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Something New

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So, I was chatting with this guy for about a month. We met on a kink site and had been exchanging our “conquests”. We lived in the same city about 15 minutes from each other but for whatever reason we just never got together.

One day I mentioned that I recently had some strap on fun with an old female friend. He asked to see a pic of my strap, so I sent him one. He says looks about the same size as the one I took a while back. My ears went up. I said, “what do you mean one that you took?” He proceeds to tell me the story of how he and an ex were experimenting after some extensive drinking and one thing led to another and she ended up using her strap on to peg him. I asked if he enjoyed it and would he try it again? He said yes, to both.

My interest was piqued now for sure, I have always fantasized about bending a tall muscular guy over and fucking him with my strap. This guy was tall, handsome and had a great body and I was just imagining lubing Devin – my strap up and sliding her in that nice tight ass hole of his.

I pondered on it for a few days and just put it out there. I asked him point blank if I could bend him over and open his ass up with Devin. He responded quickly with a yes, and asked what took you so long to ask?

Our schedules didn’t allow us to meet up until the following week. I booked a room at a reasonably nice hotel near the shopping district. Of course, I got there first to shower and get myself properly prepared. I sprayed myself with my favorite perfume and slid into my favorite silk black teddy and stepped into Devin and adjusted accordingly. I placed a new bottle of lube on the stand next to güvenilir bahis the bed and topped my outfit off with my knee high black boots and sheer black robe which I left open.

I got the text that he was in the lobby and my body began to hum with anticipation, excitement and nervousness. My nipples were harder than they had been in a long time and my pussy was moist. He knocked on the door and I was stunned when I opened it. He smiled and said “hello miss” in this deep, silky baritone voice. If I’d seen him on the street I would have never imagined that he was in to this type of thing. I said, “Hey yourself handsome”.

I don’t know how the words made it out of my mouth because I was just stunned at the beautiful specimen that stood before me. I’m 5’11 without the 4-inch heeled boots and I still had to look up to him. He walked in, took his coat off walked over to me opened my robe and started sucking my tits. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I was expecting to be the aggressor, but I was exquisitely surprised. His mouth enveloped and didn’t just suck my nipple, he sucked me in, so much so that a gasp / moan came out of my mouth. I inhaled sharply when he pulled away, only to be shocked again that he spun me around and gripped both my ass cheeks and smacked each one so hard I’m sure he left hand prints.

I quickly gained my composure and turned back around and reached for his dick that was bulging in his pants. I looked him in his eyes as I unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and squatted with my legs open until I was at the appropriate level. Eyes still on him, I began to lick a dick that was as beautiful and big as güvenilir bahis siteleri he was. Licking around the tip, up and down the length and around the width of him. He moaned with every touch my lips and tongue gave him. I could feel his dick throbbing knowing he wanted it inside my mouth as much as I wanted to put it there.

I opened my salivating mouth and the wonderful feel of that rock hard throbbing dick in my mouth made me close my eyes in delight and we both moaned at how good it felt. I was sucking for less than a minute before he grabbed my head and pulled away.

He quickly took his clothes off and got on the bed, on his knees with his tight ass hole staring me in the face. He turned around and said the magic words “give it to me”. I lubed Devin up and lubed his ass up and I took my position behind him. I played with his ass hole with the tip a bit and slowly began to slide it in. I was expecting him to tense up but, he sighed and moaned in delight. I only put it in halfway before I began to work it when he said, “give it all to me”.

I did as I was told. It was a completely new and unexpected experience to see all 8 inches of strap on slide in and out of this man’s ass hole. With my hands on his hips I gently slid in and out making sure I wasn’t too rough. He was loving it and started throwing it back at me a bit. SHIIIT!! Once he began that my pussy and clit were throbbing. I needed to do something else with my hands besides hold on to his ass.

I told him to lay on his back. He turned on his back with that beautiful dick staring at me and lifted his legs up to offer me his ass hole again. I lubed iddaa siteleri up again and put a little on his dick. I slid right back in and began to stroke once more only this time I started stroking his dick too. He began to moan again only louder. I gave him slow deep strokes in his ass and on his dick before I knew it he was saying faster and harder. I let his dick go to hold his legs to give it to him faster and harder. He continued to stroke his dick and It wasn’t much longer before he was saying he was about to cum.

I was not prepared for what was about to happen. I felt his body tense and saw the shorter strokes that he was giving his dick. His body shuddered before I saw the cum. He growled OHHHH FFFFFFF!! as he began to explode. I slowed the strokes but didn’t dare to stop, I had to see this to the complete end. The first few pumps I thought for sure were going to hit the ceiling. His body was shaking a bit and his dick was just pumping out what seemed like a year’s worth of cum. He didn’t finish the UUUUCK until after his mini seizure was over. I have seen a lot of nuts in my day, but never one like that. By the time he finished milking his dick I was on the edge myself.

I quickly got up and took the strap off and climbed on his face. He couldn’t have licked me more than seven times before I was doing an encore of his presentation, but in his mouth. I came so hard that it felt like my body was being pulled in four directions and put back together all at once. I could hear the blood rushing in my head and I threw my head back and finally let out a cry of ecstasy. He moaned in delight as he stuck his tongue inside my pussy and sucked out all I had to give. I had expelled all the energy that I had and limply fell next to him on the bed. It was an experience that I was not prepared for but was already plotting on when we would get to do it again. What have we started?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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