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Solo Trip to Vegas

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I’ve been to Vegas many times. I work for an airline so it’s easy for me to hop on a plane and go. Also I get free rooms which makes it even more enticing to go. However the first time I went to Sin City on what was supposed to be a girl’s weekend with my friend ended up being a slutty solo trip

My friend and I decided to go for a weekend. I won’t bore you with the details but she had to cancel at the last minute. Unfortunately of those I asked, no one could go or they didn’t have the money.

I was twenty one at the time. Since the room was already paid for, I decided to go by myself. My reasoning was I could have fun by myself and maybe hook up with a hot guy.

I flew in on a Thursday night. When I got to the hotel, I took a shower. That night I didn’t put myself out there to find someone to fuck. There were a couple guys that did hit on me or tried to start a conversation but I was too sober and they were too drunk for me to entertain them.

I had fun going to the different casinos, signing up for player cards. Beginner’s luck favored me because I won over nine hundred dollars at a slot machine. I was so excited and decided to take my winnings and go to bed.

The next day I got up and took a tour of the Hoover Dam. Got in some touristy things that didn’t involve gambling. After trying out my first Vegas Buffet for dinner, I took a shower and a nap.

When I woke up, I got dolled up. I put on a sexy dress and a g string underneath. I’m five foot two with latina curves. Around that time I was around one hundred and twenty five pounds. My breasts were a D cup. I wore my long, wavy brown hair down that night.

I’m not a big night club person. I prefer a bar setting where you hear yourself talk to people. If I was with my friend, I would have gone to a nightclub. Instead I was happy to sit at a lounge in my hotel where live music was playing.

There were guys definitely checking me out. At the lounge a group of eight guys were together. They were all attractive and I guessed in their late twenties.

There was a bit of a dance floor and I got up to dance. One of the guys from that party I noticed made his way over to me and we started dancing together. We were bumping and grinding and I liked the way his body felt up against mine. He had brown hair and eyes and a beard. He smelled good from whatever cologne he wore

“Can I buy you a drink?”

I said he could and we went to the bar to get a drink. His name was Matt and he was in his friend’s wedding the next afternoon. We talked and got to know each other. Also I talked to his friends and was having a good time with them. The guys were thinking about going to a strip club.

“You don’t need to go to a strip club to see a woman strip for you,” I whispered in Matt’s ear.

He grinned, knowing exactly what I meant.

“We can go up to my room.”

As his friends were making arrangements to where their next stop would be, Matt told them he was going to hang back.

His friends knew what was up and gave knowing looks and some smart ass remarks.

We kissed in the elevator up to my room. When we got to my room, I told him to sit on the bed and proceeded to do a little strip tease for him.

I did my best to do a sexy strip tease. There wasn’t much to take off. Eventually I was on his lap, tonguing his ear lobe. Feeling his nice body under his shirt really turned me on.

I got on my knees. When I pulled down his pants, I found a nice cock and that he shaved down there. After going down on him for a bit, he laid me down and played with my tits and pussy.

First I rode him but then he said he wanted to fuck me against the window. Probably no one saw us but it felt hot to have that possibility. We had sex one more time later that night and when he came he took the condom off and came on my tits.

We showered and he stayed the night. The next morning we fucked one more time real quick. He had to start getting ready for the wedding. We talked about maybe getting together after he was finished with the reception but I figured we wouldn’t meet up again.

I had my fun with this guy and he might meet another woman to hook up with. Also I wasn’t going to wait around for him all night.

After he left, I went back to sleep. I woke up two hours later and went down to the casino and checked out a free craps lesson the casino had. Afterwards, I went shopping and had lunch.

At lunch a guy around forty asked why a pretty girl like me was by herself. He was ok looking but his personality made him more attractive. We went back to my room and fucked. He left soon after we were done. He was a good lover and probably hotter because it was with a stranger. It was normal good sex.

As the evening rolled around, I got dressed in another sexy dress. I was feeling a little bolder and didn’t wear a bra or panties. The dress was tight enough that I felt it held my breasts in place for the most part.

I went to a craps table. There were mostly men at the table. Since it was my turn really playing, I was conservative evi olan gaziantep escort and only did a pass line bet. Two older gentlemen let me in between them. They were handsome in a distinguished sort of way. I had a thing for older men because of experiences I had in the past.

We got to chatting and it got a little flirty but in a harmless way. Evan was on my right and Rich was on my left. I would come to find out that they were both fifty three and longtime friends.

The two of them were out here for the weekend with their wives. The wives decided to go see a show and have dinner on their own. They weren’t as into gambling and might play some slots when they got back to the hotel they were staying at.

Finding out their wives didn’t care when they got in, had the gears in my dirty mind turning. The dice got to me and again I had beginner’s luck. I was on a hot streak and it felt like a movie with everyone cheering me on. Men even tipped me because I made them so much money.

As we were playing, Evan and Rich encouraged me to be a bit bolder in my bets. I won some too. Eventually my streak ended and the dice went to Rich who didn’t have it long. As we were playing, they were joking and fighting over whose girlfriend I was.

All three of us were up with our winnings but the tide of the table was turning. The guys said they were going to walk away and I said I was too.

“How about one of you buy me a drink and so the other one doesn’t feel left out the other can buy me a drink when I need a refill,” I casually suggested.

“Sweetheart, you can have whatever you want,” Rich said.

We had a drink at a bar and then another and then another. I suggested shots and we did tequila and that made me even more tipsy and when I’m tipsy, I’m horny.

As the conversation went on, I got more handsy with them. Touching their arm, their knee and letting my hand go higher.

I know they both loved my attention and felt like they won another kind of jackpot.

“Have you guys ever tag teamed a girl together?”

I blurted out my question and I know I shocked them because they were speechless for a few seconds.

“No, never but years ago me and a buddy fucked his now wife,” Evan said.

“Wow that’s hot,” I said, “if you two want we can go up to my room.”

The two of them smiled and were only too eager to agree. They followed me like puppy dogs to the elevators.

Evan reached under my dress, “You naughty girl.”

Rich had reached into my dress and was playing with a nipple. Feeling daring, I lowered my top down.

“Holy fuck,” Evan said.

The elevator was on my floor and I didn’t bother putting my top up walking to my room. My room was towards the end of the hall. I was feeling really slutty and pulled my dress off before we got to my room’s door.

I could hear Evan and Rich make comments on how hot I was and wonder if I was real.

We got in the room, I kissed Evan first and then Rich. I moved to sit on my bed and the two of them joined me. Their hands were everywhere, especially on my breasts. A hand went between my legs and rubbed me there. I was panting as I alternated who I kissed. Rich began kissing my neck.

He went between my legs and started to eat me out as I had my hand on Evan’s impressive bulge outlining his pants.

Evan moved to take his shoes and pants off while Rich was pleasuring me. Rich looked up at me and came up to kiss me passionately.

“I need you to take your clothes off,” I panted.

Evan took Rich’s place between my legs. I don’t know why I was surprised that he would want to eat me out right after his friend but I was glad. The whole situation made what he was doing to me feel even better. He even licked my asshole too.

I liked both their bodies. Rich was skinnier than Evan who had more weight on him and a tummy. Muscles are nice but not something that is necessary to make a guy hot to me. Also the idea of being a younger woman with older men is such a turn on and feels extra slutty to me. I like feeling extra slutty.

I liked the taste of both of them in my mouth. Evan was a bit thicker than Rich. They stood in front of me and I took turns giving them blow jobs.

“What an amazing cocksucker,” Evan said.

He then forced me on to his cock and held me there until I was gasping for breath. Spit dribbled on to my chin and my breasts. I then took Rich and he held me down as well. I alternated between their cocks wanting to show them how good of a cocksucker I really was.

“You’re perfect,” Rich said.

“I need one of you to fuck me now,” I pleaded when a cock was out of my mouth.

I got on all fours and it was Evan who filled me first. I gasped as he entered me and he didn’t hold back. He thrusted hard as Rich got in front of me and forced his cock back in my mouth. After a while, they took turns and I ended up having an orgasm on Rich’s dick.

Rich slapped my ass and told me what a bad girl I was. Evan moved gaziantep evi olan escort so I could be on my back. My legs were held up against Rich’s chest as he fucked me. Evan had me lick his balls and would alternate putting his dick in my mouth. Then once again they were changing spots.

Evan rubbed my clit which led to another orgasm. I could tell Evan was close.

“You can cum anywhere on or in me,” I cried out.

He came inside me and as soon as he was out of me Rich replaced him.

“Fuck this is a hot pussy,” Rich said, thrusting hard. He took my legs and pushed them all the way back so my feet were at my head. I’ve always loved deep penetrations like that and it made me go crazy as I came again.

“Yes. Fuck me. Use my pussy. Fill me up like your friend did,” I kept saying filthy things to encourage him to completion. It worked because he came hard. He kissed me before he pulled out of me. I motioned Evan over so I could kiss him too.

We all three laid in the bed with me in the middle as they fondled my body. As the minutes ticked by I think post nut clarity and guilt started to settle in. More so for Rich I think. I wasn’t offended though.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” I reminded them.

We talked for a few minutes while they touched me but finally they moved to get dressed. They both gave me big hugs and one last kiss as they left. Evan said I made his decade to which Rich agreed.

I was still naked when they left. Laying on the bed, I was thinking how slutty I’ve been on this trip and feeling aroused again. The feel of two men’s cum in me was very erotic and I masturbated till I came.

Looking at the time, it was only past midnight which is early in Vegas. I wondered if I had the energy and motivation to go back out to find someone else, or a few someones, to fuck. Just as I was thinking that would be crazy, my hotel room’s phone rang.


“Hi, Sandy, this is Matt. I wasn’t sure if you would be in. Would you want to come and hang out?”

“I think I’m done going out for the night. I’m naked and I just made myself cum. If you want, you can come up to my room. Bring alcohol for shots and if you want to invite friends too you can.”

“Holy shit, um, ok,” I could hear the shock in his voice, “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

When I got off the phone with him, I couldn’t believe what I said. Knots were twisting in my stomach. What if he brought a whole posse of guys over? Also I wondered if I should take a quick shower. The ultimate whore bath.

I peed and decided to rinse off real quick. A few minutes after I was out of the shower a knock was at my door. Trying not to freak out, I did my best to calmly answer my door.

A towel was wrapped around me when I opened the door. I saw Matt did indeed bring friends. One guy was at the bar last night. A tall fit guy with blonde hair and another guy who had brown hair and green eyes which I thought were alluring.

“Hi,” I hugged Matt as he came in. He had a bottle of vodka in his hands. He told me what his friends’ names were but the monologue in my mind was going so I missed it.

When they walked in the blonde guy looked at Matt, “dude, I think she’s had company already.”

“If I did, are you going to leave?” From the outside I sounded like I had balls of steel but in truth I was afraid they would mock me.

“Fuck it,” Blondie said and the other two guys nodded in agreement.

“Crazy is always amazing in bed anyway,” green eyes said.

“Let’s do shots,” I said to move the conversation along. Three shots of vodka in succession later and I let go of my anxiety.

What I had done on this whole trip was slutty to the max but having three more men fuck me was a little insane. Still, I was committed and though I felt a bit ashamed about it that’s what turned me on the most.

I dropped my towel and the guys took no time to touch my body. It felt amazing having so many hands on me at once and any reservations I felt melted away. Blondie put his hand over my throat and didn’t squeeze tight but firm enough to give me a hint of danger. He kissed me as Matt feasted on my tits and green eyes worshiped my ass. Once again that evening I was on my knees. Servicing all three of them, they were a bit more aggressive than Rich and Evan had been.

“What a dirty whore.”

“This slut loves dick.”

They were saying the filthiest things to and about me which only fueled my enthusiasm for sucking their cocks.

“You think this bitch eats ass,” Blondie asked.

“Probably she’s pretty wild,” Matt said. He then proceeded to bend over, “show us how slutty you are.”

I didn’t hesitate and tasted my first man asshole. The taste wasn’t so bad and he was clean. I didn’t hold back and as I went for it someone started to play with my pussy.

“She’s so wet,” green eyes said and went to play with my clit. The other guys wanted their asses licked too so they all got a turn. I don’t know if gaziantep evi olan escort bayan it’s something they particularly liked or they found it hot to degrade me like that. Maybe it was both.

They then had me lay on the bed with my head hanging off the bed. Matt began face fucking me. Green eyes ate me out and smacked my pussy before entering me.

Blondie took Matt’s place while Matt told green eyes to give him a turn at my pussy. Green eyes roughly pulled and pinched my nipples when Matt replaced him. I love nipple play so I was in ecstasy.

Matt pulled out and began fingering me. Blondie pulled out of my mouth. Leaving me with spit all over my face and loudly crying out.

“She squirted one time last night,” Matt said as he worked on my pussy. It didn’t take long before I had a very wet orgasm.

“Oh shit. Fucking awesome,” green eyes said. He then went to lick on where there was my cum on my body. Matt went back to eating me out again. I was a mewling mess on the bed.

“Oh fuck use me.”

“Let me take a crack at her,” Blondie told Matt so he could finger my pussy and rub my clit. He bent down to suck on my clit.

“Oh my fucking God…oh shit…yes fuck…I’m a slut,” I was blurting out filtthy things.

“Oh shit. There she goes again,” one of the guys said as I gushed all over the place again.

Blondie didn’t give me any time to recover before fucking me and slapped my face before putting his hand around my throat.

He fucked me like that for a bit until he decided to turn me on all fours and fuck me from behind. One of the guys put his dick in my mouth and the other one came close enough so I could alternate between the two.

“Fuck my ass,” I managed to say when I had a moment without dick in my mouth.

Blondie didn’t need any encouragement and my scream when he entered me would have been louder if I didn’t have one of his friend’s dick in my mouth.

He was thick and stretched me in a way I loved even if it was a bit intense. Blondie ended up coming in my ass and Matt took his place in a flash.

“This ass is something else but I want that pussy again,” Matt said before pulling out and fucking my pussy again. He would alternate between fucking my pussy and my ass. I couldn’t believe I was letting him do it but I was so high on dick I didn’t care. Also I never mentioned condoms with Rich or Evan and now these guys so I threw caution in the wind long ago.

Matt decided to cum in my ass or that’s where he was when he shot his load. Green eyes took his turn and came in my ass.

I was spent but the guys were able to get hard a few more times. All night they used me as a human sex toy. I had cum leaking out of all my holes. Eventually we passed out on the bed even though it was a tight fit. We were all entangled in each other.

In the morning I woke up to Blondie fucking me. I let him do his thing until he came.

“Oh shit. Laura is going to be so pissed at us,” Matt said as he was rousing from his sleep.

Apparently there was a breakfast they were supposed to be at.

“Laura can take a chill pill,” Blondie said, “No one’s missing us.”

They didn’t worry about it for too long because the two other guys took care of their morning wood in me. Afterwards they did get dressed ready to leave.

Matt asked what I was doing for the rest of the day.

“Sleep,” I answered to which they all laughed.

I took a shower then called housekeeping to request fresh sheets for the bed. I slept until housekeeping knocked to do the room.

While the room was being made up I ate something and put a few dollars in a slot machine. My mind kept going back to all the insane things I had done that weekend. I was a bit sore but it was worth it. I slept again when I got back to the room.

There was a knock at my door. It was Blondie. We smiled at each other and I immediately let him in. As soon as I closed the door, I was on my knees.

We had a wild fucking session. Again he filled all my holes and I was happy to receive all he had to give. During one of our breaks, he told me how Tyler(Green Eyes) had a flight that night but Matt was leaving tomorrow like he was. He said Matt was probably going to swing by.

“Maybe we can DP you?” Blondie put fillers out.

As it so happened, Matt did stop by. Blondie needed time to get hard again so he let Matt fuck me by himself for a bit. Matt was going down on me even though his friend’s cum was in me. Coming down from the orgasm Matt gave me, Blondie was ready to go.

I straddled Blondie and then Matt positioned himself behind me. He lined his cock into my asshole. The fullness I felt with two cocks in me made me see stars.

“Oh fuck..fuck..so full,” they weren’t even moving yet and I was already coming.

It took a bit of trial and error but eventually they found their footing and they showed me no mercy as they fucked my body. I was screaming and yelling. Hopefully my neighbors didn’t mind because I’m sure they heard me. I was constantly coming.

They ended up switching and when they resumed their fucking I was an incoherent mess. I lost count how many times I came. Finally it was their turn and they came in the holes they were fucking.

Blondie pulled out of me and I collapsed on top of Matt. For a few minutes we stayed like that then I laid on my back. Blondie straddled me and made me clean his cock. I know I was being a dirty whore but I didn’t care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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