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I was exhausted. The afternoon snowstorm blanketed the city and I wanted to get the sidewalk and driveway shoveled before any of our litigious neighbors could complain. After two hours of work, I was done. I am covered in sweat. My tee-shirt is plastered to my body; my sweatshirt has crescent-moon water stains on the front and a triangular stain on the collar in the back. With heavy steps I lumber up the stairs and begin to take my clothes off. First the stadium parka, with snow flakes melting into water droplets. I sit on the bed and unlace my work boots. I decide to save the boots for last because it hurts to bend over. I pull off my sweatshirt and suddenly you’re standing in the doorway.

“I didn’t hear you come in. Let me help you with that,” you walk toward me and stand between my legs.

“Thanks, sweetie. I am so tired. That snow kicked my butt,” I use my best self-pitying whine in hopes of getting some extra attention from you. You reach down and pull up my shirt, peeling it off my now-chilled body. You bunch the shirt and bring it to your face, inhaling my scent before laying it aside. I’m not wearing a bra. A sheen of perspiration covers my shoulders, breasts and stomach. You lean down and kiss me. You lean further into me and lay me back on the bed. Your warm, clothed body takes the chill away. You kiss me again and I wrap my arms antalya escort around you. Little kisses—lip-licking. You lick the corners of my mouth. I know you taste the salt and I don’t want you to stop.

“Mmmm, I bet you’re salty all over,” you purr into my ear. Your words make me chuckle but I say nothing. You lick my neck in short strokes and then several long ones from my collarbone to my ear.

“Oh, Katherine, that feels so good. Don’t stop.” My body is no longer cold. You continue licking: my neck, my ears and then my shoulders. You suck and lick my chest and run your tongue down my cleavage and then back up again. Your tongue snakes along my curves until you linger at my nipples. You lick and suck in a circular motion that sends prickly signals to my pussy. I can feel a trickle in my underwear and this time it’s not sweat. You suck my breasts and lick the underside down to my ribs. I close my eyes and sigh. Your hands squeeze my nipples as you lick and suck my stomach. You trace your tongue around my belly button, as you get on your knees at the edge of the bed, licking to my waistline. I’m still wearing my sweats and the damp waistband is in your way. I raise up and you pull my sweats down to my ankles, taking my underwear with them. I am fully and completely yours now. Your hand strokes my mound as you lick my inner thigh and kemer escort around my damp mound. My hair is clipped short and lays very flat. You run your tongue over me, and from one thigh to the other. I jerk slightly and my sweats hit you in the stomach.

“Sorry, sweetie.” I open my eyes and raise my head, then flop back on the bed.

“It’s okay.” Your fingers lightly rake my mound and my lips. You do this a few times and finally end my torment with your tongue on my clit. You flick your tongue over it and gently suck. Your finger strokes my outer lips as your tongue continues its assault. I move my hips up and down in response to your commanding tongue. You suck around my lips and kiss my hole. You take a lip in your mouth and suck. Your tongue drives me wild and I can’t get enough of you. Your tongue lingers around my entrance, licking me from top to bottom and from side to side. My hands creep to your head. Your tongue pierces my cunt and I feel a flush of blood begin to gather. You lick deep inside, sucking the juice out of me. I pull your face deeper into me and I try to scoot forward on the bed. Your hands push my legs apart and the pain in my ankles only heightens my pleasure. Your tongue is everywhere inside me and you give me long strokes on my lips. Your mouth is incredible, Katherine. You’re incredible! konyaaltı escort My whole body is hot and I feel that I won’t last much longer. I’m jacking your face and your tongue and lips don’t miss a drop of my juice. This feels too good. I stroke your hair and urge you on to finish me off. You suck my clit hard and lick the top and underside. You push your lips into mine and shake your face. The vibrations cause the second spasm as my legs kick around you. I can’t move at all because you are kneeling on my sweats. The thought of being restrained excites me even more and now my whole pelvis shakes, with waves radiating outward. My body jerks as you lick and suck me deep, hard, slow and fast. Your lips are everywhere and your tongue doesn’t miss thing. My hips buck into the air and your mouth follows me back to the bed.

“Oh, fuck, Katherine. Oh, fuck. I’m coming. Yesss, yesss, oh, baby don’t stop, don’t stop.” I can’t hold back. I come hard in your mouth and you work your tongue deep into me to keep me going. You suck my pussy and lap up my juices before they can spill. Your tongue dives into my lips and you nibble. This otherworldly vibration creates another round of spasms and my body thrashes on the bed. I breathe hard, in short, heavy breaths. I arch my back and sit up halfway, groaning deeply. My face is hot as I slam back on the bed. I close my eyes and shake my head. You lick me slowly to bring me down. Your soft tongue massages my cunt and my breathing becomes shallow. My fingers match the pace of your tongue as I stroke your hair. I can still feel a trickle somewhere and I hope you’re able to lick it up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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