meet, kind, cultured, refined, fortunately for me; she is hopelessly in love with ME. She has a few peculiarities which I am learning about as time goes by in our relationship but the most interesting one I learned by accident is the one that happens when she has had a bit much to drink. It doesn’t happen often but when it does…

You see it wasn’t a deliberate attempt of mine to get her drunk and take advantage of her, but it was a wonderful coincidence to find how inebriation affected her. We were sitting around, enjoying a television show and I had brought along a few pints of our favorite beer, Corona. I don’t know about others but I happen to have a fondness for Corona’s and fortunately my girl shares that fondness. What we both didn’t apparently think about was that a pint of Corona equals about to about two regular bottles of beer. By the time my girl had sucked down two of these pints, it was a hot day to give you a reason; it was too late to make the equation. Besides, I certainly didn’t mind the result.

Watching television and enjoying one of our favorite sitcoms we chatted at commercials and drank our drinks straight from the cool bottles. As one sitcom turned into two and one pint turned into two, at least for my girl, things got considerably relaxed. In a relatively short time she was feeling the effects. I had never seen her drink more than two drinks at any given time and apparently she usually didn’t imbibe so the resulting relaxation that was affecting her was a surprise…to both of us.

First it made her tingle all over, pleasantly so, or so she told me later. Then apparently it made her feel wonderfully relaxed and heavy limbed but yet so limber, she cracked every joint, an annoying habit that always sounds as though she were breaking everything as her fingers, ankles, neck, and back cracked. Gross! Then apparently the feeling of tingling started to center around her nether regions and that’s where it all began.

“God, antalya escort I’ve missed you” she started.

I looked at her surprised; we lived together so it wasn’t like we didn’t see each other every day and every night. She smiled at me and I returned her beautiful smile. She cuddled close to me on the couch we were sharing as she sipped the last of her second beer; the entire pint was nearly gone. She laid her head on my shoulder and as I welcomed the feel of that I put my arm around her, my breast becoming a comfortable pillow for her head as it slid lower. She must have noticed it right away as her cheek began to rub it ever so slightly, kind of like a cat will rub against you to show affection.

Her hand began to absentmindedly rub my khaki’s as the effects of the drink slowly took over. “I mean, I feel like we haven’t been spending the same quality time together that I always thought we would” she said quietly as her cheek and mouth were now rubbing against my breast. I was not unaffected by the warmth through my tee. I could feel how hot her mouth was on the outside and how wet she was making my tee, especially when she her lips found my erect nipple. Her hand began to rub on the seam of my khaki’s, the inner seam, slowly higher and higher.

The hand that was slowly caressing my khaki’s reached up and unbuttoned my button down shirt and pulled back the material so she could access my tee fully.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a grin looking down at her.

She looked up innocently and replied with perfect believability “nothing” before resuming her innocent meanderings on my receptive body.

Her hand began to caress along my stomach causing fluttering’s in my own belly as her mouth latched onto my nipple through my tee and I swear I didn’t know there was material between her hot little mouth and my tee, it felt incredibly sensual. I sat up as her hand slipped into my khaki’s and ‘innocently’ began to rub along their line. She swiftly lifted her hand to pull back the rest of my button down shirt and I pulled my arms out of its long sleeved arms. This left a wife beater tee on and she crawled into my lap to straddle me, the sitcom forgotten as she began to kiss me deeply and passionately. Her tongue doing delicious battle with mine, the second taste of Corona only sweeter on her tongue mixed with her juices.

I cupped her kemer escort ass closer as I ground suggestively at the V of her legs with my own body.

“Groannnn” she moaned into my mouth as she sucked hard on my tongue.

I squeezed her ass tighter as one of my hands reached up to cup and squeeze her breast.

“MMMM” she breathed as she encouraged me with her arms wrapped around me, her fingers playing with the small hairs at the nape of my neck.

I kissed lower to her breasts and pulled the spaghetti strapped blouse down, effectively trapping her breasts as they spilled over the low hanging garment and made those beauties stand up and say hello to my mouth and lips. I sucked HARD on first one and then the other erect nipple.

“OH yes” she breathed as she arched into my mouth, my fingers massaging her ass as she began to dance into my crotch with her own.

My fingers found the edge of her blouse and I slipped them underneath as my mouth ravished her welcoming committee, the two breasts smothering my face as I lavished attention on them. I caressed up her smooth skinned back as she arched against me, her lovely body looking beautiful in my arms, her head falling back, I could hear her labored breathing as I aroused her. I pulled her back up and then quickly whisked her blouse from her body, tucking the breasts in so I didn’t hurt those wonderful appendages.

She sat there naked from the waist up and looking gorgeously sensual as she began swaying to some inner beat. I wasn’t unaffected by the sight, she looked like a feast before me. I wanted to eat, to have this smorgasbord of sensuality, and NOW. I started with those up tilted breasts aching to be ravished. As I sucked, licked, and gently pulled on the nipples she began to cry and moan, her hips grinding down on me HARD.

“Get up” I finally told her and she stood there wavering, I could tell she wasn’t her normal passionate self, she didn’t need alcohol to be passionate, but she took direction way too easily this way. I quickly stripped my overheated body, noting that my panties were wet already from her ministrations. Next I stripped her jeans and thong from that sexy body and she was naked before me.

“Get in that chair” she pointed to an easy chair with high comfortable arms.

Surprised at the command I complied and sat back in it on my naked ass.

She konyaaltı escort straddled the arms with her legs spread wide to me. I’m not one to complain when the position left her vulnerable to me and her vagina practically in my face. I scrootched down a notch or two so it was accessible. “Screw me!” she implored me desperately. I could see she was sopping wet already and I’m not one to let a girl suffer in pain. I knew then that the alcohol had affected my normally prim and proper girl. She never used words or commands like that. I knew it might hurt a little, but she needed it apparently and I plunged in three fingers into her tight little channel. I could tell it hurt as her body stiffened but it immediately relaxed against the invasion and perhaps from the alcohol as she began to ride my fingers instantly. Her hips did a ridiculous little dance as I plunged my fingers in and out. My tongue began to dance along the landing strip she cultivated towards her erect little clit. Only this time, it wasn’t little and it was so erect it had to be painful. At the first touch of her clit with my tongue she howled, my normally quiet girl actually howled!

Grabbing my hair she ground my head against her crotch as she rode her clit into my face. The wetness was actually splattering against me as I screwed my fingers deeply, painfully, into her welcoming body.

“Yes, YES, YESSSS” she shouted as she came for the first time. Her other hand grabbed my hand that was lustfully thrusting inside her and demanded more. Her hand on the back of my head pulled me up in the chair and thrust her breasts against my welcoming mouth, demanding that I be fed. She could have smothered me with those pillows and at that exact moment I would have gladly gone to heaven and beyond, I’m not so sure I wasn’t already.

Her legs over the arms of the chair kept gripping it as she bounced and rode those fingers, grinding on them as they went to sleep from the tight pressure her kegal muscles were exacting trying to appease her appetite. Again and again I felt her cum before finally with a roar of satisfaction she ejaculated all over my lower extremities and slumped against me, not passed out exactly but exhausted from the intensity of the orgasms she had experienced.

This is why, when I know we will be drinking, I keep in mind my girl’s state of mind. No more than two actual drinks and these sipped slowly over time unless I’m up for a rodeo and I will admit the thought does cross my mind occasionally…but I better be sure I can satisfy each and every one of her insane demands or I’m in for it…hmmm, someday we will have to try tequila…

~The End~ K’Anne ;-P

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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