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Soft Sweet Seduction

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Public Sex

Sara put her hand gently to her chest to still her racing heart as she finished lighting the white candles she had placed around Anthony’s bathtub. It was a wonderful room, with a deep tub perfect for two. Above, a rectangular window was set in the ceiling, letting in the natural light from the setting sun. To the right, there was enough space to set a bottle of Anthony’s favorite Merlot plus two glasses. Sara leaned over the edge and turned the water on, filling the basin. She sprinkled in a couple drops of patchouli oil before adding a small bottle of bubbles. The warm damp air quickly filled the room with the pungent scent and Sara stepped back to survey her evening altar for lovemaking. It was a little cliché, perhaps, but Sara thought her new lover would appreciate the scene. She had been surprised at his soft, romantic side.

This night had developed easily. For the first time, Anthony had offered her the key to his house. She had told him it would give her the opportunity to start dinner, but instead she decided to greet him with this treat.

After checking the temperature of the bath, Sara looked in the mirror and studied her reflection carefully. She had pulled her auburn curls up and away from her face, pinning them carefully so that her hair would stay dry during their bath. She chose a simple white robe, leaving her body bare beneath. She pushed an errant curl behind her right ear and smiled. He would be pleased.

Anthony was a different sort of man than Sara was used to. He was thoughtful of her, kind even. Still, there was a ferocious passion beneath the surface, one that he would suddenly inflict upon her without warning, stealing her breath as he twisted her body into the most pleasurable heights. At night she would fall into her bed exhausted after an evening of lovemaking.

At precisely 5:30 she heard the garage door open, announcing Anthony’s arrival as he parked his vehicle inside. Sara quickly shut the facet off and dimmed the lights. Making her way barefoot down the carpeted stairs, she waited at the door, a small smile upon her lips. Tonight, she wanted to seduce him—to give him pleasure.

The door opened and Anthony appeared, briefcase in hand. He paused when he saw her, his eyes lighting up behind his wire-rimmed glasses.

“Hi,” he whispered softly, immediately placing his briefcase on the floor and pulling Sara to his chest. His hands rested lightly on her hips. They kissed, their lips barely touching. It was always this way. He would start slowly, tenderly kissing her upper lip first before catching her lower lip between his and gently sucking. Anthony’s hands slid up Sara’s petite frame before he lightly held her face with his fingertips. This tender gesture never failed to make Sara obey, and she would not move until he had released her.

“Hi,” he said again softly as their kiss ended.

“Hi…” Sara finally spoke as she cocked her head to the side and looked up into Anthony’s deep brown eyes. As always she was caught off guard by his apparent sincerity. It never failed to surprise her that he did in fact like her.

“What is this?” he asked as he ran his fingers over her robed shoulders.

“I know that things have been challenging lately at the office, and I thought that you deserved a nice relaxing evening. I want to make you feel good tonight,” she finished.

“You always make me feel good,” he answered, again touching his lips to hers. “What do you have planned?” he asked against her mouth.

“Come upstairs with me and see,” Sara said, taking Anthony’s hand and leading him to the stairs. He followed, curious. When she opened the door to the bath, Sara glanced up to see Anthony’s reaction. She was well-rewarded.

“You are absolutely amazing,” he said, walking into the room and spinning around, surveying the lovely scene that met him. He turned and pulled her to him once again. “Absolutely amazing,” he murmured into her hair.

Sara hugged her body close to his. He felt so good, so solid. He held her, stroking the back of her neck while he kissed the top of her head.

Sara pulled from his embrace and shut the bathroom door to trap the warmth inside. Anthony took off his jacket as Sara began to unbutton his shirt. “No tie güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri today?” she teased.

“No court, hence the jeans.”

“I see.” Sara continued to remove Anthony’s clothes, pulling the shirt from his shoulders and laying it on the side of the sink. She allowed herself the pleasure of stroking his wonderfully hairy chest, burying her fingers in the black and gray curls that began at the bottom of his neck, running down lower across his stomach before disappearing under the waste band of his jeans.

Kneeling on the rug before him, Sara carefully unbuttoned Anthony’s jeans and lowered the zipper. She looked up as he removed his glasses. He caught the side of her face with his hand, cupping her cheek briefly. Sara turned and kissed his palm before returning to her task and pulling Anthony’s pants to his ankles. He stepped out of them, lifting each foot so Sara could pull the clothing off. His socks followed next and Sara lifted her chin, looking up Anthony’s body. She could see that his cock had started to harden. It made a solid ridge in his underwear. Reaching up, Sara pulled the remaining article to the floor. He stood naked, his one hand still resting lightly upon her head as Sara leaned forward to take him into her mouth.

As her lips closed over the sensitive knob, Anthony let out a low stream of breath. She felt his fingers tense against her skull as he directed her to take more into her mouth. Sara complied, sucking the still growing member deeper. She mouthed him tenderly, exciting him slowly. Her right hand held the base of his cock while the fingers of her left stroked his balls.

Before Anthony was completely hard, Sara stopped her ministrations and let his cock slip from between her lips. Reaching up and taking his hand, she rose to her feet and once again their lips connected, this time parting to allow their tongues to make the first inquisitive probes into each other’s mouths. With Anthony, Sara was relearning the art of kissing. He had reminded her of how sensual this simple act could be. Each kiss was slow, deliberate. Anthony’s fingers trailed down Sara’s neck before his hand molded itself across this vulnerable part of her body. He didn’t squeeze, but the effect was still a set of chills that sent her skin into gooseflesh. She could feel her nipples tightening and pressing out through her thin robe. Her palms rested against the fur on his chest.

“I like you,” he whispered slowly, his lips moving against hers.

Sara stepped back and took Anthony’s hand once more, leading him to the tub. “Careful of the candles,” she cautioned. He climbed inside the tub, sliding his naked body under the bubbles as the water moved up covering his chest.

“Are you coming in with me?” he asked, still holding her hand. Sara leaned on the edge of the tub and kissed him soundly this time, pressing her tongue into his mouth. He sucked upon it, a wet hand resting on the back of her neck. When he finally released her, Sara stood and untied the belt of her robe, letting the garment fall open.

Her round breasts stayed hidden, but the dark hair of her mound was revealed, topping her bare pussy lips. Anthony’s eyes immediately lowered, looking at the most female part of his lover. Sara paused, enjoying the anticipation before she raised her hands to her own shoulders and stripped the robe from her shoulders. The clothing slipped to the floor, baring her creamy skin to Anthony’s gaze.

“You’re beautiful,” Anthony told her as he met her eyes with his. “Beautiful.”

Sara smiled a bit self-consciously before sitting on the edge of the tub. She spun slowly, lifting her feet and dipping them into the water. From there, Sara lowered herself into the bubbles, her body instinctively sliding into Anthony’s arms. He moved slightly to the side, giving Sara enough room to sit beside him as she rested her head on his shoulder. Her hand landed on his chest and she moved her fingers through the wet curls.

They rested, enjoying the warm water as the erotic oil sunk into their skin and filled their nostrils. Anthony tipped Sara’s chin up and brought her to another kiss. Cradling her under his arm, his other hand found her right breast and he kneaded güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the flesh. She pressed closer, encouraging him to continue. His fingers caught the brown bud of her nipple and he twisted it, pulling the tender nub downwards as he rolled it brutally between his thumb and finger. Sara gasped against his mouth. The quick flashes of pain ran deliciously through her body. A moment later, Anthony pulled Sara onto his lap and she found herself straddling his thighs, her breasts at his mouth. He rinsed the bubbles from them before taking the left nipple into his mouth.

Tenderness disappeared as Anthony nursed roughly, clamping his lips so tightly around the shrinking nipple that Sara cried out. Her back arched and Sara felt Anthony’s right hand grasp the curve of her behind, digging his fingers into her flesh to still her movement. Another quick attack of her nipple brought forth a second sharp intake of breath. It hurt, but Sara didn’t want Anthony to stop. It was a pleasurable pain.

To further imprison Sara on his lap, Anthony pressed his fingers along the bottom of her ass until he found the tight hole of her behind. She knew what he was aiming for, yet as always, the first moment of penetration made her jump. He pressed his finger in deep as she writhed on his lap, caught between Anthony’s mouth and his invading finger. He fingered her, bending and twisting until his knuckle buried itself so intimately into her that Sara could do no more than cry out a strangled “please!”.

Anthony released her nipple from his mouth and looked up. His finger moved in and out relentlessly. Sara shifted back and forth, uncomfortable as he watched her, but quietly glad that he hadn’t stopped.

“You’re not a virgin here,” he said low.


“Can I fuck you?” he said bluntly, his dark eyes narrowing. Sara paused. She wanted to let Anthony take her, to use her, yet was she ready to share this kind of intimacy? Anthony noticed her hesitation. She could read his face and knew the silent questions he was asking himself. Should he not push it? Should he wait for her to respond in the affirmative? Or should he simply just take her, move forward and wait for a protest to stop him—if it even came at all?

Sara didn’t answer. Anthony made his decision. He withdrew his finger and placing his hands on Sara’s hips, began to turn her body away from him. She didn’t resist. He helped her rise and she slowly turned away, her hands resting on the ledge of the big tub.

“Kneel on the bench,” Anthony whispered into her ear. Sara’s left knee touched the hard plane of the underwater seat as she lowered her body back under the water. The bubbles hissed as water splashed across their bodies. Before her right knee could join the other, Anthony pressed tight against her back, his foot pushing her ankle to the side, spreading her legs as he forced the upper half of her body over the edge of the tub. She winced as her breasts crushed against the cold tile. Anthony’s palm pressed firmly between her shoulder blades, pinning her down. Lifting her arms above her head, Sara laid her cheek on the smooth surface before flattening her hands against the tile. Warm water swirled around the sensuous swell of her heart-shaped ass, lapping over her fair skin. Anthony’s fingers stroked over the curves, tracing each globe tenderly. Once again, he leaned into her, his chest pushing against her back. A wet finger slipped between their bodies and Sara felt her tiny hole being prodded once again. The patchouli made Anthony’s finger slick and he worked the digit back inside her, preparing the intimate entrance.

Sara closed her eyes and tried to relax. Instinctively arching her back, she let Anthony prime her body. As always, his actions were precise, deliberate. She felt a second finger press into her. A soft “oh!” passed through her lips. Anthony continued to move his fingers back and forth, loosening the tight orifice. His face buried into the back of her neck and he nipped her sharply, causing Sara to jump. Soft kisses covered the bitten flesh and he nuzzled the delicate skin at the nape of her neck.

Without warning, Anthony pulled his fingers free and positioned the head of his solid güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock at the oiled opening. Sara silently told herself to breathe as Anthony began to push against her body. The intense pain was sudden as the smooth knob was forced just inside her ass. She could feel her hole stretching as her lover leaned into her, using his weight as a means to enter her. Sara gasped and clenched her hands into fists.

“Shhh…” Anthony breathed into her ear. “Easy. Let me inside you.”

Sara struggled to control her body’s reaction. The water rippled around them as Anthony paused and pulled back before driving forward once more, this time keeping the pressure on her unyielding hole as the head slipped fully inside.

“Oh god!” This time Sara cried out, her voice bouncing off the damp walls of the room. “Are you in?” Her voice shook and her body began to tremble.

“Just a little more,” Anthony told her as he lifted his hips, almost pulling his cock out of her body, but stopping as her tight ass gripped the ridge of the head. He didn’t move until he saw her petite frame visibly relax.

Anthony bent over her body and placed his hands alongside Sara’s arms. Resting his weight forward, he began to inch himself deeper into Sara’s loosening ass, burying his cock a bit at a time before withdrawing slightly. His jaw tightened and he paced himself to match her body’s response.

Licking her lips, Sara felt the familiar heat of having a prick sodomize her. A hot rush filled her senses and her skin flushed under the indecent sensation. Anthony detected the rapid change and thrust his cock as far into her dark depths as he could. Sara only moaned and pressed back against his lap with her full ass. Shifting his hips, Anthony ground his body into hers, his member completely submerged. She met each one of his movements, her hips rolling in response.

Not drawing his cock completely out, Anthony left the swollen head encased in the tight rim. He reached under Sara and his fingers sought her warm pussy. He shoved two inside, suddenly finger-fucking her.

“Yesss…” Sara panted, lifting her head as she arched her back again. “Touch me.”

Anthony’s expert digits slid between her lower lips, parting the hungry flesh. A fingertip swirled and landed firmly upon a needy clit, teasing it with a rough stroke. Sara quivered and jerked, sending a wave of water over the edge of the tub. Anthony gritted his teeth and plunged his length deep inside her ass. The brutal drive was met by Sara’s own thrust. It was the sign he had been waiting for. Anthony began to thoroughly assault Sara’s ass.

His stiff shaft fucked her ass mercilessly, sawing in and out as Sara began a rendition of “yes! harder! oh god yes! harder! please!”, the words ringing in Anthony’s ears as he pounded her now-pliable hole. His cock flexed impatiently.

Sara bucked under Anthony. Her ass was filled with his hard flesh; her clit was rubbed wildly. She felt the familiar tingle building, spreading from the sensitive bud protruding from her pussy lips, up her belly and across her breasts. Her abused hole gripped Anthony’s cock, tensing as she stiffened under him. She could feel it coming. Biting her lip, Sara’s body spasmed as her senses tumbled into a wonderful abyss of the most powerful of orgasms. It ran over her with a searing heat and she suddenly rose up as she came, pressing her body to Anthony’s chest. He held her tightly as she writhed in his arms, her ass clenching his cock. The effect was enough to make him lose control. He slammed into her with one last brutal stab before the cum erupted from his cock, pumping spurt after spurt into the hidden realm of her ass. His fingers dug into her cunt as his balls emptied. For a brief moment, they were still.

His cock firmly embedded in Sara’s ass, Anthony wrapped his arms around Sara’s slippery body and turning slightly, he sat down upon the tub’s bench. Legs splayed obscenely over his lap, Sara laid her head against her lover’s shoulder, her forehead touching his chin. There they rested until she felt his cock twitching and shrinking, sliding from her body.

She rearranged her position and once again, curled up under his arm as the water washed over them. The sun had finally set, and the only light left in the room came from the soft glow of the candles. Anthony tipped Sara’s chin up, his lips brushing against hers as their hearts slowed and the intensity of their lovemaking quieted.

“I could get used to this,” Anthony said quietly.

Sara smiled.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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