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Snowed In Ch. 05

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It never failed. The cool morning air had increased my need to pee waking me from a sound sleep, though the smell of fresh hot coffee just brewed forced me to open my eyes. Mandy and Collette were both still sound asleep making it difficult for me to slip out of bed, especially as I was still sandwiched between them. The feel of their soft warm bodies acting like an insulator against the morning cold wasn’t something I relished relinquishing either. But now the urgency of having to relieve my bladder took precedence over the comfort of continuing to lie there.

Literally backing out of the bed, I managed to climb out over the back of the couch, the sudden space I’d just created letting the cool air from the room in. Almost immediately both of my sisters seemed to scrunch towards one another in their half sleep until making contact, once again settling into their early morning slumber as I padded barefoot into the kitchen on my way downstairs to the bathroom. Not surprisingly, mom was standing at the window looking out at the still falling snow sipping a cup of coffee when I came in. She turned upon hearing me.

“Morning honey, you’re up early.”

She glanced towards my crotch as she said that. Though I really did need to pee, I also had what was my constant companion and friend first thing in the morning too. A morning woody as I called it, tenting out the front of my white briefs as I stood there. It didn’t help as I glanced quickly up at clock on the wall that mom stood in nothing more than her bathrobe. I knew she slept naked, even during the cold winter months, always had. But it was the fact that she stood there with her robe undone, the hint of her nudity peeking out at me beneath it. I could see the roundness of her breasts, nipples just hidden by the material still covering them. Though what wasn’t hidden, and stood there to greet me as I slowly lowered my gaze without even realizing I was, was her beautiful bare pussy. The fact she made no effort whatsoever to close her robe as I looked at her, was another reminder of the changes that had occurred since last night. I don’t know why I thought things would be like they once were, because it was readily apparent that they weren’t. But it was still a bit of a surprise to find her standing there like that so carefree and without conscience, something that was still going to take me a while in getting used to.

“It’s not even six o’clock yet, why are you up?” I asked once again locking eyes with her.

She chuckled at hearing that. “You want the truth? Though I guess after last night it wouldn’t make much sense to make anything up now would it?” she said still laughing at her own private thought.

If I didn’t relieve my bladder soon however, it was going to burst. “Hold that thought, I’ll be right back,” I then said glancing at her again.

“Hold that thought?” she responded, her hand suddenly dropping down between her legs as she actually cupped her pussy. “OK…I will. But hurry back if you want to find out why I really am. Oh…and don’t be doing anything with that except pee either,” she told me.

After seeing her do that, it was going to take a bit longer to actually pee than I’d expected, bolting down the stairs and then off into the bathroom. I returned several minutes later feeling much better, and somewhat flaccid again, though the minute I walked back into the kitchen area, it wasn’t long that I was.

Though she was now sitting down, it was what she was doing while sitting down that froze me in place as I re-entered the room. Seeing the look in my face, she laughed, though thankfully not loud enough to wake my sisters thus bringing them into the room. I knew in an instant, I wanted to this time all to myself.

“Because I was still horny from last night,” she told me answering the question as I stood there staring at her. “Couldn’t sleep,” she then added, moaning a little as she did, mainly because of the bright yellow banana that I now saw was buried fully deep inside her cunt as she sat there, one leg propped up onto the table itself, spreading herself, a decadently wicked display as I stood there.

I was mesmerized. Here was my own mother, so openly masturbating herself, and uncaring that I was watching her, watching her shove a piece of fruit up inside her pussy.

“So, are you shocked at seeing your horny mother like this?” She now asked me. “Or just shocked to realize I usually am. Obviously, up until now…I’ve kept that aspect about myself a pretty well guarded secret.”

“Not so much,” I told her finally walking over, pulling out a chair, placing it in front of her and then taking a seat. “I’ve always known…well we’ve always known actually that you and dad have had a pretty active sex-life, just never seen you quite as open about it as you are now,” I said looking at her, watching as she uninhibitedly continued to ease that yellow fruit in and out of her obviously wet pussy.

“Well, to more fully answer your question? escort gaziantep özbek bayan I’ve always been horny first thing in the morning, don’t know why really…maybe it’s the equivalent of your morning woody or something like that. But…I’ve always enjoyed the naughty feel of coming downstairs like I am now, and sitting here in the kitchen playing with myself. That element of danger perhaps that someone could get up and catch me before I’d finished. I think Collette actually did once too, though she never said anything to me about it afterwards.”

“Always with a banana?” I now asked feeling my cock begin to press almost painfully against the front of my briefs as I sat there continuing to watch her. I recalled several times where there always appeared to be fresh bananas sitting in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table in the past.

“Not always no,” she giggled actually blushing a little. “Most of the time, I just prefer my fingers, but there are times like after last night, when I’m remembering the nice erotic stretch of my pussy after it’s been filled with a nice hard dick, that my fingers just don’t quite cut it. Sort of like now,” she told me as she enthusiastically continued to sit there and fuck herself with the fruit so openly. “Of course…I’d rather be fucking that, unless you’re not interested,” she said once again glancing over at my crotch, the head of my dick already peeking up and over the top of my briefs as I sat there.

She then eased the banana out of her pussy, wrapping her lips around it instead, sucking and thus cleaning it off. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever see her do to be perfectly honest about it. Without even realizing that I had at first, I stood up, sliding my shorts down around my ankles. And though it was a bit cool inside the house this early in the morning, especially as the fire in the living room had also died out, I was now feeling the heat of my arousal as I stepped towards her. She smiled, standing up herself, and simply turned holding onto the back of her chair. Words weren’t necessary as she bent over, flipping up the back of her robe presenting me with the backside of her ass and wet glistening pussy. Rock hard, I stepped up behind her and slid in.

I couldn’t believe how wet…how slick, and how warm her pussy was as I buried myself balls deep inside her, actually feeling them as they slapped against her as I thrust inside her, now holding still. It was amazing to me, even now…one single thrust into her cunt, and already fighting for control, wanting to savor the feel of her slickness, that satiny caress on my shaft as I slowly withdrew, then slid in again holding.

“Oh fuck…you tease you!” mom spat purposely clenching her pussy around my shaft. Though I wasn’t teasing her, I was honestly trying to keep myself from coming too fucking soon!

Somehow I managed to collect myself and began thrusting in and out of her with a nice steady rhythm. As I did, mom dropped her hand down between her legs and began frigging her clit, occasionally reaching up just far enough to tickle my shaft with her finger tips as I slid in and out of her. The slap of flesh against flesh now began filling the room her rapid breathing as well as my own as we slipped from an easy-soft fuck, to one of furious lustiness.

“Oh god yes! Yes! Make me cum Brian! Make me cum!” Mom cried out. Pounding away, I could feel her pussy liquefy even more greatly than it already was, clenching down on me almost simultaneously, pulsating as it gripped my cock. I thrust once, twice, and then felt the surge of my own release as it tore through my balls racing up the length of my shaft, spurting inside her. Feeling my liquid discharge seemed to intensify her own ongoing release, she shuddered, thrashing about wildly for a moment, grinding her ass against me as though to ensure the milking of my cock for each delicious precious drop.

Only afterwards did we realize that Collette and Mandy were standing there in the doorway watching us. They each had their hands down between their legs, by the look on Mandy’s flushed face, she had somehow managed to join us there in our ecstasy, though Collette appeared to be still hovering on the verge.

“Allow me,” mom said disengaging my cock, walking over and then kneeling down in front of my sister. In seconds, she had wrapped her lips around my sister’s clit and knelt there sucking it.

“Damn! Makes me wish I had waited!” Mandy said almost pouting, and then surprised me as she came over and knelt down in front of me, taking my now spent prick inside her mouth, still covered with the combined spendings of my juices along with moms.

Admittedly it was fucking hot, watching as Collette reached out, her hands, fingers suddenly entwining themselves in mom’s hair, pressing herself against mothers face, humping her to some degree as she did so. The soft ‘pop’ licking, sucking sounds of mom’s porno videolar lips wrapped about my sister’s clit as she devoured her pussy soon began to push Collette over the edge where she’d been hovering for so long.

“Oh mom! Mom! This might be…” She never finished. Sensing her immanent climax, Mom slid a finger inside Collette’s cunt, now walking it up inside her against her “g” spot. When she did that, the dam literally burst, and with it a cascade of sweet tasting pussy juice that erupted as forcefully as I’d ever seen it. I thought for a moment, mother might even drown as she held on, trying to swallow just as quickly as Collette squirted it out, but to no avail. Eventually she had to breathe, forced away with the last several clear liquid squirts still hitting mom full on in the face. And even as she did, mom knelt there and laughed.

“Finally!” she exclaimed. “About damn time!”


With the “hornies” temporarily set aside, we once again settled in around the kitchen table with fresh cups of coffee. Even the sun hadn’t fully peeked its head through the window yet as we sat there with smiles on our faces.

Looking out, Collette spoke, “So…besides trying to dig ourselves out a little, what else is on the agenda for today anyway?” she asked.

“Well first thing of course is breakfast. Your dad will be wanting to eat shortly after he gets up, something nice, warming and full so he’ll have lots of energy for latter,” she mused. “Both for shoveling…and fucking,” she grinned, “provided that you two are up for that,” she questioned curiously.

Collette and Mandy actually did look at one another, though they had in fact shared dad’s cock with one another, licking and sucking it, perhaps the thought of actually fucking him wasn’t something either one of them was quite ready to consider as yet. The fact I had fucked mom though seemed to be the final decision maker as they sat there thinking about it further.

“He does have a nice cock,” Mandy finally admitted to us all, especially mother.

“Yes he does, much like your brothers,” mom told them both.

“We wouldn’t know, we uh…haven’t quite got ourselves there…yet,” Collette now stated surprising her.

“You’re kidding me? You mean to say I actually fucked Brian before either one of you did?” Mom said in surprise.

“Ah yep…but am hoping to change that before the days over,” Collette grinned, as did Mandy.

“Well then, seems we do indeed have a busy day, and night ahead of us then!” Mom laughed. “And like I said last night…I have a few ideas about all that we should probably discuss, and then think about while we’re actually having to work. Perhaps that will keep the adrenalin going and not tire everyone out for later!”

“What did you have in mind anyway?” Mandy asked curiously.

Mom stood and refilled our coffees, bringing back with her a note pad and pen as she did. “Maybe while we’re just sitting here waiting for your father to get up, we can actually start thinking about it,” she suggested. “I thought…it might be fun for each one of us to list something, something we’ve always wanted to do, and maybe haven’t even done yet. Though it doesn’t even have to be that, it can be something as simple as something we enjoy doing, and want to do, see or experience amongst ourselves. So…having said that, once you’ve got your fantasy, or desire written down on paper, we’ll throw them all in a bowl or something. Then, throughout the course of the day, we’ll all take turns drawing them out of the bowl in random order. How’s that sound?” she asked.

“I take it you’ve already got something in mind,” Collette said grinning at her.

“Oh yes…something I’ve always wanted to try, but never have,” she said winking at her. “And now…just might be the perfect opportunity to do that. So…yes, I do. Now, how about you guys? Anything come to mind?”

“I’ve got one,” Mandy said reaching out for the note pad. “But no fair peeking until it’s drawn,” she said hiding whatever it was she wrote down. “Part of the fun and surprise will be hearing what it is just before it happens don’t you think?” she asked.

“My thoughts exactly,” mom said as she pulled down a covered Tupperware bowel out of the cupboard. “Once you’ve written it down, fold it up and then toss it in here, for later.”

“I’m gonna need some time to think about this,” I freely admitted. “I’ve got so many things in mind…sort of hard to choose between them!”

That garnered another round of laughter to which we heard dad comment on as he entered the kitchen, fully dressed and already raring to go.

“What’s so funny?” He asked as mom poured him a cup of coffee, and then explained to him what we were doing. His eyes lit up in interest at that, though he walked over sipping his coffee as he glanced out the window. “I think I’ll take some time to think about mine too as I’m digging out,” he stated. “By the rus escort bayan gaziantep way…when’s breakfast?”

“We were just going to get started on it now,” she said eyeing the girls letting them know it was time to get dressed and start fixing it.

“Good, meanwhile, Brian and I can at least start cutting a path from the back door towards the garage,” he stated, eyeing me and letting me know we had work waiting ahead of us before play time. “Let’s at least see if we can do that so we can hook up the plow again, and see what’s facing us on the road out of here,” he told me.


It took the better part of an hour to just shovel a path out between the house and the garage. We’d actually reached the point where we were tossing the snow up and over our heads when we finally cleared away the door and were able to get into the garage. Even having done that, we had our work cut out for us in opening the garage door in order to get the truck out with the snowplow on.

“We’ll tackle this after breakfast,” dad informed me as the two of us stood there looking at a near perfect wall of snow. Hopefully it would be a bit easier with the plow on, though even that was suspect. I’d never seen it this deep before in all the years we’d been living here, it really was the worst storm in recent memory.

“Listen Brian, before we head back in for breakfast, just wanted to say something to you in case you had any worries, doubts or fears,” he began. I’d never really been all that close to my father, not in this way at least. We’d had talks before of course, told a few dirty jokes, things like that, but we’d never really had any one on one intimate personal discussions before now, so I was feeling a little intimidated and unsure as to where any of this was actually going.

“I don’t…well not really,” I answered though he now continued anyway.

“Glad to hear that, but…just the same, just wanted you to know something. Years ago, before your mom and I ever thought something like this might happen, we actually discussed it. We talked about the possibility of it, though back then, it was more along the lines of being candid with one another about our thoughts…fantasies. Your mom and I, as you now well know, have always been honest and truthful with one another about those. We’ve never held back, kept any secrets, or even denied anything from one another either. And just so you’re not too shocked, thought I might as well tell you now before things go any further. Your mom and I, from time to time, have been with, and played around on the side. Not very often, just once in a while, and only with people we’ve both felt comfortable being around, people that we knew wouldn’t cause problems or let petty jealousies or insecurities get in the way because of it. And then of course, as I said, we long ago mentioned the three of you. I didn’t know if it would ever happen any more than your mother did. But…if it did, which it now has, just want you to know, it’s ok,” dad chuckled a bit nervously, laughing. “In a way, it’s almost a relief. Your mother’s always had, and probably always will have, a higher sex-drive than even I do. At times, I’ve had trouble keeping up with her, though she’s never really complained. But…just so you know Brian, whenever the two of you want to, you know…fool around, you don’t have to worry about seeking my permission before doing so. I know for a fact that your mom gets herself off each and every morning after she gets up, almost like clockwork. It’s how she literally begins her day, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if I were you, if she now invites you to take care of that from time to time.”

“Yeah, I sort of discovered that already this morning,” I told him, and then briefly filled him in on what had already happened, though I did leave the part of my sister’s eventually joining in out of it. I figured that was their story and something for them to share if they wanted to.

I was still relieved however when he laughed even louder upon hearing that. “See? Like I said, now that things have happened the way they did last night, you’re bound to see an entirely new side of your mother…well, and me too I guess, that you haven’t seen before. You good with that?”

So much had happened, I’m not sure I’d actually had a chance to digest everything, even now. But I also knew, I wanted to continue, at least for the time being anyway. Maybe I might change my mind later, or that due to time and circumstance, everything would quite naturally come to an end anyway. But at the moment, especially with the five of us all cooped up together inside the house, it could get boring in a hurry. But not if the excitement and near constant arousal of being able to fool around quite openly in front of one another was a possibility. Which obviously…it was.

“Let’s go eat,” dad said putting his arm around my shoulder as we made our way back down the path we’d so recently dug out. And though it was still snowing, it had finally begun to taper off, at least it wouldn’t fill up the trench we’d just dug again.

“By the way dad…who have you and mom fooled around with?” I asked him.

“I’ll let your mother answer that one,” he told me. “If she decides to,” he then answered just as we opened the door into the kitchen, the morning breakfast just then being placed out on the table.

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