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Sorority Party Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Mr. Harris

James Harris had taught English at Henry Williams High School for years.

He’d taught it to all grades and all skill levels, from basic sentence structure in remedial freshman English to reviews of the classics in his upper-level classes. But it was his senior study sessions that really got him through the year.

Most of the 18-year-old senior girls knew about them and all of the ones who did fantasized being asked to visit his desk. Rumors floated around the school about the size of his cock and the skill of his hands. His oral exams were the stuff of legend.

And Alexa had experienced them all first hand.

Now, sitting crumpled on the floor after a marathon fuck session with a group of strangers, she was able to see the last cock in her had been his – and God had it felt good.

“Mr. Harris?” she asked. “What are you doing here?”

She was more than surprised. She was flabbergasted to find him at an orgy – her first orgy and the first time she had felt a woman’s touch.

Still, it was Mr. Harris, so she ambled over to him on her hands and knees. She hugged him, both of them naked and her covered in the sticky remnants of cum that had been licked from her.

“Hey darlin’,” he said. “I heard you were going to be the guest of honor tonight and I knew I couldn’t miss it.”

“But, how …” Alexa started to ask as she hung with one arm around his neck.

James was ready for the question and had begun to answer when she spoke.

“I’m a former member of Lambda Alpha Beta frat, and I have been to a few of these initiations before,” he told her in the baritone of authority she had come to love in English class. “Remember, I told you about the ‘full college experience?’ This is a part of it for all of the members of my frat and our sister house, the one you are pledging.”

Looking to Misty, she confirmed it.

“It’s true. He was at my initiation, but I haven’t seen him at the past two,” she said, putting on a mock frown. “We had a good time, but I missed that monster cock of yours. And Lauren never had her turn with you either.”

It wasn’t that Lauren minded. She was busy on the other side of the room entertaining seven other guys by tongue-fucking Amber’s ass while being drilled doggy style by a succession of suitors.

“Sorry sweetheart, I couldn’t make those two,” he told her, then turned to Alexa. “But I couldn’t miss my girl’s big night. I decided to come late so you would pick another one of the guys for your first of the night. I didn’t want you to deprive yourself of a new experience. Having fun so far?”

“Oh yeah, and now the party can really begin,” she said, reaching for his flaccid member and beginning to stroke it.

She leaned down to suck his cock and remembered the first time she had felt him in her.

* * *

Leaning across his desk one day to hand in a graded mid-term paper, she had seen him peering down her shirt. Although she only had b-cups, Alexa knew how to accentuate them and that day she was wearing a tight v-necked blouse with a golden heart-shaped locket in the hopes of finally enticing him into the first move.

“Anything else you need from me?” she asked, smiling sexily at him.

He knew pendik escort he was caught, but that was OK. Each year he chose a new “assistant” to help him with his workload. And each year that girl developed a special bond with the 40-plus year-old teacher.

Choosing the girl was the important part of the yearly ritual. James had to find the type of girl who would be intelligent enough to be discrete and old enough to be legal – if not ethical, and certainly not moral.

Alexa fit that bill easily as a 4.0 student with a bright future ahead of her and a killer behind to the rear. Flowing red hair and perky tits with alabaster skin, he told her later that she had played through his daydreams for months before that December day.

“Let’s see, anything I need?” he had said, his lips curling into a naughty smile.

“Anything,” she said breathily, trying to use her not-yet-perfected feminine wiles. “Anything.”

“Alright then,” he said, standing up from behind his desk and walking to her. “Come here.”

He took her face in his hands, kissing her hard on the mouth and she melted against him, her back arching so that more of her body could touch his. Her nipples, hard beneath her blouse, tingled as the rubbed against his chest.

He kissed her earlobe, then just below it, on her neck. He continued on to the front of her neck, and she felt his breath hot on her skin as he moved a hand to her ass, lifting her loose skirt and grabbing firmly but not squeezing too hard.

She loved the feeling of his strong hands on her body, the loving caress of his left hand at her cheek and his right hand on her backside, inviting her to raise one leg and wrap it around his.

She did that then, and he drew his hand back along her thigh, the feeling of his rough older hands tracing along the skin driving her wild with desire. She had watched these hands each day and imagined them on her body. And now they were.

She began kissing him back then, feeling the 5 O’clock shadow against her cheek as her lips made their way along his jaw and back to his mouth. And kissing his mouth, she felt the hair of his goatee on her lips again.

It was a strange feeling. She had kissed boys, but this was a man. His facial hair wasn’t just some patchwork of poorly groomed stubble. It was defined with age and she realized that was only one of the differences in his touch.

He now turned her so that she had her back to the desk and, grabbing both ass cheeks, lifted her onto it, where she spread her legs and wrapped them around him, her skirt bunching in the middle and feeling his hardening cock against her aching mound.

She had begun unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his hard body beneath. He may have been older than her normal partner, but he was easily as fit.

He reached for the back of her skirt and unzipped it as he continued to kiss her neck. Pulling her shirttails free from the skirt, he lifted the soft material over her head, freeing her breasts, and then tossed the blouse aside.

He lowered his mouth to her breasts and began to kiss them, allowing his mouth to journey from one to another, making little circles with his tongue as he did. The right nipple, already hard from excitement, jutted maltepe escort into the air as he worked the left. And as he switched, from the left to right, a cool breeze accentuated the saliva covering it.

As she shivered from the feeling, James reached behind her and clutched a handful of hair, tugging her backward into a recline. She allowed herself to be pulled, her back curving and her breasts jutting into the air.

He trailed his tongue down her chest, to her stomach, then lifting her legs and skirt; he curved his fingers around the sides of her black French-cut panties. A wet spot marked the place where her pussy had been and the smell of her sex was pungent with excitement.

Alexa lifted her ass as he pulled her panties down, moving her legs up around his head and together, above her with her high-tops and quarter socks still on. The movement brought her cheeks together, giving James the view of her ass she knew he’d wanted for the past few months.

Pink puffy pussy lips poked through the seam created by her legs and ass, and although she was sure he was enjoying the view, he pulled her legs apart – just slightly at first, kissing the inside of her calf. He moved on to the back of her knee, tickling it as he licked downward toward the sweet release at the V of her legs.

Reaching her pussy, he dove in deep, driving his tongue into her sopping folds. They had ached for his touch since she the first day of school, and now they were ready for him.

Using his tongue, he searched every crevice, driving deep, then pulling back to play a little with the lips, nibbling her clit and then sucking it into his mouth. He bobbed his lips up and down on the fully engorged little phallus, then began to move his tongue from side to side trying to touch every part of her clean-shaven pussy.

Believing that day would finally be the day he would take her, she had cleaned herself well. And, when she could open her eyes to look down at him between her legs, he seemed to be enjoying her taste, taking his time with his face in her golden triangle.

He slipped his index finger into her, curving it downward and moving it up and down inside the silky slit. Continuing to lick and suck her clit, he soon worked his middle finger into her, changing to an in/out motion. She was tight against his fingers and wondered if she could handle his cock, which was rumored to be a foot long and thicker than her arm.

She squeezed her tits and pinched the nipples as he worked her, imagining that his hands were kneading her flesh. She knew they soon would be.

Finally, she could not contain herself anymore.

“Please,” she breathed huskily, “I want you in me now. Please.”

Looking up from between her thighs, he said, “Your wish is my command.”

Wiping her juices from around his mouth, he continued, “but be careful what you wish for,” before pulling his cock from his boxer shorts. He had unzipped his pants as he was tasting her.

She realized why when he pulled it out completely. It wasn’t quite a foot long, but it was close, and looked like a solid three inches thick. It must have hurt straining against the denim. And she worried it would hurt her as well.

“I, I don’t kartal escort know if … I don’t know if I can take that,” she stammered.

“It’s OK,” he said, sliding the head up and down her sopping slit, driving her wild with pleasure. “I’ll take it slow at first.”

And with that, he pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her, slowly as he had said. Still, there was pressure and a little pain. But she wasn’t about to ask him to stop.

He worked in and out of her shallowly, then deeper and deeper, filling her like she had never been filled before. The feeling was exquisite, colors flashing through her mind each time he pulled out, only to thrust back in and bring back the beautiful pain, blindingly wonderful and almost orgasmic.

Had she looked down, she might have seen small trickles of blood along his shaft from the tearing. But that did not matter. She felt sure that she would be able to take him in completely, and relaxed into the sensation.

He reached up and began to massage her breasts as he pushed into her, his large right hand resting in the valley of her bosom, moving from breast to breast and thumbing her nipples as he stroked her skin.

She was soaked with sweat by the time he began to pump hard. Her body had given him the room he needed to move, and her pussy had adjusted to his cock. Now it was pure pleasure.

Her body matched the rhythm of James’s thrusts, sliding into him, the sweat on her ass allowing her to slip on his desk as she moved. He was all the way in now, her body unable to take him up to the balls, but deep enough that their skin was slapping against one another.

He kissed her left calf as he pumped into her, tasting the salty flesh, then telling her he was about to cum.

That was OK to her, because she was verging on the precipice too. It had been building for what had seemed like an hour. And now, she was ready to pop.

“Cum in me,” Alexa said. “I want you to cum in me.”

“You sure?” he asked. “You don’t want me to pull out.”

“No, in me,” she said, even as worked up as she was, not comfortable with the idea of a guy cumming on her.

“OK,” he said. “Here I … uuuugggghhhh.”

And with a final thrust, he filled her with his hot spunk, triggering her own orgasm, squeezing her sugar walls around his cock. James pumped a few more times and then grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss with his cock still inside her.

She noticed that she could still taste herself on his tongue and she pulled him close to kiss him deeper.

As he pulled out of her a string of cum trailed along with his cock. He lifted her off of his desk and set her down on the floor, noticing for the first time that she was still wearing her skirt.

“You get an A for the rest of the semester,” James had joked breathlessly.

“Well, then you get T&A,” Alexa remembered saying, trying to be witty, as they walked to his chair, him sitting down and her sitting in his lap, still naked save the tennis shoes and skirt.

They had sat there, cooling off for a while before collecting their clothes and calling it a night.

The two had enjoyed several trysts since then, finding a spare classroom or a motel to fuck in. It had been purely physical, although she did love him in a way.

* * *

That is what made his appearance at the party so wonderful. And she decided she’d have to mark the occasion for him as well, allowing him to try something with her that they’d never done before.

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