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So Wrong, So Right! Ch. 02

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This is Papabear’s point of view of the events detailed in “So Wrong, So Right!” I hope you read the first story before reading this one, but this story can stand on it’s own. This is a fantasy and events are fictional! This story is for “Papabear” in hopes that he knows just how much he has enriched my life! Love you, Papabear!

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He wanted this meeting for a long time but feared it too. His “Little Girl” was on the other side of the hotel door waiting so that they could consummate their love. She was right behind that door waiting for him to wrap her in his arms while kissing her deeply, waiting for his mature cock to enter her, waiting for the hot climax of their developed love for one another.

He was very anxious to demonstrate to her how much he craved her big, soft body. He couldn’t stop thinking about spilling his passion all over her belly and tits! What if his manliness was not enough to satisfy her appetite? What if his cock decided not to cooperate?

He stopped thinking of anything at all when she opened the door and gently pulled him into the room. He was overcome by her. She was all that he had hoped for; standing there in her sheer robe and surprisingly wearing full panties. She had told him that she never wore panties so he understood that she had done this just for him, because he had told her of his passion for a big beautiful woman in silky panties. sikiş porno

She had made herself look as desirable as possible. Her face adorned just a light amount of makeup, just to make herself more appealing to him. It wasn’t necessary. She was beautiful to him even without the light make up.

His mature cock began to inflate and he was impressed with himself. She was beautiful! He had so much to say but no words to express how he felt right then. She must have sensed and shared the apprehension, but as if reading his mind, she went to her knees, pushed his shorts down and off, and lovingly began to kiss and suck on his cock.

She swirled her hot tongue around the thick mushroom head of his cock and he sucked his breath in. After just a few moments of teasing him, he pulled her up and sucked her mouth into his, moaning feverishly against it!

Their kissing and touching was hot and tasty but he now wanted to fuck her quickly, hard, and deep. Before this moment he had planned to spend extended time in delicious foreplay with her but now he had to have her immediately.

He quickly discarded his shirt and took her hand, leading her to the bed, never breaking eye contact with her. She didn’t have to ask him what he wanted. They had talked enough that she knew.

His tenderness was replaced by his need to drive into her. His loving intentions had given way to a primal urgency to pump her hard şişman porno and fast. He actually hoped that his cock would hurt her a bit.

He watched with interest as she lay on her back and slid the silk panties down her thighs, dangling them off of one toe to tease him. She was giggling nervously and running her hands along her thighs as she did so, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her hairy mound. He was desperate to know the hot, sexy secrets that lay underneath those hair adorned lips of hers.

He grabbed her left ankle and kissed his way down after tossing the panties aside, forgotten in his mission to devour what those panties had been hiding moments ago. His mouth worked slowly but determined down her calf and to her inner thigh. He growled deep in his throat as he got close enough to smell her arousal. God, she was so sweet and wet! He could tell without even opening her up. The evidence of her arousal was already leaking from the cleft of her pussy.

Her intentions were different, however. She wasn’t interested in the slow lovemaking yet. Right then, she felt what he had moments earlier. She just wanted him to bury himself deep inside her and feel his cock claiming her pussy as his own!

He abandoned his attempt at oral sex and was okay. He knew they had plenty of time for everything else as the afternoon wore on. He wasn’t in the least upset to grant her the pleasure of feeling his swinger porno thick, mature cock slice into her as much as he and she could stand!

He was pleased that his manhood entered her so easily. She was wet and ready. Her magic box was all that he had imagined that it would be. The pussy of a real woman. He thrust above her, his face contorted in pleasure and pain. She was not virgin tight but he never expected her to be. She had four children after all! But her pussy was hot and wet and just enough to sheath him and show him that she could still make a man feel so very good!

She called her nickname for him several times and it was his undoing. The fantasy of her calling out “Papabear” as he drove hard into her brought him to climax several times when he was alone. To have her doing it right in his ear was too much!

He had hoped that he could ride her to several orgasms but she was begging for him to cum on her so he withdrew and let her wrap her fingers around his shaft and jack him off. Her hand and fingers were firm and the pressure she used on his cock was so urgent that he knew that her explosions were going to have to wait.

She smiled, giggled and laughed when his seed began to pump onto her. When he finished cumming he spread his jizz over her sweet breasts. It had welled up in her belly button and she used her fingers to dip into the pool and bring his warm cream to her lips.

His cock let him know that he would be ready again shortly when he watched her suck his cum from her fingers.

They snuggled, kissed and rested. Knowing that once would not satisfy their mutual hunger.


Dedicated to: Papabear

From: Your Little Girl

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